Live and Let Die

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Chapter 2 (v.1) - waves

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Some say death is peace, nothingness. Some others declare that when you die is like you have fallen asleep; a sleep you are never going to wake up from. There are even some among us who say you don't actually die, but go to another world, be it heaven, be it hell.

Astrid would never know, at least not so soon. The hand gripping on her left forearm was the hook that held her from finding out. Owen had managed to grab her before she fell to the calm river. "Let me go!" Astrid struggled but the grip was too tight.

"Do you really want to die?" Owen asked calmly, not making a move to pull her up, that would be her choice. "I can just release you and you'll be dead." he added, looking at her pale face. Not a single strip of fear was shown in her blue eyes, just pain. She had given up on life.

"You don't understand, I can't live without him." she cursed herself for being so weak in front of the guy she despised the most. He shouldn't be the one to have that talk with her, he should have been the one to push her off that bridge. Owen Herrera was supposed to be her enemy.

"You can. Think about what he'd say if he saw you right now." the more the seconds passed, the more the desire to die subsided. Whatever Owen was trying to do, he was succeeding.

"He would say I'm an idiot, a coward." Astrid laughed bitterly. "He would say I should grow a pair of balls and face the world alone."

That was Owen's cue to keep her from making the biggest mistake of her life. With all of his strength, he pulled her up and away from her death. He hugged her tightly, letting her cry on his chest, letting her stain the white shirt he was wearing with tears.

Astrid cried, like she never had before. She sobbed into his chest unceasingly, hands clutching at his shirt. He held her in silence, rocking her slowly as her tears soaked his chest. A tiny lapse let her pull away, blinking lashes heavy with tears before she collapsed again, her howls of misery worsening. The pain must have come in waves, minutes of sobbing broken apart by short pauses for recovering breaths, before hurling her back into the outstretched clutches of grief.

There comes a moment where pain becomes too much, not even the strongest person can handle it. Astrid could handle physical pain, she wished the pain she had was just physical. But the pain she felt was like a hand, tightly gripping her heart, squeezing the little life it had, it was unbearable.

The last painful emotion slammed against her and she lost the feeling of feeling. Everything darkened into nothingness as she passed into the oblivion of unconsciousness.


Owen felt the girl collapse and cradled her in his arms. She wasn't heavy, not as much as he had imagined when he held her by her arm just moments earlier. Carrying her effortlessly, he made his way to his car, which he had left a block away from the bridge, when he had followed his blonde arch nemesis.

It was pure coincidence. He was driving to the church when he saw her running like a mad woman. Not thinking it twice, he made a U-turn and followed her. He didn't know if it was intuition or just curiosity that made him go after Astrid, but he was glad he did. If he hadn't... he didn't want to think about it.

When he arrived at his car, he opened the back door with a little difficulty and placed the girl in the backseat. After he closed the door silently, not wanting to wake her up, he went to the driver's seat and started the car, driving to his house.

Throughout the whole ride, he thought about the girl who tried to end her life. He understood why she wanted to die somehow. The relation she and Caleb had was something he envied, even craved. They were the perfect couple, if perfect even existed.

Owen wanted that, he craved someone who could love him with all of his flaws, he wanted someone to live for. But he had fallen in love with the girl he could never have. Almost all the girls in his town wanted him and yet, he fell for the only girl who didn't.

Astrid Hill.

Maybe it was destiny or just life mocking him, but he was glad he was the one to save her life. All his life he had pushed people away because he was afraid to feel and now he had the opportunity to win the one person he wanted.

Being the sheriff's daughter, Astrid was pretty well known on her town. Her beauty wasn't the main reason, it was her character and the fact she didn't have a care in the world. She lived in the moment, not being worried about what people thought of her. He admired her for it.

Owen had never seen Astrid shed a single tear in all the time he'd known her. She didn't have a reason to, she had a perfect life. Seeing her break down like this scared Owen. He feared that she wouldn't be the same carefree girl she was before. Caleb was everything for her.

When Owen arrived on his driveway, he stopped the car. Getting out of it, he took the blonde girl and went inside his house where he put the slim body on his sofa. Astrid looked peaceful, like an angel. Her eyes were closed, exposing her long lashes and covering her icy blue irises. Tear stains were visible on her rosy cheeks. Her pointed nose had freckles, which made her cute in Owen's eyes. Her face wasn't perfect, not caked up with make-up like the other girls in the town.

She was perfect in her own way.

Owen remembered the first time he saw her. It was the first day he had moved into the town and he was only thirteen.

"I hate this place!" a thirteen year old Owen gritted through his teeth. He wanted to go back to his house, where everything was how he wanted it, where the roads were mud free and where he had friends. "Why would my parents move to this horrendous town? I don't belong here!" kicking rocks as he walked showed perfectly his frustration.

"WATCH OUT!" someone shouted behind him but it was too late. Before Owen could do anything, he was flat on the muddy ground. He could feel the rocks scraping his knees and was certain his knees were bleeding.

"Are you blin-" the words got caught up on his throat when he saw the other person next to him. The blonde hair were hard not to notice but what really captured his attention were the eyes. The blue in them was so magically wonderful that it left him speechless.

Suddenly, the girl burst into fits of laughter. Owen couldn't help but join her, her laugh was contagious. "I'm so sorry!" the girl said when she had stopped laughing. "Are you hurt?"

Owen resisted the urge to blush. "No, I'm alright." the lie came out of his mouth easily. His knees were burning but there was no way in the world he was going to admit it, his ego wasn't ready to get hurt.

The girl stood up to her feet, not wincing or hissing. If she was affected from the impact, she knew well to hide it. What surprised Owen was the outstretched hand. "I'm Astrid." her smile was mesmerising. Owen took her hand and stood up as well.

"I'm Owen."

Owen was so lost on his memory that he didn't notice someone else had joined them on the living room. "Ahem!" the sound made him snap out of his trance and get up on his feet like he was caught committing a crime.

The red headed girl, who had joined them, had an evil smile on her face. "Day!" she could swear on her head that pink coloured his cheeks.

"Why is the sheriff's daughter here? And why is she unconscious?" the girl questioned, raising an eyebrow.

By the tone of her voice, Owen caught onto what she was implying. "I swear I didn't do anything to her!" he spoke louder than he intended to. "Believe it or not, I saved her life."

Day was surprised. Knowing her brother and his antipathy towards people, she had it hard to believe what he just said. Owen was anything but a hero. "What happened?"

Owen put a finger to his lips and signaled her to go to the other room. Day followed her brother, curiosity getting the best of her. " It was Caleb's funeral today." the tone of his voice was low. He decided not to tell her what really happened with Astrid. It was not his place to tell anyone.

Day's mouth took the form of 'o'. "Poor girl. She really loved him." sympathy was latched on her voice. A love like theirs was something everyone in this town envied. It wasn't healthy, yet it was beautiful.

"Yeah." Owen had a faraway look in his chocolate brown eyes. His mind went to Caleb and the way he died. It might be common to say for someone that they didn't deserve to die, but Caleb didn't. Owen had never met someone so pure hearted in his life.

Caleb was the embodiment of good, he hadn't hurt a single fly. And for someone like him to be murdered, it was unfair. But when was life fair anyways?

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