Morning Rays

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This Gemini's take on the experience upon waking each morning. Everyone has a different take on their morning rise. This is mine and I welcome you to share yours.

Morning rays wake me each day,

Tingling my skin with speckles of joy,

I prefer to be awakened no other way,

True, we can charge our hands,

Talk to our pillows and wake right on time,

It’s just when the Sun’s/Son’s warmth creeps through the window,

I happily arise, to know the day is once again mine,

I don’t know how beings can sleep away the day,

When that HUGE star outside, lights the way,

Nonetheless, the Sun knows the fire is always welcome,

Whether I’m in the comfort of my home or sitting alone at Windsurf Bay.

Without the Sun, there is no me, without the life-giving waves of radiation,

What would happen to the sea?

The shores, the trees,

simply put,

none would be,

Without the Sun to oversee,

To live in darkness forever seems punishing,

Something I do not wish to bring,

Whether upon myself or another being,

See why Morning rays are important to me?

I intend to stay awake, I intend to see,

Morning Rays I feel your decree,

Morning Rays know that I N I be,

Oh, Morning Rays, wrap me around and around,

Tickle my cheeks, hug my crown,

Morning Rays, I can’t stop singing your praises!

Even at sundown, you are major in this realm,

The moon reflects your life- giving light and

As a woman I feel the pull from you at the helm,

reminding me

What connects, how you connect, why and who,

Oh, my Sun…I am truly nothing without you


Submitted: April 16, 2018

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