The truth fades

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Her childhood has never been normal, she was born with a unique skill...the sight. Her dreams held the future and her as a prisoner. The sight, shows her the future good and bad, anyone and
everyone will betray her to get a taste of what the future holds.

I never thought it was abnormal, until I learnt what other people considered a childhood.

“Dinners ready!” mother called to me at the top of her lungs. I groaned as I sleepily hobbled out of bed and to the kitchen.

“Hey honey, how are you?” she mused as she pressed a kiss to my forehead.

“Okay, I guess… the sights are getting worse.” I mumbled under my breath. Mothers smile quickly faded into a frown; she held her hand against my forehead hesitatingly.

“Have some food it may help with the temperature.” She spoke in a concerned tone.

As I consumed dinner, my mind was lingering about father. He had not come out of the forbidden room. He was supposedly working on an ‘important project’. I could not even visit him because I was banned to ever enter the room. I never questioned as to why I was not allowed down there.

Until the sight was too much…

The screaming, the voices, the pain that seemed to swallow my body alive. Then, the sight. It came quick and it came like fire. It was worse than being burnt. Humans twisted and distorted into demon like creatures, destroying everything in their path, including me.

I awoke, breathing heavily wiping the sweat off my brow.

“Not again.” I breathed to myself; and unfastened the necklace that rested below my collarbone. It had a light pulse as if it had its own heart. I wound the neckless around my fingers, and pulled it tight to my chest. I thought it protected me…

I threw the covers off and sprinted to the closest room I could locate, the forbidden chamber. The necklace that hung on my hand gave off a red glow and began to pulse violently feeling as if it was tightening and rapping itself around my hand, quickly pushing the thoughts aside I began to run. Running, I threw myself at the door, with a sickening crunch. It swung open.

I cautiously peered into the unfamiliar room. Rows upon rows of mirrors covered the walls. I looked at the mirror directly in front of me. The necklace felt as if it had grown tighter in the past minute; the necklace pulsed again, and as it did pain shot up my arm. Pushing the pain to the back of my mind, I focussed my attention on something else, the mirrors. I could see my face in the reflection, my petite jaw structure, my overly large brown eyes and my short black hair that hung in a wavy mess. I began to study the mirror, glancing up and down at it attentively. My eyes ran up and down the mirror slowly and they rested on the necklace, my hand had turned a sickly bluey black colour, it was throbbing heavily, I focused my attention to my surroundings. Until, I caught movement with my eyes and just as I did, a familiar voice croaked out with frustration.

“Stupid child hasn’t figured out the sight.”

Another voice followed, a deeper voice, which was strangely familiar.

“You are her mother, you must be more patient with her, and do remember that we can still see her dreams through her necklace.” The man hissed between breaths.

A blood curdling sound screeched through the hall. Covering my ears, the necklace strangled tighter. Grabbing the chain around my hand, I yanked it off, the necklace snapped off my now blue hand and fell to the floor. I stretched my fingers out felt the surge of blood rush back into my hand, the dark bloodless colour of my hand began to fade, I breathed.

Yet another scream echoed through the hall. Followed by harsh whispers.

“The necklace…it’s off, I can’t see her sights from the future. I need them or she will escape.”

My head began to spin. It couldn’t be my parents. Yet only my parents new all the information they just spoke. Then everything fell into place…I was their prisoner. I began to run, not knowing of where I was going. Until I found them, the monsters that had destroyed my life.

“Who’s there?” mothers voice questioned.

I arose out of the shadows and glared at them. I tried to speak but instead a choking sound erupted from my mouth. I cleared my throat and began…

“You lied to me! You used me for my sight and pretended to care for me. I would rather die than call you my parents!”

My mother’s familiar face distorted into a smile.

“That is quite true dear, we did use you, but you won’t remember any of it when we are done with you.” she growled.

With that, a pair of arms yanked me off my feet and recklessly threw me into a metal chair. I caught a glimpse of the persons face… it was father. He quickly strapped my arms to the chair and lowered a device onto my head. With a sigh he turned to mother, she nodded.

“What are you going to do to me?”

My mother turned to face me. She grinned.

“In a few minutes child when we have successfully taken away your memories from the past few hours the day will start all over again for you, you will forget all that just happened… But to be honest dear you have been quite annoying this week, each damn day you have come down into this cell and we have had no choice but to wipe your memories, do we need to put a warning sign on the door saying ‘no annoying children around’?”  She shot back.

Moving towards the machine mother thrusted the starting handle downwards.

Hot tears burned my eyes as everything became a blur. I screamed and thrashed in the chair as I drowned in my parents laughter. I hate them.

It was dark and I awoke with my parents at my side. I smiled at them. The necklace that rested below my collarbone pulsed lightly, protecting me.

Submitted: April 17, 2018

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Good story, you should write a novel...

Tue, April 17th, 2018 10:34am

Keke Serene

Wow, this was amazing. Truly sickening the ending! Her parents really are evil lol! And I agree, you should make this a novel. :p

Fri, May 25th, 2018 5:03pm


Thanks ya'll :D

Mon, June 4th, 2018 11:43pm

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