Seraphim: B 3. The Satanic Chronicles

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The Angelic Seraphim, Shani Tarath returns in an early adventure where she battles against her
fallen brethren, Lucifer.
*****WARNING***** contains bloody violence and alternative Biblical conspiracy theories*****

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Table of Contents


The Seraphim returns to Earth, 500 years after the Exodus.
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Babylon the Great.

The Seraphim, Shani Tarath makes her way to the city of Babylon in search of her Celestial brethren, Shahar Ben Helel.
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All hail the King of Babylon.

The Seraphim comes face to face with Shahar Ben Helel.
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The Sephiroth

Shani Tarath returns to Babylon to retrieve the Sephiroth from, Lucifer.
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Let there be light

Shani and, Jasher gather the tribal Elders together to convince them to rally their armies against, Lucifer.
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The battle of Kadesh

This is the final chapter in this short story.

Shani Tarath leads the Israelite army against the Babylonian army led by, Lucifer who wants to destroy the mountain of god.
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Sean Terrence Best

Cherub of the Dawn Light ~ you bring conscious awareness of the heart's need to feel what the senses perceive so that a moment of mystery evolves into a haunted secret destination where the wandering spirit ever seeks to dwell.

Mon, September 10th, 2018 6:28pm


Thank you so much, good Sir for reading this little tale of love and betrayal and yearning for acceptance and recognition from ones father, but to only have it spurned and cast aside.

Kind regards

Tue, September 11th, 2018 1:51am

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