Captivated 16+

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Gay and Lesbian  |  House: Booksie Classic

Andrew is abducted from his place of work by a cruel and vicious man, however, after eleven months trapped under his mastery, Andrew finds himself in an accidental mutual happiness with his captor.

Submitted: April 17, 2018

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Submitted: April 17, 2018




He clenched the wheel of his Ferrari as the time ticked away, with short jet black hair and his scarlet eyes burning as he scoped out his target, a convenience store. He checked his gun and waited for an opportunity to strike. He watched all day as many staff and customers came and left the store, eventually leaving only two people.

‘This is almost too perfect!’ he thought smiling.

He was about to strike when he stopped and saw a young man, with shimmering silver hair and glistening emerald eyes, he watched as he entered the store and the other cashier left.

He watched as the new cashier worked tirelessly cleaning and arranging the store, above and beyond what everyone else did. His frame was small and meek with no muscle tone to speak of, there was hardly any fat on him at all.

The new cashiers frame was the complete opposite to himself, watching his submissive and timid nature made him smile and chuckle slightly, he decided it was time to strike.

Disguising his face, he runs into the store, brandishing his weapon, ‘Put the money in the bag and be quick about it!’ he yelled, throwing the bag at the young terrified cashier that he had watched so earnestly.

The cashier filled the bag, with everything in the till, trembling as the robber fired a shot at the shop manager to keep him away. He smiled sadistically at the cashiers innocent and fearful reaction, ‘His reaction is simply adorable.’

Forcing down his rising panic and fear, he closed his eyes and made himself take deep calming breaths as he thought, ‘Just give him the money and he’ll leave.’ he handed the bag over to him.

But instead of taking the bag, he grabs the young cashiers arm violently and pulls him close, pointing the gun to his head. His new captives eyes grew wider with surprise and shock, ‘You’re coming with me.’ he said coldly, ‘Come quietly and I won’t be forced to shoot you.’ he dragged him away.

His captive had no idea what to do, he wanted to struggle and get away from this man holding him, but, with his grip so tight around his arm, any resistance was stifled before it began.

He still had hold of the bag filled with money, he thought it strange how his captor hadn’t taken it off him yet, but he feared that letting it go would make him so angry he’d shoot him.

He thought, ‘He’s so strong! I can’t get away! If I struggle too much it’ll break my arm! All I can do is beg.’

He closed his eyes tight, ‘Please, let go of me!’ he tried to anchor his feet, but it was useless, his captors strength was far too superior, ‘Please just take the money and let me go!’ he whimpered pathetically, scared of what was going to happen to him if he let himself be taken, ‘I’m begging you! Please! Let me go!’

‘SHUT UP!’ he yelled yanking him closer to him.

His captive flinched hearing his captor firing another shot to avoid being followed out as he pulled his terrified captive down to where he had been hiding.

Although forced into silence through fear he was still struggling to break free, ‘HEY! Stop fighting me!’ his captor punched him hard in the face.

The brutal pain of the blow was accompanied by the bitter taste of blood flooding into his mouth. His captive felt his warm blood pour over his lips, slide off his chin and down his neck growing colder as it fell. His body was now just as frozen as his voice.

He thought as he was forcefully pinned face down on the boot of his captors car, ‘His punches really hurt, much more than his ever did.’ the mere thought of that forced him into submission.

His body betrayed him and allowed himself to be taken, his body went limp, unable to muster enough strength to move anymore, he was just like a rag doll now. All he could do was shake as thoughts of what could lay in wait for him haunted his mind.

His high level of submission didn’t go unnoticed by his captor, ‘He submitted from just one punch?!’ he smiled while he tied his captive up and blindfolded him in seconds, ‘He’s not even trying to resist anymore. He’s become very obedient.’ he threw him violently and carelessly into the boot of his get away car.

He drove off at speed, his captive rolled around in the boot at every corner and speed change, with his hands so tightly bound behind his back there was nothing he could do to stop himself.

His terrified captive thought, ‘Why did he take me? I gave him all the money! I gave him what he wanted! Why is he doing this to me? I don’t understand!’

His captive gave a pathetic and painful whine as he curled into himself slightly, ‘Why? What is so special about me?’ the car stopped, he was thrown forward in the boot, ‘He’s stopped!? Where am I?’

He heard the car door open and shut. He heard his captors heavy footsteps get closer and curled into himself further, he then heard the boot open, through his blindfold he could just barely make out the sunlight streaming in, his captive flinched as he heard him say, ‘Get out.’

‘Please, don’t!’ he whimpered.

‘You clearly don’t understand your new position!’ his captor grabbed him violently by his shirt and hauled him out, ‘Things will be much easier for you if you just submit and obey me.’ he dragged his captive over to the door at his home. His captive heard beeping and feared what that would mean, but then he heard a door open.

His captive didn’t want to go any further, every ounce of strength he had was dead set on digging in his heels trying to stop himself from being pulled forwards, but his captor was completely unfazed by his captives attempts to break free.

When struggling proved to be fruitless against his captors superior strength and only served to cause him more pain his captive resorted back to pleading.

He started pleading, ‘Please! I am begging you, I will do anything you want!’ his captor stopped pulling him, ‘I swear! I won’t tell anyone anything about this! Just please, let me go!’ he felt his hands being released from the ropes, for a split second he thought that just maybe his pleas hadn’t fallen on deaf ears.

He heard his captor say, ‘Anything I want, huh? I can tell that you meant that.’ then he felt a hand on his back as he was pushed, the stark realisation that he meant nothing to this man hit him sharply, ‘This is what I want.’

The push sent him tumbling down the basement stairs, he hit the floor with force. He tried to push himself off the floor, but disorientated from the fall, he felt pain all over and fell to the floor again. Dust rose all around him making breathing all the more difficult, making him cough.

‘You can take off that blindfold now if you want.’ he slammed the door and locked him in. The dust clung to his frame as he forced himself to sit up.

His captive thought, taking off his blindfold, ‘What the hell did I ever do?’ he listened to his footsteps above him, ‘Am I locked in a basement?’ his only light source was a dingy little light bulb in the corner of the room, ‘What did he take me for?’ he tried to stand up but fell yet again feeling a sharp pain in his ankle, ‘I must have hurt my leg when he pushed me.’

As his eyes adjusted to the darkness he looked around and saw hand tools everywhere, covered in old dusty cobwebs long since abandoned, but strangely, all the tools were perfectly organised, ‘Why’d he bring me here? What is he planning to do with me?’ he contemplated many different scenarios in his head, not a single one of them ended well for him.

‘Even if I could surprise him and attack him with one of these tools, then what do I do? If I miss, it’s game over. If I don’t miss and hit him, there is no guarantee I would have hit him hard enough that he’ll pass out long enough for me to escape or if in fact at all!’ he thought as he curled up, ‘And if he doesn’t pass out and I’ve hit him……’ his entire body shuddered at the thought of what he’d do to him after that, ‘That plan is stupid!’

‘Plus, I have no idea if he has anyone else up there with him. Or if the front door needs a key, nor what the key would even look like or where it would be! I heard beeping on the way in, does that mean I need the same code to get out?’ his captive thought, ‘If I do, I’m in serious trouble. I heard four beep so it needed four numbers, there are so many combinations.’

‘Escaping from here isn’t going to be straight forward, but I don’t even know where here is?! I have to gain information. Then, I’ll plan my escape carefully. I have to find a way out of this basement first, before I can even worry about how to get out the house.’ he thought looking around realising that the door he was pushed through was the only door, ‘Only one exit. I have to play this smart.’

He sighed, ‘This is going to take months, I don’t know what he’s going to do to me, but I just have to wait it out!’ he curled up even further remembering how strong his punch was, he touched the bruise then grimaced in pain, ‘This guy is very strong. His punch hurt like hell, but I can tell that he was holding back.’

‘Is he intending to just keep me like some pet? He’s clearly capable of hitting me. He might even be capable of killing me.’ his body shuddered, ‘No, if he was going to do something like that, he wouldn’t have run the risk of taking me in full view of the shop.’

He remembered what he said to him, ‘You’re coming with me. Come quietly and I won’t be forced to shoot you.’ he thought, ‘He only warned me because he hadn’t any intension of using it.’

‘Which means he is intending on doing something else with me, but what? Torture me? Rape me? I can’t fight him off. Whatever he decides to do with me, I can’t stop him.’ he clenched his fists as different scenarios haunted his mind.

‘Just let him do what he wants. Submit but plan.’ thought his captive.

His captor came down later that night, his captive backed away into the corner of the basement and cowered, ‘Please! Don’t hurt me!’ he trembled as his captor went right up to him. He knelt down.

‘Shut up!’ he grabbed his ankle tightly and pulled his leg out straight forcefully, he pulled it forcing his captive closer to him, ‘Listen! If I want to hurt you I will. You’re just a toy that I’ll treat as I please, be grateful that you’re still alive!’

His captive thought, ‘Toy? Grateful? Just what is he planning on doing with me?’ his captors grip on his leg increased causing his face to grimace in pain. He looked at his captor, ‘What do you want from me?’

Seeming to delight at his captives pain and fear, he explained, ‘It’s very simple, there are rules and consequences for not following them. You are mine now. Do you understand what that means?’ his captive cowered more and nodded, ‘As long as you do everything that I say, exactly as I say it, you’ll be just fine. You disobey me and I’ll punish you. See simple, isn’t it?’

His captive whimpered submissively, ‘Yes, very simple.’ he thought, ‘Just do what he wants for now.’

He smiled sadistically at his captives fear, ‘Oh and of course, you aren’t allowed to try to run away.’ he stood on his ankle, ‘This will help you remember.’

His captive thought, ‘What does he mean?’ he saw his captor reach out and pick something up he swung and broke his leg with a sledge hammer. He was in too much shock to scream in agony.

‘I’m impressed you stayed awake!’ he chuckled, ‘Most people pass out.’

‘What the hell!?’ thought his captive, he felt as though he might pass out from the pain as his captor stated, ‘Don’t give him the satisfaction of passing out! Stay awake!’ he was dragged away from the corner towards a pole.

His captor chained his hands to a pole and started to leave, ‘Now behave yourself and I might even let you have something to drink later.’ he said emotionlessly, completely detached from what he had just done.

Only now could his captive summon the power to scream, seeming to ignore his captives painful screams almost as if he didn’t understand how much pain he had just inflicted on another.

His captives hoarse voice echoed through the house, answered only by the silent laughter of scarlet eyes, his captor slammed the door and locked it, leaving his terrified captive in pain. His leg felt hot as if it was burning.

His captive lay in agony, ‘Why the hell did he break my leg!? If he wanted me immobilised, he achieved that by chaining me up! Or does he just like hurting people?’

Upstairs his captor thought, ‘He could have taken any of the tools off the wall to defend himself with? I gave him plenty of time to choose. Why didn’t he?’ he smiled sadistically, ‘I guess he’s not stupid enough to try and attack without surveying his surroundings.’ he heard his captives cries of pain, ‘His behaviour is not typical, it’s calculated. I better watch my step.’

His captor came down later that day, ‘Would you stop your whining! I can hear you all the way upstairs! You’re annoying!’ his captive feared what was going to happen next and tried to stifle his cries as his captor had ordered him to, hoping this would calm his captor down to the point he could avoid being hurt again. He gripped the chains tightly trying to stop his voice however a low whimper still escaped his mouth.

‘You really are a weird one aren’t you?’ asked his captor. He grabbed his captives hair, forcibly tilting his head back, his captive let out a small cry as his sudden grip sent painful shockwaves throughout his entire body, as he looked at his captor, ‘You have beautiful eyes. Tell me something. Have you ever been beaten to a bloody pulp?’

His captive looked at his eyes, they were so cold and unfeeling like a dead man, ‘Yes.’ his captive whimpered pathetically, ‘Loads of times. You aren’t the first person to do this to me.’ his captor let him go immediately, before he fell, his captive swore he saw a look of shock on his captors face. He hit the floor with a thud and heard his captor leave the basement almost as quick as he came.

‘Why did he ask me something like that?’ he curled up, ‘Doesn’t really matter, I bet he was hoping I’d say no then he’d beat me, to show me what it’s like. But I already know all too well!’ his memories flashed back, he shook his head to dismiss those haunted thoughts from his mind, ‘Just like last time, keep your head down and act submissive. He won’t hurt you if you’re submissive. Do what he tells you to, don’t do anything that might make him angry.’

Upstairs his captor leaned against the kitchen door frame, he thought, ‘He’s been in this kind of position before? I seem to have stolen someone who knows what it means to be someone else’s pet this time. I wonder who did this to him last time? How did he escape? He obviously wasn’t trained properly, if he ran away. I’ll have to be careful with this one, he knows how to escape.’

Everyday over the next week his captive returned to the basement, to feed his captive, he would spend around three hours down there with him, just working out seeming to ignore his cries of pain.

He never makes a single aggressive or affectionate move towards him, he remains stoic and emotionless in his approach. He gives him food and then starts working out, that is all he does. This scared his captive more than when he was threatening him, because at least when he was threatening him he knew what he was thinking.

He always thanked his captor for giving him food but rarely got a response, even then it was nothing more than a nod or a huff.

‘If he doesn’t come down here to hit me or hold me down and force me to have sex with him?’ his captive thought, ‘Why’d he take me in the first place?! It makes no sense at all! He comes down to gives me food and water everyday, I don’t get it, is he just that lonely that he wanted a pet? Doesn’t he have to go to work? Or is robbing stores what he does for money?’ he turned his head to watch his captor work out.

His captor exhaled and stood up, his captives gaze shot to the floor fearing his captor had caught him gawking at him. But this wasn’t the case, he turned back to look as his captor removed his shirt.

This revealed a perfectly sculpted muscular tone, his captive couldn’t explain it but he found himself unable to turn away from him now. Now knowing what his clothes were hiding he had become even more intimidating than before however, he must have sculpted it with such gentle care and dedication, which showed his captive a side to his captor that before he hadn’t thought possible.

His captor simply returned to his workout, ‘He’s really strong. That much I’m sure of. If one day he decides to use me for sex, I’m sure he won’t be gentle about it.’ he slumped and turned his head away while his body shuddered at the thought, ‘Not that I’d be able to fight him off anyway.’

His captor stopped as he noticed him shuddering, he sighed, ‘If you’re that cold say so.’ his captive looked at him without a word, ‘If you ask nicely enough, I might let you borrow a blanket.’

His captive was shocked to hear his captor say something like that, almost as if he actually cared, he whimpered, ‘Thank you…..for the offer…..but I’m…..not cold.’

‘Shuddering when you don’t feel cold?’ stated his captor, ‘If I’d known you were a weird one I’d of shot you in the shop.’ he continued to work out and ignore his captive.

His captive avoided any further contact that day and forced himself to remain silent. His fear became more dominant upon hearing what his captor had just said, it had confirmed his most dreaded suspicion that he really meant nothing to this man and was truly just his play thing. His existence was nothing more than his captors shiny new toy.

Two days later, his captor was watching as his captive thrived in pain and cowered as he approached, he found it intriguing that he had said yes to his question the other day, but still cowered from him and feared being beaten. He watched his captives reactions to him and found himself wanting to mess with his head for no other reason than to see his reaction.

He smiled sadistically, ‘You aren’t the first person I have done this to, you know.’ his captives head rose from the ground in shock, ‘But, she couldn’t keep me entertained for very long and she had to go away.’ explained his captor.

‘You don’t mean…..?’ asked his captive looking over to him, praying he would say that he was just joking.

‘Yes. I killed her.’ he said coldly smiling, ‘She was far too noisy, always screaming for help and crying when I hit her, I hate noisy things and I hate boring things too. You have to keep me entertained. If you bore me, you die!’ he explained, he went up to him. His captive backed up as best he could with one leg.

‘No, please!’ he whimpered and cowered, shielding his head with his arms as much as possible with them chained to the pole, he heard his captor come closer and feared what he’d do to him this time. He felt his leg being touched, he flinched at the pain. He quickly realised, that this time at least, his captor wasn’t intending on hurting him.

He looked over at his captor as he huffed seeming to be examining his leg, ‘Definitely broken. But you bruise well, that means you’ll heal well.’ he grabbed his captive by his shirt and lifted him up against the wall, resting him into a sitting position and started bandaging up his leg, he gave his captive some pain killers, ‘You know, I don’t do this for everyone, you should be thanking me.’

‘T….Thank you….’ his captive replied timidly.

His captor gave a satisfied huff, ‘You’re pretty obedient, aren’t you? I only did it because you wouldn’t stop whining!’ he dusted some dust off his captives shoulder, ‘You really got dusty rolling around on the floor didn’t you?’ his captive nodded.

‘What am I meant to do? As long as he is happy he won’t hit me, but what if hitting me is what makes him happy, then I can’t avoid a single thing!’ he thought fearing the worst possible outcome, ‘What’s the point? He’s going to kill me isn’t he?’ he turned away from his captor as his body started shaking with fear.

‘Hey? Are you afraid of me?’ asked his captor.

Worried about how to answer that question, with his heart in his throat, he thought, ‘Should I tell him the truth? Or will that just make him angry?’ he looked up as his captor awaited his answer, his scarlet eyes seeming to pierce his very soul through the darkness of the basement. His captive wanted to but he couldn’t look away.

He took a deep nervous breath in as he replied, ‘Yes……I am….’ his heart sank to the pit of his stomach as his captor chuckled.

‘You’re pretty honest aren’t you?’ asked his captor. He started laughing as he walked out the basement, his captive curled up into a ball.

His captive thought, ‘What do I do?! What does he want from me?!’

Two days later, he came down again, but not to workout or feed him as per usual he had a knife with him this time.

His captive backed away and cowered into the wall, his captor sighed, ‘You were that scared, you wet yourself!? Well, I suppose you have been down here for a while now, guess you couldn’t hold it in any longer, huh?’ he unchained him, ‘All you had to do was ask me.’ he hooked his arms under his captives and dragged him out, still holding the knife.

The knife was all he could focus on, as it was dangerously close to his neck. He didn’t even care about the pain in his leg from hitting the steps. He undressed him and put the shower on, soaking his terrified victim.

His captive tried to shield his face from the water, his captor grabbed one of his wrists, ‘Don’t avoid it, you moron! It has to touch you to clean you.’ he continued splashing his captive with water carelessly, ignoring his captives please. He put some shampoo in his hair, ‘Rub that in.’

He saw half healed burns and scars on his chest and shoulders, he thought, ‘He has burns all over.’ he looked a little closer, ‘Cigarette. No mistaking it! So, this guy really has been in this kind of situation before.’ he stood up.

‘I’ll be back in a second.’ he left and got some old clothes. He came back in and his captive was still scrubbing the soap in his hair, ‘Not done yet? Seriously! Hurry up so you can go back down!’

His captive grabbed his leg and pleaded, ‘Please, I’ll do anything you want. Just don’t put me back in the basement! Please. It’s really dark down there!’

‘Of course it’s dark! It’s a basement! Stupid!’ his captor replied, heartlessly. He pulled his leg away, then kicked him away and said, ‘Let go!’ he watched as his captive cowered away in pain, ‘You know when you cower like that you remind me of someone.’ he looked towards the kitchen, while his captive looked down.

His captor grabbed his arm, pulling him closer and sitting him upright, ‘Look up or the shampoo will get in your eyes.’ his captive did as ordered as his captor washed out his hair. His captive saw an almost affectionate look in his captors eyes as he washed him down, but immediately dismissed it.

His captor dropped a towel on his head and started roughly and carelessly rubbing his head, his captive winced in pain and tensed his body. His captor stopped and lifted his captives head, ‘Am I hurting you?’

His captive thought, ‘How the hell do I answer that? If I’m honest will he soften or will he do something else?’ he moistened his lips as he replied, ‘A little.’

His captor huffed and continued drying his hair with the towel just not as rough as before. His captive thought, ‘He is never going to let me out the basement again is he?’ his captor put a fresh top on and sat him on an edge, ‘If I can’t do something to change his mind, I’m going to die down there!’

He positioned a baggy pair of trousers and gestured to his shoulders saying, ‘Hands!’

His captives trembling skinny hands wrapped around his captors broad shoulders, ‘Hold on.’ he was lifted up and dressed. He put him back on the floor, ‘You’re really skinny, but I don’t have anything in a smaller size so just tie that off with the cord.’ his captive did as ordered.

He knelt down, ‘So, you don’t want to go back in the basement all the time?’ his captive looked at him and nodded, ‘Ok then, lets make a deal.’ he dragged him out into the hallway. He walked off and stuck the knife into the floor and scraped it along the floor, digging a line through the laminate, ‘When I let you out the basement, you are not allowed to cross this line!’

His captor took the knife and walked behind his captive, he tilted his head back, exposing his neck and pointed the cold steel edge to his throat, ‘If you do, I will slice your neck open and let you die more horribly than you can possibly imagine.’ his captives hands resting on his captors forearms as he started squirming slightly, his captor moved it closer to his neck, the cold steel forcing him to freeze.

‘I won’t try to run away, I promise.’ he whimpered, shaking with fear, trying to make his breaths as calm as possible he let his captors arms go, seeming to trust him, ‘I’ll stay here as long as you want me to, I’ll do whatever you want me to. I won’t leave, I swear! I’ll behave.’ he moved the knife away from his captives neck. And stood up, his captive curled into himself as his captor walked in front of him.

‘I’m tired of that expression now.’ he looked up at him, ‘Smile for me.’ he smiled as requested, ‘You actually do as you’re told?’ he smiled back, ‘Interesting!’ the clock rang out for six o’clock.

His captor grabbed his wrist and dragged him into the kitchen. He propped him up on the kitchen side, facing the sink, holding him up by the back of his shirt and pulled a chair over, ‘Sit back.’ he did and was passed the knife, ‘Careful, it’s sharp!’

‘Why’d he give me this?’ his captive thought too scared to move.

He got him some ingredients and told him what to make, ‘As long as you do what I say, we’ll get on just fine. Since you seem pretty obedient already, it should be easy for you.’

Terrified his captive nodded, thinking, ‘Just do whatever he wants.’

‘I probably won’t remember it but what’s your name?’ his captive asked.

‘A……An…drew….’ he replied. He gave no reply and walked off.

After dinner, his captive was finishing off the dishes his captor opened the basement door, ‘Hey, it’s time to go.’ his captive shrunk into himself, ‘I know that you don’t want to go back down, but you don’t have a choice. You can either behave and go down quietly, or I’ll punish you and then you’ll be forced.’

His captive nodded, he got off the chair and grimaced in pain as his leg hit the floor and crawled over to him, ‘Yes sir.’ he whimpered looking down, ‘I’m sorry. I just wanted to finish the dishes before I went back.’ his captor grabbed his arm. His captive tensed up scared of what was going to happen to him next.

‘Good choice.’ his captive calmed slightly, ‘Maybe you are smart after all! Before you go down, do you need to use the toilet?’ his captive was shocked to hear his captive ask him something like that.

He shook his head, ‘No, thank you. I’m fine.’ his captor picked him up and took him downstairs. His captive saw a mattress on the floor with some sheets, ‘Where did that come from?’ he asked.

‘I brought it down here for you, while you were cooking.’ his captor explained, placing him on the mattress, ‘It’s all a little old but it’ll have to do.’

‘This is for me?’ asked his captive.

His captor smiled, ‘I thought you’d need somewhere to sleep, since you’re not leaving. Besides I only just got you clean, I can’t have you getting all dirty again by sleeping on the floor.’

‘T…thank you.’ his captive replied timidly but smiling, genuinely happy his captor had done something nice for him. He looked up at his captor, ‘Really, thank you.’ his captor seemed to blush, but his captive couldn’t be sure as he turned away too quickly.

‘Well, go on. Get some sleep!’ he replied leaving and locking the door.

His captive thought, ‘He actually got me a mattress?! Does this mean he wants me to feel comfortable while I’m down here?’ he pulled the covers over himself and settled down, ‘This is the most reassuring feeling I’ve had since I set foot in this house.’ he smiled, ‘He didn’t chain me up tonight either.’

Upstairs his captor thought, ‘What was that?!’ he remembered his smiling face, ‘He actually smiled! He smiled at me without fear, without me ordering him to. What the hell is up with this kid?’

Down in the basement, his captive thought, ‘Just stay submissive. He likes things to be clean and he likes quiet. So, if I stay quiet and clean the house like he wants, he won’t hurt me, right? I still have to gain information so I can run away, but don’t be so hasty. If he starts to suspect anything it’ll end badly for me.’

In the morning, his captive was pulled to the steps and dusted off, ‘Seriously! This stuff gets everywhere! I thought getting you that mattress would reduce it, but it’s made no difference.’ he was brought out and ordered to make breakfast, they ate and he washed it all up.

He felt a cold breeze from behind him, it was too cold and strong to be ignored so he turned and saw his captor knocking the dust from his shoes out the front door.

His captive thought, ‘He’s outside! I didn’t hear it unlock, nor did I hear him enter a code. Does that mean it can opened anytime?’ his captor turned seeing his captive watching him, he walked back in and slammed the door.

His captive flinched and braced to be hit for watching him, as he charged over, ‘I’m sorry.’ he whimpered, shielding his head with his arms. His captor didn’t respond but gave him a broom and face mask. His captive looked at him and took them, feeling slight relief that he wasn’t going to be hit, he asked, ‘What do you want me to clean?’

‘I am sick of having to dust us both off, every time I bring you out the basement. It’s ridiculers!’ his captor complained, ‘Go down there and sweep all the dust away!’

His captive nodded and crawled down, he put the mask on, but he found it difficult to sweep, as his legs wouldn’t support his weight. He fell and dust rose all around him, he then heard his captor walk down.

He felt panic sink in as he came closer, he thought, ‘Oh no! If I don’t sweep up like he told me to he’ll hit me! I’m sure of it!’ he immediately tried to stand to start sweeping, but he fell and his face grimaced in pain, he flinched as he heard his captor huff.

‘I guess you can’t do it with a busted leg, huh?’ said his captor.

‘I’m sorry.’ he replied nervously, ‘My leg can’t take my weight. I’m sorry. I’m trying. I swear!’

His captor chuckled, ‘Relax, I can see that you’re trying.’ his captor lifted him up, his captive flinched, terrified of what his captor was going to do next, he whimpered and tensed.

His captor sat him gently on a step, ‘I commend you for trying.’ he dusted him off and picked up the broom, ‘But, you are physically unable to carry out this order. Just this once, I’ll forgive you.’ he started brushing up the dust. His captives eyes widened with shock and surprise, his captor turned to him, ‘Why are you so surprised? Have I ever hit you when you didn’t deserve it?’

His captive didn’t dare question him and replied obediently, ‘No.’

‘Because indiscriminate punishment will only lead to misunderstanding on your part and then when you do something wrong, you don’t know it, even when I punish you.’ explained his captor. His captive noticed his captors breaths were starting to shallow, trying to endure the dusts invasion of his air ways.

His captive took his mask off and said, ‘Urm……you……’ his captor turned, ‘You should put this on……’ he offered it out to his captor, ‘The dust….will get in your…..lungs otherwise….’ his captor smiled and went up to him, his captive flinched as he took it out his hand. He looked down even more than before.

‘Don’t flinch.’ his captor replied putting the mask on, ‘You don’t have to flinch if I’m not going to hit you.’ he placed his fingertips under his captives chin and forced him to look at him, ‘And I will only ever hit you if you deserve it.’

‘Yes, I know, I’m sorry.’ his captor released his chin, ‘I guess I’m just a little jumpy.’ his captive replied looking down and away. His captor said nothing and continued brushing the dust away, he thought, ‘Of course I’m jumpy, he’s been holding me captive, I don’t even know how long for! On top of that he’s broken my leg, threatened me and imprisoned me.’

His captive started to find it hard to breathe and started coughing, his captor sighed, ‘As long as you stay on the steps and in my line of sight, you can move further away.’

His captive thought looking at him while he stared back at him, ‘Really? He’ll let me do that!?’ he backed up eight steps and stopped, ‘Is this ok?’

He studied his captive for a moment and nodded, he continued sweeping up, ‘Yeah, that’s fine.’

‘Thank you.’ replied his captive.

His captor chuckled, ‘You gave me the mask, the least I can do in return is help you breathe too.’

‘I know, but, still. Thank you.’ replied his captive. He thought, ‘Why is he acting so nice today? I don’t get it!’ his captor said nothing and carried on sweeping, ‘Did I do something he really liked? At least I know he is not entirely crazy.’

His captor thought while sweeping, ‘He is very surprising. Even though he can’t walk because of his leg and he knew that, he was so determined to do what I told him to, that he tried anyway.’he smiled, chuckling slightly, ‘He’s so obedient it’s cute.’ his captive heard him chuckle and became nervous again, he shrunk into himself and remained quiet, worried that if he said anything it would annoy his captor.

Although confused as to why his captor was acting the way he was, his captive was happy to have learnt one important thing about his captor that day. He doesn’t hit him for no reason, at least in his captors mind, he did something to warrant punishment. Now all he had to learn was, what in his captors mind, would lead to him being hit.

The next day he made breakfast, after he cleared it all away while his captor remained seated watching him. His captive got off the chair and crawled over to his captor, ‘Urm….ca…can….y...’ he had no idea how to talk to his captor, or even if he was allowed to start a conversation.

‘What do you need to go to the bathroom? Just go it’s fine.’ replied his captor.

His captive shrunk away from him slightly, ‘Thank you…….but…..that’s not it…..I was wondering…. I was urm….what I mean is… I allowed…to…’

‘Stop mumbling! Just spit it out before, I beat it out of you!’ yelled his captor.

‘Do you have any buckets?’ his captor looked at him confused, ‘I want to wash the basement floor to get rid of any left over dust from yesterday.’ replied his captive timidly, ‘Not that I don’t trust you to have done a good job or anything like that I swear. I didn’t mean it like that!’

He flinched as his captor stood up without a word. But he didn’t hit him, instead he showed him where the buckets were, ‘Would this one do?’ his captive nodded.

His captive took one and went over to the sink, ‘Thank you.’ his captive turned back to his captor, ‘Do you have any floor cleaner?’

His captor chuckled, ‘The cupboard on your left.’ his captive took some and poured it into the bucket, he pulled the dining room chair up to the sink, placing the bucket on it and pulled himself onto the desk chair, he placed the bucket in the sink to fill the bucket part way with water. And repeated it in reverse order to take it out the kitchen.

‘Seems a round about way of doing it. Why didn’t you just ask me to do it for you?’ asked his captor, ‘I mean, your leg is only broken because I broke it. And because I broke it you can’t do things like that easily, so why didn’t you just ask me to fill the bucket for you?’

His captive turned to him, ‘This is something I wanted to do. I should do it myself really. If I’ve annoyed you, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to.’ he started to get nervous.

‘No, you haven’t, I’m just thinking that it shows such a high level of commitment. I didn’t expect it from you is all.’ said his captor, his captive nodded and made his way down the steps, he placed the bucket three steps down then moved himself and repeated it until he was at the bottom then just pushed the bucket along to the corner.

His captor sat on the steps and watched as he hand washed the floor, ‘You’re seriously cleaning the floor like that?! Why don’t you use a mop you moron!?’

A cold chill ran over his captives back, ‘It’ll be the same as yesterday with the broom. I can’t stand, so cleaning the floor like this is my only option.’ he replied nervously.

‘I suppose that makes sense.’ his captor huffed.

He cleaned the whole floor and started on the steps, he got to the steps his captor was sitting on, he thought, ‘I can just ask him to move right?’ he looked up, ‘Excuse me.’ his captor smiled and ruffled his hair, then walked out the basement without a word, his captive thought, ‘He is so scary, even when he is not hitting or even threatening me. He’s really quite terrifying!’

He came out the basement and saw his captor leaning against the wall opposite, ‘Change the water and do the rest of the floors.’

His captive nodded, ‘Yes sir.’ he changed the water and started in the hallway.

He went up to the line, his captor grabbed is hair and pulled him back, there wasn’t anything he could do to hide his pain, his captor yelled, ‘Hey! You’re not allowed past the line remember?! I thought you understood that!’

‘I do! I do understand.’ his captive looked at him the best he could, ‘I wasn’t going to run, I swear I wasn’t. It wasn’t my intension.’

‘Then, why are you so close to the line?’ asked his captor not releasing his grip for an instant, ‘If you’re not trying to run away why would you be so close to the line?!’

‘If I clean out here first and work my way to the sink last, I won’t mess up what I have already cleaned by having to walk back over it.’ his captive said, ‘I swear, I wasn’t going to try anything! Please let go, it really hurts.’

‘You’re pretty logical aren’t you?’ asked his captor letting him go, his captive fell and hunched forwards. He rested on his hands and knees as the back of his head throbbed from the pain, ‘Get on with it then.’

His captive rubbed his head, he thought, ‘His grip really hurt!’

His captor sighed, ‘I thought you were going to make a run for it, but since you explained yourself.’ he ruffled his hair, his captive flinched slightly, fearing a repeat of what just happened, ‘Relax, this is an apology, not a punishment. I misread the situation and punished you unnecessarily. I’m sorry, I told you that I wouldn’t do that, it was my mistake.’

His captive replied, ‘Tha….Thank you…’ he took the cloth out the bucket and scrubbed the floor. He made sure that not even the cloth moved past the line, he started backing up, he could hear his captor behind him the whole time.

Knowing his captor was watching him made him feel even more nervous. He got to the first door frame and worked his way round the whole room while his captor watched from the doorway, ‘Do you like cleaning?’

His captives heart jumped in his throat, his captors question was completely out of the blue, ‘I wouldn’t say that I like it, more like, I can tolerate it if it’s something that needs to be done.’ he cleaned back out towards the hallway and went into the next room, ‘But just because I don’t particularly enjoy it, doesn’t mean I’m not going to do a good job.’

His captor smiled leaning on the kitchen door frame, ‘Interesting.’

His captive didn’t respond but continued cleaning the floor until every hard floor was spotless, he emptied the bucket and washed his hands, the water stung his hands as scrubbing the floors by hand caused them to become scratched slightly.

‘Guess I shouldn’t be so surprised. This place is pretty big.’ he looked at the clock, ‘It took me two and a half hours to clean them all.’ he sighed, ‘But at least they’re done for today.’

His captor walked up behind him, ‘Do the floors at least three times a week.’ his captive was to afraid to say no and nodded without turning around, ‘I have never seen this floor so clean before.’

His captive said nervously, ‘If something is worth doing it’s worth doing well.’

His captor thought looking at the floor, ‘Everywhere he goes ends up so clean.’ he watched as his captive made the sink shine, ‘Is he doing all of this to make me happy? Or is it just to avoid being hit?’ he smiled, ‘I suppose the two things aren’t entirely separate.’

Over the coming weeks, every day was like clock work, his captive would hear his captors heavy footsteps above him, the basement door swings open. His large hands grab his wrist and pull him upstairs, he doesn’t care that his captive can’t walk or that his leg keeps hitting the steps. He drops his captive carelessly on the floor.

Although the events happened like clockwork, the time in which they happened wasn’t. He never knew when he would be brought out, if in fact at all. Every single thing depended entirely upon his captors mood that day. Today was a day he was let out, his captor leaves him on the floor and gives him his orders for the day.

His captive obediently listens and carries out his orders, knowing full well of the consequences of doing it wrong.

Whenever his captor was ready to go to bed, he was put back down in the basement. Some nights he’d be carried down and placed gently on the mattress, other times he’d throw his captive down like a rag doll and beat him.

He never knew which one he’d get, he always hoped for the former, but his hoping never made a difference. Now he had a mattress, he felt happy that he no longer have to curl up into a ball and sleep in the corner of the room. But, he still held a deep fear of the basement.

‘My escape plan isn’t being planned, I still don’t know anything about how to get past the front door, nor what is on the other side, for all I know, everyone in this neighbourhood is too scared of him to help me escape or if there even is a neighbourhood.’ thought his captive.

‘For all I know there is no way out passed those doors, there could be a walled up front garden. I didn’t get a good enough look when he was knocking the dust off his shoes the other week. And I don’t have the nerve to look out a window, in case he catches me.’ his body shuddered, ‘Besides, I haven’t had time to plan, he’s kept me busy with housework and constantly second guessing everything I have learnt.’

‘I still can’t put any pressure on my leg so running away is out of the question.’ his captor picked him up and put him on a desk chair so he could move along the worktop on his own, ‘He always sits me on this chair when I clean the higher levels, but other than that he pretty much leaves me to make my own way around. If I do anything wrong he corrects me with severity.’

He heard the washing machine finish, he was about to go and check on it when he saw his captor get there first, ‘Why is he doing it?’ he started to feel nervous, he didn’t understand why his captor was acting so out of character. He knew his captor never did anything without reason.

His captor came back in and grabbed his hair and pulled him off the chair, holding him up, ‘What did you do?’ his captive held his captors hand trying to relieve the pain.

‘I’m sorry.’ replied his captive, trying to calm his captor.

‘Do you even know what you did wrong?’ asked his captor.

His captive was now even more scared because he had no idea what he had done, his heart sank and his voice whimpered, ‘Please……just let me go…..’

‘You don’t know do you?’ asked his captor, pulling even more on his hair.

His captive closed his eyes and tried to stifle his whimpers, ‘Please……Just stop!’ he thought, ‘What the hell does he want from me!? The slightest error and he hits me!’

‘You left a stain on my shirt. Were you hoping I wouldn’t notice?’ replied his captor seeming to ignore his pleas.

‘I’m sorry.’ a tear fell from his eye as the pain from having his hair pulled got worse, ‘Please…..I’ll try again…..just let me go….’ he hadn’t even noticed a stain to begin with, but he didn’t dare tell his captor that through fear of angering him further. He thought this must have been why his captor got them out, so he could catch him out, as that day he hadn’t hit him at all.

His captor punched him in the stomach and let him go, he fell to the floor winded, ‘Don’t bother!’ he kicked him in the ribs, he left him on the floor.

His captive pushed himself off the floor, he thought, ‘I don’t know if I can take much more of this.’ his breathing wouldn’t level out as he started shaking, he curled into a ball and retreated under the kitchen table.

‘Apologising doesn’t work, begging doesn’t work, submitting doesn’t work, hiding doesn’t work, what the hell does he want from me?!’ he thought, ‘Does he really just want to hit me all the time!? I’ve never been this scared in my life! At least with my uncle begging worked, but nothing works with this guy! Nothing stops him from hurting me!’

He heard his captor enter the room and came out from under the table knowing that if he caught him hiding he’d hit him again, ‘What are you doing?’ he asked. Hearing his captor say that, felt like a shock of electricity shot through his heart.

His captive thought quickly and held up the cloth, avoiding eye contact, ‘Just cleaning the floor.’ he started scrubbing the floor.

‘Didn’t you just finish the floor?’ he asked folding his arms. His captives heart sank with fear and panic.

‘I……just saw…..I missed a spot……so I came down to finish it…..I’m sorry……’ he replied. He thought, ‘You idiot! Admitting you made a mistake, even if it’s a lie to avoid being hit for hiding! He’ll still hit you for making a mistake! You’ve avoided nothing! You’ve just changed his reason to hit you.’

His captor ordered, ‘Look at me.’ his captives heart sank even further hearing those words, he was too scared to not do what he asked and looked at him, his captor huffed seeming to be confused, ‘I’m not sure what to do with you.’ he turned away, ‘Well, get on with it.’ his captive continued cleaning the floor.

‘What the hell? Did he know I was lying? No, he would have hit me if he knew that. Then, why didn’t he hit me for missing a spot?’ he sighed with relief as his captor left the room, ‘He’s left me alone anyway, so the reason doesn’t really matter.’

His captor sat in the other room and looked at his captive blood on his hand, he remembered his face just now, ‘He has such deep fear in his eyes! And he’s always shaking or flinching! However, there is a spark! A hint of fight still left in him.’

When it comes to dinner time, he places his captive on a desk chair so he can make them dinner. His captive ordinarily goes out of his way to make things easier for his captor through fear of what he’ll do to him if he annoys him, for example, he always tries to clean the top levels last. So by the time he gets to them, it’s too close to meal times so that he doesn’t have to be moved off the chair again, he didn’t want to bother his captor like that.

His captive although in pain from his latest beating, he kept cleaning the worktop, ‘Don’t do anything that might make him mad at you, keep your head down, mouth shut and do what he says.’ he made and served up lunch.

He and his captor would always eat together, although he was on the floor, on a small table, it was so old and worn out, he feared if he wasn’t careful enough, it would break and then he’d be in serious trouble. His captor always sat at the kitchen table.

His captive ate slowly and quietly avoiding raising his head, he knew he wasn’t allowed to look up and knew his captor was watching him the whole time. His hand started shaking, he steadied it with his other hand knowing if his captor saw him shaking, he’d beat him again. The atmosphere is completely terrifying, one wrong move from him would turn a meal into a beating.

His captive thought, ‘He doesn’t do anything, he just watches me.’ his captive started washing the dishes up, ‘However, I can tell, it isn’t that he isn’t doing anything. He is waiting for me to make a mistake.’ he dropped one, ‘It’s as if he needs to punish me, as if he needs someone to be mad at.’ he punched him off the chair, to the floor.

He pleaded backing away, ‘I’m sorry please!’

‘SHUT UP!’ he kicked him hard in his stomach.

‘The moment he catches anything, I know exactly how he’ll hurt me without hesitation.’ he grabbed his hair and punched him again, then started punching his stomach and chest.

His captive knew there was no point in begging for him to not hit him or apologising, he knows it never stops him. But it doesn’t stop him from trying. Doesn’t stop him hoping that just once, his captor might show him an ounce of humanity.

His captor backed up, ‘Now clean it up!’ he yelled leaving.

Even beaten and bloody his captive didn’t dare not carry out the order, through fear of an even worse beating, he thought, ‘I think he cracked my ribs this time!’ he cleaned it up shaking, uncontrollably. He coughed up some blood, he thought, ‘Why is he doing this to me?’

His captor watched from the doorway as his captive fought through the pain to carry out his order, he smiled, ‘He’s very obedient! Even wounded like this, he’s too scared of me, to not do what I told him to. I don’t need to train him as much as the others in the past. I like this one! I may not kill him at all!’

He walked in and ordered, ‘Sit up.’ his captive froze terrified as his captor crouched down, ‘I said sit up!’ he did as ordered, his captive flinched as his captor held his chin, ‘You’ll be fine.’ he felt his temperature causing him to flinch again, ‘Stop flinching you idiot! If you keep flinching every time I move! I will hit you again!’

‘I’m sorry. I’ll try to relax!’ whimpered his terrified captive.

He lifted his top up, ‘As suspected, I broke some of your ribs. Breathe in as deep as you can, if it hurts too much stop.’

He did and grimaced in pain soon after, ‘Sorry….it hurts…….too much!’

‘Alright.’ he put his top down and stood up, ‘Carry on with the cleaning, but take it slow.’ he left.

His captive nodded and continued cleaning, thinking, ‘What was that all about? Why’d he check me over? It can’t be that he was worried about me, could it?’ he shook his head, ‘Don’t be stupid, he’s the one who put me in this position in the first place.’

That night, he was washing up some glassware like he was ordered to, when he lost his grip, the glass shattered on the floor, his heart immediately sank with panic, ‘No, he’s going to punish me! No!’

‘Another one?!’ his captor yelled.

‘I’m really sorry! I’ll clean it up right away. I swear!’ he threw himself to the floor sweeping it away with his hands.

His captor kicked him in the head, he fell up against the cupboards from the sheer force of the blow, he gained enough sense back to move away from him, ‘Are you ever going to stop messing up?’ he grabbed and pulled his hair forcing him to rise to his knees.

His captives hands rose to meet his captors, hoping he could ease the pain from his grip, but it was no use, ‘Or do you act this way because you like being punished?’

‘No…..I don’t…..’ his captor punched him in the stomach and released his hair, his wounded captive fell to the floor, ‘Please……I’m sorry… hand was wet…..and….I couldn’t….hold….it I’m….. sorry….’ he explained hoping his captor would show some mercy if he understood why, he started backing up against the cupboards behind him.

His captor picked up some of the glass, then pinned his captive to the cupboard by forcibly pushing his hand against his captives collar bone. His captives hands went to his captors forearm hoping he could ease the pressure on his chest, ‘Please.…..stop….…!’

Thrusting the piece of glass into his thigh, he seemed to delight at his captives cry of pain as he carved a line down his leg, he said, ‘Then, don’t lose your grip, you moron.’ he pulled it away quickly.

His captive closed his eyes knowing full well that this wasn’t going to be the end of his beating, his captor grabbed his shirt and pulled him away. His captor threw him down the stairs, kicked him, then dragged him on the mattress, tightly chaining his wrists to a nearby pipe.

He didn’t always chain his captive to the pipe, it all depended on his mood that day and how he had apparently behaved.

‘Do you ever learn your lesson?!’ his captor yelled, he kicked him, ‘Seriously? You’re such a hassle!’ he sighed and calmed his voice, ‘Don’t worry, I think all you need is just a little discipline and you’re in luck, I have a heavy dose of just the right medicine.’

‘No…pl…ple...ase…’ he whimpered through the pain, ‘Ple……ase…….no…mo…re…...’

His captor chuckled, ‘Begging doesn’t make me want to stop, you know.’ he pulled his head back to force him to look at him, ‘It just makes me want to hurt you until you don’t have the energy to beg anymore.’ he grasped his hand fast around his captives neck and squeezed with tremendous force, he banged his head against the wall behind him and increased his grip further.

Fighting for breath his captives power to struggle against the chains and his captors grip faded, his vision went black, then, he felt the pressure release. He fell and inhaled deeply hoping to fill his lungs with the air he’d been starved of, but it only caused him to cough up some of his blood from being kicked earlier.

His breathing levelled out and he looked around the room for his captor, he thought, ‘Did he leave? I can’t see him, please let that mean he’s left. I can’t take anymore!’

He raised his head and hauled his aching body off the floor, to assess the damage, when he heard a voice rise from behind him, sending an ice cold chill and dread through his very soul, ‘My, my, you recover quickly don’t you?’ he turned terrified and cowered as far away as he could, but with his wrists chained to a pole he couldn’t get nearly as much distance between them as he wanted.

His captor stood up, causing his terrified captive to flinch and cower even more, shielding himself as much as possible, he was about to beg, but remembered what he said to him before, ‘Begging doesn’t make me want to stop, you know. It makes me want to hurt you until you don’t have the energy to beg anymore.’ so he refused to let his desperate pleas for mercy be heard and remained silent.

‘Good boy.’ smiled his captive, ‘You’re a fast learner with the right teaching method.’ he walked out and slammed the door. He said through the door, ‘Get some sleep, I’ll see you tomorrow.’

His captive exhaled in relief that his abuser had finally left, he thought, ‘Why the hell is he doing this to me?! I know I broke a glass but, it was just a glass.’ his exhaustion caught up to him as he fell asleep.

In the morning, his eyes flickered open at the sound of footsteps above him, the sound resonated in his ears, he had become very accustomed to hearing them and even more accustomed to fearing them, ‘Oh no, he’s up!’

Being in the basement scared him the most because down there was where he’d be beaten the worst, his captive knew that if he ever told his captor that, he’d find it amusing. He feared he’d be left down there for fun once his captor knew.

The basement door opened, his captive couldn’t muster the strength to shrink away from his captor as he went up to him, ‘Morning.’ he said with joyful enthusiasm, which was completely the opposite from his captives lethargic state.

His captives languid eyes barely able to focus on his captors intimidating frame. He unchained his captives wrists and hauled him up to a sitting position.

He grasped hold of his captives chin and forced him to look at him, ‘You’re not looking as bad as I was expecting. You must be getting pretty used to beatings by now if your body reacts so little.’ he wiped some dry blood from his captives lips and noticed the bruise.

His captor thought, ‘Must be from when I kicked him in the face. He’s really dazed, he’s so out of it he can’t even muster the power to flinch!’ his face softened almost as if he regretted hurting his captive so much yesterday, ‘I guess I hit him a little too much yesterday.’ he pressed on a bruise expecting him to whine in pain, but no, he remained utterly expressionless, ‘Is he too numb to feel right now?!’

He saw the bruising on his neck from when he had strangled him, ‘I must have really put a lot of pressure on his neck. I’m surprised he didn’t suffocate.’ observing his captives lethargic demeanour, he sighed, ‘I guess I should learn to pull my punches a little next time.’

He dragged his captive up the stairs and sat him on the kitchen floor. He knelt down, ‘I need to check on your leg.’ his captive remained completely non responsive, he rolled the trouser leg up and looked at his cut, ‘Not too bad. You may not even need stitches. I thought you would, but it doesn’t look like it.’

Still dazed from yesterdays beating his captive couldn’t focus on anything, he didn’t even notice his captor was tending to his wounds. All his body wanted to do was collapse, but his mind feared that doing so would leave him too vulnerable to something even worse than another beating and forced himself to stay awake.

Out of his dazed state he heard, ‘I cleaned up the glass for you yesterday. So you can just do breakfast!’ he felt himself lifted onto the chair, through his dull vision he was able to make out shapes and made breakfast for them. He half chewed his food and swallowed although it hurt, his pain was obvious to see.

His captive thought, ‘Because he strangled me yesterday, I can’t even eat without feeling pain. I don’t know how much longer I’ll last if his beatings continue at this rate.’ he washed up and started cleaning the house as per usual.

Although his movements were slower than normal and no matter how unsteady he was, he forced himself to keep moving. After a while he started to feel his pain again, every movement pained him so much there was nothing he could do to hide his reaction.

He didn’t want to admit it, but he didn’t want to live like this and would prefer to be dead. With every movement he let out a little whine, his body was so exhausted that every action was a conscious effort, which only served to make him feel the pain even more.

He pushed through to get his task completed, even though he wouldn’t mind his captor killed him, he still didn’t want to face another beating.

His captor watched him thinking, ‘I almost feel sorry for him. His pain is so obvious, but he’s too scared of me, to not do, what I told him to. It’s impressive sure and shows great resolve, but really it’s quite pathetic at the same time. He’s just like a whipped dog.’

He managed to sleep walk through his day and carry out all his captors orders without the threat of being punished, slowly gaining back his sense of awareness, he thought, ‘Because his beatings have happened so frequently my sense of time has completely disappeared. I don’t know what day it is any longer, nor how long I have been held in this house. But, that’s not what’s important. All that’s important is his mood today.’ he sat at his little table for dinner, looking down trying to avoid all contact with his captor, ‘That’s all I’m worried about.’

‘Have I simply gotten used to fearing for my life every day around this man?’ he thought, shocked by his own thought process, he dismissed it immediately. However, in the back of his mind that thought echoed.

After they ate he started washing the dishes, ‘His beatings must have meaning? He only hits me when I deserve it right? Just like he says. I’ve done everything right today and he hasn’t hit me, so maybe, just maybe he’s right..……No, his beatings are just random acts of aggression to show his dominance over me. Don’t get sucked into his warped perception! That’s what he wants you to do.’

He thought it strange how something so abnormal had become so ordinary to him now! But his captive was so used to it now.

His captive even started to change his expressions, depending on what his captor wanted. He’d do everything his captor asked of him. He’d never make noise or complain because he knew how his captor hates noise and feared the repercussions.

He went to the floor to clean out the cupboards as he was previously ordered. He listened as his captor entered the room and sat down to watch him, he would never speak unless he was spoken to, but even then, he didn’t say much.

Giving quick and simple responses so not to irritate his captor. His captor sighed thinking, ‘He’s not looking so good, with every movement his pain is so obvious! I can’t watch this anymore!’ he grabbed his captives arm out of nowhere. His captive prepared himself to be hit fearing he did something wrong, but instead he was dragged into the living room and dropped on the floor next to his captors chair.

His captive confused, looked up at his captor as he ordered, ‘Stay.’ he spoke as if he were commanding a dog. His captive nodded, curling into himself wondering what was going to happen next, his captor walked off and picked up his book. He returned and sat on the chair and began reading, seeming oblivious to his captives existence.

His captive exhaled in relief but couldn’t stop his thoughts racing. He stayed as still as possible on the floor at his captors feet, he thought, ‘What is he doing?’ his exhaustion caught up with him and he leaned on the side of his captors chair, ‘He has never done this before. I’m happy that I get to rest a while, but…..why so suddenly?’ he heard patting by the side of him and looked up at his captor.

‘You can rest your head on me if you want.’ said his captor softly not taking his eyes from his book. His captive nodded, he slowly and softly rested his head on his captors thigh. Being this close to the man who had beaten him so viciously scared him, but his captor didn’t so much as raise his voice to him the entire rest of the night.

Instead he stroked his captives head, making him feel almost loved. He relaxed as the fire warmed the room and his captors gentle contact chased any thought of beating from his mind. He found himself smiling though he did not fully understand why he felt so safe.

That night, his captor put him back in the basement with a gentleness that shocked his captive to his core. He even pulled the covers over his captive, ‘Get some sleep. You look exhausted.’ he heard his captor say sweetly while he gently stroked his hair. He stood up and left.

His captive fell asleep, watching his captor leave the basement, he thought, ‘What’s gotten into him? I don’t think it’ll last but, it’s nice to know he has the capacity to be nice to me every now and again. It’s nice to know he isn’t all bad!’

But this gentleness didn’t last long as his captive feared, as the days turned into weeks. His captors violent nature became more and more dominant and things turned back the way they were, however he noticed a slight change.

He noticed that he wasn’t suffering prolonged beatings anymore, his beatings were over quickly now although highly aggressive and painful. Rarely consisting of more than four hits. His captive was strangely happy at the change.

His captive had gotten used to seeing his blood splattered all over and became very efficient at cleaning it up. His captor never seemed to mind if he treated his own wounds as far as to stop the bleeding so he could clean the floor.

But if there was ever a more serious injury, once he calmed down, his captor would see to it. This confused his captive but he would allow his captor to treat the wounds that he had inflicted, scared of what would happen if he refused.

However, there was another reason, he found it reassuring and calming to see his captors gentle side as he treated his wounds, although he was the one who inflicted the wounds, his captive chose to look upon his captor as his healer rather than his abuser.

As if he was trying to distance himself from his reality, he preferred to see his captor in a kind light, he could almost delude himself within these gentle healing moments that his captor wasn’t a monster. That he wasn’t someone to be feared.

After all the beatings he’s endured his captive completely lost count of how many times he has been beaten or how long he had been held captive in this house, not that it really mattered. He lay on his mattress staring at nothing that night, trying to numb himself to the pain of his most recent beating.

In the morning, his captor came down and dragged him up as per usual. He stays as quiet and as submissive as possible, he knows the morning after a beating is usually the most dangerous time to be around his captor, so he tries to act overly submissive to compensate.

His captor grabbed his hair and thrust his head to the floor, ‘You usually do a better job than this!’ he let go of his hair and kicked him, ‘Get your blood off this floor now! Then clean the others!’

Covered in fresh bruises and bloody, he was scrubbing, his own blood stains from his latest beating off the floor, he went to do all the other floors too. Every single time he goes into the hallway to clean the floor, his captor stands directly behind him.

His presence alone is enough to make his captives thoughts of escape disappear. His intimidating figure looming over him is enough make him submit and obey. He leaned forward and cleaned along the line his captor made, then backed down the corridor again. His captor not moving from his side for a second until he got back into the kitchen. His captor remained in the doorway.

‘I want an opening to run away, but, he’s too clever for that, he never goes far enough away from me, for me to get enough of a head start and get to the door.’ he packed the cleaning equipment away as his captor entered the room again.

His captive braced to be hit, fearing he had done something wrong, but exhaled in relief when he walked past, seemingly ignoring him as he went into a walk-in cupboard, his captives muscles relaxed and he continued packing the cleaning stuff away, ‘He watches me do everything and hits me if I dare do it wrong. But my opening will come, it has to, everyone slips up eventually.’

He was drying the floor, ‘Hey!’ his captive flinched, ‘Leave that for now and come here.’ he went up to him and sat obediently awaiting his next order, ‘Clean out this closet. Throw out anything that looks like it’s not needed anymore.’ his captor ordered, ‘If you’re not sure ask me.’

‘Yes, sir.’ his captive smiled, looking at him.

His captor was confused at the sudden obedience, he thought, ‘Have I beaten all the resistance out of him already?’ he said, ‘Remember anything useless, put it in the bag and I’ll put it in the bin outside when you’re done.’ his captive nodded as he walked off.

He exhaled relieved, ‘At least for now I’m safe.’

He pulled the first box down and a pack of cigarettes fell on his head, ‘Ow!’ he looked at them and flinched moving away, his captor came back round the corner. His captive felt his heart sink as he recalled how he got the burns on his chest, fearing his captor would do the same.

‘What happened?’ he asked. He saw the cigarette packet on the floor and his captives reaction to them, he thought, ‘With the burns on his chest I’m not surprised he’s so scared.’

His captive shrunk away, ‘I…… I’m sorry. It was on top of the box, I didn’t see them until they fell.’ his captor picked the pack up, his captive flinched and backed away even further into the corner, shaking, ‘No, please don’t! I’m sorry! I won’t let it happen again! I swear!’

His captor was shocked he had such a fearful reaction to something so simple, he remembered the burns he saw on his captives chest, he thought, ‘I knew he’d be scared but, this is more than just fear, he is traumatized. He must have really been tortured! He hasn’t cowered this much since the day I took him.’

He crouched down, shushing his captives whimpers with such tenderness, he didn’t know why but, in that instant, he felt so sorry for his captive and wanted him to calm down.

Although his captive stopped whimpering, he couldn’t stop his shaking as he curled into a ball, as if he was protecting himself. His captive looked down, but kept his head high enough to see what his captor was doing, while avoiding direct contact.

Studying the box as his captor huffed, ‘I’d forgotten that these were even in here. Hey, look at me.’ his captive looked at him as he put them in the bin bag, his captive was surprised, ‘I quit smoking years ago. Get rid of them, I don’t need the temptation.’ his captive was strangely calmed.

His captive nodded, he looked down, ‘Sorry, I didn’t mean to open old wounds.’ his captor chuckled.

‘Don’t worry about it. I have a little more self control than that.’ he left. His captive smiled and continued cleaning.

While cleaning he found rat poison powder. He heard his captor getting closer and stuffed it into his pocket, quickly, ‘How’s it going?’

‘Y…..yeah…. Good…..I’m on the last shelf and I’m almost done.’ he thought, ‘I have to be smart about this. If I play my hand too early, I’m done for. Play it too late……and the result is the same.’

‘Relax, I didn’t give you a time limit.’ his captive smiled nervously and continued with his task, ‘You’re pretty good at this sort of thing huh?’ asked his captor looking at all the things he had thrown away, organised and even labelled.

His captive smiled, ‘I did this sort of thing all the time at work, the stock room was a complete mess, no one else could be bothered. I actually quite enjoy it, it makes me feel better, knowing that no matter how dirty something gets, that with a little effort it can’t be cleaned up.’ he thought, ‘Why am I talking to him so casually?’ he studied his captors demeanour, ‘He’s changed. He doesn’t seem as dominant as before some how. This is weird, I don’t really feel scared of him right now.’

‘I noticed that myself while I was watching you that day.’ he said walking off, ‘You must really hate standing still.’

His captive watched as turned the corner, he thought, ‘What? He was watching me? Before he abducted me? So, I wasn’t just a random target? He planned to take me? I was wrong, this version of him is much scarier than his other one. But, he’s right. I do hate standing still.’

That night, he put him on the desk chair, his captor ruffled his hair, his captive flinched, ‘You did well today. I was impressed.’ his captive looked at him confused, ‘Why are you so confused? If I punish you when you do something wrong, it’s only proper to praise you when you do something right. Don’t you think?’ his captive nodded.

His captor got the ingredients, ‘Urm….I was wondering!’ said his captive, ‘Can I cook something else tonight? I remember an old recipe for stew, do you like stew?’ he saw his captors face, ‘I’m sorry.’ he shrunk into himself, ‘It’s not my place to decide things like that, I’ll cook whatever you want me to cook.’ he started shaking, ‘Don’t be so obvious! You idiot, he’ll suspect something!’

His captor smiled, ‘Are you getting a little more used to the idea of this now?’ his captive smiled back and nodded.

‘Yeah, I’m not leaving so, I thought that I better make the best of this!’ he replied timidly stroking his arm, wondering why he wasn’t in trouble for speaking out of turn.

‘Ok. I do like stew. Cook what you want, I eat anything except for green peppers.’ he went off down to the basement.

‘Why did he go in the basement?’ his captive shuddered at the mere thought of why, he started making food, he looked behind him, ‘Is he still down there? What is he doing down there anyway?’

He remembered what his captor said before, ‘I will slice your neck open and let you die more horribly than you can possibly imagine.’ his whole body went cold, he looked at the rat poison, ‘If I don’t do this, he’ll only continue to hurt me for amusement, then what happens to me when he gets sick of doing that?’

He opened the bottle, ‘There isn’t much powder left. That’ll be enough though right?’ he separated the food into bowls and poured the powder into his captors and stirred it, ‘I only really need enough to knock him out anyway. This could still work!’

The door swung open and he was told to serve the food. He did and went to sit on the floor, ‘Hey, wait a sec! Do you want to sit up here for today?!’

‘Oh god! He knows!’ he calmly looked at him and smiled nodding, sitting opposite him he said, ‘T… thank you. Thank you for letting me sit up here today.’

His captor huffed, ‘Don’t mention it.’

‘Ok, stay calm. He might not suspect a thing and this is just a new game.’ he watched as his captor went to take a bite, ‘What? He’s going to eat it!’ he smiled, ‘Yes, eat it.’ his captor glanced toward his captive, he put the spoon down and stopped, his captive flinched, ‘No, why did he stop?’ he looked at his captors face, ‘Why is he looking at me like that? He looks angry!’

‘Why are you smiling?’ he asked.

His captive thought quickly and replied, ‘I guess I’m just happy, that you let me sit up here. It’s the first time, we’ve really ever been at the same level.’

His captor stood up and walked over to his captives side. His captive sunk into himself as his captor put his bowl in front of him, ‘Here. Eat it.’ his captor smiled as his captive flinched and became even more nervous, ‘You heard me right? Eat.’ his captor leaned in placing one hand on the table in front of him and the other on the back of the chair behind him, ‘Then, we can both smile.’ his captive felt his intimidating figure looming over him, shaking he reached for his spoon.

He heard his captor huff, he held the poisoned food to his mouth. His captive flinched as his captor backed up and sat back down opposite, taking his captives bowl with him, he stared at him, ‘If I just admit to him that it’s poisoned, apologise like crazy and beg for my life, he’ll forgive me, right?’

He looked up and saw his captors face as he rested his head on his hands, smiling, his captive looked down again, ‘No way! If he finds out that I not only tried to escape, but I tried to poison him. I don’t even want to think about what he’d do to me. But, I can’t eat poison, can I?’ he forced it down and swallowed it. But, his captor didn’t eat anything that night, ‘He’s not going to eat, is he really just going to watch me?’ he just watched as his captive ate more.

His captor smirked, ‘Idiot.’ he stood up and went back down to the basement.

‘What’s going on?’ his captive immediately went to the sink and threw up, hoping to rid his system of the poison, he washed it away, ‘That was close! Did he know it was poisoned? Or is this just a new game? I feel really dizzy.’ he looked back and fell off the chair. His captor ran up the stairs hearing the fall and saw him passed out on the floor.

He picked his captive up and walked him down the basement, he stopped as he saw him struggling to breathe, he thought, ‘Maybe he’d be better elsewhere.’ he turned round, he put him on his bed. Placing a bucket next to him he said, ‘If you need to vomit just do it.’ he picked up some water, ‘Here.’ he helped his captive drink it almost as if he cared.

Three hours past, of him sleeping, his captor smiled watching him, ‘He obeys submissively on the surface, while underneath he plots and schemes. Even when he shrinks away from me in fear, he seems to calculate his responses. I admire his spirit, but I will have to break it all the same. I really need to watch my step with this one, he has some serious nerve trying to poison me.’

He woke up and saw his captor was watching him. He flinched as his captor put his hand out, he flinched again and braced to be hit. He felt his hand touch his forehead, but, his captors hand simply rested lovingly on his forehead, checking his temperature, ‘You feel ok?’

Confused, he nodded, ‘Yes. Thank you.’ he tried to get up, he was gently pushed back down.

‘No, stay down. You still look dizzy to me!’ he replied.

‘Say…..I….’ he looked at his face, ‘It’s nothing really.’ his captive said looking away

His captor rested his head on his hand, ‘Well, that’s a little anti-climatic. Come on what were you going to say?’ his captive said nothing, ‘Don’t want to talk huh? Ok.’ he cracked his knuckles, ‘Fine. Five, four, three, two……’

Fearing what would happen to him by the end of the countdown, he interrupted sitting up using the head board to rest against, ‘Urm….urrr…c…..can I….. eat with you…… from now on?’ his captor looked at him shocked, his captive stroked his arm nervously, ‘It was just nice to sit with you, that’s all.’


His captor chuckled, ‘Man! I was worried, what you were going to say there for a minute. Don’t you like that little table? It used to be mine.’

‘Yours?’ his captive asked. His captor looked at him.

‘When I was little that was my table, I shared it with my mother a lot. We had a perfectly good table but that was my dads.’ he explained.

‘It had so many dents in it? How did they happen?’ his captive was shocked by the sound of his own voice, he had asked without thinking. He had gone out of his way to further a conversation with the man that had been holding him captive. He saw his captors shocked face and shrunk into himself slightly, he thought, ‘You idiot! He’s going to hit you now.’

‘You’re very talkative this morning!’ replied his captor, ‘Is it because you’re still sick?’ his captive simply looked away, he sighed heavily, ‘Alright. My dad was abusive.’ his captive looked up at him, ‘He would beat me and my mother for fun. I guess that’s the explanation for me!’

He grabbed his captives wrist gently, ‘I guess we have that in common, huh? I saw the burns on your chest. And….these….’ pointing to his failed suicide scars, ‘Your father drove you to this?’ his captive sat up more and took his hand back, ‘Come on, tell me!’

‘I……urm….well....’ his captive really didn’t want to talk about it but, was too scared of what would happen if he didn’t, ‘I never met my father, he left before I was even born, my mother was a drinker, so she didn’t know I was there half the time. It wasn’t my father that drove me to cut my wrists it was my uncle.’

‘Why? What did he do to you?’ asked his captor, ‘Is he the one that burnt you?’ his captive nodded.

‘Shortly after, I was sent to live with him…...’ he stopped talking as his hands started shaking, he took a calming breath, ‘He both was and wasn’t abusive like your father. He didn’t just use his fists. He was more inventive than that. He’d come into my room some nights and make me do things, he was a lot stronger than me and he used ropes to tie me down, sometimes, so I couldn’t fight back.’

He took another calming breath in, ‘I tried to cut my wrists, but, it didn’t work. He saw to that. After I failed to kill myself, he threw away anything that I could use to try again. Not that it really mattered, he kept me tied up after that. He never took me to a hospital, he always treated my wounds at home, he knew they’d see the bruising and burns he left. But, he never let me die either. He didn’t force himself on me every day, some days he’d just beat me up for fun. I preferred those days.’

‘How old where you?’ asked his captor.

‘I don’t really remember.’ his captive replied.

His captor asked, ‘So, you never really had a family?’

His captive shook his head, talking to his captor about his hidden past felt easy and relieving, he felt like he could tell him everything and he’d sit and listen, without passing judgement, ‘My mother died of alcohol poisoning about two years ago. My uncle wouldn’t let me go to her funeral. When I begged him to let me go, he tied my hands behind my back tighter than he ever had before and even tied my ankles together, he locked me in my room for three months. He came in every night, but left soon after he got what he wanted. He didn’t untie me once during this time.’

‘What about the people at the funeral? Weren’t they suspicious when her only son didn’t show up at his mothers funeral?’ asked his captor genuinely interested.

‘He told people I was too sick to attend the funeral and that I couldn’t have visitors because he feared I was contagious. He taunted me with that fact, saying that no one cared enough about me to check out his story, he was calculating, he knew exactly which buttons to push to make me submit.’ his captive explained.

‘He gave me just enough food and water to keep me alive, but that was it. He would sometimes make me do what he wanted to for food and water. He said I had to earn it.’ he hid his face from his captor and held his wrist, ‘I can still feel how tightly he tied my hands together.’

‘I’m surprised you wanted to go to her funeral, by the sounds of it, you weren’t all that close.’ replied his captor harshly.

His captives face softened, ‘We used to be. She might not have been the mother I wanted, but she was always there, besides before she started drinking heavily.’ his face sank to a smile, ‘She’d make me breakfast and we’d actually have fun together. She taught me how to read and write, basic math skills and even taught me how to sew a little. I don’t know what happened, she just started drinking and she just got worse and worse. Next thing I know my uncle threw me down a flight of stairs and blamed my mother for my injuries, saying she was an abusive drunk. No one believed me when I told them the truth and I was taken away from my mother and sent to live with my uncle.’

‘Where’s your uncle now?’ he asked. His captives face darkened, his captor thought, ‘The mere mention of his uncle is enough to chase the smile right off his face and the light from his eyes. His uncle must have really tortured him.’

‘I don’t know and I really don’t care! As long as he can’t find me!’ his captive shrunk into himself, ‘He would use me like he wanted then leave. It got so bad that I couldn’t take it anymore, so I worked the ropes off my wrists, my blood from the rope burns actually helped, serving as lubricant. Then, I broke the door down, it was an old house, the wood was rotten and the hinges were rusty.’

‘If he’d of come back and found that I had gotten free from the ropes……..’ his body shuddered at the thought of it and he seemed to glaze over the subject as he continued, ‘I ran as fast as my legs could carry me and eventually I got a job at the convenience store. The manager was very understanding, he didn’t know the whole story. But he helped me a lot, helping me set up a bank account and he even let me spend the night with him and his wife sometimes.’

His captor asked, ‘And then what? What did you do?’

‘I started showering at the gym, I had to sneak in but I found a back way no one else knew about, eating what little I could afford day by day but that was only after my first pay check, before that I begged. I slept in doorways and when I wasn’t at work, I’d beg for scraps, or dance for money. I didn’t care how pathetic I looked as long as I got some food or money, I didn’t care at all.’ his captive explained.

‘I eventually, after working all the night shifts, I saved up enough money and was able to move into my own apartment, it was just a tiny one room shoe box, but it was mine.’ he smiled, ‘One room with a bed, a fridge and a kettle, that was it, the bathroom was across the hall with a schedule. Being the last to move in, I was at the bottom of the list, but I didn’t care, even if the water was freezing. I didn’t care. I was free. This was about eight months ago.’ his smile disappeared, ‘That was all before you took me. I don’t know how long it’s been since then.’ his captive thought, ‘I got away from one abuser only to be captured by another. What a sick joke!’

‘It’s really impressive that you made it that far all on your own! I’ll give you that much!’ his captor chuckled slightly, ‘I’ll have to seriously watch my step around you. And what? No love interest?’

‘No.’ his captive replied, ‘Can’t get hurt that way. Not that anyone saw me that way anyway. Or if they did, they didn’t make it clear to me.’ his captor huffed.

‘Both abused orphans huh?’ he smiled at him, ‘Lets look after one another from now on!’

His captive was too scared of what would happen to him to say no, so nodded and smiled, ‘Sure.’

His captor gestured for him to come closer, he did and he hugged him, ‘We’ll look after one another from now on! Right?’ his captive nodded, ‘And I promise, I won’t chain your hands up to that pole ever again.’ his captive was relieved and delighted to hear those words as he hugged him back, though he didn’t fully understand why it made him happy, it did.

‘Thank you.’ he thought, ‘Why am I hugging him back? He abducted me, beat me, even broke my leg to make it almost impossible to run away?! So, why am I hugging him?’ his captor held his breath as his captives grip increased, ‘What the hell am I doing?’ his captor gently pushed him back down and walked off.

‘Get some sleep.’ his captor turned back into the room, ‘Oh and one more thing. A piece of advice.’ his captive sat up and looked at him, ‘Next time you try to poison someone, factor their weight and the dilution that the food creates, the amount you put in the stew yesterday couldn’t even kill you!’ his captives eyes widened with shock, ‘You weigh hardly anything, I doubt it would have even given me so much as an upset stomach, learn how to kill people effectively and efficiently, otherwise it’ll only come back to bite you.’

His captive thought, ‘So, he did know?’ he replied, ‘I….I….I’m sorry. I swear, I won’t try anything like that ever again.’ his captor walked up to him and he flinched. He backed away into the corner of the head board and wall, curling up into a ball.

His captor grabbed his hair and forced him to look at him, his grip was so tight it hurt. His captive closed his eyes tightly to bare with the pain as his hand rose to meet his captors. He held his chin making turning away even more impossible, ‘Look at me.’ his captive opened his eyes and looked at him terrified of what he might do.

‘So, you won’t try that again?’ asked his captor calmly.

His captive shook his head the best he could in his captors grip, ‘I swear I won’t.’ he whimpered. He thought, ‘Why isn’t he letting me go!?’

‘Good, because if you do, I won’t let you vomit it back up in the sink. I will let you die more horribly than you can possibly imagine, with an honest to god smile on my face.’ he explained with an ice cold expression on his face, sending a chill down his captives spine, his captors scarlet eyes seeming to be burning his.

His captor let go of his chin and released his grip on his hair, but his hand remained on his head, ‘You can relax, I’m not going to hit you, because you have already been punished for trying to poison me by being poisoned yourself.’ he thought, ‘I’m glad he still has some fight left in him. It’s boring if they submit straight away.’

His captive gave a sigh of relief, he looked down, ‘T…..Thank you. I promise I won’t do it again.’ his captor smiled and ruffled his hair.

‘Make that stew again tomorrow night minus the poison.’ he chuckled.

His captive smiled and nodded, thinking, ‘He is making a joke out of it?! What is going on with this guy? I can’t get a read on him. Why does he mess with me like this? One minute, he’s hitting me, the next he’s healing me! I don’t know what he’s going to do from one minute to the next. It’s truly terrifying!’

‘It actually smelt pretty good. Get some sleep.’ his captor ordered walking off. His captive rested his head on the pillow.

‘Why am I obeying him? It makes no sense!’ his captive thought, ‘I can’t possibly be starting to like him could I? No, that’s ridiculers!’ he remembered all the times he hit him.

His captor thought, ‘Why am I acting like this? Why did I hug him? He tried to poison me! I should beat the hell out if him!’ he looked at his captive who was peacefully lying on his bed, asleep, ‘Why am I acting this way with him?’

The next day, he was making a stew for dinner. He went to move it off the heat as it started boiling over. He burnt his hand and dropped it on the floor, as it fell the stew burnt his arm as well as his hand, but his focus wasn’t on the pain he felt from that, as he thought panicking, ‘No! I’m going to be hit again!’ he threw himself to the floor hoping to clean it up before he noticed.

But, there was no such luck, he appeared in the doorway, ‘What was that?’

‘I’m sorry! I tried to move it off the heat and it slipped. I’ll clean it up right away, I swear!’ his captive said terrified as his footsteps got closer, the fear in his voice was obvious, ‘He’s going to punish me! I know it!’ his captor grabbed his wrist, his body tensed as he braced for impact, but he felt his burn being put under the cold tap, ‘What’s going on?! He’s not going to hit me?’

His captor looked back, ‘You ok?’ placing him on the chair.

Scared of the new behaviour he replied, ‘Yes. I’m ok.’ he thought, ‘What’s going on? He never once cared whether I got hurt or not before! Why now?’ he looked up at him, while he placed an ice cube on his arm, cooling the area, ‘Did he like that we talked yesterday?’ his captor looked at him and his captives head slumped down as he looked at the floor again.

‘This must have hurt, it’s so red!’ his captor said, gently cooling the area. He passed him a cold compress, ‘Hold that on your arm. I’ll check the burn on your hand in a minute it doesn’t look as bad as the one on your arm.’ he tended to the spillage.

Watching him, his captive replied, ‘Thank you for helping me.’ he thought, ‘It’s like I am living with twins that have completely different personalities. One that delights in seeing me struggle and causing me pain and the other is this unassuming placid man who wants to heal me.’

He remembered what he agreed to yesterday, ‘Both abused orphans? Lets look after one another from now on!’ his captive thought, ‘He is both pliant and wild. I never which him I am going to get.’

‘It’s ok.’ he turned and smiled, ‘Am I ever going to get to taste this stew?!’ he joked clearing it off the floor. His captive smiled nervously as his captor chuckled at his own joke. He looked at his captives hands, ‘The burn isn’t bad enough to warrant any further treatment, just take it easy. Your hands look sore, are they hurting you?’

His captive replied, ‘A little. While scrubbing the floors, my hands got a little scuffed and then they dried out. It’s fine though.’

‘It’s not.’ replied his captor, he looked through the cupboards and found a tube of hand cream, ‘Give me your hands.’ he did, his captor gently massaged the cream into his hands with such care and gentleness, his captive had almost forgotten what he was capable of.

‘Thank you.’ he said, his captor looked up, ‘Thank you for doing this. They feel a lot better now.’

His captor smiled and dried his hands so he could ruffle his hair, ‘Use this cream, ok?’ his captive nodded, ‘Don’t just nod mindlessly, I mean it. Use the cream regularly. You have to look after yourself.’

His captive smiled, ‘I will.’

They made a quick dinner and ate, his captive thought while cleaning the dishes, ‘He didn’t hit me like he normally would have? Why is he acting so calm?’ he looked at the plate in his hand, ‘If I drop this now, will he beat me for it?’ he placed it gently on the side, ‘No, don’t push your luck!’ he shivered remembering how much he hurt him last time.

Later, they were sitting together, his captor was reading one of his books, while his captive remained silent, obediently sitting opposite him on the sofa, straight backed and rigid, exactly were his captor had put him, he was too scared to relax and sit how he wanted to all through fear of angering his captor.

This was the first time since he was brought to this house he was allowed to sit on the sofa. He had no idea why his captor had suddenly decided he was allowed to sit on the furniture, but he wasn’t about to question him either.

Even though he had spent so much time with his captor, he still had no idea how to talk to him and next to nothing about him, not even his name. He tried to avoid looking at his captor, but every now and again he would dare look up, only for a second before his eyes darted back to the floor.

He saw his captor yarn, ‘Time for bed I think.’ he stood up and stretched his arms.

‘Can you open the basement door for me, please?’ his captive said submissively, remaining seated.

His captor smiled and grabbed his arm, he dragged him over to his bed, ‘No need.’ he threw him gently on his bed, ‘You’re sleeping up here with me tonight.’ he saw his captives terrified expression as he backed away slightly. His captive was unable to meet his captors gaze as he felt a rising panic.

‘Urm……I…..’ his captive was nervous and didn’t know what was going to happen next nor what to do, he thought, ‘If he tries anything and I resist, he’ll punish me, but, if he tries anything and I don’t resist…….’ he backed up more, ‘No, I don’t want to do anything, I’m scared of what he‘ll do to me even if I don’t resist. What do I do? I can’t fight him off or refuse him without being beaten! I don’t know what to do.’ his breathing rate increased as he panicked, thinking of several different scenarios which all ended with him in serious pain.

Seeing his captives scared behaviour, his captor immediately realised why he was so scared, ‘No. It’s not what you think. We’re not doing anything like that!’ his captor scratched his head, ‘I’m not going to force you to do anything like that.’

This put his captives fearful thoughts to rest about one scenario, he thought, ‘But if he isn’t going to do that, then why is he insisting on me sleeping in the same bed?’ his breathing wouldn’t calm, ‘I must have done something wrong, but what did I do? Ordinarily, he would have hit me and locked me away by now, I don’t understand! His actions aren’t making any sense. Have I done something wrong?’ he curled up slightly in the corner created by the headboard and the wall, ‘I’m sorry. If I have upset you. I swear, I didn’t mean to! I’m sorry.’ he replied submissively making himself look as small as he possibly could.

‘It’s ok. You haven’t upset me at all. This isn’t a punishment, this is a reward.’ his captor replied, he sat next to him, his captive flinched and retreated further into the wall.

‘What does reward mean?’ thought his captive terrified he was going to do something to him.

His captor sighed realising his actions were scaring him more than ever, ‘I was trying to be nice. I know how scared you are of the basement and I wanted to be nice by letting you sleep up here tonight. But I think it’s had the opposite effect.’ he leaned in, ‘You can go back in the basement if you’re too scared to stay up here with me?’

He thought, ‘I don’t want to go back in the basement.’ he looked up at his captor,‘I think, I’m more scared of the basement right now.’ replied his captive, his captor smiled and huffed.

‘We aren’t going to do anything, I promise. I just want to have your hand for a second.’ his captive offered his hand fearing what rejecting his order would bring more than what obeying it would, his captor held his hand and cuffed them together, ‘I just don’t want you to run away while I sleep.’

His captive thought, ‘Like I’d dare. So, if I just let him do this every night, I won’t have to sleep in the basement anymore? It’s scary being so close to him, but if it means I get out of the basement. I can do it. I’m more scared of being left in the basement than I am of being this close to him.’

His captor looked at him, ‘Is that too tight?’ his captive shook his head.

‘No, that’s fine.’ he replied thinking, ‘He’s put them on so loosely and the chain is so long.’

Checking the cuffs one last time, he smiled joking, ‘No escaping now.’ throwing the key across the room.

His captive smiled and said nervously, ‘I wasn’t going to try.’ his captor chuckled slightly and lay down. He placed his cuffed hand behind him as he turned to face the other way and fell asleep. His captive did the same but stayed awake, he thought, ‘He’s really not going to make a move for me is he?’ he closed his eyes and eventually fell asleep, he hadn’t realised it yet but he had turned to face his captor in his sleep.


His captor woke in the morning, sat up to see his captive was still asleep, ‘He looks so peaceful when he’s asleep.’ he gently shook him, ‘Hey. It’s morning, wake up.’ he said softly. His captives eyes flickered open, he saw his captor and immediately backed away.

He had forgotten about the cuffs round his wrist, his captor was pulled forwards as he backed away, his captor put his hand on the wall to stop himself falling on his captive.

His captor was so close to him, he had no escape route even if he wasn’t handcuffed, when he realised this, he became even more nervous, ‘I’m so sorry…….I forgot we were….I…..I didn’t mean….. to do that…..please forgive me…..’

His captor chuckled, ‘Relax. I’m not mad.’ his captive smiled nervously, ‘It’s actually kinda funny.’ he looked over to the keys, then back to his captive, ‘We need to get over to the key to undo the cuffs.’ his captive nodded.

They untangled themselves from one another and got off the bed, his captives legs failed him and he fell to the floor dragging his captor down with him. He became nervous but then he heard his captor laughing, ‘We should have seen that one coming!’ his captive couldn’t explain it but hearing him laugh put him at ease in an instant and he started laughing too.

‘Well we know for next time.’ he joked.

His captor smiled and thought, ‘He has a really nice laugh.’ eventually, they got to the key.

His captor undid the cuffs and ruffled his captives hair, ‘You did well. But I think tonight I’ll handcuff you to the bed, not to me so we don’t get caught under one another’s feet.’ his captive nodded, ‘I want you to sleep with me like that from now on.’ his captive looked at him, ‘Do you want to?’

‘I’d like that.’ replied his captive, his captor smiled and went to walk out.

His captive smiled nervously as his captor walked out the room. He followed him to the kitchen and started on breakfast as normal, ‘Why did I sleep so well last night? It couldn’t have been that he was so close to me could it? No, that’s ridiculers! It’s the first time I have slept in a bed in ages, that must be it!’ his captor stood next him and started helping, this new behaviour made his captive feel nervous for a while.

But soon his old tactic of keeping his head down and blindly obeying, hoping he didn’t get beaten was no longer required.

A whole week passed like this. His captive thought, ‘He’s stopped ordering me to clean the house, he asks me to instead. He’s stopped locking me in the basement at night and best of all, he’s stopped hitting me. He hasn’t hit me for so long that my bruises have started to fade. I wonder what’s gotten into him, but I’m definitely not going to complain.’


He handcuffed his captive to the bed as was per now the norm. His captive watched as he slept, peacefully breathing in and out. He shook his head, ‘What are you doing?’ he put his head on the pillow and closed his eyes.

‘It feels weird sharing a bed with him like this, after everything he has done to me. But, I’d gladly take this over the alternative.’ his captive thought opening his eyes, ‘He never makes a single move towards me. He just lies next to me and falls asleep. Even though, I know the truth about what he is like and I know what he is capable of doing to me. He looks so innocent and harmless when he’s asleep.’ his un cuffed hand reached out, ‘What if I just………?’

His captor opened his eyes and smirked, ‘Going for me while I’m asleep huh?’ his captive froze, ‘You better make it count.’

‘No, I swear. That’s not it!’ replied his captive terrified, retreating his hand, ‘Is he going to hit me?’ his captor raised his hand to his head. He flinched, but quickly realised that this time his captor wasn’t intending on hurting him, as he stroked the side of his face, curling his fingers under his chin.

His captive looked at his face, ‘I’ve never seen him make that kind of expression before.’

‘It’s alright. If you’re too chicken, I’ll do it.’ he pulled him in and pressed his lips against his captives.

His captives eyes grew wider, ‘What!? He’s kissing me?! What if I…..?’ he closed his eyes and kissed him back. His captor pulled away, surprised, ‘I’m sorry.’ he sat back, ‘I just got caught up in the moment!’ he blushed holding his lips, ‘I don’t know why I did that.’

His captors eyes and face softened, ‘It’s alright. I hoped you’d kiss me back.’ his captive blushed all the more, ‘I’m not expecting anything more than this and I won’t force you.’ he lay back, ‘I’m not like your uncle. And I’m sorry, I promised you when we first started doing this that we wouldn’t do anything and there I go giving you a kiss. I’m sorry, I broke my promise.’his captive smiled.

‘Thank you.’ he replied, he lay next to him and turned to face the wall, ‘I really appreciate that. But I actually didn’t mind you kissing me.’ his captor looked at him surprised, but didn’t make a move towards him.

His captive put his fingers to his lips, ‘My lips feel weird, I think I want to kiss him again, but then what?’ he put his hand to his heart, ‘Why won’t my heart beat slow down?’ he felt butterflies in his stomach, ‘Why do I feel so nervous?’

He clenched his shirt and tightly closed his eyes, ‘Why am I acting like a love struck teenager? Why can’t I calm down?’ he breathed out relaxing his body, ‘I’ve never felt like this before!’ half dreaming, he recalled the feeling of his captors lips grazing his.

The next day, he was let out of the handcuffs, ‘Can you clean the floors today? It seems to have gotten a little dirty.’

His captive nodded, ‘Alright. I’ll add it to my to do list today, but first breakfast.’ he smiled, ‘What do you fancy?’

‘Whatever you want.’ his captor smiled and ruffled his hair. His captive blushed at such gentle and warming contact. He wasn’t used to his captor acting this way towards him, actually he wasn’t used to anyone acting this way towards him.

They ate breakfast together, he cleaned the dishes, wiped down all the top levels and cleaned the bathroom. Eventually he started cleaning the floor. He cleaned up to the line, he looked past the line, he thought, ‘It’s gotten really dirty over there.’ he was about to move his hand over the line to clean it but he couldn’t do it. He retracted his hand, ‘No! You’re not allowed to cross this line. He’ll hurt you, don’t be stupid!’ he stayed where he was looking over the line.

His captor appeared behind him with his arms folded, ‘You thinking about running?’ his captive backed up against the wall beside him.

‘No, I swear, that’s not it!’ he took a calming breath, ‘It’s just, it’s really dirty over there. But I’m not allowed past this line.’ he heard nothing, he feared when his captor was silent more than anything, ‘I’m sorry, I’ll just do the floor I’m allowed.’ he started cleaning the floor again

His captor knelt down next to him and placed his hand on top of his captives to stop him, his captive flinched and curled into himself slightly, shrinking away from his captor. His captor took the cloth off of him, ‘I’ll do past the line, if it bothers you that much.’ his captive watched as he past the line and started scrubbing.

He thought, ‘What’s going on? Why is he being so nice? Why isn’t he hitting me?’ his captive remained behind the line, he smiled, ‘Thank you.’

While scrubbing the floor his captors hands started hurting, his captor thought, ‘How the hell does he stand this? He cleans the floor almost everyday!’ he looked at his captives scarred hands, ‘I suppose after a while you get so used it you barely notice it.’ he finished and gave him back the cloth.

His captive noticed his captors hands were bleeding slightly, ‘You’re hurt.’ he lifted his hands to treat his captors hands but stopped as he heard his captors reply.

‘It’s nothing. Come on! You can leave the floor. Get dinner on, I want to have your stew.’ replied his captor. He grabbed his arm and pulled him away from the door. He put him on the chair, he saw his captive shrink into himself, he sighed, ‘I’m not mad or going to hit you. I just really wanted to get you away from the door.’

‘It’s ok.’ his captive replied as he got the ingredients out, ‘I’m sorry I flinched.’ his captor was too shocked to respond so he left his captive in the kitchen, his captive cooked the stew.

His captor thought, ‘As soon as he knows he isn’t in trouble he relaxes so completely.’ he realised something as soon as he thought that, ‘Does that mean he is constantly waiting for a beating?’ he rested his head on his hand and watched as his captive calmly made dinner for them, ‘He’s only ever like this when I’ve told him he’s not in trouble.’ he smiled and huffed closing his eyes, his captive turned to look at his peaceful expression, ‘I like him when he’s like this.’

His captive examined his expression, ‘Is he really that happy that he’ll get to taste my stew today?’ he turned back to the pot, ‘What is he imagining?’

When it was ready his captor took him off the desk chair and put him on the dining chair, he sat opposite and ate, ‘This is amazing! Worth the wait!’ he smiled.

His captive ate some, ‘It’s not bad.’

‘Can you make it better?’ asked his captor resting his head on hand. His captive flinched, ‘Have you been holding out on me?’

‘No, it’s just……I don’t suppose you have it, so I just made it without.’ he replied timidly.

‘Have what?’ asked his captor.

‘Oregano.’ replied his captive. He flinched as his captor got up without a word, but he went to the cupboards and found some oregano.

‘Here.’ he smiled handing it to him, he passed him his bowl, ‘Go ahead.’ his captive mixed some in both bowls and they started eating again.

His captor tasted it, ‘What do you think?’ asked his captive.

His captor ruffled his hair, ‘It’s even better now.’ he took his bowl and sat down, ‘You really know you’re stuff. Who taught you?’

His captive replied timidly, ‘Self taught. When I was left alone, I didn’t want to think about what would happen when I wasn’t, so I would read, if my hands weren’t tied together anyway. We didn’t have a big selection, just the basics, a dictionary, telephone book, a few catalogues and two cook books. But, I liked reading through cook books, I didn’t quite understand what all the words meant as I was forced to leave school at ten, I looked it up in the dictionary but that didn’t always help. I memorized the pages of recipes I liked the look of, from the pictures. And then……’ he started shaking.

‘And then your uncle came back.’ replied his captor, his captive shrunk into himself and nodded, he thought, ‘His uncle really messed him up!’ he exhaled, ‘Well you haven’t got to worry about that with me.’ he got a cook book off of a high shelf in the kitchen, ‘My mother swore by this book.’ he passed it over, ‘Enjoy. It’s yours now.’

‘Really?’ asked his captive shocked that the man who had held him captive all this time, would suddenly give him something like this, out of the blue, for no reason, other than to make him happy, he couldn’t believe it, ‘Are you being serious?’

‘Yeah, I might as well give it to someone who’d get a lot of use out of it.’ explained his captor sitting opposite, ‘Otherwise it’ll just continue to gather dust over there. You don’t have to have it if you don’t want it.’

‘No, I do want it. I love it! I just…. I didn’t expect it.’ his captive smiled, ‘Thank you. Really thank you.’ he immediately started reading it, ‘Your mother must have been an amazing cook, these recipes look really difficult!’ his captor simply smiled and continued eating as his captives fear seemed to melt away as he read.

He was washing up, his hand slipped and he dropped a glass on the floor, his eyes widened with panic, he had broken a glass right in front of his captor.

He threw himself to the floor, ‘I’m so sorry, I’ll clean it up right away.’ the panic in his voice was easy to hear, he thought hearing his captor get up, ‘No why now? Why did this have to happen now? He’s going to punish me, I know it!’ he was panicking so much he cut his hand on the glass. He thought, ‘No, not another mistake! He’ll definitely punish me now.’

His captor grabbed the back of his shirt and lifted him up, his captive closed his eyes tight and tensed up expecting a beating to follow, but no, he was placed back on his chair, ‘You’re far too panicked to be trusted to clear this up, sit there and calm down.’ his captor explained, clearing it away, ‘I’ll tend to your cut in a minute just stay there.’

His captive nodded confused as his captor left to get something. He thought, ‘Did that really just happen? He didn’t hit me, he didn’t even raise his voice.’ he flinched as his captor returned with a box and knelt down in front of him.

‘Hand.’ he ordered. His captive gave him his shaky hand, he watched as his captor treated this tiny cut with diligent gentle attention. He placed a plaster over it, ‘Is that too tight?’

‘No, it’s fine thank you.’ he smiled, ‘At times like this, he’s so gentle that I almost forget how much he has hurt me. I almost forget that I know what he is capable of.’ his captive said looking at the cuts on his captors hands, ‘Do yours hurt?’

His captor smiled packing the stuff away, ‘I’m fine, I’ve had worse wounds than this.’

‘Don’t pack it away.’ he sat on the floor and opened the box, he held his hand out, ‘Please.’ his captor looked into his captives eyes and saw a steely determination he had never seen before, as if he said no he’d force him to.

His captor held his hand out, ‘Go ahead.’ he let his captive treat his hand, he was shocked that his captive was so attentive and meticulous.

‘There you’re good to go.’ his captive smiled.

‘Thank you.’ he smiled packing the stuff away.

His captive said, ‘I am sorry. About the glass.’ he flinched as his captor looked up and huffed.

‘Relax. I’m not going to hit you.’ replied his captor much to his captives surprise and confusion. This didn’t go unnoticed by his captor, he sighed, ‘Ok. If it’ll make you feel better.’ he slapped him, ‘That’s your punishment for breaking the glass.’ his captive smiled, he got the feeling that even though his captor had just hit him, he felt that he didn’t mean him any real harm this time.

‘Thank you.’ he replied, his captor chuckled and walked away, his captive thought, ‘Even when he’s pulling his punches, he still hits really hard! But… ’ he held the cheek his captor slapped, ‘It actually feels warm. It doesn’t hurt anymore.’ he sat on his chair, ‘He’s really unpredictable! Not one day is the same as the other with him.’ he continued washing up.

His captor leaned on the door frame watching his captive, ‘Why did he thank me for hitting him?’ he remembered how much and how hard he hit him last time, he huffed, ‘I guess he was thanking me for only hitting him once and gently.’ he cleared his throat and his captive turned, ‘Time for bed. You can leave all that until the morning.’

His captive turned, ‘Are you sure? I don’t mind finishing it tonight.’

‘Yeah, I’m too tired to wait up for you, come on.’ answered his captor

His captive nodded and slipped off his chair. He crawled over to him, he saw his captors hand offered to him, he looked up to his captors face and smiled as he took his hand. He helped him to his feet, giving him so much support his captive felt safe in his grip. He sat him on the bed and let him get comfortable before lying next to him and handcuffing him to the bed for the night.

His captive smiled nervously, ‘G……goodnight.’

His captor opened his eyes to looked at him shocked, ‘Goodnight.’ he repeated.

Hearing his captor repeat what he had said strangely put him at ease as he settled down for the night and closed his eyes while his captor watched him. His captor thought, ‘I thought he was terrified of me and watching out for every move I made, but he just fell fast asleep so peacefully right next to me.’ he watched his captive breathe in and out as he slept, ‘What a weird guy! But I guess I’m in no position to talk.’

Over the next couple of days his captive found himself in an accidental happiness with his captor, but he feared it would be temporary and did all he could to keep things sweet between them. Little things like, softening his voice and making more of an active effort when preparing their meals, by making them more visually appealing.

He wanted so much for his captor to remain like this that he had almost forgotten he wanted to escape from this place. He snapped himself out of his trance, realising with his captors violent nature taking a back seat he could manipulate the situation to his advantage. All he had to do was wait for the right moment.

The next day, while sleeping on the kitchen table, with the cook book open underneath him. He heard his captor on the phone with someone, ‘Really? You need me, right now?’ he sighed, ‘Ok, how long do you think it will take?’ ‘Alright, I’ll be there in a minute?’ he heard his footsteps approach and pretended to be asleep, ‘Hey, you awake? Ok.’ he heard retreating footsteps and opened his eyes to see him in front of him, his captive flinched, ‘Pretending to be asleep huh?’

‘I…..I’m sorry….’ he replied shrinking away slightly.

‘I have to go out. Can you go back in the basement just for a few hours?’ his captor asked, stroking his captives head.

His captive sat up slowly and whimpered, ‘Please, I don’t want to go back down there. Please don’t make me go back there.’ he started shaking, ‘Please! I’m begging you, not there! You can chain me up like you do at night. Tie me down so I can’t move if you want but, just not the basement, please!’

His captors face softened, ‘I don’t want to tie you down, I’m not like your uncle.’ his captive looked at him shocked, his captor sighed, ‘Ok. Look after the house for me then. I’ll be back in time for dinner.’ he patted his head, ‘You can cook that stew I like while I’m out.’ his captive nodded smiling.

‘I will.’ his captor smiled back, ‘Thank you.’ he said while his captor left. His captive looked at the clock.

‘It’s four o’clock now, he said he’d be home for dinner. We normally eat at six, I have two hours to get out.’ he thought, ‘My leg is still too broken to run on, so I’d have to crawl. So, I’d only really get an hours lead on him because I can’t go very fast or far. But, then again all I need to do is get to within shouting distance of the street, to call for help.’ he slid off the chair and crawled over to the line, he stopped.

‘Just cross it.’ he remembered what his captor said before, ‘I will slice your neck open and let you die more horribly than you can possibly imagine.’ his head hung low, ‘I’m so pathetic. Letting him chain me with words alone!’ his arms started shaking, this was the freedom he had sought after and longed for, but now that it was within his grasp, he found himself unable to seize it. As if there were a barrier in front of him.

He hallucinated his captor behind him, ‘Go on then. You’re almost there, I bet your pervert uncle is waiting for you. I bet he’s really mad at you for leaving. I wonder how hard he’ll hit you this time?’ he placed his hands on his shoulders, his captive shuddered as he slipped one hand to his hip, ‘Or not.’ his captor chuckled and licked his captives cheek, his captive turned to face him but he disappeared.

His captive turned round, ‘Am I hallucinating?’ he turned back to the door and looked down to the line, he looked at the clock, ‘I’ve been here for forty-five minutes already?! What am I doing?’ he stared at the line, ‘Just cross the line, if I’m quick enough I can scream for help and anyone who can hear me, can come out and help me?’ he couldn’t cross the line.

All he had to do was step across the line and flee, however he felt a strange lingering reluctance bubbling up inside him. If he remained here, trapped under his captors mastery, he feared what would inevitably become of him, however he couldn’t bring himself to grasp the freedom he had so desired.

Even though his captors treatment of him had become a lot softer in recent weeks, he wasn’t going to hold onto the hope that he remained that way. After all, he turned back before. After he strangled and tortured him for breaking the glass, he turned gentle for a short time, but then reverted back to his violent nature, so why would now be any different?

Focusing on the line between him and his freedom, he thought, ‘Why can’t I do this?! It’s only a little line. If I get out he can’t hurt me again.’ he moved his hand over the line, ‘I did it!’ he immediately felt severe dread sink in, ‘But, why do I feel like I want to go back?’ the door opened.

‘What are you doing over the line?’ asked his captor, his captive froze with fear, hearing his captors voice. An ice cold chill shot down his back as he looked over with widened eyes at his captor.

His captor walked up to him, his captives head slumped down again trying to avoid any and all contact with his captor. Hoping he was just another allusion but fearing he wasn’t.

Pushing his hand back over the line with his foot, his captor said, ‘I asked you a question.’ he slowly stepped on his captives hand making sure that it hurt, ‘A question requires an answer. Don’t make me repeat myself. You know how much I hate having to repeat myself.’ he pushed more of his weight down on his captives hand and smiled at his cries of pain.

His captor released his hand, his captive wrapped his arms around his leg. His senses were clouded with fear, ‘Please, let me live. I’m sorry I crossed the line, please!’ pleaded his captive, ‘Please don’t hurt me.’

‘I told you that you couldn’t cross that line.’ he explained, turning his captives head upward with the toe of his boot, ‘I made it very clear for you to understand. After everything I have done for you! You do this! The one thing I made clear to you, you were absolutely never allowed to do! You have no excuse for forgetting.’

His captive was shaking with fear, his voice was quivering, ‘I know. I…..I’m s…sorry. I’m so sorry, please! Don’t kill me. Please! I won’t do it again. I swear I won’t. Please! Forgive me! Please! Just this once! Please!’

‘How many times are you going to say please?’ he took his leg back and slammed the door by kicking it shut. His captive fell back and cowered, ‘There is a cage in the basement. If you obediently step into the cage I have prepared for you, I might forgive you.’


Shaking uncontrollably with fear he nodded, ‘I will.’ he replied terrified, he was about to move towards the basement, when his captor gave a low chuckle.

‘Did you really think it would be that easy?’ his captor knelt down to him, his captive looked at him, ‘I was hoping you’d be obedient and just stay in the kitchen. But you didn’t and now it has to be like this.’

His captive wanted to shrink away and run but his captors scarlet eyes seemed to be chaining him on the spot, his body shivered as he asked, ‘Be like what?’

His captor smiled and lifted his head up more with a knife, ‘I’m glad you asked. It means you’re listening.’ the cold steel of the knife striking even more fear in him, but it paled in comparison to the now rekindled fear he held for his captor, ‘I’m going to have to punish you, you know that, I can’t let you get away with disobeying me like that.’

His captive whimpered, ‘Please don’t, I’m really sorry. I swear I won’t do it ever again!’

‘Answer me this and I might go easy on you. I was sitting outside the whole time, I heard you in the hallway. I waited for about an hour, expecting you to open the door, but, you didn’t. Why?’ he asked.

‘I don’t know!’ his captive replied looking him in the eye.

‘Come on, that’s no fun! Is it possible you wanted to stay?’ asked his captor, taking the knife away, cutting under his chin slightly, his captive immediately grabbed his fresh cut and looked down to the floor, ‘Or if I had given you more time, would you have come out?

His captive answered, holding the cut, ‘I……really….don’t know….just…..please…don’t hurt me…...’

His captor stood up, his captive flinched, ‘I’m going to have to hurt you a little.’ his captor grabbed his arm, ‘You deliberately disobeyed me after all!’ he pulled him violently. Dislocating his shoulder, he dragged him away.

‘No, please!’ he threw him down the basement stairs and went up to him. Although his shoulder was dislocated he tried to sit up to plead once again.

But, his breath was cut short as his captors fist buried itself in his captives stomach, he was kicked to the floor, winded and gasping for breath his captive desperately tried to think of a way out of this situation. Knowing full well his captor wasn’t going to stop hurting him yet.

His captor stomped on his head, he heard his captives painful cries, smiling he said, ‘I won’t try to run away, I promise. I’ll stay here as long as you want me to, I’ll do whatever you want me to.’ his captive grabbed his ankle hoping to relieve the pressure, ‘That’s what you said, I almost believed you too! That was truly some acting!’ he stepped off his head.

He continued beating his terrified captive almost torturing him for an hour. When he finally stopped, his captive tried to catch his breath, his face as bloody and bruised as the rest of him, he felt agonizing pain all over. But he didn’t have the energy to cry out, he saved his energy and focused on keeping himself breathing.

Even though each breath sent painful shockwaves throughout his body, he did his best to ignore it. His captor grabbed the front of his now bloody shirt, ‘This could have been avoided if you’d just submitted and obeyed.’ he threw him in his cage and locked it, ‘Get comfortable, you’ll be staying in here from now on.’

His captive desperately thought of what to do, he thought, ‘If I let him leave me down here, I’ll be dead for sure! I’m going to have to beg for my life.’

Although in agonising pain and petrifying fear, he forced himself to put his hand through the bars and plea, ‘Please! Don’t do this…..I’m sorry! Please….. let me out…… I promise…… I won’t do that…… ever again…..I’ve learnt my lesson….’ he started crying, ‘Please! Don’t…… leave me down here… I’ll behave….I promise….’

His captor took his hand and for a moment, he thought it had actually worked, but no his captor slowly cut his arm, refusing to allow him to take his arm back. He had cut him with the same knife he had prepared meals for them both with. That fact seemed to hurt him more than anything else.

‘Don’t try and suck up to me now! You had it easy! I should have killed you!’ he threw his arm away, he left slamming and locking the basement door, he said though the door, ‘Besides your promises don’t carry much weight after what you just did.’ his captive wrapped his wound in his shirt as he heard his footsteps retreat from the door.

Curling up he thought, ‘What the hell was I thinking!? He’s completely insane! You can’t reason with him!’ the bitter taste of blood filled his mouth as he coughed, he spat it out through the bars, ‘I should have made a run for it when I had the chance!’ he curled up further, ‘I should have screamed for help at the top of my lungs! Why the hell didn’t I do that? The door was wide open! Even though he was there I could have at least yelled for help!’ ‘Is it possible you wanted to stay?’ ‘Why didn’t that sound absurd? Why did it sound truthful?’

The next morning he heard his captor moving above him, he walked to the basement door. His captive backed up to the back of his cage expecting his captor to come down and beat him again, but his captor walked away from the door, ‘What? He’s not coming down?’ he started getting even more nervous, ‘Is that a good thing or a bad thing?’

Upstairs his captor was making himself breakfast and saw his captives chair, he gritted his teeth and turned to the door, but stopped himself from walking towards it, ‘No, just leave him there. Let him sweat it out!’ he got annoyed with himself and knocked his captives chair over, ‘Damn it!’

His captive looked up, ‘I know that sound? Did he just punch that chair over? Is he still mad at me? If he is, why isn’t he coming down here and hitting me like he normally does?’

His captor didn’t go down to see him all day, his captive looked at the door as light from the cracks started to fade, ‘I guess it’s night now. He hasn’t come down here to do anything, not even to hit me. I don’t understand, normally when I do something he doesn’t like he hits me and yells, he has hit me already, but………why is he leaving me down here? Is this a new kind of punishment? Or…?’ he curled up, although it hurt, he felt safe curled up, ‘……Is he going to leave me to die down here?’

Upstairs, his captor was thinking about what to do, he ran his fingers through his hair, ‘Anyway, I look at it, I have only three options: One: Kill him. Two: Forgive him. Or three: Keep him locked up down there until he drops dead. Well, I don’t want to kill him, he’s too much fun. And what possible enjoyment is there in keeping him locked up like a caged feral animal, it‘s too much like hard work going down to feed him everyday. Besides I don’t want him dead.’

‘So that only leaves forgiving him, I guess I can have some fun with him by really make him work for my forgiveness.’ he looked at the basement door, ‘He’s being so quiet down there, I can barely hear him. Is he trying to be quiet and submissive so I’ll forgive him? Knowing him, he’s terrified that I’m not going down there to hit him.’ he smiled, ‘That sounds like him.’

Two days later, his captor went into the kitchen and got a bottle of water, ‘I can’t have him dying of thirst on me, he’s not had anything to eat or drink for a few days now. I wonder if he’s even still alive?’ he listened, ‘I can’t hear him moving around down there. Not that he can really move much in that tiny cage.’ he went down to the basement.

His captive heard him and forced himself to sit up, the pain and stiffness caused by being in his cage only served to make his wounds from his captors beating hurt him more, he backed up to the back of the cage as he approached, fearing what he was going to do to him.

He never knew what his captor was going to do when they were in the basement together, his behaviour was never predictable but it was even less so when they were in the basement. So, his captive always prepared for the worst.

His captor held up a water bottle, ‘It’s been five days now.’ he offered it to his terrified captive through the bars, ‘Thirsty?’

His captive nodded and went up to the bars, his pain was obvious, ‘P….please.’ he gently drank, ‘Thank you.’ his captor put the bottle through the bars and on the cage floor.

‘Have it all. But, drink it slowly. If you drink too quickly after not having anything for as long like you have, you’ll only get worse.’ explained his captor.

‘Thank you.’ replied his captive. He was about to go when his captive called, ‘Wait please!’ his captor stopped, ‘I really am sorry! About the other day.’ his captive thought, ‘I’ll try begging one more time.’

‘All you want is to get out of that cage. You’ll say anything you think I will want to hear.’ his captor replied, he turned round and started walking away, ‘You’re not going to get out of there, so save your breath. Just be grateful I decided to give you some water today. I was debating on leaving you alone here to die. You’re not forgiven.’

‘I mean it! Really!’ his captive said pressing up against the bars putting his arm out, his captor turned to face him, ‘I swear I’m not just saying this, I thought about what you said a lot, about how I didn’t leave because I wanted to stay.’ he retreated his hand slightly holding onto one of the bars, ‘I think you were right! I thought about it over and over, I could have run, I could have screamed, even with you standing there, but I didn’t. I think on some level, I did want to stay with you.’

His captor turned his head away, ‘So, why did you cross the line?’

‘I was scared. I was scared of what would happen to me, if I stayed with you. Of what you would do to me, if I stayed with you.’ his captive explained curling up, retreating his hands back inside the bars, his knees up to his chest, ‘You can understand that right?’

‘You abducted me and beat me on almost a daily basis, I am scared of you. I’m scared of what you will do to me. It’s not an excuse, it’s just the facts. I’m not going to beg to be let out of this cage, because I know that it’s not going to happen. You’ve made your position on that matter very clear.’ his captive replied, ‘Just please, I want you to know that I am sorry. Truly. If I could do something to get your trust back, I would.’ his captor came up to the cage, his captive backed up, scared of what he was going to do.

He went to the side of the cage and wrapped a chain around the pole, his captive was confused and terrified about what was happening. He watched as his captor opened the door and threw some chains in attached to ankle restraints, he shut and locked the door again, ‘Put those on. And we’ll talk later.’

His captive examined them, ‘Can I really do that?’ he held them, ‘If I do? Will he let me out the basement?’ he attached one, ‘Even if the possibility is slim………’ he attached the other one, ‘I’ll take it.’ he listened to his heavy footsteps above him, ‘Is he pacing? Does that mean, he doesn’t want me to be down here? No! That’s ridiculers! He’s the one that put me down here.’


Looking at the water his captor had left for him, ‘He left me some water. Does that mean he cares about me? Even a little?’ he drank more, ‘I might as well drink it, there is no guarantee that he’ll let me have anything else other than water for a while now.’

He wiped his mouth and saw wet blood on his hand, the water helped loosen the dried blood from his lips and had wiped off onto his hand, his captive tasted blood with every sip but he was so thirsty that he didn’t care.

He thought, ‘So, it’s been five days since he locked me down here.’ he sighed and looked at his now chained ankles, ‘I must have really made him mad at me this time. He’s not going let me out ever again is he? I’m never getting out this cage ever again.’ he lay down and curled up, ‘Why would he let me out? I have lost any trust I ever had with him.’

His captor came back down later that evening, his captive pulled himself to a sitting position. He saw that he had put the restraints on, ‘You actually put them on?’ he asked, surprised.

His captive nodded, ‘I meant what I said. I’ll do anything to earn your trust back.’

He opened the door, his captive backed up scared he was going to be beaten again. But, his captor stepped back and sat down, he smiled gently and gestured, ‘Come on out.’

His captive did tentatively, the pain he felt from his various wounds was apparent. He looked at his captor and sat still at the entrance of his cage, his captor gestured again, ‘Come here.’ his captive was worried about what his captor was going to do next, but went up to him regardless, his captive flinched as his captor ruffled his hair, ‘Good boy.’ his captive looked up at him.

‘I really am sorry about the other day. I won’t try it again, I swear….’ his captor put his finger on his captives lips and shushed him.

‘No, no. Don’t mention that day ever again. Understand?’ asked his captor, he took his finger off his captive lips as he nodded in response, ‘Now. How about a smile?’ although it hurt, his captive smiled.

‘Just keep him happy.’ he thought, ‘If I do that, he won’t hurt me again.’

‘How do you feel? I did hit you pretty hard!’ asked his captor, ‘You’re covered in blood.’

His captive looked down, shrinking into himself slightly, ‘Everything hurts. But, I’m ok I guess.’ he whimpered. His captive flinched as his hand moved towards him and touched his cheek.

‘It feels like it’s been ages since I heard your voice.’ he tilted his captives head up, forcing him to look at him, ‘Have a little more confidence, you’re luckier than most, you have quite a nice voice.’ his captor stated. He examined his face, ‘You bled a lot huh?’ his captive nodded.

‘T…thank you for checking up on me.’ he replied submissively, his captor let go of his chin.

His captor looked at his shoulder, ‘That needs fixing.’ he went to touch him but his captive moved away, he replied, ‘Don’t shy away from me.’ his captive looked at him, ‘I’m going to fix this. It will hurt, but if I don’t put it back in it’s place then you’ll be in even worse pain every day. It’s been dislocated for five days now, that means it’ll hurt even more now to put it back in it’s place.’

His captive nodded and offered his arm to his captor, who examined the dislocation. He held his captives arm tightly, ‘This is going to hurt but you’ll be fine.’

He pushed the ball back in its socket, his captive cried in pain. He leaned forward coming to rest his head on his captors shoulder, calming his breathing.

He felt his captors arm rise to meet his own to support him further. He returned to his senses and realised just who he was leaning on, he was shocked that he was allowed to get away with leaning on him as he was. But he strangely felt contented and safe as he felt his captors grip on his arm soften.

He sat straight and looked in his captors scarlet red eyes, the colour seeming all the more vibrant in the dim light of the basement, almost as if they were glowing like a raging fire, however instead of fearing and wanting to avoid his captors gaze as he had previously, he felt a strangely soothing warmth and incomprehensible happiness as he smiled, ‘Thank you for fixing my arm.’

‘Well, you can come up for dinner now.’ his captor said letting go of his arm completely.

‘You’re letting me come back upstairs?’ asked his captive shocked.

‘Of course.’ his captor replied, ‘You put those restraints on as I ordered. And besides, I’m sure you’re not stupid enough to try that again. Are you?’

His captive replied, ‘No.’ he asked changing the subject, ‘I….I can make you that stew you like for dinner, do you want that?’

‘Yes, but…. Before that, I think amendments will have to be made to your schedule, to prevent you making the same mistake again.’ his captor explained.

His captive nodded and looked away as the amendments were explained, ‘Every night, you will obediently and without question get back in your cage. I will lock you in and you will go to sleep. I will let you out in the morning and you’ll make us breakfast. Then, you will clean the whole house, and depending on when you finish that, you will either start dinner or come back down here and get in your cage, until I come to fetch you. And as always, you aren’t allowed past that line. If I catch you over that line again, you will never set foot out of that cage again. Do you understand?’

His captive nodded, ‘Yes sir. And thank you for letting me out, I know you didn’t have to.’

His captor ruffled his hair, ‘Good boy.’ he stood up and grabbed his arm, ‘Better make a start on dinner.’ he dragged him to the bottom of the stairs. His captor seemed to be ignoring his cries of pain as he let go and put his foot on one step, but his captive just stared at the steps, ‘Your leg can’t still be causing you problems!’ his captive looked up.

‘Sorry, I have tried walking on it before but……I can’t put any pressure on it. It hurts too much!’ he explained, ‘I can still crawl, but I can’t walk.’

His captor sighed and knelt down, ‘I guess it can’t be helped. Put your arms around my neck.’ his captive wrapped his arms round his neck, resting them down on his broad muscular shoulders, he picked him up in his strong arms and carried him out the basement. His captive grimaced in pain, his captor looked at him, ‘Still feeling tender, are we?’ his captive nodded, ‘You’ll be fine after a while.’

His captive thought, ‘He’s really quite sweet and caring when he wants to be. Why can’t he be like this all the time?’

He put him on a chair and took the chain off his broken leg, but kept the other one on. Taking the bandage off he examined his captives leg, ‘You’re healing unexpectedly well considering you’ve not had any medical treatment other than these bandages, but I’m not surprised that you still can’t walk on it.’ he changed the bandage, ‘You understand why we can’t go to the hospital, right?’ his captive nodded, he put the chain back on.

His captor raised his hand to the cut under his chin, his captive flinched, ‘Don’t flinch! I’m only looking.’ he examined the cut, ‘I didn’t cut you too deep, but it will leave a scar, it’ll need to be covered and kept clean.’ he grabbed his hand and looked at the cut on his arm, ‘As will this.’ he bandaged up all his wounds. He gently wiped the dried blood off his face, taking care not to apply too much pressure around his bruising.

This didn’t go unnoticed by his captive, ‘T….Thank you……….’ he whimpered as his captor cleaned the dried blood from his face and arms, he changed his top.

‘He’s still covered in blood not to mention his bruises. How hard did I hit him? He might need a proper shower yet.’ his captor thought then noticed his captive shaking, ‘What are you shaking for?’ he asked, ‘I’m not going to hit you, unless you make a mistake. You know that.’

His captive looked at him and nodded, ‘I’m sorry, I guess I’m just a little scared.’

‘Of what?’ his captor asked.

‘What you’re going to do?’ his captive explained, ‘I know you haven’t forgiven me and probably won’t forgive me, but please, don’t hurt me again. I’ll behave, I swear. I’ll do whatever you want.’

His captor was taken back by his high level of submission and obedience, he smiled, ‘As long as you behave, I won’t have to hit you, you should know that by now.’ his captives expression didn’t change, he sighed, ‘Listen, you have already been punished for crossing the line the other day. Understand?’ he nodded, ‘So, there is no need to punish you again, is there?’

‘No.’ his captive answered looking down.

‘Because you learnt your lesson correct?’ asked his captor lifting his captives head up with tips of his fingers, softly forcing his captive to look at him.

His captive nodded, ‘And I swear I won’t do it again!’

‘So, I have no cause to punish you! Understand?’ he replied.

His captive nodded and asked trying to change the subject, ‘I’ll make a start on that stew for dinner.’ his captor ruffled his hair, he picked him up and placed him on the chair, he left him to it.

‘What the hell am I doing?! Why am I letting him treat me like his servant again?’ he thought, cutting the ingredients up, ‘But I can’t try to escape again, not with these chains round my ankles.’ he saw his reflection in the knife, his eyes immediately drawn to how dark his bruising was, ‘He must have really hit me hard this time!’

‘He is never going to trust me enough to take these chains off ever again. I’m sleeping in the basement again, but even worse than that, I’m sleeping in a locked cage, in the locked basement.’ he put the ingredients in the pot, ‘What do I do? I’m scared of what he’ll do to me from one second to the next.’

His captor appeared behind him. He rested his hands on his captives shoulders causing him to jump and flinch, ‘Smells delicious! How long?’ he asked seeming to ignore his fearful reaction.

‘About half an hour.’ he turned and smiled, ‘Enough time for you to get a workout in if you want.’

‘You like watching me workout?’ he asked, his captive blushed.

‘How do I answer that question?’ he smiled, ‘Of course, I think it’s great you try and stay in shape.’ he turned back to the pot, ‘I can’t even do one push up let alone twenty like you.’

His captor smiled and kissed the back of his head, ‘Thank you.’ he walked off.

‘Did he just kiss me?’ his captive turned to see what he was doing, he was working out in the hallway directly behind him. He looked up, smiled at him and winked, his captive blushed and turned back to the pot, ‘Did he just wink at me? I don’t understand! Was he happy about what I said?’ he served up the food, using the wheels on his chair, he went back and forth from the table. His captor sat at the table.

‘Why is there only one place setting?’ he asked.

His captive flinched, ‘I’m sorry, but I thought only you were eating tonight.’

‘Why would I make you cook only for me? You haven’t eaten anything since I put you back in the basement.’ he explained, ‘I’m not that cruel!’

‘I’m really sorry. I thought you were still mad at me and that I wasn’t allowed to eat.’ his captive explained curling into himself slightly.

His captive sighed, ‘Look. I have already punished you for the other day. If I continued to punish you, by not allowing you to eat, the act of punishing you would lose all meaning and then, there would be no point in it. Seriously, having to explain it to you twice in one day, you are such a hassle!’

‘He’s going to hit me isn’t he?’ he said, ‘I’m sorry, I understand it now. I swear I won’t mess up again.’ he heard him move and braced for impact, but he did nothing.

‘I guess we’ll just have to make it stretch.’ he replied putting some onto a separate plate. He placed it opposite his chair.

His captive thought, ‘What? He’s letting me sit with him?’

‘Come on, lets eat.’ he replied. His captive sat opposite and ate with him, watching for any sign he did something wrong, that never came.

They finished and he cleaned up the plates, ‘Do you want to wash?’ his captive turned surprised, ‘You need one. I did my best earlier with the cloth but it hasn’t done nearly a good enough job.’ his captive nodded and was led into the bathroom.

He carefully undressed him and took his bandages off, he sat him down as he gently washed down his victim. The water stung his cuts, it was such a shock for his captive he couldn’t hide his pain. His captor sighed, ‘Sorry about that.’ his captive looked at him, ‘But the sting means it’s cleaning, so at least that’s something.’ his captive nodded, he was dried off.

‘You’re still skinny as hell?! Seriously what is it going to take to make you put on some weight?’ he exclaimed.

His captive replied, ‘I’ve never really been able to gain weight. But then again, I don’t really have much of an appetite anyway, it did help when I couldn’t afford food.’ he scratched the back of his head, ‘I’ve always been like that.’ his captor put fresh clothes and bandages on him taking care to at all times, have at least one chain on him.

He finished the last bandage, ‘There you’re good to go.’ his captive thought it strange that he bandaged him up earlier if he was going to let him shower, but didn’t mention it through fear of angering him further.

‘Thank you, urm…….’ he replied, he looked up, ‘What is your name?’ his captor seemed just as shocked by his question as himself, his captive thought, ‘What did I just say?’ he looked at his captors confused expression so elaborated.

‘I just thought that, I’ve never asked you before. I’d like to know so that I can thank you properly.’ he looked down, ‘But, it’s ok. You don’t have to tell me. I’m sorry, I put you on the spot like that! Please don’t be mad at me.’

‘I’m not mad at you and it’s Zach.’ his captor replied his captive looked at him surprised, he attached the other chain to his ankle, he stood up, ‘My name is Zach.’

His captive smiled, ‘Thank you for the clothes Zach. And for the wash. And for bandaging my leg. And for sharing your food.’ he blushed and took a calming breath, ‘What I mean is……... Thank you Zach, for looking after me.’

‘Don’t start getting emotional.’ he put a towel on his head, he noticed his captive flinched as he started drying his hair, ‘Are you still scared of me?’

His captive nodded and looked to the floor, ‘A little. If that annoys you, I’m really sorry. I didn’t mean to upset you. I’ll try to relax.’

‘Calm down, there’s no need to be so nervous. I’d be very concerned if you weren’t scared of me if I’m honest.’ his captor held his captives hair, ‘It’s gotten pretty long hasn’t it?’

‘I guess it’s been a while since I had it cut!’ replied his captive .

‘Wait here.’ his captor left then returned with kitchen scissors, ‘Do you trust me?’ asked his captor.

His captive thought, ‘If I refuse, will he cut my hair by force? If I can choose to either have him cut my hair calmly or by force, I know which one I’d prefer.’ he nodded, ‘You can do it if you want.’

‘That’s not what I asked.’ said his captor.

His captive shrunk into himself, ‘I..…I…do trust you.’ he realised right then that he meant it, he did trust his captor though he couldn’t understand why.

His captor smiled and knelt down to him, ‘Turn around.’ his captive did, every noise made by the scissors made him feel more and more uneasy, like ice water was being poured over his very bones, but he refused to let it show fearing repercussions. His captor stopped, ‘There you go.’ he showed him in the mirror, ‘What’d you think?’ his captive looked in amazement.

‘It’s really good! Where did you learn to do this?’ asked his captive.

‘While I was in the army, we had to cut our hair ourselves all the time, with much simpler tools than this.’ explained his captor, ‘I got pretty good at it.’

‘Thank you.’ replied his captive.

‘Time for bed.’ said his captor.

‘That means I’m going back to the basement.’ he asked, ‘Since I can’t walk too well. Can you help me get back to my cage?’ he thought, ‘Be submissive, do what he wants and he won’t hurt you.’

‘I thought you were scared of me?’ asked his captor.

His captive swallowed his fear, ‘Yeah, I am, but I’m not so scared that, I can’t stand you touching me.’

His captor picked him up, ‘Ok, I’ll help you.’ he took him down and placed him on the floor.

‘Thank you.’ he crawled into his cage, expecting the door to slam shut. But, it was left open. His captor walked off, he was confused, ‘Y….you left…..the door open.’

‘I know.’ his captor turned his head and smiled. He pulled the basement door shut.

‘What does that mean?’ he asked, scared of what this meant, ‘Am I allowed to walk around the basement? Or are you testing my loyalty?’ he cowered further into his cage as he came closer.

He pulled his captive closer by the chains round his ankles, ‘Loyalty?’

His captive couldn’t focus on the pain caused by being pulled as he trembled with fear, ‘I’m sorry, that I questioned you.’ he remembered what he said, ‘Every night, you will obediently and without question get back in your cage, I will lock you in and you will go to sleep.’ ‘I know I’m not allowed to, pl…. please forgive me. I won’t do it again I swear!’ he thought, ‘You complete idiot! You broke one of his new rules! He’s going to hit you now and not let you back upstairs ever again!’

His captor chuckled at his panic and let go of the chains, ‘I also said that I would lock you in. You got in your cage without question like you were meant to. I’m the one who has changed the routine and the rules.’ he climbed in his cage as his captive backed up, he shut the door.

‘What are you doing?’ asked his captive, ‘I don’t understand.’

‘Just get some sleep, Andrew.’ he replied looking him in the eye.

Andrew blushed hearing his captor say his name. With such a simple gesture it felt as though his captor had become his friend.

He lay back, as Zach remained sitting up, he turned and faced the other way, he felt Zach lie behind him and Zachs arm wrap round his waist, pulling him in, he flinched slightly. He whispered something in his ear, but Andrew couldn’t make it out.

‘What did he just say?!’ he pondered and queried over what Zach had whispered to him so softly but eventually, as exhaustion overwhelmed him, he fell asleep.

Zach looked at his face and thought, ‘What the hell am I doing? He was meant to be a pet. A source of amusement, what the hell am I doing falling for him?’ he turned to face the other way, ‘I have never once developed feelings for my captives.’ he looked at his hand, ‘What is with this kid? I normally kill them, after they try to escape. So, why I can’t bring myself to do that to him?’ he turned his head towards Andrew, ‘Why does hitting him make me feel sad for him?’

Morning broke and Zach looked over while Andrew remained fast asleep, he huffed and positioned himself above Andrew and turned him over onto his back in his sleep, he smirked and woke Andrew up by kissing him.

Andrew woke up in fright. Zach pulled away and smirked, chuckling slightly, Andrew backed away so fast he hit his head on his cage. Zach chuckled sitting back, ‘Morning Scaredy Cat!’

‘M…..morning…..I…I….I’m….sorry, I just.…it’s….’ he took a breath, ‘You startled me….that’s all…..I guess, I forgot you were down here!’ replied Andrew, he sat up against the back of his cage, trying to put some distance between himself and Zach.

Zach chuckled, ‘You really can’t string a sentence together in the morning can you?’ Andrew gave no response, ‘Are you truly that afraid of me?’

‘I just wasn’t expecting you to kiss me, at all, really, let alone first thing in the morning.’ replied a nervous Andrew. Zach smiled, moved closer and kissed him again. This knocked Andrew completely off what little guard he had.

‘Don’t be so nervous around me! I’m not going to force you to do anything you don’t want to, I told you before. I am not like your uncle.’ Zach got out the cage and straightened his clothes.

Andrew thought, ‘So, he won’t rape me, but he’ll chain me up and beat me!? What a weird guy?’

‘Come on, time for breakfast.’ his captor gestured for him to step out the cage, when he did he picked him up, his captive let out a quiet but painful whimper, his captive thought, ‘He’s still in pain?’ he took him up and then placed him in his chair in the kitchen, he then started making breakfast for them.

‘What?! He’s making me breakfast!? I don’t understand! He put me in his seat and is making me breakfast!’ thought Andrew. Zach turned and smiled at him, he smiled back, ‘Why the hell am I smiling?! This guy’s nuts!’

Zach placed a pill next to him with some water, ‘It’s pain relief.’ Andrew looked at him, ‘Take that after you’ve eaten, you can’t have pain relief on an empty stomach.’

Andrew smiled, ‘Yes, thank you.’

Afterwards, Andrew tried to clean up his plate but, Zach put him back on the chair, ‘Hey! Stay there, it’s fine, I’ve got this.’ Andrew nodded and smiled, while Zach took his plate away for him, ‘Have that pain relief.’ Andrew nodded and took it.

‘N…not that I’m complaining but, shouldn’t I do something?’ asked Andrew. Zach turned round, ‘I just feel so idle sitting here watching you work.’ he started to feel nervous.

Zach huffed, ‘Alright.’ he passed him a cloth, ‘Wipe the table down.’ Andrew smiled and did what he ordered.

‘I don’t understand what’s happening, however, I’m not going to push him. But, I’m curious. Then again, curiosity is what killed the cat! Still?’ Andrew thought conflicted. He went to the floor, ‘I’ll clean the floor. I noticed the other day it needed doing, but, I didn’t get round to it. Unless you want some help with the dishes?’ Zach looked at him.

‘Do what you want.’ he replied, turning back to the dishes.

Andrew sat on the floor, ‘Please. Give me something to do.’ Zach turned to look at him, Andrew avoided eye contact, ‘I appreciate you making me breakfast, I really do and thank you for doing the dishes. But…..please…..tell me to do something. I don’t understand what’s happening.’

‘I’m trying to be nice to you. I’ve decided to forgive you for crossing that line.’ Zach replied, ‘So, we have to make up after our fight. I did go a little over board and now you’re in this state.’

‘And I thank you for forgiving me.’ Andrew looked down, ‘It’s just….. ever since I came here, I’ve had a routine, make breakfast, clean dishes, clean the floors, clean the bathroom, do the laundry, dust and make dinner. It made me feel useful, I don’t want you to think I’m ungrateful to you, because I am grateful. I really am. I just……I don’t know what you expect from me anymore. You say do what you want, but I don’t know what I want. Please! Order me to do something!’

Zach went up to him. Andrew prepared to be hit, Zach went on one knee. He held his chin and lifted his head up, ‘If you want to clean the house, just do everything that you normally do. If you fancy a change?’ he kissed him passionately, he pulled away, ‘Let me know.’

Andrew blushed violently, ‘Why did you do that?’

‘Are you really that dense?!’ asked Zach, ‘Maybe I should lock you back up in your cage, until you work it out.’

‘No! Please! I know why, it’s just…..if my past experience has taught me anything, it’s that love between two men, isn’t like this. It isn’t gentle and consented.’ replied Andrew, ‘I’m not comparing you to my uncle, so please don’t think that! I just don’t know what I’m supposed to do anymore. I need to feel useful. Just please! Order me to do something!’

Zach pinned Andrew to the floor and kissed him again, ‘You’re right, I am not anything like your uncle. Nothing will be done to you, unless you want it to.’ Zach lay on his chest, ‘You’re the first person, in such a long time, that I didn’t see as a target to be toyed with for my amusement. I’m not going to order you to do anything anymore.’

‘I don’t understand.’ said Andrew.

He let him up, ‘Your obedience shocked me, right from the first, you obeyed me, you are the only person I ever talked to about my parents, you made me open up, you made me vulnerable. Even when you crossed that line, you seemed overly conflicted on whether or not to move further forward or move back. What is it with you? Do you love me or something?!’

Andrew blushed, ‘I don’t know how I feel. I’m scared of you, but I can’t seem to stay away from you.’

‘You say you don’t know how you feel. But, I’ve noticed that the way you look at me has changed. You are not as scared of me as you were when we first met.’ Zach replied smiling, ‘I suppose that’s down to my attitude change towards you. Normally, I can hit someone in your position and feel nothing, but, when I hit you, I feel deep down, that I really don’t want to.’

‘Is that why you haven’t hit me in ages?’ asked Andrew, ‘Even when you do hit me, I can tell that you’re holding back. You don’t hit me as hard anymore, if ever.’

‘Yeah.’ smiled Zach, ‘I don’t want to hit you anymore. I can’t explain it but I just don’t want to hit you anymore. Even when you’ve made a mistake, I don’t want to.’

Andrew sighed in relief, ‘I thought I was in trouble. You started locking me in the basement again and even got me a cage. I thought you were furious with me, but biding your time to hit me for it, to mess with me.’

‘Andrew.’ Andrew looked up, ‘I need you to see past the worst part of me.’ said Zach suddenly.

He thought, ‘I haven’t seen his worst part yet?’

‘I told you about my parents.’ said Zach, Andrew nodded, ‘But, what I didn’t tell you was that I was the one who killed them. Both of them.’ Andrew went cold, ‘I tortured my father for two weeks before I killed him, all the while my mother was chained in the kitchen, with the same chains attached to you right now.’

Andrews eyes widened as he thought, ‘These are the same chains?!’

‘When she realised I had killed him, she started screaming at me. I believe I told you before how I hate noisy things.’ Andrew stared at the floor, ‘I choked her to death and buried her outside in her prize winning flower bed, while I burnt my father. I thought burning was too good for him, but I had to dispose of the body one way or another.’

‘And what will happen to me?’ he shrunk into himself slightly, ‘What will you do to me, if I become too noisy? Or if you get sick of me?’ asked Andrew fearing the answer.

Zach chuckled, ‘That’s what you’re worried about? Not the fact I just told you, I tortured and killed my parents?’

‘Yeah, because if you could torture and kill your parents! Who knows what you would do to a stranger like me!’ replied Andrew, ‘I mean, the first time we met, you held a gun to my head and threw me in the boot of your car. Since then, you have beaten me, chained me and caged me. If you could torture and kill your parents, you could do anything to me!’

‘Do you really think you mean so little to me?’ asked Zach, Andrew was taken back, ‘I have never once treated someone in your position like this before. Most of them don’t even come out the basement and the ones that do, I kill because they try to escape like you did! No one has ever stayed with me this long?’

‘Do you think no one can live with you?’ asked Andrew, Zach was taken back, ‘I’m sorry to ask such a personal question, it’s just the way you were talking was like you believe you can’t live with anyone, not because you don’t want to, but you fear if anyone knew about the side of you that I’ve seen, they wouldn’t want to stay.’

‘People tend to stay away from me, from a glimpse of this side of me.’ explained Zach.

Andrew moved closer to him and put his hand on his, ‘I’ll live with you.’

‘You don’t have a choice! You’re chained up!’ said Zach.

‘Then, unchain me. I won’t run.’ replied Andrew, ‘I’ll live with you. I’ll stay.’

Zach shook his head, ‘No. I don’t trust you to stay.’ Andrews face softened, he didn’t know why but hearing those words hurt him deeply, ‘You’ve already tried to run away from me once!’

‘Fine.’ he went into the basement, he crawled into his cage and lay down. Zach came down, before he had a chance to open his mouth, Andrew said, ‘You can lock the door if it makes you feel better.’ he avoided any eye contact.

‘Do you want anything?’ asked Zach.

His captive curled up, ‘I’m fine.’ his captor shut the cage door and locked it. Leaving he heard his captive crying, but didn’t turn round, he left locking the basement door.

His captive thought, ‘He actually locked both the cage and basement door. Why would he do that? It’s not like I can go anywhere. Why did this have to happen now? Just when I thought I was making some kind of progress with him, he goes and changes everything again and now I have no idea where I stand with him. Or how to talk to him.’ he curled up further, ‘I just want one day when I don’t have to tread on eggshells.’

His captor worked out all night trying to forget, ‘Why should I trust him?! He’s already tried to run away once not to mention he tried to poison me before that! So, actually he’s tried to escape twice now!’

Morning broke and he looked at the clock, ‘Even if I go down and unlock the door for him, there is no guarantee he’ll come up. I could always force him. But, I don’t want to do that to him anymore. I should just leave him down there.’ he sighed deeply, ‘Don’t be such a coward! I have to try at least.’

He stood by the door, ‘Why do I feel like I’m trying to tame a wild animal?’ he went down, his captive sat up as he opened his cage door. His captive remained unmoved, ‘You not coming up today?’ his captive didn’t respond, ‘I am not leaving it open for you. You either come out now or you stay here all day. Your choice I don’t care which you pick!’

His captive nodded and crawled out, he looked to the floor nervously stroking his arm, ‘What do you want for breakfast?’ he asked avoiding eye contact.

‘You decide.’ he said grabbing his arm and pulling him up the stairs. He put him on the chair and went to the bathroom, ‘Come on, just give the guy a chance. He’s so submissive, besides he’s not stupid enough to try that again! Not after the beating I gave him!’

He heard a thud and his captive scream, ‘OW!’ he ran into the kitchen and saw his captive on the floor with a knife sticking out of his leg and blood everywhere.

‘What happened?’ asked his captor.

‘I’m sorry…… I fell off my chair holding the knife…… and it went into my leg when I landed.’ his captive explained trembling, ‘Please, help me…... It really hurts!’

Zach looked at him, ‘Do you trust me?’

Andrew looked at him, ‘Yes, I do.’ Zach smiled and put a cloth in his mouth.

‘Ok, then, bite on that if the pain gets too bad!’ he put him to the corner made by the cupboards, he pulled the knife out and covered the wound. Andrew screamed in pain, biting hard on the cloth, ‘Apply pressure for me.’ he did and Zach ran out, he came back with an army edition medical kit.

He sterilised the needle with fire and got some thread. He ripped Andrews trousers to gain access to the cut, he thought, ‘That’s a serious cut!’ he prepared to stitch it up, ‘This is going to hurt ok?’ Andrew nodded, Zach started stitching up his wound and Andrew screamed still biting hard on the cloth.

He started to squirm trying to numb the pain, Zach stopped and looked at him as his breathing started getting worse, ‘Andrew I know it hurts but you can’t move. I need you to stay still. I haven’t got the time to be delicate, this wound is serious. I have to fix it quickly.’

Painful tears swelled in Andrews eyes as he nodded. Zach started stitching again, Andrew clutched and squeezed the door handle near by, screaming. He clenched his eyes shut and gritted his teeth against the cloth as Zach continued stitching.

Andrew was trying so hard not to move like he was ordered that he pulled the handle off the cupboard door as the last stitch was placed.

Zach finished and covered the wound, pulling the bandage tight, he gave Andrew pain relief. He put him on his bed and felt his temperature, ‘Just relax, focus on your breathing. Take calm deep breaths until the pain relief kicks in.’

‘I’m…sorry……about the…door.’ he said fighting through his pain.

‘It’s fine. Relax! We’ll fix it tomorrow, just rest for now!’ replied Zach. Both Andrew and Zach were covered in blood. Zach stood up, ‘Ok, you rest here a while, I’m going to clean up the blood on the floor. Can I trust you to stay here?’

Andrew replied, ‘Yeah.’

Zach ruffled his hair, ‘Good boy.’

Later, Zach examined the wound, ‘You’ll be just fine, it’s deep and will leave a scar, but, as long as you keep it clean. You’ll make a full recovery!’

‘Thank you. How did you know what to do?’ asked Andrew sitting up.

Zach smiled, ‘When I was in the army, I was trained as a doctor. Stitching up wounds became second nature to me. If I didn’t already know your leg was broken, I’d be telling you to get back out there and fight.’

‘I’m sorry, I was so noisy. I know you hate noisy things.’ replied Andrew nervously stroking his arm.

‘I actually didn’t mind it.’ said Zach, ‘It reminded me of my army days. Funnily enough, my army days are the reason I hate noise. It’s why I chose this neighbourhood. After I killed my parents, I took all the furniture and moved out here. Most of the houses are abandoned and derelict, no one wants to live round here, which is why it’s so cheap. I managed to buy this place at a steal, with no rent or mortgage to pay, just bills and food really. Investors have tried to bring it up to code, but it just eats their money and they abandon the properties soon after.’

‘How old are you?’ asked Andrew seeming to grow in confidence.

Zach smiled, ‘Twenty-seven now. I went into the army when I was sixteen, I was happy to get away from my dad. I came back when I was twenty-three, I saw he was still abusing my mother and I killed him for it.’

‘So, you killed your father in order to protect your mother?’ asked Andrew.

‘Yeah. Because I wasn’t there, I broke his spell but my mother was still under it and without me there, she was taking the brunt of his anger and all of his beatings. She couldn’t see that what I was doing, was to protect her. I didn’t mean to kill her. I meant to kill my father, but not my mother. She was always so kind to me.’ explained Zach, ‘I suppose killing my father the way I did was a little for myself if truth be told. I hated him.’

Andrew didn’t know why but he felt as if he had to do something, he didn’t like seeing such an expression on his face. Zach was the man he’d always seen as brimming with an aura of extreme confidence and poise, seeing him look so delicate was disillusioning and bewildering. He wanted to do something to return him to the man he had known for this whole time.

Andrews body moved on its own as he leaned over and kissed him sweetly on the lips, Zach was too shocked to kiss back, Andrew pulled away, ‘Thank you for sewing up my leg.’

‘Has the pain relief kicked in?’ asked Zach placing his hand along his jaw line.

‘A little. Why?’ he asked.

Zach kissed and pushed him down, climbing on top of him he pinned Andrews hands down onto the bed. Zach placed one of his legs in-between Andrews and moved it upwards. Zach pulled his lips away as an unexpected noise escaped Andrews mouth.

Andrew blushed at hearing his voice sound like that as Zach asked, ‘You’ll let me won’t you?’

Zach let his hands go, placing his hands either side of Andrews head, ‘Be honest with yourself now. Do you want me to stop?’ he moved his arm away providing an escape route for him, ‘If you do, you can walk away, right now. I won’t come chasing after you, force you or punish you. I don’t want you to do anything you don’t want to. I’m not like your uncle.’

Andrew looked at him, ‘No, I want this to happen.’ he wrapped his arms round his shoulders, ‘Do what you want.’ he kissed him, ‘I want you to do what you want.’ Zachs hands started pulling Andrews trousers off.

Andrews hands started taking Zachs shirt off. Zach undid his trousers and kissed Andrews neck, he then sucked his neck, causing a very large and prominent love bite to appear, which was the desired effect.

Zachs hands wondered down the length of Andrews body and slipped seductively between his legs. He looked at Andrews worried expression and smiled, ‘Don’t worry. I’ve done this before.’ he opened the top drawer of his bedside table and pulled out some lubricant, ‘Don’t want you getting hurt now do we?’ he kissed him while his hands prepared him.

He slipped a finger in. Andrews voice leapt from his mouth uncontrollably, his hands clutching the bed sheets failing to stifle his voice, ‘Nnn………Ah….Zach……..?’ his breathing rasped with every movement.

Zach asked, ‘Are you ok?’ Andrew couldn’t seem to muster the energy to speak, so he simply nodded as a reply. Zach smiled, ‘I’m really holding back you know. I don’t know how long I can continue to do that for?’

He gained the power to speak as his hands searched aimlessly for support, they rested on Zachs strong shoulders, ‘It’s fine…….’ he leant up and looked at him, ‘You’re really being gentle with me, I’ve had much worse than this!’

‘So, you won’t mind if I turn this up a little?’ asked Zach, retreating his hand.

Andrew shook his head, ‘No.’ then shivered with pleasure as Zach pushed him back down and licked his chest, ‘Z….ac…h……?’ Andrews voice echoed throughout the house as he felt something enter him, he thought, ‘No. That’s not his finger this time.’ he couldn’t control his voice, as Zach gently slipped it further in. Andrew blushed violently realising what it must be.

‘Trust me. I won’t do anything that hurts you.’ Zach smirked, ‘And don’t worry, just this once, you can be as loud as you want.’ he leant down and licked Andrews neck.

Unrelenting waves of pleasure threatened to consume all his thoughts as his mind went blank. When he opened his mouth, all that came out were quivering breaths that struggled to reach the level of actual speech. Zachs attentions didn’t let up for a second, which only served to intensify the desire bubbling up inside Andrew.

While in Zachs grip Andrew couldn’t conceive of anything else, it was as though the world outside of those four walls ceased to exist. All that was left, was them.

They lay together afterwards, Andrew was wrapped in Zachs arms. Zach gently stroked his arm from behind, ‘Are you ok? Does anything hurt? I was trying to be gentle with you but I lost a little self control.’


‘No. I’m fine.’ smiled Andrew, ‘You really were gentle with me. It’s funny. I thought you’d actually be really rough.’

‘Some things, shouldn’t hurt.’ he replied in his ear. One hand stroked up his neck forcing him to tilt his head back as it pushed against his chin. While his other hand remained lower gently caressing his torso as Zach seductively and gently gave his ear a nibble, enticing a sharp, brazen breath to escape Andrews mouth as his body shivered.

Having never been touched as earnestly as this before, his body and mind had no idea how to react other than honestly. Zachs hands let up, allowing Andrew to resume normal thoughts, but there was only one thought in his head, ‘He was so gentle and loving just now, what do I do now?’ he couldn’t verbalise these thoughts, but felt he had to say something.

Andrew blushed, ‘I don’t understand.’ he turned in his grip to face him and lay on his side resting his head on his hand, ‘Why are we doing this?’

Zach chuckled and kissed him, ‘If you can’t work that out yourself, then I can’t help you.’ he got up and put his trousers back on, ‘I almost forgot, I have a surprise for you.’ Andrew backed up getting worried. Zach came back in with crutches.

Andrew smiled nervously, ‘I was worried what you were going to bring out then.’

‘Want to try walking?’ asked Zach. Andrew nodded, he got dressed, Zach sat him on the table, he saw his nervous expression, ‘I won’t let you fall over.’ he smiled, ‘Come on.’ he kissed him, ‘Trust me, you’re safe.’ Andrew looked at him, ‘The idea that you can’t walk is only in your head.’

Andrew put pressure on the crutches, he closed his eyes tight as he got off the table. He smiled and chuckled, ‘I did it!’ Zach chuckled and backed up.

‘Come here.’ he smiled, ‘Walk to me.’ Andrew took a deep breath and hobbled over using the crutches for support, he caught one of his chains under the crutch and slipped. He started falling but Zach caught him, ‘Be careful. Take it slowly, you’re still learning.’ Andrew looked up at him, he dropped the crutches and wrapped his arms around Zachs shoulders, kissing him sweetly.

‘Thank you.’ he smiled.

Zach chuckled, ‘I guess you don’t need that bandage anymore.’ he sat him on a chair, took both the chains off and undid his bandage and checked all of his other wounds, ‘How are you feeling?’

‘I’m alright.’ smiled Andrew.

‘Do you want to take a shower?’ he asked.

Andrew nodded, ‘Please.’

‘Are you still scared of me?’ asked Zach.

‘I really don’t know. I feel like I should be but, I don’t think I am!’ replied Andrew.

Zach passed him his crutches and they got in the shower together. Half way through the shower Zach pinned Andrew facing the wall, holding his hands above his head to stifle any resistance, the second that Zach kissed the back of his neck, Andrew stopped struggling realising what Zach was doing.

He wrapped his arm round Andrews waist and moved his hand down. Andrew tried to hold back his voice, as Zachs hand intensified its movements. He leaned into his ear, ‘You don’t have to hold your voice back when I’m holding you like this, you can be as loud as you like.’

Zach thought, ‘I would do anything to protect you.’ he sucked on his shoulders making sure he left love bites all over, marking Andrew as his property.

Andrew was starting to find it impossible to stand as Zachs movements grew even more intense and purposeful than before, but with his hands still captured above his head, his body couldn’t give way and fall like he craved, which only served to intensify the experience in Zachs grasp.

‘Za….ch….hn…ah…’ Andrew found himself calling out without meaning to, seeming to beg Zach to ease up, which he refused. Eventually, Zachs affections subsided and his breathing eased.

Zach licked his neck, ‘Don’t worry. I’m not going to hurt you ever again.’ he chuckled, ‘Unless you want me to.’ he bit his ear hard enough to get a reaction, but gentle enough as to not cause injury. He released his hands and Andrew fell into his awaiting grasp. Zach smiled, ‘Tired?’

Andrew regained his composure and stood on his own, ‘No, I’m fine.’ he turned and looked at him, he couldn’t stop himself from smiling, ‘I just wasn’t expecting that!’ Zach chuckled and kissed him.

Later, they were getting dressed Andrew thought, ‘What am I doing? Why am I letting him do this to me? It doesn’t make any sense! He’s the one who has held me captive and beaten me!’ Zach hugged him from behind and kissed his neck, Andrew smiled and held his hands, ‘But, it’s almost like I crave his touch now.’ Zach gently nuzzled his neck, ‘How is it possible?’

‘Are you ok?’ asked Zach.

Andrew turned round in his grip, ‘Yeah.’ he kissed him, ‘I’m fine.’ he thought, ‘What the hell am I doing!?’

‘It’s not a trick this time, I really have to go out. We are about to run out of food.’ said Zach.

‘You want me to go back in the basement, don’t you?’ asked Andrew nervously.

Zach sighed, ‘I don’t believe I can trust you to behave on your own.’

Andrew got his crutches, ‘Follow me.’ he went to the kitchen and picked up the chains that were round his ankles, ‘If I put these back on would you trust me?’

‘You’d be ok with that?’ asked Zach. He thought, ‘He’s being so submissive!’

‘I’d prefer not to be restrained at all, but….... if the only other alternative is that I go back in the basement, I will take this every single time. Please Zach, I really don’t want to go back down there.’ replied Andrew, ‘I will put these chains on, I’ll handcuff myself to the bed, I’ll behave I swear!’

‘Are you that scared of the basement?’ asked Zach.

‘Yes.’ he replied nervously, ‘Please Zach! Don’t make me go back down there. I’ll take any alternative you want, please just not the basement. Bring my cage out the basement, you can lock me in there, with these round my ankles and handcuff me to the bars, if it’ll make you feel better, anything you want, just please don’t lock me back in the basement again. I will do anything please!’

Zach kissed him, ‘Alright, I’m going to trust you.’

‘Really?’ asked Andrew. Zach nodded, ‘Thank you. I promise I won’t leave. I’ll be good this time.’

Zach ruffled his hair, ‘Good boy.’ he smiled, Andrew went to put the restraints on his ankles, ‘What are you doing?’

‘Putting the restraints on.’ replied Andrew.

Zach kneeled down to him and stopped him, ‘I said I am going to trust you.’ Zach threw the restraints away, ‘Completely trust you.’

Andrews face lit up as he hugged Zach, ‘I won’t leave! I swear you won’t regret this!’

‘I’ll be back in an hour. Do you want me to bring you anything back? A cake maybe?’ he asked.

Andrew scratched the back of his head, ‘I don’t have much of a sweet tooth. Besides, I don’t really have a preference.’

‘So, you don’t like any sweet foods?’ asked Zach.

‘I like gummy worms.’ replied Andrew, ‘But no where sells them anymore.’

Zach chuckled, ‘I’ll see if I can find some.’

‘Don’t put yourself out. It’s fine, I only mentioned it because you asked.’ answered Andrew blushing slightly, Zach simply smiled and left.

Andrew tidied up, he threw the chains in the basement and shut everything up, he then started cleaning the floors, he got to the hallway that led to the front door.

‘What am I doing? This is the opening I have been waiting for!’ he looked at the door, ‘I know it’s not locked. He has to enter a code from the outside to gain entry, but it can be opened from the inside whenever, it doesn’t need a key or a code.’ he moved towards the door, but stopped before the line, he shook his head, ‘No! Don’t do it! Remember what happened last time.’ he continued cleaning, stopping right at the line and started cooking, leaving it to simmer he heard a knock at the door. He hid by the kitchen wall.

‘POLICE! OPEN UP!’ said a voice. He heard the letterbox open, ‘I KNOW SOMEONE IS IN THERE! I HEARD YOU MOVING AROUND! OPEN THIS DOOR!’

‘What do I do?’ he thought. He heard him banging on the door, he flinched, ‘What do I do? If I open the door, what will happen? I can tell him everything and leave this place! But, I’m not allowed past the line. I don’t want Zach to get in any trouble. What the hell am I thinking?! I can leave right now if I just call out. But what about Zach?’ he curled up seeming to fear the man at the door more than the man who had been holding him captive.

He heard Zach, ‘Police?’ he smiled, ‘What can I do you for, officer?’

Andrew thought, ‘Zach’s back? Please Zach make him go away!’

‘We received a complaint.’ he stated, ‘Do you live alone?’

‘Yes. It’s just me.’ he replied. He held his shopping bag up, ‘I started to run a little low on food.’

The officer studied the bag, ‘That’s quite a lot of food for one person.’

‘I cook all my meals for the week at once, then freeze them and eat as and when I need them.’ he lied convincingly, ‘It cuts cost down considerably! I like it to be as fresh as possible, but with the store so far away I have to improvise.’

‘Then, why don’t you move closer to the store?’ asked the officer.

Zach sighed, ‘I’m not so good with crowds or noise since my army days. So, I live here. It’s nice and quiet.’

‘I see. Will you let me in? I have to follow procedure.’ he replied.

Zach entered the code, ‘Sure, just wipe your feet.’ he smiled, ‘I’m surprised you received a complaint from round here, I mean I’m pretty isolated.’

The officer started to look even more nervous as a bead of sweat rolled off his brow and down the side of his face. He smiled, ‘It’s just a routine perimeter search.’ he lied.

‘I see.’ replied Zach entering the code, turning the handle, ‘Well feel free to look anywhere you want.’

Andrew thought, ‘I have to hide, he said he lives alone. I can’t be seen.’

They entered, Zach noticed the cooking, ‘I had to leave my cooking half way through. I ran out of ingredients. I thought I had more than I did! Excuse me.’ he went to the cooking pot and turned it down even more, he thought, ‘Has Andrew gone in the basement? He’s hidden the chains.’ he saw the floor was freshly cleaned right up to the line, he smiled, ‘So, he didn’t dare cross the line this time.’ he turned to the officer, ‘Be careful. The floor is still a little wet, I thought it would have dried by now!’

‘Why are there crutches in your kitchen?’ asked the officer. He noticed the desk chair up against the stove, ‘And why is there a chair there?’

Zach answered, ‘I damaged my leg a while back and the hospital gave me these, I’ve been meaning to take them back for over a week now though, I keep forgetting that I have them. As for the chair, it came in handy for moving around the kitchen while my leg was busted. Because it’s on wheels I could glide around the kitchen and keep my independence. I just haven’t taken it out since then.’

The officer checked every room, ‘Thank you for your co operation.’

‘Not at all.’ smiled Zach.

‘Why am I hiding?!’ thought Andrew, ‘I could leave. All I have to do is show myself! But, what about Zach? What do I mean, what about Zach? I want to leave, don’t I?’

‘If you notice any strange activity in this area, be sure to let us know.’ said the officer.

‘Actually officer, now you mention it, a white BMW keeps driving past here. I have never seen it before but over the past couple of months, it’s been appearing more and more frequently.’ he reported. The officer started writing it down nodding.

‘White BMW? That’s the same car as my uncle!’ thought Andrew, ‘Does that mean my uncle has found me?!’

‘I just thought it strange as no one else lives close round here and it comes up and down this road at least twice a day.’ replied Zach, ‘I suppose it could be an investor surveying or developing further up, but I haven’t seen any other cars following it or seen any renovations going on.’

‘Thank you again for your co operation, I’ll look into it.’ he saw the time, ‘I have to go now.’ said the officer.

‘Have a good day officer.’ he smiled waving him off. He looked in the basement, but Andrew wasn’t there. He looked in all the rooms, ‘Where’d he go?’ he ran outside, ‘That rat! He actually ran away! I don’t believe it! After everything, after he was that submissive!’

He searched the near by area, ‘He played me!’ ‘I won’t leave! I swear you won’t regret this!’ ‘That’s what he said? Why that little!’ he punched a wall, ‘After everything, after all his crawling around and submitting, he actually ran away from me!? I’ll kill him! I’ll find him, drag him back here, torture and kill him!’ he went back inside and went into the kitchen, ‘I won’t let him get away with running away from me!’

‘Zach?’ he heard. Andrew came out the kitchen cupboard, ‘What happened? Why did you leave again?’ Zach fell back in shock, ‘What’s wrong Zach? You look upset?’

‘You didn’t run?’ replied Zach shocked.

‘I promised I wouldn’t.’ replied Andrew, he started looking around, ‘Is the cop gone?’

Zach held his hand out, ‘Come here.’ Andrew looked at him but didn’t move, ‘Now!’ he flinched and went up to him.

‘I didn’t do anything wrong I swear! I didn’t cross the line! I stayed like I promised.’ said Andrew scared he was going to be hit again. Zach grabbed his arm and pulled him in, he hugged him tightly.

‘I know. I saw. You cleaned up to the line and no further!’ he held him close, ‘You even hid from the police. You stayed loyal.’

Andrew was confused, ‘I wouldn’t leave you now.’

Zach pinned him to the floor and kissed him, ‘Good boy.’ he kissed him passionately, ‘Very good boy!’ his hand lowered.

‘The dinners going to burn!’ Andrew said.

‘Then why aren’t you struggling against me?’ asked Zach.

‘I’m no where near strong enough!’ he replied.

Zach smiled as he released his hands, ‘What’s your excuse now?’

‘The dinner is still going to burn.’ he replied not moving wanting to stay with Zach for a little while longer.

Zach chuckled, ‘Not on the low heat I put it on. What’s your excuse now?’

Andrew leaned up, ‘I guess there is no other reason.’ he kissed him sweetly.

‘You are a good boy!’ smirked Zach, undressing him.

‘If I had to choose between this or taking his beatings I’d pick this every time.’ Zachs hands wondered while Andrews voice resonated, ‘I never thought I’d be the kind of person to be doing this, but I want this now. I want Zach. I hate it when he hits me, but he’s not done that in ages.’ Andrews hands searched intently for support as Zachs hands prepared him.

Andrews hands seized Zachs back as he finished preparing him and moved on. Andrews fingers scratched Zachs back as reason gave way to passion, ‘His hands can heal and bruise, but he can also show me indescribable pleasure with these hands. I don’t want to run away from him anymore.’ he held his breath trying to stifle his cries but the passion grew until he could no longer hold it back and exhaled while his voice rang out uncontrollably.

Seeing this, Zach smiled and chuckled, ‘The longer you hold your breath, the better it’ll feel when you finally exhale.’ he kissed him, ‘Try it.’ Andrew blushed violently, Zach smirked at Andrews innocent reaction, ‘Trust me.’ Andrew held his breath for longer this time and was about to give in when Zach said, ‘No, keep holding your breath.’

He slipped in further and Andrew exhaled from the shock, releasing his voice and all the pent up desire that build up while holding his breath.

Zach smirked and chuckled slightly, ‘I told you it would feel better if you held your breath.’

Andrew kissed him with a fervour Zach never expected from him, ‘I want to stay locked in his cage forever!’ Zach slipped his tongue into Andrews mouth, seeming to explore every inch.

Later, they sat for dinner, ‘You ok?’ Andrew looked at him, ‘You’re walking a little funny.’

Andrew blushed and didn’t know where to look, ‘Well, the thing is… weren’t exactly gentle just now. I haven’t really done anything like this in a while, so I’m just feeling a little tender that’s all.’

‘Is that all it is?’ Zach chuckled, ‘Tell me next time.’ Zach stroked up Andrews leg with his foot, smiling, ‘I’ll soften up for you.’

‘No, it was fine really. I kind of liked it!’ he blushed all the more as he sipped his drink.

‘You’re covered in bruises too!’ Zach stated, ‘Did I really pin you down that hard?’

Andrew choked on his drink, ‘It’s fine really!’

Zach smirked, ‘If you really want, I’ll give you more tonight. I’ve been holding back for so long now, I think I might have to start breaking you in better!’

Andrews entire body blushed, ‘How can you say that so nonchalantly?’

‘Because.’ he leaned over slightly and smirked, ‘I know you want it.’ Andrew had no idea where to look as embarrassment over came him, he couldn’t think straight and started clearing everything away. Zach chuckled, ‘Embarrassed?’

Andrew smiled but didn’t turn round, ‘What do you expect?’

Zach smirked sitting back, ‘I’ll find a way to get rid of all that embarrassment you hold. I’ll keep you up all night if I have to.’

‘Maybe I wouldn’t mind that.’ smiled Andrew washing up the dishes. Zach chuckled, ‘Zach? You told the officer about seeing a white BMW, is that true?’

‘That was your uncles car wasn’t it?’ asked Zach bluntly.

Andrew felt nervous, ‘Y…Yeah….’

‘No. But had to say something to throw him off my scent, I think that officer was actually here looking for you.’ said Zach abruptly, ‘I saw in the newspaper the other day, your uncle has posted a reward for your return.’ Andrew froze, ‘Maybe I should return you for the money, it’s a lot of money! Ten thousand pounds!’

Andrew thought, ‘What is Zach saying? He’d actually send me back for the money!’

‘He really put a high price on you! He must really want you back. After being with you that way I can see why. I saw a news broadcast where he was begging for the person who took you, to return you to you unharmed. It was a good act, I’ll admit I was a little jealous of his talents, crying on demand is difficult. Maybe I should return you.’ Andrew turned, shocked to hear him say that, ‘But only after I’m done with you of course.’

‘No, please!’ he started crying, Zach looked up shocked, ‘Please, don’t send me back!’ he started shaking uncontrollably, ‘I thought you wanted me!? I’ve done everything you’ve asked of me, I’ll continue to do anything you ask of me, so please, don’t send me back!’

Zach went up to him and hugged him as Andrew crumbled loosing his footing, ‘Ok, I won’t send you back. You can stay with me, if that’s what you really want?’

Andrew cried into his chest, clutching hold of him, ‘I’ll be good I swear! I’ll do whatever you want! So, please! Don’t send me back to him! Please let me stay with you!’

‘Didn’t I just say you could stay?’ he smiled. He held his face and kissed him, ‘I’m sorry, I said that. It was a joke but I took it too far. I won’t ever give you up! To anyone!’ Zach hugged him close, ‘You’re mine, you hear me!? Mine!’ Andrew nodded and found it impossible to keep crying in Zachs warm embrace, ‘You are staying with me for the rest of your life, I am never letting you go. Do you understand? You belong to me.’ Andrew nodded again as he calmed.

‘How did you know my uncle’s car was a white BMW?’ asked Andrew.

‘After you told me what he did to you I wanted to measure the guy up. So, went to his house.’ Zach explained, ‘I have to say I was kinda disappointed. But I can see how he overpowered you.’

Andrews body tensed as a quiet whimper escaped his mouth, Zach sighed, ‘Damn it! I only just calmed you down too!’ he lifted his head up by pushing against his chin and kissed him. Andrew seemingly melting in his grip as his body relaxed and he kissed back.

Zach let him go and reached into the shopping bag, ‘Oh, before I forget.’ he handed Andrew six different varieties of gummy worms. Andrew blushed as Zach ruffled his hair, ‘Do you like it?’

Andrew smiled not taking his eyes off the sweets for a second, ‘I love it!’ he huffed happily, ‘Thank you….. I didn’t know they made this many different types!’

‘I saw them in the shop, since you said you liked them I couldn’t stop myself.’ replied Zach. Andrew put them on the side and kissed Zach, wrapping one arm round his waist and curling his other hand behind Zach reaching up and grasping hold of his shoulder.

He pulled away and Zach placed his hand on the back of his head, ‘No. No. Don’t stop.’ he kissed him and gently pushed him down. He slipped his hand between his legs, Andrews breath quickened, ‘You’re reacting awfully quickly.’ Zach teased as Andrews voice started getting louder.

The next day, they were clearing up after breakfast, Andrew looked out the window and saw the garden, he thought, ‘I never noticed the garden before! I have sat here everyday but never noticed the garden before!’ Zach appeared behind him.

‘Hey? Are you ok?’ he asked.

‘You have a garden?’ he stated not taking his eyes off it for a second.

Zach folded his arms, ‘I know.’

Andrew put his hand on the glass, ‘Zach? Can I go out there?’ Zach looked him shocked that he was asking permission so openly, where as before, he was too submissive for such a thought to even enter his head, ‘Please Zach. I want to go outside.’

‘I don’t know if I can trust you outside.’ Zach replied calmly. Those words cut through Andrew like a knife.

He sat down and started shaking like he used to, ‘I’m s…..sorry…..that I asked you……something like that. Forgive me. I don’t know what came over me.’ he started stroking his arm nervously.

Zach sighed, ‘Fine.’ he walked off and went into the basement.

Andrew thought, ‘What’s he doing?’

He returned shortly with the chains and he went straight up to Andrew, who flinched at the mere sight of those chains, ‘Andrew?’ he asked confused to see him flinching, then he realised what Andrew must be thinking, ‘Oh no! No! We’re not taking a step backwards and I promise I’m not angry with you.’

‘Why did you bring those out again?’ asked Andrew.

Zach replied, ‘If you put these back on. I’ll let you go in the garden.’

Andrews eyes widened with surprise, his whole face softened, ‘Of course.’ he smiled sweetly and put them on, ‘I have to admit I was worried for a second there.’ Zach smiled as he helped Andrew with his crutches and unlocked the door.

The sunlight streamed in, it felt as if the sunlight was warming his very soul as he followed Zach out, he shielded his eyes from the bright light until they adjusted. He breathed in fresh air for the first time in months. Zach didn’t leave his side for a second, watching and analyzing every move he made as if Andrew were so fragile as to break from a gust of wind.

He stepped forward but the chains around his ankles pulled and tripped him up, he fell to his knees and crashed to the ground, ‘Ow!’

Zach went down to him, ‘Sorry the chain is a little short. Are you ok?’

Andrew smiled looking up at Zach, ‘Yeah, I’m ok.’ he sat up, ‘I might not be able to move as far as I was hoping, but I’m still outside.’ he looked around but stopped at the dead flower bed, ‘They’re all dead.’ Zach saw an expression on Andrews face he had never seen before.

‘You care about dead flowers?!’ he exclaimed confused.

‘Yeah. They must have been beautiful once.’ he looked up at Zach, ‘Zach? Can we fix up the garden together?’ Zach blushed, he immediately turned his back not wanting Andrew to see him blush.

‘Why would you do such a thing?’ replied Zach, trying to act cold and distant.

Andrew sighed, ‘I promise, I’ll wear these chains, until you decide to take them off, I’ll even wear them inside. Please Zach, now I know it’s out here I want to make it look better.’ he backed up and stood up.

He went to touch Zachs shoulder but pulled his hand away thinking, ‘Is it even ok to touch him?’

Andrew composed himself and said, ‘Zach, I’m not trying to trick you, I swear, you can put all the restraints and restrictions that you want on me, I accept them, all of them. I’m not going to run, I just really want to fix the garden. Please, I know that I’m asking a lot of you but, please, let me do this.’

‘Why?’ asked Zach refusing to turn round, ‘Why do you want to do this so much!?’

Andrew smiled, ‘Because I think it’ll make you smile.’

Zach blushed violently as he turned and pulled him to a hug. He gripped tighter, ‘Why would you go this far for the sake of making me smile?’

‘I don’t know I guess…...’ he hugged him back, ‘I love you.’ Zachs eyes widened with surprise.

‘You’ve never said that to me before?!’ Zach said pushing him away slightly.

‘I know.’ Andrew smiled, ‘But it’s how I feel.’ Andrew felt Zachs hands start to wonder. He inhaled sharply, ‘Ah….Zach…?’ his hands clutched Zachs shoulders, pathetically trying to resist his advances.

‘You’re reacting so quickly!’ smiled Zach. Andrew tried to catch his breath and stifle his voice, but Zach tightened and intensified his grip, forcing Andrews voice to ring out. He let Andrew go and threw him over his shoulder, ‘Come on. I need to take care of you.’ he went back indoors and continued from where he had let off outside.

Andrew was blushing all the more as his attentions seemed to grow sweeter, ‘Say it again.’ Zach said, all his movements stopped, ‘What you said outside. I want you to say it again.’ he looked Andrew straight in the face, ‘I want to hear you say it one more time.’

Andrew smiled, ‘I love you Zach.’ Zach kissed Andrew with a furious passion. Although confused at his new behaviour Andrew wasn’t about to stop him, as all his sense of reason faded as the passion grew even more than before.

Later that day, Zach looked at the chains round Andrews ankles, ‘I know you are scared of the basement, but could you bare with it for a while?’

Andrew clenched his fist, gripping his trouser leg, ‘How long for?’ he replied shrinking away slightly looking down.

‘A few seconds.’ said Zach, ‘I just need to check something.’ Andrew nodded and followed him to the door, he closed his eyes and took a deep breath, ‘Are you ok?’

‘Yeah.’ nodded Andrew, he nervously stroked his arm, ‘I just really don’t like the basement.’

Zach opened the door and walked down with him, ‘Stay there Andrew.’ he stopped as Zach walked down a few more steps before turning and removing one of the chains. He walked down up to the pole and pulled the other side of the chain until the ankle restraint was flush with the pole.

He twisted it and secured the ankle restraint round the chain itself, ‘There, that should do it.’ he pulled it to check it would hold and it did, he walked up to Andrew.

Andrew asked, ‘What did you do that for? I don’t understand.’

‘Tomorrow, we are going to fix the garden. To do that, you are going to need to be able to move further away from the house.’ explained Zach.

Andrew looked at him and smiled, ‘You’re actually going to let me fix the garden with you?’

‘If you’re confined in here all the time, it won’t do you any good.’ explained Zach, he ruffled Andrews hair smiling, ‘Besides, you’ve been behaving so well recently, you deserve a reward.’

Andrew smiled hugging him, ‘Thank you. I really wasn’t expecting you to do this.’

Zach huffed and pushed him off, ‘I’ll take that chain off in a minute, I just want to lock the door. Stay here.’ Andrew grabbed his arm as he walked past him.

‘Please! I know I’m only on the steps but please, don’t make me stay down here.’ said Andrew. Zach chuckled slightly and offered him his hand.

‘Ok.’ he replied softly, ‘Take my hand.’ Andrew held his hand gently as he was led out the basement and sat on the bed, ‘Stay there while I lock the door.’ Andrew nodded.

Zach thought smiling, ‘He’s actually quite cute when he’s like this.’ he locked the door and returned to see that Andrew hadn’t moved an inch from where he was placed. He knelt down and took the chain off, ‘Good boy.’ he stood up, ‘Well, go make a start on dinner.’ Andrew nodded and walked away.

The next day, they were about to go out into the garden. Zach was checking the chain for weaknesses but found none, ‘Here are the rules: You are not allowed to touch any of the gardening tools without my permission, you don’t go anymore than arms length away from me at all times and you come back in when I say so. Disobey any of these rules and you’ll lose all your privileges for a week, which also means you’ll be locked back in your cage for that time and never allowed outside again. Are we clear?’

Andrew nodded, ‘Yeah. I’m not going to run.’ Zach said nothing and opened the door.

They started pulling weeds and turning the soil. Zach asked, ‘Can you hand me that trowel?’ Andrew was about to but stopped, ‘What’s wrong?’

Andrew grew increasingly nervous, ‘It’s more then arms length away.’ stated Andrew, ‘I know you told me to get it but…… does that mean I can go more than arms length away?’ Zach smiled, pinning him to the floor.

‘You’re so cute when you’re obedient.’ Zach replied, he kissed him, ‘Ok. That rule is now invalid.’ he let him up, ‘The other two stand, but you can move further away from me with my permission.’ he went back to the flower bed, ‘Hand me the trowel.’ Andrew handed it to him and knelt down next him pulling weeds.

Three hours later, Zach stood up, ‘That’s enough for today I think.’ Andrew reluctantly stood up, ‘You want to stay out here don’t you?’

‘Am I that obvious?’ he joked nervously, ‘I agreed to your terms.’ he walked towards the house, ‘If you want to call it a day, so will I.’

‘Is he that scared of losing his privileges?’ Zach smiled and put his hand on Andrews shoulder, ‘Stay out here if you really want to carry on. You can touch any tools you need to and you can stay out as long as you want.’ he went in the house.

Andrew thought, ‘Is he testing me? What do I do?’ he walked in the house cautiously, wondering where in the house Zach was. Andrew swallowed his fear, pulled the chain in and shut the door locking it, he took a calming breath, ‘Why am I locking myself in with him? I should use this chance to run and get help.’

He looked at the key in his hand and put it on the kitchen side, ‘No. Last time I tried to escape it ended badly for me.’ he sighed, ‘I don’t want him to hurt me like that again. So, I have to keep him happy, staying here and doing what he says will make him happy. Besides with the chains I can only go so far anyway.’ he found Zach in the living room.

‘You done already?’ asked Zach.

Andrew replied, ‘I agreed to your terms. I promised.’ he sat up straight opposite him, ‘I’m sticking to my promise.’ Zach chuckled.

Zach went up to him, he shrunk into himself slightly thinking he was in trouble. Seeing this reaction from him Zach held his chin and tilted his head back gently, Andrews scared expression shocked Zach and he smiled to calm him, ‘You don’t have to shield yourself from me. I’m not mad at you. You didn’t have to come in so quickly.’

‘I know. But, I’m sticking to my promise this time. I only just got your trust back, I’m not going to do anything that’ll make me lose it again.’ Andrew replied. Zach kissed him and pushed him down on the sofa and slid his hand down his chest and into his trousers, ‘Ah…..Zach….?’ exhaled Andrew.

Zach sucked his neck, ‘You’re such a good boy Andrew.’ he kissed Andrew while his hand teased him.

Andrew thought, ‘So, I did the right thing by coming back in?’

‘This wasn’t a test.’ he pushed himself up above Andrew, ‘I meant it, you could stay out.’

Andrew leaned up looking him straight in the eye, ‘I did want to stay out there, but now I’ve had a better offer.’ he smiled and kissed him. Zach chuckled and picked up from where he left off.

Afterwards Andrew was asleep on the sofa with Zachs coat over him. Zach chuckled and stroked his arm. He took the chain off his ankle and went to lock the back door, he saw the key on the side and picked it up, ‘I left this in the door didn’t I?’ he looked at the door and went over. He tried to open it but couldn’t, he smiled, ‘So, he locked himself in with me, did he?’ he chuckled to himself and went back to Andrew.

He climbed on top of him and woke him up by kissing him, Andrew put his hands on Zachs shoulders shocked to be woken in such a way, ‘Z….Zach?!’ Zach kissed him again.

‘You are a very good boy.’ his hand slipped between Andrews legs as he teased him earnestly.

‘Not that…..I’m complaining…...but…..…what……did I…….?’ asked Andrew trying to resist what Zachs hand was doing.

Zach chuckled and bit his ear gently, ‘You didn’t just come back in obediently, but you locked yourself in and left the key on the side. Such obedience deserves a reward.’ he slipped his finger in. Andrews voice leapt from his mouth, ‘Be as loud as you want.’ he smirked and kissed him, slipping his tongue in exploring every inch.

He pulled away as Andrews voice rang out his body shuddered. Zachs hands stopped moving and he looked at Andrew. Andrew saw him smirk as he moved himself down. Andrew didn’t have to wonder what was going on for long as he felt Zachs tongue trace down his thigh.

He thought clutching the sofa, ‘Is he really going to…..’ his thoughts were cut short as that was exactly what was going to happen. Zachs technique was flawless as his body submitted and voice echoed.

Zach sat up and wiped his lips with his hand, while Andrew tried to catch his breath. Zach smiled at his innocent expression, ‘I think we both need a shower.’ he offered his hand down to him, ‘Come on, you’re sweaty.’ Andrew smiled and took his hand.

Zach gently washed him down. Andrew was constantly waiting for him to touch him again like he had previously during showers, but no, Zach just washed him down and dried him off. He put some fresh clothes on him. All he did was kiss him and then help him make them dinner.

Zach smirked, ‘Are you disappointed because I didn’t try to touch you in the shower?’ Andrew blushed violently.

‘Nothing of the sort! You’re not making any sense!’ Andrew turned away, having no idea where to look.

‘I guess you’re not used to talking about sex so openly are you?’ Zach replied shamelessly. Andrews entire body blushed.

Andrew cleared the plates away and started washing them up, ‘Of course I’m not. This kind of talk isn’t something normally discussed out in the open like this! If in fact at all.’ Zach hugged him from behind.

‘If you’re too embarrassed to talk about it, we won’t.’ he said softly in his ear, ‘Come on.’ he grabbed his hand, ‘Time for bed.’ he felt Andrew tense up, scared about going back in the basement. He led him to the bedroom.

Andrew saw his cage up against the wall opposite the bed, ‘I brought it out the basement for you. I know you’re scared of the basement.’ he ruffled his hair, ‘I don’t want you to be scared anymore.’

Andrew smiled and hugged Zach, ‘Thank you Zach.’

‘Ok, that’s enough, it’s time you got some sleep.’ said Zach pushing him off. Andrew nodded and got into his cage calmly and quietly. Whereas before he would do so reluctantly. Zach asked, ‘Before I lock the door do you want anything? More blankets? Extra pillow? To use the toilet?’ Andrew shock his head.

‘I’m fine. Thank you Zach.’ Andrew smiled. Zach shut and locked the cage door then walked away.

Andrew settled down thinking, ‘He brought my cage out the basement. For me!’ he smiled, ‘He can be really nice when he wants to be.’ he drifted off into a peaceful sleep.

The next couple of weeks were a haze, as Zachs romantic attitude towards Andrew grew hungrier than his violent one. Andrew wasn’t getting beaten or chained up anymore, well that’s not strictly true. But, it wasn’t the type of chaining him up that he had known previously.

Zach chained him to the bed, as his hands started caressing Andrews body all over, ‘Don’t worry.’ he slipped his hands in between his legs. Andrew tried to lower his hands, but with them chained so tightly above his head, he had neither the strength or will to undo them, lowering his hands was completely impossible, ‘This time you don’t have to hold your breath.’ the chain tensed as Andrew failed to stifle his cries.

‘Ah…..Za…….?…..Hn…..Ah….!’ he tried to reply but with Zachs attentions getting more passionate, his voice slipped away from him. He thought, ‘That’s not his finger.’ he took a sharp breath in, as Zach slipped in further, ‘Za….ch…..!’ his hands longed to touch Zach but with them chained above his head he couldn’t, ‘Zach…..please……unchain my hands…. I want to tou…….’ he blushed at his own words and stopped himself.

Zach chuckled, ‘You’re being really honest. Are the chains stopping you from holding back?’ he smirked sadistically as Andrew blushed violently, realising that was exactly what was happening, ‘I see, you really don’t know how to control yourself in these kinds of situations.’ he licked his neck causing him to shiver, ‘Don’t worry, you can scream if you want. I like it when you’re honest.’ his attentions grew in intensity as Andrews body became more responsive.

Zach smirked while his hand slipped between his legs, ‘Is this what you wanted to touch?’ Andrews voice leapt from his mouth as Zach cruelly teased him, bringing him to the edge but denying him the release he craved. Andrew shook his head, ‘No?’ he retreated his hand, ‘Then tell me, what is it that you want to touch so desperately?’

Andrews body shivered from his words alone, he took a calming breath in. He knew he had to respond and so his voice quivered out his mouth, ‘You. I want to….. touch you.’ he blushed, ‘Please Zach. Let me touch you.’ Zach smirked and unchained his hands.

‘Go ahead.’ he said. Andrew reached his hand out and wrapped his arms around Zachs shoulders, he trembled as Zach started moving again. He clutched his shoulder as his voice rang out louder than before, ‘If I’d of known this was all you wanted, I’d of done it sooner.’ his hand teased him, encouraging more brazen breaths to slip out of Andrews mouth.

Andrew looked at him, staring into his scarlet eyes brimming with confidence. He kept looking into his eyes as he moved closer. He gently grazed his lips against Zachs, his lips softly caressing Zachs.

Zach huffed as he pulled away, ‘That was very tender.’ he smirked, ‘I like it.’ his movements continued but, sweeter and softer than before, as if he was trying to match the gentleness of Andrews kiss.

After they were making dinner together, Zach wrapped his arms around Andrews waist as he cut the vegetables, his hand stopped, ‘No, no, keep cutting.’ he smiled. Andrew started again and Zach slipped his hand up his top and traced up his stomach to his face. Andrews hand stopped cutting again as Zach held Andrews chin turning it towards him for a kiss, ‘Well look at that. Your hands stopped cutting again.’

‘What did you expect?’ asked Andrew he put the knife down, ‘When you’re acting like this!’ he kissed him.

Zach pinned him, face down to the work top, ‘You disobeyed me, I have to punish you now.’ he licked the back of his neck and traced up to his ear, ‘Behave and I might go easy on you.’ Zachs hands wondered all over as Andrews lustful voice filled the room.

Afterwards, they turned back to the cooking, ‘He has stopped ordering me around completely, we talk a lot more and we even laugh together.’ Andrew was cutting the vegetables, Zach put his hand on top of his and helped him, ‘It almost feels like the honeymoon phase with newlyweds!’ Andrew turned to look at him and smiled, ‘He even brought me new clothes, which I never expected him to do! We grow all our own vegetables in the garden and we use them when we cook together.’

‘The only thing that remained the same as before is that I am still expected to sleep in the cage at night. However, after he brought it out the basement, I don’t mind sleeping in the cage anymore.’ Zach put more blankets and padding in his cage for him to sleep on, ‘He knew I was scared of the basement and said that he didn’t want me to be scared anymore. I go into my cage whenever he leaves the house or we go to sleep at night.’

Zach opened his cage door and gave Andrew a gentle kiss before he went in and was locked up for the night. Andrew went to the bars, ‘Zach?’ he turned, ‘Can I have one more kiss?’

Zach smiled and chuckled slightly, he went to his cage, ‘Of course you can.’ he kissed him through the bars. He pulled away, ‘Get some sleep now Andrew.’ Andrew smiled and settled down.

‘I love you.’ said Andrew.

Zach smiled, ‘I love you too.’ he got in bed, ‘Goodnight.’

Though Andrew felt a lingering reluctance, he decided to speak up again. He suspected that now might be his only chance to translate his long time confusion into a coherent question. He thought how best to word his question but before he could he found his voice rise up on its own.

‘Z…..Zach….? Can I ask you something before we go to sleep?’ asked Andrew. Zachs head rose from his pillow.

‘Fire away.’ he replied sitting up. Andrew sat up.

‘Why did you take me that day?’ asked Andrew, Zach was shocked to be asked, ‘I know I’m asking you out of the blue but it’s been bothering me ever since you took me, why me? Why did you take me? It’s only now I feel safe enough around you now to ask you. But it’s fine if you don’t want to answer, I’m sorry I sprung it on you like this.’

Zach smiled, ‘It was your eyes.’ Andrew looked at him surprised, ‘Your eyes drew me in. In short, I love your eyes.’

Andrew blushed, ‘My eyes aren’t really that special!’

‘No, they’re not.’ replied Zach, ‘But accompanied with your hair colour and hard working attitude, your eyes take on several differing meanings. You may not realise it yourself because you never look at yourself in the mirror, but your eyes are beautiful in any mood. I thought they looked best in fear and panic when I first met you but then I realised the nicer I acted towards you the prettier your eyes got.’

Andrew blushed even more. Zachs voice was low and calm, but filled with a secret intensity that prevented him from responding with little more than breath.

Zach looked at him, ‘Back when you were scared of me your eyes were growing dull and soul-less, you looked so pathetic I thought it’d be kinder to kill you there and then, but I decided against it, now, your eyes so vibrant and green they look like precious emerald jewels now. I want to protect that colour and you at all costs.’ Andrew smiled.

‘Seeing all of that in a persons eye colour.’ Andrew chuckled, ‘I knew you were strange but this proves it.’ he joked. Zach chuckled.

‘Thinking about it why don’t you ever look at yourself in a mirror?’ asked Zach, ‘Even when you do, you seem to avoid doing it for too long or making eye contact with yourself.’

Andrew looked away, ‘I just don’t.’

Zach opened the cage door and sat next to him, ‘Tell me.’

‘I…urm…well…..’ Andrew scratched his head, he curled up into the corner of his cage, ‘Please Zach, I really don’t want to talk about it.’ Zach kissed his forehead and stepped out of his cage.

‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to push you into a conversation you didn’t want to have.’ he shut and locked the door.

‘Zach? It’s fine.’ he smiled, ‘When I’m ready to talk about that I will.’ Zach smiled back and got into bed.

Zach thought, ‘He has no self confidence at all. I bet he doesn’t recognise the person in the mirror and that’s why he avoids it. The person in the mirror is a stranger to him, he avoids strangers through fear of being abducted again.’ he turned and faced the wall, ‘I will get him confident again. I hate seeing him like that.’

Every night, Andrew crawls into his cage and Zach locks him in, they sleep together, yet apart. Andrew accepted it as normal. Zach has put so much extra padding and blankets in his cage, it hardly felt like a cage anymore. Andrew curled up comfortably and fell deeper in sleep.

The next morning, he was allowed out, ‘Morning.’ smiled Zach.

Andrew stepped out his cage and wrapped his arms round Zachs shoulders as he kissed him, he pulled away and smiled, ‘Morning.’

‘A morning kiss?’ asked Zach smiling, placing his hands on Andrews waist, ‘You’ve never done that before? Are you feeling neglected because I didn’t have my wicked way with you before we went to bed last night?’

‘Nothing of the sort.’ blushed Andrew.

Andrew never knew until they were doing it, that they were going to make love, but he never refused it either, he was pinned facing the wall, he felt Zachs warm breath on the nape of his neck.

‘Keep your hands there.’ Zach whispered, ‘I can’t have you feeling neglected on my watch.’ Andrews body shuddered with expectation, as he felt Zachs hands slowly release his wrists, he stroked down his arms and gently caress his torso, slipping one hand further down.

Zach would always make his intensions very clear and Andrew always wanted to. Zach was always gentle in his approach and always made sure Andrew was ready before he did anything intense.

Andrew was unable to control his breathing as he felt Zachs hands wonder all the more passionately, he always enjoyed their time together now. Zach was lot more caring and thoughtful now. Andrews hands fell to meet Zachs.

Only to be pinned back to the wall, ‘If I have to tie you up and punish you I will! Keep your hands there.’ Zachs hands went back to teasing him, ‘Or do you want to be tied up and punished?’ he bit his ear lobe, ‘I’ll be more than happy to oblige.’

Andrew clenched his fists against the wall, hoping to find something to help him hold on during this assault of his senses, his arms gave way and rested his whole forearm against the wall as his breathing became more and more uneven as Zachs teasing became even more enthusiastic than before, ‘Please Zach!’ his knees grew weaker and weaker, struggling to hold him up.

Zach chuckled, ‘You’re struggling to keep your hands there aren’t you?’ Andrew shook his head pretending he was fine, Zach flung Andrew onto the bed and tied his hands above his head and round a bar on the head board, ‘You know, you’re really cute when try to act tough.’ Andrew blushed, but couldn’t respond as Zach resumed from where he had left off.

Andrew thought, ‘I can’t let him always sweep me away like this. I should do something too.’ he gained the power to speak, ‘Za…ch…....this isn’t….fair…I mean….you’re not……’ Zach slipped his finger in suddenly, forcing Andrew into silence.

‘Don’t you worry, we are getting to me.’ Zach smirked as Andrews entire body shuddered in pleasure beneath him, ‘I have to make sure you’re ready first don’t I? I don’t want you getting hurt.’ for the next two hours, they never left the bedroom.

‘Still feel neglected?’ asked Zach, looking at an exhausted Andrew, failing to catch his breath, he shook his head.

He managed to mumble, ‘I…..didn’t in…..the…..first place…….’

Zach chuckled, ‘Catch your breath and we’ll have a shower.’ he untied his hands and saw marks they left because he struggled, ‘Naughty boy. You struggled so much that your wrists are bruised.’ he kissed his wrist, ‘What am I meant to do with you?’ he left.

By the time he caught his breath Zach had warmed up the water, he helped him in the shower and they bathed together. Zach put some shower gel on his hand, he smirked and started rubbing it on Andrews torso.

Andrew inhaled sharply at the sudden attention, ‘Zach?!’

‘What’s wrong? I just put too much on me so I thought I’d give you the excess.’ he replied seductively lowering his hand, he smirked that Andrews body had reacted so quickly to his touch, ‘Sorry, my hand slipped, but I can’t leave you in this state now can I?’ he chuckled seductively, ‘Or should I?’ he licked the back of his ear enticing his voice to ring out, ‘Someone’s very sensitive today.’

Andrew knew full well he hadn’t used any yet and was using all of this as an excuse to touch him again, but he wasn’t about to complain as Zachs hands made him shiver with pleasurable expectation.

The shower gel making the experience all the more voluptuous. The pressure of the water massaging his skin. The heat matching Andrews elevated state perfectly as his breathing became more erratic and the atmosphere more erotic.

Zach bit his neck, causing sensations to race through Andrews body. Unable to stand on his own he leaned back only to realise Zachs hand wasn’t what was teasing him. His voice resonated he then heard Zach chuckle, ‘You’re not shy today huh? Backing into me like that? Was I making you wait too long?’

Zachs words seemed to torture Andrews ears, but instead of wanting it stop Andrew found himself inadvertently wishing this would never end.

‘What do you want Andrew? If you don’t tell me.’ all his movements stopped freezing Andrews pleasure to the point where he craved release, ‘I won’t know.’

Andrews hand instinctively lowered to attempt to give himself what he was craving, Zach smirked as he held both of Andrews hands together out in front of them, refusing to allow him to satisfy his own cravings, ‘No, no, no. You aren’t allowed to do it yourself. You have to ask me, I mean, beg me.’ he licked his ear and twitched his hand, reminding him of his current state, ‘Depending on how obediently you beg I might consider it.’

Andrew had no idea how to say it without making himself blush, which in turn served to make it harder to not say anything as his temperature increased making his body crave release all the more. He took a breath in, ‘Please Zach……… I can’t say it….don’t make me say it…..’ Zach gave a sadistic chuckle as Andrew started shaking as desire started bubbling up within him.

‘Just say: Zach I want you to make love to me all day long. That’s all.’ Zach smirked sadistically, ‘If you don’t say it, you’ll stay trapped in this state forever.’ Andrews fists clenched as his body pleaded for release. Zachs hand twitched again, forcing Andrews craving for release to increase yet again, ‘Just say it.’

‘Zach……I want you……to make… to me……all day long…..’ Andrew blushing violently at his own words, Zachs movements didn’t restart, with his body now screaming at him, he didn’t care about the embarrassment of words any longer, ‘Please Zach! I want you to make love to me all day long!’

Zach gave a quick movement behind him forcing his voice to ring out, ‘Good boy.’ his hand started moving again as well, ‘I’ll heed your request.’

Andrews body was no longer under his control, Zach had seized total power over him and Andrew had submitted without even realising it, ‘I could never refuse such an obedient request.’

That night, he went into his cage as he normally did, ‘Why are you going in there?’ asked Zach.

‘I sleep in this cage, don’t I?’ asked Andrew, through the bars.

Zach smirked, ‘You’re really going to make me, make love to you in that tiny cage?’ he sat on his bed and gestured, Andrew smiled, ‘Come here.’ Andrew got out and sat next to him.

He was kissed and lay gently on the bed as Zachs hand slipped between his legs. Andrew gave a brazen breath as he’d been touched there so often that day, it was more sensitive than usual.

‘Three times in one day!? What did I do to deserve this?’ Andrew asked blushing.

‘You were a very good boy.’ Zach smirked, Andrew couldn’t hold his voice back as his slipped his fingers in, ‘WOW! You’re really sensitive right now aren’t you?’

‘Ah….Zach..?’ gasped Andrew clutching the bed sheets.

Zach gave Andrew a look of supreme confidence, ‘Don’t worry, I’ll torture you like this as much as you want.’ Andrews eyes widened, ‘Did you think I wouldn’t notice how much more honest your body has gotten?’ he kissed him slipping his tongue into Andrews mouth, having it explore every inch of his mouth, this only served to heighten what Zachs hands were doing down below.

Before they went to sleep, Zach handcuffed Andrew to himself, ‘I know you won’t run, but I just need to put my mind at rest.’

‘I could go in my cage like normal, if that would put your mind at rest. I really don’t mind.’ replied Andrew, ‘Or you can handcuff me to the bed.’

Zach smiled, ‘No. I want you to sleep next to me tonight, I want to be able to touch you, smell you and see you.’

‘This is fine then.’ he kissed him, ‘Whatever you need.’ he smiled.

Zach pushed Andrew down on the bed, ‘You know exactly what to say to entice me, don’t you?’ he passionately kissed him, allowing his tongue to explore every inch of Andrews mouth, he pulled away.

‘No, it was just a nice side effect.’ he chuckled, ‘But, I’m really tired from before, can we please, not do it again, tonight? I’m exhausted!’ Zach huffed and smiled.

‘Fine.’ he lay next to him, ‘I don’t want to push you past your limit.’

Andrew thought, ‘He’s actually left me alone? Then again, he has never done anything in this sense without my consent before, so why am I so nervous?’

He threw the handcuff key across the room, ‘No unlocking yourself now!’

Andrew smiled at him, ‘I wasn’t going to try.’

Zach kissed him, ‘Turn around.’ he did and Zach wrapped their cuffed hands underneath Andrew and wrapped his other hand round Andrews waist, he pressed their bodies together, he started nuzzling his neck and wrapping his leg around Andrews, he felt Andrew tense, ‘I promise, I’m not going to do anything to you.’ he smiled and said, ‘Goodnight Andrew.’

Andrew relaxed his whole body, seeming to melt into Zachs loving grasp, ‘Goodnight Zach.’

The next morning Andrew was making breakfast while Zach was getting out the shower, ‘Andrew?’ he called, ‘Come here a minute.’ Andrew came round the corner and was pulled into the steam from the hot shower, ‘I want you.’

Andrew smiled, ‘Fine, lets go to bed.’ Zach refused to allow him to leave the room.

Zach pulled him further in and placed his hands either side of him resting them on the sink basin behind him, ‘Here. I want you here.’ he kissed him.

The muggy steam made Andrews body temperature rise even more than Zachs attentions, ‘Zach? It’s too hot in here.’ Andrew blushed.

Zach stripped him, ‘Can’t have you over heating now can I?’ he dropped his towel and spun Andrew to face the other way.

‘Ah…..Zach!….hah…gn…..’ Andrew couldn’t control himself as his voice escaped him louder than before.

Zach smirked, ‘Andrew look up.’ Andrew looked up and saw his reflection, he blushed even more. His head slumped down, ‘I didn’t say you could look down.’ he wrapped his hand gently round his neck and stroked up forcing him to lift his head and look at himself.

Andrew closed his eyes as tight as he could and gritted his teeth. Zach said, ‘No, no. Open your eyes.’

Shaking, he shook his head, ‘I can’t. Please Zach!’

Zach stopped all movements freezing Andrew in his heightened state, ‘Look at yourself Andrew. I want you to look at yourself.’ Andrew shook his head, ‘If you ever want me to start again, you’ll open your eyes.’

Andrew flickered his eyes open and looked at himself, he started blushing even more violently. Zach started moving his hand again and Andrews head slumped as his voice poured out his mouth. Zach stopped moving again.

‘No. Don’t stop. Please!’ Andrew was embarrassed hearing his own voice begging Zach. Zach chuckled.

‘Embarrassed?’ asked Zach, Andrew nodded, ‘Look in the mirror Andrew.’ his body immediately obeying without thinking. He blushed all the more seeing himself in this position, ‘Keep looking.’ smirked Zach as his movements resumed.

Andrews embarrassment grew weaker as the pleasure grew even higher. But he remained looking in the mirror as ordered. He looked at Zachs reflection. Zach looked at Andrew in the mirror and smiled as he leant forward and nibbled his ear. The steam making it even more difficult to catch his breath, serving only to make the experience even more lustful.

Zachs attentions subsided and Andrews breath returned to normal. Still standing, using the basin for support Zach stroked Andrews shoulder, ‘Have a little more confidence in yourself.’ he stroked up his chest up to his chin tilting his head up, making him look in the mirror again, ‘Up close like this, you’re really quite attractive.’

‘Why are you making me look in the mirror again?’ asked Andrew slightly upset, turning away.

‘Because I wanted you to look at yourself.’ Zach hugged Andrew from behind and sucked on his neck intently, ‘Don’t be mad at me. I just wanted you to see yourself as I do. As perfect. You don’t see how special you are and it infuriates me.’

Andrew moved away from Zach, ‘I told you! I told you that I wasn’t ready to do that but you made me do it anyway! I don’t care about your so called reasons!’ he backed away realising what he had said and who he had said it to, submissively he shrunk into himself, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to shout at you.’ he thought, ‘He’s going to hit me isn’t he?’

Zachs face softened and he held his arm out, ‘Come here.’

‘I’m really am sorry.’ he anxiously walked up to him, ‘I swear, I won’t do it again.’ Zach grabbed his arm, ‘Please don’t hurt me!’ he whimpered as his muscles tensed.

Zach pulled him in and hugged him, ‘I’m not going to hurt you and I’m not mad. I’m happy. I’m glad that you can get angry. I’m the one who should be sorry. You’re right, I shouldn’t have forced you into it.’ he released his grip slightly and forced Andrew to look at him, ‘I promise, I won’t do that to you again.’

Andrew smiled, ‘Thank you.’ he stroked his hand that was on his face. Andrew turned back to the mirror and looked at himself, ‘Although I may not have wanted it, I have to admit. I think you might have actually helped me.’

‘Helped you?’ asked Zach.

‘Have you ever heard of baptism of fire?’ asked Andrew, Zach nodded, ‘I was really uncomfortable seeing myself in the mirror but after that, it’s not so scary anymore.’ he touched his face while looking in the mirror, he smiled, ‘The stranger is now familiar.’

Zach hugged him from behind and kissed his neck, Andrew huffed and turned in his grip to face him, ‘I care for you. I care a great deal for you. All I want is to erase every bad memory for you.’ he moved some of Andrews hair out the way, ‘I wish I could do that for you.’

Andrew chuckled and moved closer to his lips, ‘Erase away.’ he leaned in and gently kissed Zach.


Over the coming weeks, they’d make love every morning and every night. He’d handcuff them together to go to sleep, he’d always wrap his arms around Andrew. But he didn’t mind it, because it meant he no longer had to sleep in the basement or the cage.

He was lying on a soft warm bed. Zachs strong arms gently wrapped around his waist, his soothing heart beat helping to put him at ease and the smell of his aftershave sweetening the air. His low voice helping to relax his every muscle and calm his every thought, until all he can do is fall asleep in his embrace.

That night Andrew was awoken by loud thunder. His movement was so sudden it Zach woke too, he sat up, ‘Hey? What’s wrong?’ he heard the thunder and smiled, ‘Don’t tell me the thunder scared you?’

Andrew blushed, ‘Yeah.’

Zach chuckled, ‘How old are you again? I thought only little kids got scared by thunder.’

‘Sorry.’ Andrew took a calming breath, ‘I didn’t mean to wake you up.’ Zach wrapped him in his arms, pulled him down and pulled the covers over them.

His grip increased, ‘You’re safe from any storm with me.’

Andrew turned and kissed Zach, ‘Thank you Zach.’

‘Get some sleep now.’ smiled Zach. Andrew smiled and closed his eyes.

The next day Andrew pinned Zach to the bed, ‘What’s this? You’re pinning me down?’ Zach chuckled.

Andrew blushed nervously, ‘It can’t be me all the time.’

Zach got out of his grip and sat up wrapping his arms around Andrew, ‘Why not? Don’t you like it?’

‘I…..’ Andrew blushed violently, ‘Of course I like it….it’s just……I don’t think….it’s very fair…on you….having to do it… me……all the time…’ Zach smirked.

‘You don’t seem to understand your position. I own you. I knew what I was letting myself in for and one of those things was taking care of you.’ Zach smirked slipping his hand into Andrews trousers, he reacted with a sharp breath, ‘This kind of thing comes under your basic care requirements.’

Andrews breath started to harmonize perfectly with his voice, as Zachs hands seemed to know exactly where to touch him to get his most honest responses, ‘I don’t mind if I have to train your body, so I’m the only one it can respond to anymore, I don’t mind watching you tremble with pleasure underneath me in fact I quite enjoy watching you. Your expressions turn me on even more. So, don’t feel bad for me.’

Andrews hands clutched at Zachs shirt as his attentions became more fervent with passionate enthusiasm than ever before. Andrew inhaled deeply before saying, ‘Zac….h….please….I want… release….!’ the sound of his voice shocked him as he begged Zach for release.

Zach smirked and licked his exposed chest, ‘You’re being very honest this morning.’

Andrew gasped as he felt Zach slip something in, he became fully aware of what it must have been as he felt both of Zachs hands elsewhere on his body. The realisation only served to further enhance all the sensations Zachs body was giving his. Feeling infinite pleasure Andrews body shivered as he leaned forward resting on Zach.

Zach smirked and retracted his hand, ‘Do it yourself.’ Andrew blushed, ‘You said it yourself it can’t be me all the time, I know I said I was fine with it, but I want to see what you can do.’

‘It’s too embarrassing.’ Andrew replied unable to look him in the eye. Zach took Andrews hand and lowered it.

‘Why? There’s no one looking but me.’ Zach gave a sadistic chuckle, ‘Or is that the problem?’ Andrew simply nodded blushing bright red, ‘Still. I want you to use your hand. Show me what you can do.’

Andrew felt as though his hand was burning as he did as ordered. Zach lay back, ‘Good boy now move your hips.’ Andrew craved satisfaction more than his desire to not be embarrassed and did as he was told. Zach smirked, ‘It’s a nice view.’

Andrews body grew weaker as his yearning for release grew closer. Zach suddenly thrust upwards forcing Andrews voice to pour out his mouth, he gained the power to speak, ‘That was a little harsh.’

‘Should I be gentler with you?’ Zach smirked as his hand moved Andrews out the way. Zach leaned up and licked Andrews chest, causing Andrew to shiver, ‘But you seem to be enjoying this rougher treatment just fine.’ seeing his face blushing he chuckled, ‘Such an obedient boy. You deserve a reward.’ he kissed him while his body pleasured Andrews.

Andrew was gently lay on the bed afterwards to catch his breath. Zach smirked playing with Andrews hair, ‘I really tired you out didn’t I?’ unable to speak Andrew nodded, ‘Get your breath back quickly round two starts in ten minutes.’

‘Ro…..rou…..nd…..two….?’ asked Andrew.

Zach smirked, ‘You are the one who started this remember, you are the one who pinned me down in the first place. See you in the shower.’ he winked and walked off.

Andrew thought, ‘Doesn’t he ever need to pause for breath?’ he caught his breath the best he could before joining Zach in the shower.

‘The times we spent together were happy now, I no longer fear for my safety around him. He’s become the person I run to not from. I feel so safe around him now.’ Andrew thought, ‘I have started to long for the times when we lay in bed together, because it’s so peaceful it’s almost tranquil.’

The next couple of days became a blur as Zachs affections for Andrew took centre stage every day.

Andrew thought, as Zach pinned him to the wall and kissed him, ‘Again? Doesn’t he ever get bored of doing it?!’

While his hands teased him, his legs started to feel weak, Zach chuckled, ‘You can’t stand can you?’

Andrew exhaled as his voice rang out when Zach increased his grip, ‘Give… a…….break…..’ his breathing became more erratic.

Zach licked the back of his ear, ‘Why should I? You seem to be enjoying yourself.’

‘Pl….ease….’ he begged. Zach chuckled.

‘Since you asked so nicely.’ he threw him on the bed and climbed on top, he picked up from he left off.

Afterwards Andrew thought catching his breath, ‘I never refuse him, instead, I find myself inadvertently wishing to stay in these moments with him forever.’

That morning, Andrew got up and stretched. Zach chuckled, ‘You can almost walk unaided now.’

‘Yeah, after a while it starts to hurt but I’m on the mend at least.’ replied Andrew.

Zach stood up and hugged him from behind, ‘I’m almost going to miss having to carry you everywhere.’

Andrew turned in his grip, ‘You can still carry me if you really want to.’ he jumped and Zach instinctively caught him, ‘Good reactions.’ Andrew smiled. Zach kissed him placing him back on the bed.

‘Why did you have to go and get me all excited?’ chuckled Zach, lowering his hand and slipping it in between his legs.

‘Again?’ exclaimed Andrew, ‘Don’t you…..ever get……bored….?’

‘Of you?’ Zach smirked, slipping in, hearing Andrews quivering moans, ‘Never.’

Two weeks later, Zach asked out of the blue while Andrew was washing the dishes, ‘Wouldn’t you like to get back at your uncle?’

‘Yeah. But, it’s never going to happen. He never messed up! He never really made a mistake that I could exploit! My escaping was mostly luck and timing. He was far too calculating!’ replied Andrew.

‘I’ve found a mistake.’ he said in a tone of voice that alarmed Andrew.

He was about to turn round, ‘Zach? What are you…..?’

Suddenly, Zach grabbed him from behind and held a cloth over his face, Andrew tried to pull Zachs hand away from his mouth and nose and wrapped his other hand round and grabbed Zachs shirt, ‘What is he doing?’ he struggled until his resistance started to fade and he fell asleep.

He woke up, dazed and confused in hospital two days later. Andrew looked around, he saw Zach in the hallway talking to the doctor, police and cameras. He thought, ‘What happened? Where am I? What is Zach doing?’ he remembered he put the cloth over his mouth and falling asleep, ‘I can’t remember anything after that. My body feels so heavy.’ he saw fresh bruises on his arms, ‘What is going on? I healed months ago.’

Outside Zach was saying, ‘I found him unconscious on the side of the road near to where I live and I quickly realised he was that poor missing boy, that everyone was talking about. He was my friend in primary school, but we had lost touch, when he was taken out of school and I moved into secondary school and then I went into the army. I knew immediately that I had to take him to hospital.’

‘Shortly after putting him in my car he woke up and backed away from me, I told him he was safe with me and to relax.’ he could lie convincingly, ‘I told him I was taking him to hospital, I guess he decided to trust me because he calmed down and let me drive him here. So, I brought him here and the staff took over. I won’t leave his side until I know he safe.’

‘What had happened to him?’ asked a reporter.

‘I don’t know. I only found him.’ said Zach, ‘I assume he had escaped from where ever he was being held captive, but he clearly wasn’t strong enough to get himself help.’

A doctor stepped in, ‘On arrival we took him to a secure room and tried to examine him, he couldn’t seem to relax and refused to allow any of us anywhere near him, he kept asking to see the young man that saved him. So, we let Zach in, hoping it would calm Andrew down, as soon as Zach entered the room Andrew grabbed hold of him and wouldn’t let go of his arm, however he was calm enough to allow us to do a preliminary examination. We sedated him with his consent. Which allowed us to examine him in greater detail without causing him further distress.’

‘What are the extent of his injuries?’ asked a reporter.

‘Along with the defensive scarring we found, he had three surface wounds, that we suspect were made by a knife and one by another sharp object, one under his chin and one on his arm that we suspect was a knife from the size and shape of the cut.’ Zach remembered how he had cut and wounded him. The doctor continued, ‘He also has one cut on his right leg and another deep laceration in his left, the on in his left, was stitched and treated before we treated it here. The one in his right healed of its own accord, however it is rather long. All of these either have or will leave scars.’

Zach remembered how he fell off the chair and the knife stuck in his leg. He remembered stitching it up and remembered digging a shard of glass in his other leg, ‘An x-ray revealed at least five broken ribs a break in his left leg and evidence of several dislocations in his shoulders. All of which never properly healed.’ the doctor said, ‘The x-ray also shows at least seven fractures throughout his body.’

Zach remembered how he used to beat him and breaking his leg with the sledgehammer. He also remembered how he dislocated his arms, by pulling him violently, he smiled as he remembered fixing it for him, ‘Burns were found all over his body, we believe they were made by cigarettes. These were all done over a long period of time, some had scarred and others were still fresh wounds.’

‘There was evidence that his ankle was twisted from what we suspect was a fall.’ Zach remembered throwing him down the basement stairs after he took him, ‘But that had healed some months ago. We haven’t asked him yet about what happed to him, but we will be prescribing him the best psychiatric care possible. It is obvious that he has been through a tremendous ordeal so, we don’t want to rush him.’

Back inside, Andrew wanted to call out to Zach, but then heard someone at his bedside, he heard his uncle say, ‘He’s the one that found you. I’m going to take you back home when you’re healed.’ his eyes widened as he turned to look at him, ‘I’ll take much better care of you this time.’

Andrew jumped and backed away off the bed, ‘No! Please!’ he fell as his legs were so weak they couldn’t take his weight, crawling away he whimpered, ‘Stay away from me! Please, stay away!!’

‘You know I won’t do that!’ he walked towards his terrified captive, forcing him to back up even further, ‘Trust you to get yourself kidnapped! But, don’t worry, I’ll make sure no one takes you away from me again! You are my precious little nephew after all.’

‘The lock on your door has been made much stronger. You won’t be able to break out this time, I won’t let you. I even brought you some chains to wear, since you can clearly get out of ropes now.’ he smirked and chuckled sadistically, ‘I really have missed you. To think after all this time it would be the police to tell me where you were.’

Zach seeing this from the corridor went in, he was followed by both the cameras and police, Zach looked at Andrews uncle, ‘What’s going on?’ he placed himself in between them seeming to be shielding Andrew.

His uncles whole demeanour changed as he backed up slightly, he said softly, ‘I don’t know. He just saw me and cowered. Andrew? Don’t you recognise me anymore? It’s me Andrew, your uncle!’ he acted the hurt, caring, family member role so perfectly, no one but Zach and Andrew saw through it.

Zach knelt down and held Andrews shoulders, ‘Hey, are you ok?’ he winked and whispered, ‘Tell them.’

‘Please keep him away from me!’ he clung to Zach, ‘Keep him away!’

‘Why? What’s wrong?’ asked Zach playing his part beautifully.

A police officer went down to Andrew, ‘He’s your uncle, don’t you remember?’

‘He beats and rapes me!’ he whimpered, ‘He’s been doing it to me since I was seven!’

‘You are under arrest!’ yelled the police officer.

His uncle screamed, ‘Why would I do that!? He’s lying can’t you tell?!’ he backed away from the officers, ‘You’re going to believe him just like that, with no evidence?’ realising the game was up, he made a break for the door, but Zach punched him to the floor cutting off his escape.

‘Are you the one that really abducted him?!’ he yelled.

The police pushed Zach back and restrained him while Andrews uncle was handcuffed and taken out the room, ‘Calm down son!’

Zach was released, he looked over to Andrew who was hiding under a spare bed and refusing to allow the doctors to touch him, ‘We aren’t going to hurt you.’

‘Please just leave me alone!’ yelled Andrew scared of everyone around him.

Zach smiled and chuckled slightly, ‘He’s acting like a feral animal.’ he changed his expression as he made his way through the crowd and went down to Andrew, ‘Andrew, let us help you.’ he shook his head, ‘Look at me.’ he ordered softly.

Andrew heard his order and immediately calmed, he had become so accustomed to obeying Zachs orders without question that as he looked at him, all his fear melted away, ‘No one here is going to hurt you, I won’t let them. I promise.’ he offered his hand out, ‘Please.’ Andrew nodded as Zach helped him back on the bed, everyone watching this smiled, thinking Zach was a saint.

Zach winked at him and whispered, ‘Get back at your uncle with the ammo I just gave you!’

Andrew smiled and clung to him, ‘Thank you. Thank you. You’re right he was the one!’

The cameras flashed everywhere trying to catch the whole scene. Zach turned to the doctor, ‘He can stay with me until he recovers properly. I want to make sure he recovers from this personally.’

‘Very admirable of you!’ said a reporter.

‘Andrew was my close friend when we were at school together. If he’ll let me, I want to rekindle that friendship.’ he turned to him with his same old smile.

Andrew smiled and nodded, ‘When my legs are healed, I’d like that.’

The doctor hurried everyone, but Zach out the room and gave a statement, ‘Andrew, has been through a lot. He is very brave and resilient to have made it out of his eleven month captivity alive, I want to thank the police for their hard work and Zach for rescuing him. There is evidence of sexual abuse that gives credibility to what just happened in there and he will be given the best possible psychiatric care at a later date.’ he smiled, ‘But, for now, I ask that everyone just let Andrew recover, he will open up when he is ready.’

Back inside Andrews hospital room, Andrew looked at Zach, ‘Zach I want to go home. Please take me home. I don’t like it here.’

‘I’m sorry but we can’t go home yet. We have to play this role a little longer.’ explained Zach.

Andrew replied, ‘Why?’

‘This is the best way to get back at your uncle for hurting you.’ Andrew looked confused, ‘Do you remember when that officer came to my house looking for you and I lied to him about seeing a white BMW?’ Andrew nodded, ‘Blame everything that happened while you were with me on him. And he’ll be put away for a long time.’ Andrew smiled and nodded realising Zach was doing all this for him.

‘Are you sure they’ll believe me?’ asked Andrew.

‘How can they not?’ asked Zach, ‘They can see the signs of abuse all over you and the way you talk about it, no one is going to think you are lying.’

‘They did before.’ he muttered to himself.

Zach never left his side, a therapist came in to do Andrews psychological evaluation. The therapist asked, ‘Zach, could you give us the room?’

Zach stood up, ‘Of course.’ Andrew grabbed his hand.

‘No, please I want him to stay.’ said Andrew, Zach looked back at him shocked, ‘Please stay! I don’t want you to leave.’ Zach looked at the therapist.

‘Is it ok if I stay?’ Andrews grip increased, ‘He clearly doesn’t want me to leave.’

The therapist nodded, ‘Whatever makes Andrew feel more comfortable.’ Zach sat down and Andrew let him go, ‘You’re name is Andrew correct?’ he nodded, ‘I’m Samantha Brookes, before we get started I want you to know anything you say to me will be held in the strictest confidence, unless it poses a threat to yourself or others, do you understand?’ he nodded.

‘When did you first go to live with your uncle?’ she asked

‘When I was five.’ he replied simply.

‘And how was he back then?’ asked Samantha.

Andrew slumped and looked away, ‘Strict.’

Samantha asked, ‘What do mean by that?’ Andrew took a deep breath in.

‘If I slipped up at school he’d hit me with his belt.’ replied Andrew, ‘If I didn’t eat all my dinner, he’d starve me. If I talked back, he’d tape my mouth shut and tie my hands behind my back, until I was prepared to apologise. He was very inventive with his punishments which made me not want to disobey him again. I can give you more examples if you want or is that enough?’

Samantha was shocked he was so calm talking about it, ‘No, that’s fine. When did he first start touching you inappropriately?’

Andrew looked at her, ‘The first time he raped me was when I was seven. He pinned me down and took my clothes off and he did things to me that I didn’t want him to, he also made me do things to him that I didn’t want to. I can tell you exactly what if you want.’

‘That’s fine. I understand you had supervised visitation with your mother for three years. Lets talk about your mother.’ said Samantha .

‘Lets not.’ Andrew said sharply.

Samantha and Zach were taken back, ‘That’s fine, but can you tell me why?’

‘Because she died a long time ago. She wasn’t perfect but she was my mother, no one is disgracing her memory.’ Andrew clenched his fists, ‘I don’t care what you’ve been told. Or read in your files! She was a drinker yes, but she never hurt me, despite what everyone said, she was framed by my uncle. No one would listen to me or believe me. She was my mother, I knew her better than anyone.’

Zach was shocked he thought, ‘Why doesn’t he want to talk about her? He told me about her?!’

Samantha smiled, ‘I’m sure you did. Things always get lost in translation don’t they? It’s fine, if you don’t want to talk about your mother we won’t. Do you want to talk about your uncle? You said just then, that he framed your mother. How?’

‘My mother was a drinker, the care workers saw that and immediately got a blind spot around her. My uncle came over after one of her drinking binges and threw me down the stairs.’ Andrew explained, ‘He had arranged for the care worker to come round. He wanted them to see him as the caring uncle and my mother as an unfit drunkard. I told them it wasn’t my mother, I told them he pushed me, but no one believed me! She told them it wasn’t her, but they didn’t believe her either! They believed my uncle and granted him full custody. I was only five years old but I remember it clearly.’

Samantha asked, ‘While you were living with him, what would happen?

‘He beat and raped me, ever since I was seven. He would beat me daily and rape me nightly, I was happy when he left for work, or I left for school. Though he pulled me out of school when I was ten, he told them he was going to home school me but the truth was, questions were starting to get asked about my bruises.’ Andrew explained, ‘He didn’t want to answer those questions. He carried on as normal having his fun with me until……’ he stopped, Zach knew why.

‘Until?’ asked Samantha.

‘I just wanted it all to stop. I couldn’t take it anymore. Any of it!’ he started shaking, ‘I decided to end it one way or the other, so I took a knife and cut my wrist.’ he showed her his scar, ‘He came in, saw me and threw the knife away. He beat me until I was unconscious. I woke up later, my wrist wrapped in bandages and handcuffed to the radiator.’

‘How old were you at this point?’ asked Samantha.

‘Sixteen. I think.’ he replied.

‘Then what?’ asked Samantha.

‘He continued business as usual.’ explained Andrew, ‘Well that’s not strictly true, he was worse after that. He hardly ever untied me. And he’d be much rougher with me, I didn’t think it was possible but he did it.’

‘How long after you tried to kill yourself did you escape?’ asked Samantha.

‘When I escaped the first time?’ he thought for a moment, ‘Four years after I tried to kill myself. I was kinda numb for a while after that! I just gave up and let him do whatever he wanted. Then, I realised he let his guard down slightly if I was submissive, so I acted more submissive and he let his guard down a little more.’

‘I started learning his new pattern of behaviour.’ Andrew started tapping his other hand, his eyes seemed to glaze over and his face rest emotionlessly, ‘Seven taps from when the front door closes. He’ll be at the bottom of the stairs.’

He continued tapping, ‘Fifteen taps and he’ll be in the hallway.’ his demeanour changed, Zach recognised his scared body language, ‘Five taps, he’s outside my door.’ he shrunk into himself, ‘Six taps, the door is unlocked. Two taps, he’s in my room, four taps, he’s……’

Samantha said, ‘Andrew?’

Andrew leapt off the bed and cowered to the corner of the room, shaking uncontrollably, ‘No, please no more.’ he whimpered pathetically.

Samantha stopped Zach from going up to him, ‘Don’t. Let me.’ she went up to him, ‘Andrew? No one is going to hurt you here.’

Zach gritted his teeth, ‘That’ll never work! You moron!’

Andrew crumbled further into a ball, ‘Just stop, please.’

Zach hated seeing Andrew like this now, he didn’t want the therapist to suspect anything however, he wanted Andrew to calm down quickly he knew exactly what to do. He knew it would raise suspicion and couldn’t think of a convincing lie

‘I’ll get the nurses, we may need to sedate him.’ she said standing up. Hearing her say that he decided to act, he didn’t want Andrew treated like that.

He ordered, ‘Andrew. Get up.’ Andrew immediately recognised his voice as it resonated in his ears and his breathing calmed. Samantha stopped and watched.

He uncurled slightly, but stayed staring at the floor, ‘Z…..Zach?’

Zach smiled and folded his arms, ‘You heard me. Get up.’ Andrews whole body relaxed hearing his voice. Like a dog hearing his owner call him.

Samantha couldn’t understand why heartless orders worked where as her technique failed. Andrew stood up but wouldn’t raise his head.

‘Come here.’ ordered Zach. Andrews body obeyed Zach without thinking and calmly limped right up to him. Zach ruffled his hair, ‘Calm down. Your uncle isn’t and will never be here ever again.’ he hugged him with one arm, continuing to ruffle his hair, ‘I won’t let go until you calm down.’

Andrew closed his eyes and seemed to use Zach to support himself, he smiled, ‘Thank you.’ he immediately and completely relaxed.

Samantha watched as Zach helped Andrew back into bed and reattached his IV drip, ‘You need to stop pulling these out. You’re creating work for the nurses here.’

‘Sorry. I just lost control for a second there.’ replied Andrew.

Zach ruffled his hair, ‘Relax, no ones mad.’

Samantha looked at Zach, ‘How did you do that?’

Zach smiled, ‘I’m an army sergeant and doctor. I know how to fix people. If you give a clear simple order to a fearful mind, they usually focus on your order and forget their fear, because you’re not telling them to calm down, not at first anyway, if you tell a fearful mind to calm down all you have done is added fuel to the fire. If you mollycoddle a fearful mind, you’ll only force it further into fear. You exercise firm control in your voice and the person will trust you because you will, in their mind, symbolise stability and safety.’

‘Where did you study?’ asked Samantha.

‘I didn’t.’ said Zach, ‘You pick these things up when you have to command terrified men while bombs are exploding in your face.’

Andrew looked at Samantha, ‘Shall we continue?’

‘Are you ok with continuing?’ asked Samantha.

‘Yes.’ he replied.

Samantha replied looking at her notes, ‘We were talking about your uncle and how you escaped first time. But first. I’m curious, what was the tapping?’

Andrew smiled, ‘It’s a trick I learnt.’ he looked out the window, ‘Right on time.’ a nurse came out the office with medication. Andrew tapped the table watching her, ‘Thirteen taps. She’ll give the old man his meds.’ she did, he continued tapping and explaining. He was spot on to everything visible from his window.

‘That is extraordinary!’ said Samantha, ‘How did you do that?’

‘People are creatures of habit. Once you know their pattern you can calculate how long it will take for them reach certain points and from there you can devise a plan to use it to your advantage.’ explained Andrew, ‘If I wanted to run out of here.’ he tapped four times, ‘I now have forty-eight taps before another staff member will appear.’

Samantha smiled, ‘You are incredible.’

‘I don’t know the pattern for the rest of the hospital though and I’m sure everyone knows me by now, so escaping from here isn’t as straight forward as escaping from my uncles.’ Andrew looked at her, ‘At his house, there was only me and him, at this hospital there are too many people to calculate approximate timings for them all, not to mention I don’t know my way around and I only have this small window of view. For all I know there’s a nurse standing just outside my line of sight.’

Zach smiled and thought, ‘I wonder what my pattern is?’

‘I guess my uncle got mad because I broke out, because it meant that he wouldn’t be able to do what he wanted to me anymore. I got a job and eventually an apartment, before I’d sleep on the streets and beg for money, I didn’t expect him to track me down and that was my mistake, but he did.’ Andrew explained.

‘You pulled yourself up from nothing.’ she smiled, Andrew smiled, ‘You were on the streets? Then, you got a job and an apartment?’ Andrew nodded, ‘That’s incredible!’

‘The manager was a kind person, he really saved me. I thought for those months at least, that I had finally done it, I had finally made it out. I was safe. I went to work one day and someone ran into the store and ordered me to fill the bag with the money from the till. He then, pointed the gun to my head and dragged me out.’ Andrew replied.

He thought, ‘I’ll have to lie from here on out.’ he continued, ‘He dragged me to his car. I recognised the colour and realised it was my uncles car. I tried to get away but he tied me up and threw me in the boot, he took me somewhere I didn’t recognise and broke my leg with a sledgehammer. Since then up until now, he simply continued to beat and rape me, except he made me clean everyday, he said if I had that much energy to waste on escaping, I might as well out it to good use. He kept me chained up the whole time. Until I escaped again and was found by Zach.’ he looked her dead in the face, ‘That’s all there is to it.’

‘How did you escape this time?’ asked Samantha.

‘I was cleaning one day and found a paper clip. I took it and hid it, he raped me then left after he handcuffed my hands behind my back as he often did, since he knew I could get out off ropes. I waited until his car drove off, so I knew he had left and then unlocked myself, it took ages. I was worried I wouldn’t get them off in time.’ Andrew explained, ‘But I managed it. It was lucky he didn’t lock me in the cage he had in the basement.’

‘Did he?’ she asked, ‘Lock you in a cage in a basement?’

Andrew thought, ‘Oh no! I was talking about Zach then!’ he thought up a quick lie, but with a ring of truth, ‘Once or twice after he first took me, he was security conscious because I had escaped once already.’

He moved the conversation along, ‘I wasn’t to know my legs wouldn’t support me anymore. I had been crawling for the whole time he held me captive in that house. When I finally got out I just wanted to get away so badly, I thought I’d be fine, but I wasn’t. So, I decided to use the fastest route out, I broke the window and threw myself out of it.’ explained Andrew, ‘When I hit the concrete it hurt, but I was outside, I didn’t care. I wasn’t going to stop. I crawled away, but found it hard to stay awake and past out.’

‘That’s when Zach found me.’ Andrew continued, ‘He must have picked me up and put me in his car, I was scared when I woke up and he was doing the seatbelt up. I screamed and tried to get away, he grabbed my wrists and made me look at him, he explained: ‘I’m trying to help you. I’m taking you to the hospital.’ He let me go and said: ‘If you want to run on your own feel free but I promise, you can trust me. I’m not going to hurt you.’ So I calculated, I thought I could get to the hospital faster by car and he seemed trust worthy so I let him drive me. If it turned out he wasn’t going to help me I could always throw myself out the car.’

‘I’m worried you’re glazing over this whole incident because you are afraid to admit that this happened to you.’ replied Samantha.

‘But, I’m not. My uncle kidnapped, caged, beat and raped me over and over.’ replied Andrew, ‘I know what happened, I was there. I’m not afraid or ashamed to talk about it, why would I be? It’s my uncle who did something wrong, not me.’

Samantha smiled, ‘You have a very healthy attitude about this. Healthier than I think you have a right to be. Some people who go through captivity can become very fragile, but you seem very calm and emotionless when you talk about him. Apart from when you were tapping, you have been rather impassive.’

‘Running away from it isn’t going to solve anything.’ replied Andrew, ‘I learnt my lesson from last time.’

‘Last time?’ asked Samantha.

Andrew thought, ‘Crap! I was talking about when I tried to run away from Zachs house!’ he responded quickly,‘The first time I escaped, I worked the ropes off my wrists using my blood from the burns as lubricant. I ran but obviously not far enough.’ Andrew continued, ‘If I had just gone to the police and told them everything back then. He wouldn’t have been able to find me and abduct me again. I was beaten and bloody back then, there was no way they wouldn’t have believed me! But I just didn’t go.’

Samantha replied, ‘Andrew I’m going to ask you something and you don’t have to answer if you don’t want to.’ Andrew nodded, ‘What are you afraid of?’

Andrew looked at her without an ounce of emotion or a glimmer of an expression hinting on his

face, ‘Everything.’ Andrew said plainly.

Zach looked at him as if he was seeing Andrew as the abused and beaten victim he was for the first time in his eleven months of holding him captive.

‘I am terrified to sleep, because I’m scared of where I’ll wake up. I am terrified to talk, because I’m scared I’ll say the wrong thing.’ Andrew continued, ‘I am terrified to do anything without someone else’s permission, because I’m scared I’ll be beaten again. But…’

Samantha looked at him shocked, ‘….I’m not scared to admit it.’ Andrew smiled, ‘I’m scared to live and scared to die. But that’s the same for everyone right?’

Samantha smiled, ‘You seem very sure of yourself. But earlier when I asked Zach to leave us you were scared because Zach was going to leave your side.’

Andrew chuckled and scratched the back of his head, ‘What can I say? I’m just a weirdo I guess.’

‘Nothing of the sort.’ she smiled, ‘You seem to be a very well rounded person, despite being full of contradictions and confusion. You understand right from wrong and can accept help. Trusting people must be difficult for you now however……’ she looked at Zach, ‘You seem to trust him with your life.’

Andrew smiled, ‘He’s the only reason I made it this far! If he hadn’t found me, I don’t think I’d have made it to this hospital. I think my uncle would have found me and just continued to have his way with me until I died, either that or he would have killed me. The reason it seems like I trust him with my life is because I do trust Zach with my life.’

‘But it’s only to be expected that you wouldn’t be able to trust anyone, after what you have been through, that’s why I’m so surprised. I saw your medical reports.’ Andrews face seemed to darken as he looked away from Samantha, ‘I’m not going to pretend to understand, because I have no idea. But your uncle broke nine of your bones during your eleven month captivity, as the report reads he tortured you with knives and beatings. Not to mention all the healed broken bones from years ago, witness statements about suspected abuse from your school teachers and classmates. And then there is the sexual abuse your uncle put you through. You must know, that you didn’t deserve that, any of it.’

Andrew chuckled, ‘Everyone has told me that, everyday since I arrived here.’ ‘You didn’t deserve that.’ ‘He had no right to do that to you.’ ‘You’re not the one to blame’ ‘Like they felt they needed to tell me! Like I didn’t already know.’

She packed up her stuff as her time was up, ‘This is only our first session.’ she handed Andrew her card, ‘Please, stick to the appointments. I think you still need someone to talk to.’ she walked out.

Andrews family doctor asked, ‘How’d it go?’

‘His uncle really messed with that poor kids head!’ Samantha explained, ‘He’s beaten him so far into submission, he thinks that beatings are just a normal part of everyone’s day. I’m sure he’d tell you anything you wanted to know because he’s worried if he didn’t he’d be hit again. That’s not how I want these sessions to work.’

‘He seems to be using Zach as a security blanket. Short term, I’m happy he can still trust people. But long term, I don’t know how he is going to fair if he can’t separate himself from Zachs side.’ the doctor sighed, ‘I brought Andrew into this world, his mother was a drunk and his uncle stepped in to take custody. Everyone thought he was so kind hearted to take him in.’

‘And what of his father?’ she asked.

‘Skipped out before he was born, he wanted nothing to do with him. His mother died of alcohol poisoning a few years ago.’ he sighed, ‘How could I not see what his uncle was doing to him? I’m a doctor, yet I saw no signs! I’m sure you saw the scars on his wrists.’ she nodded, ‘I had no idea it had gotten so bad!’

‘You don’t see what people don’t want you to. Andrew is surprisingly calm about the whole thing, he answers simply. He doesn’t seem to register just what his uncle has done to him, he doesn’t see himself as a victim like everyone else sees him, he’s detached. I think in my professional opinion, that right now, we should leave him be for now and wait until he comes to us. If we try to push him, we might push him too far away, so that when he’s ready to accept our help it’s not too late’ she explained.

‘That’s fair.’ he smiled, ‘And thank you for seeing him on such short notice.’

‘Not at all.’ she smiled, ‘It’s frustrating. He doesn’t fit into any expected text book example of an abused person. I have thought of every one in the book, he has traits of all of them but nothing is a perfect fit.’ she walked with the doctor, ‘His has signs of learned helplessness. Battered person syndrome. Post traumatic stress disorder, but strangely he doesn’t seem to have Stockholm syndrome, not directed towards his uncle at least, but….. I just can’t see why he’s clinging to Zach so tightly.’

The doctor smiled, ‘Andrew was always a quiet boy. His emotions always were difficult to see. He’s defensive but open, he’s guarded but powerless. He probably just wants to forget this whole thing and move on. He probably looks upon Zach as a big brother, he means safety, security and warmth. I assume he has your number.’ she nodded, ‘He’ll talk to you when he is ready.’

Samantha clicked her tongue, ‘Zach’s a big brother? I don’t think that’s it.’ she said walking away.

Back inside Andrews hospital room, ‘You’re good at thinking on your feet aren’t you?’ asked Zach.

‘I’m sorry I messed up.’ he replied avoiding eye contact.

Zach huffed, ‘Look at me.’ Zach saw a scared expression on his face, so smiled trying to calm him down, ‘I’m not mad. You recovered well, both times. I’m not going to hit you.’ Andrew smiled, Zach pulled him in resting Andrews head on his chest, ‘I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to scare you.’

‘It’s ok.’ replied Andrew.

‘I had no idea.’ Andrew looked up at him, ‘I had no idea that your uncle put you through so much.’ he let Andrew go, ‘If I had just five minutes alone with your uncle, he’d wish he was never born.’ Andrew chuckled.

‘You’re so protective.’ he started laughing, Zach was confused, ‘I’ve not had anyone like that since my mother.’ Andrew moved closer to Zach, ‘Can I have a kiss?’ Zach looked out the window. Andrew chuckled tapping, ‘Only twenty taps left, hurry up.’

‘Just this once you can give the orders.’ he kissed him and pulled away when Andrew stopped tapping.

Zach asked, ‘So what was my pattern?’ Andrew looked at him, ‘With your tapping trick, what was my pattern?’

‘You didn’t have one.’ replied Andrew, he smiled chuckling slightly, ‘It was very frustrating.’

Zach laughed, ‘I guess I really am unpredictable!’

‘Not one day with you was the same. I had a pattern but you didn’t, past how you let me out the basement, nothing else had a pattern to it. There was no pattern to your behaviour. I knew how to cause certain behaviours, but that was about the extent of it.’ Andrew replied.

‘Not one thing happened at any certain time, it would take you twelve taps to walk down the basement steps and grab me then, fifteen taps to carry me out, five taps to enter the kitchen, but apart from that, there was nothing else I could really measure you to.’ Andrew yawned, ‘Even after you started letting me out the basement everyday there was little to no consistency in times.’ Andrew sat back and yawned again, ‘Sorry Zach but I’m kind of tired.’ Zach smiled.

‘Go to sleep for a little bit then. I promise, you’ll still be in this same room, with me right here beside you, when you wake up.’ replied Zach. Andrew blushed and nodded settling down. Zach held and stroked his hand putting him at ease in an instant.

The next day, a reporter interviewed him, ‘Why do you think he pretended you were abducted? If he had you all to himself anyway? And why would he run the risk of getting caught by robbing the store you worked at to take you? Why not wait for you to leave then attack you in an alley way?’

‘You’d have to ask him that!’ Andrew started shaking. Zach held his hand which calmed him, ‘But at a guess I’d say, he wanted more of a dramatic abduction, in front of witnesses to drum up more support and sympathy in his favour. No one suspects the grieving relative.’

‘Your uncle has refused to seek a lawyer and pleaded guilty to all charges, how does that make you feel?’ she asked.

Andrew smiled, ‘Relieved. I’m happy that there won’t be a trial.’ he looked at her, ‘But I have a question for you. If you don’t mind?’ she shook her head, ‘Not that I’m complaining but why does everyone who interviews me or attends me female?’

She scratched her head, ‘I can’t say anything for the hospital workers, but my editor in chief thought you’d feel more comfortable around women since you were abused by a man for so long.’

Andrew smiled, ‘Thank you.’ she looked at him confused, ‘You’re the first person to answer that question with a straight answer. Everyone else avoids it.’ she smiled and left.

A week later a nurse came in with pills, ‘Why am I having pills?’ asked Andrew.

‘The doctor wants to remove the IV pain relief today, but still wants you medicated.’ she explained.

Andrew moved the pills away, ‘I’ll be fine. I’m used to the pain by now anyway.’

‘What do you mean? You’ve been on an IV since you were admitted.’ she explained. Andrew smiled and showed her that it wasn’t connected to him, ‘When did you take that out?!’

‘The other day after the therapist left. I don’t really like needles.’ replied Andrew plainly.

She rang for the doctor who ran in. He looked at Andrew, ‘Andrew you can’t remove your IV on your own!’

Zach smiled, ‘He said he’s fine besides, he’s kept turning down the dosage at every hour since his uncle was taken away, so the IV wasn’t actually doing much anyway.’

‘You let him do that!?’ exclaimed the doctor.

‘I just didn’t report it. You guys are the ones who let it happen.’ explained Zach.

They seemed to back off. The doctor sighed, ‘Ok Andrew. I will let this one slide and you don’t have to take any pills, but please go to your physiotherapy appointment tomorrow and keep up your appointments with the therapist.’

Andrew chuckled, ‘Alright. I promise, I’ll go to physiotherapy, but I don’t need that therapist.’

The doctor said, ‘Andrew you’ve been through an awful lot, I know it doesn’t seem like it now but it will catch up with you eventually and you’ll need to talk to someone.’

Andrew nodded, ‘I accept that. So, when it does catch up to me I will give her a call. There must be others that would benefit far better than me for having her to talk to.’

‘But you need her too.’ said the doctor.

‘Says you.’ replied Andrew, ‘I will contact her if and when I need her.’

The next day, the nurses got a wheelchair and went to collect Andrew for his physiotherapy, they saw him out the bed walking around, they grabbed him, ‘Andrew, you were supposed to wait for us to help you.’

Andrew smiled, ‘But I’m fine. I’ve been up all morning.’

‘What?!’ exclaimed one of the nurses.

Zach chuckled not looking up from his book, ‘He’s not sat down all morning. I told him he’d tire himself out but he carried on.’

‘Andrew please get into the wheelchair so we can take you to your physiotherapy.’ said the other nurse.

‘Why can’t I walk?’ asked Andrew.

Zach stifled his laugh, ‘Sorry.’ he smiled and put his book down. He stood up, ‘Andrew come here.’ he did and Zach flicked his ear, ‘Stop creating work for the nurses.’

Andrew held his ear, ‘How did that hurt so much?!’

‘Ears are more sensitive than people think.’ explained Zach, he held out his arm, ‘Come on.’ Andrew took hold of his arm and Zach put him in the wheelchair.

Zach watched as Andrew passed all the physiotherapy tests with flying colours. He smiled as he thought, ‘He is so much stronger than anyone gives him credit for!’

His physiotherapist put Andrew on a treadmill, ‘Ok, we don’t normally do this on the first session but you are doing remarkably well. Hold on to the bars, we’re going to take it nice and slow.’ Andrew nodded. He started off well suddenly his ankle buckled and he fell, causing pain to ripple throughout his entire body. Andrew couldn’t do anything to hide his pain as he failed to pull himself off the floor, Zach played down his reaction.

His physiotherapist went down to him, ‘It’s ok. I wasn’t expecting you to do this well so soon. I was pushing you a little today, even though it’s your first session because you were doing so well. Catch your breath, then we’ll take you back to your room for some rest.’

Andrew pulled himself up, ‘No.’ unsteady and obviously in pain he stood up, ‘I’m not giving in. I didn’t go through everything he put me through to give up that easily.’ he started walking on the treadmill again. He started sweating as he pretended he was fine although the pain was getting worse.

Zach chuckled still reading his book, ‘Don’t try to act so tough. You’re seriously hurt, everyone can see it. Just sit down for a minute.’ Andrew sighed and stopped.

‘Fine.’ he sat down on the floor at Zachs feet, resting his head on his knee. Andrew didn’t see it as strange as he’d almost always been on the floor around him. The nurses were shocked that he had sat like that so readily.

Zach sighed, grabbed the collar of his top and pulled him up next to him, not taking his eyes off his book, ‘Seriously! You’re not a captive anymore, stop acting like one.’

Andrew rested on his shoulder, ‘Can I sleep on you?’ Zach smiled.

‘We should go back to your room if you’re going to sleep.’ said Zach.

‘Please.’ said Andrew. Zach looked at the nurses and the physiotherapist as they smiled, seeming to find Andrews peaceful expression and innocent request cute.

Zach sighed, ‘Fine.’ Andrew upon receiving permission, rests on him, ‘You guys can go. I’ll take him back to his room in a while.’ they left. Zach huffed and replied, ‘Don’t be so obvious.’ he realised quickly he was talking to himself as Andrew was fast asleep, resting on his shoulder.

Zach chuckled, ‘You shouldn’t try so hard, but I know, that’s just the kind of person you are.’ he transferred Andrews head to his lap and pulled his legs up on the sofa, ‘You were always a hassle, but at least you’re not heavy.’

He stroked his hair and smiled as he thought, ’He’s almost like a cat.’

He continued to read his book until he woke up, Andrew jumped and sat up, looking around, ‘Zach!?’

‘Hey. I’m right here.’ he replied, Andrew turned with tears in his eyes.

‘You’re still here.’ Andrew exhaled, relieved to see Zach, he tried to calm his breathing.

Zach looked around then stroked his face, ‘I wouldn’t leave you here alone.’ he kissed him gently. He pulled away and picked him up, ‘Come on. Time you went back to your room.’ he lowered Andrew into the wheelchair.

‘When can we go home Zach?’ asked Andrew.

‘Soon.’ replied Zach, ‘The hospital has to discharge you.’

‘Can’t you just abduct me again?’ asked Andrew.

Zach chuckled, ‘You can’t talk like that around here.’

Andrew smiled, ‘But no ones around.’

‘We have to be careful.’ replied Zach, ‘A lot of people are going to ask a lot of questions even after we leave.’

Andrew was discharged from the hospital a few days later, Zach came to pick him up. He stood in the doorway and smiled, ‘Come on, I’ll take you home.’

Andrew smiled following him, ‘It’s snowing!’

‘Yeah. It’s nice.’ Zach watched as he walked, ‘Is you’re leg hurting you at all?’

‘No. It’s fine. It’s just this is my first time walking anywhere properly since my leg was broken.’ replied Andrew, ‘I just have to get used to walking distance again.’

‘Take it easy, ok? If you want me to help you, I’m right here.’ replied Zach, Andrew nodded.

He drove him back to his uncles house. Andrew asked looking at his uncles house, ‘Why are we here?’

‘This is your home.’ said Zach.

‘This isn’t my home. This was never my home, even that shoe box apartment I bought, was never my home.’ he looked at him, ‘Your house is my home.’ he smiled, ‘Please, I want to go back there.’

Zach kissed him passionately and put the seat back, getting on top of him, ‘I love you.’

‘I love you too.’ replied Andrew stroking his face, he kissed him, he felt Zachs hand slip into his trousers, ‘Zach…..lets go home to do that.’

Zach smirked as he got back in his seat, he drove him back and kissed him while opening the door, they planned to but they never made it to the bedroom. Zach kissed him, pinning him to the floor in the hallway with one hand, while his other hand undressed him.

Andrew said as he pulled away, ‘You don’t need to pin me down, I’m never running from you ever again!’ Zach released his hands and Andrew wrapped his arms round his broad masculine shoulders and kissed him, ‘You can put your hands somewhere useful.’ he leaned into his ear, ‘Master.’

‘Master huh?’ he slipped his hand between his legs, ‘Servants shouldn’t tell their master what to do, I’ll have to punish you for that.’ he kissed him and as he pulled away bit Andrews lip gently.

They lay naked on the floor afterwards, Andrew was wiped out and struggling to catch his breath.

Zach put his hands and legs either side of him, ‘Ready for another round?’ he chuckled kissing him.

Andrew thought, ‘Again? How many times does he want it?’ he smiled and said, ‘Pl….ease….can we…..take a break…?’ Zach smirked.

‘Alright. I don’t want to be too harsh with you so soon.’ he chuckled, ‘I only just got you back, we have all the time in world to do this now! Get your breath back, then we’ll have a shower and then we’ll have dinner. I’ll cook. Then tonight, we can pick up from where we left off!’

Andrew smiled, ‘I….love…….’

‘Right back at you.’ he smirked.

After a while Andrew caught his breath and asked sitting up, ‘What was his mistake?’

‘What?’ replied Zach, sitting too.

‘You said you found a mistake my uncle made, I just remembered, back before you took me to the hospital you said you found one, I’m curious. What was it?’ asked Andrew.

‘He was over confident and that made him complacent and arrogant. Thinking you are never going to get caught is a mistake.’ explained Zach, ‘And his worst mistake.’ he pushed Andrew back to the floor and hovered above him, ‘He hurt what’s mine.’

Andrew smiled, ‘I wasn’t yours back then.’

‘It doesn’t matter. You’re mine now and he hurt you. I can’t stand that.’ replied Zach, ‘I don’t like it when other people touch what’s mine.’ he smirked.

‘Thank you for putting him away for me. And thank you for believing me when I told you what he did to me.’ he wrapped his arms round his shoulders and kissed him.

‘I could hardly not believe you. You had marks all over you, plus you were terrified when you found that cigarette packet.’ he explained, ‘Come on, time for a shower I think.’ he helped him into the bathroom and washed him down gently, ‘Is the temperature ok?’ Andrew nodded smiling, ‘What?’ chuckled Zach.

‘I just can’t believe I’m doing this!’ said Andrew.

‘What?’ asked Zach.

‘Falling in love with my captor.’ replied Andrew.

Zach chuckled and pinned him to the shower wall, ‘I suppose people learn to love their chains, don’t they?’ he kissed him, ‘You’re mine forever. I will never let you go.’

Andrew smiled, ‘Good because I never want to leave.’

The next day, Andrew woke up alone, ‘Zach?’

Zach called to him, ‘Come here.’ Andrew walked out and was presented with a Christmas present.

‘Zach?’ he smiled and opened it, it was a gourmet chef cook book. Andrew hugged him, ‘Thank you so much!’ he thought, ‘But I haven’t gotten him anything, I forgot Christmas was coming up. I haven’t celebrated it in years!’ he picked up the ribbon from Zachs present and tied it round his neck, ‘Ready for your present?’ he smirked.

Zach smirked and pushed him down, ‘Does this mean you are my present?’

Andrew kissed him and spun him underneath him, he sat on his hips, he took his top off, ‘Do you like it?’

Zach smirked and thrust upwards, even through both pairs of trousers, Zachs excitement was obvious to feel. Zach sat up and placed his hands on Andrews rib cage, ‘Did that answer your question?’

Andrew smiled and kissed him, Zach undid Andrews zipper and slipped his hand in. Andrew took a sharp breath in. Zach chuckled.

‘No underwear?’ he asked. Andrew couldn’t hold his voice back as Zachs hand teased him. He licked his chest, sending shivering waves of intense pleasure coursing through his entire body.

‘Please…..Zach…’ Andrew was no longer ashamed about begging for release. Zach pushed him on his back and took both their trousers off. Zach licked his fingers before slipping them inside Andrew. His voice leapt from his mouth unable to hold it any longer, he released.

Zach threw him on his hands and knees and entered him, forcing an even louder voice to come pouring out of Andrew, ‘You know you’re not supposed to release without permission.’ he reached round and held him tightly, ‘I’ll have to punish you for that.’ he started thrusting and Andrew grabbed the carpet as Zach refused to allow him release.

‘Ah…..ple….ase……Zach…….ah….’ he caught his breath, ‘Please….ah….loosen your grip….’

Andrew thought, ‘He’s never been this brazen before. He’s usually much more reserved.’

‘I don’t know if you’ve learnt you lesson yet or not?’ replied Zach seeming completely calm and unfazed by the situation.

Andrews body trembled, through baited breath, ‘I…I have….I swear….I’m sorry….please Zach….!’

After a while, Zach smirked and leaned across so his mouth was next to Andrews ear, ‘You know how to ask for it properly.’ Zach teased stopping all movements, freezing Andrew in a heightened state.

He thought, ‘He won’t start again until I beg for it.’ he inhaled, ‘Please, Zach. I want you……to make love to me……all day and night long.’ said Andrew.

‘Day and night?’ exclaimed Zach, he licked the back of Andrews ear, ‘It really must be Christmas.’ he gently bit his ear lobe. He resumed from where he had let off.

Zach didn’t let up until dinner time, he smirked at the exhausted Andrew, ‘Are you sure you handle the night too?’

Andrew forced himself to stand up leaning on the door frame for support, ‘My body feels so stiff! He might be right, I won’t be able to handle it at night too!’ he resolved himself to it, ‘Just give me a little break and I’ll be fine.’ Zach hugged him from behind.

‘But you’re my present.’ he played with his nipple, ‘I don’t want to stop playing yet.’

‘Please Zach…..just an hour…..’ he replied.

‘Ok.’ he let him go and walked in front, he turned back and smirked, ‘How about a shower?’

Andrew thought, ‘I have a bad feeling about this.’ his prediction was spot on as Zach started again. He supported himself against the shower wall, ‘I should never offer myself to him. It’ll always end with me completely exhausted.’

Zach chuckled, ‘You’re so sensitive right now!’ Andrews voice and breath harmonised as Zachs hands vigorously teased him. Andrew couldn’t think straight enough to respond.

Zach left him alone long enough to cook dinner, but as soon as everything was washed up Zach grabbed him and dragged him to their bed, he held up some handcuffs and smirked, ‘Don’t mind do you?’ Andrew chuckled and shock his head, seeming to offer his wrists to Zach, while he handcuffed him to the bed.

‘Sorry, but it seems, in all the excitement. I forgot to unwrap you.’ he took the ribbon off, ‘I guess everything we did today is now invalid as my present.’ he smirked and slipped his finger in, he licked Andrews lip, ‘Oh well! There’s always tonight and tomorrow.’

‘No fair!’ replied Andrew, the handcuffs kept him held to the bed, ‘Now I see why you chained me up.’

‘Not chained you up.’ Zach teased him, ‘I chained you down.’ he gently bit his ear, while his hands encouraged brazen screams to bellow out Andrews mouth, ‘Don’t worry. I won’t do anything that’ll hurt you.’ he kissed him, slipping his tongue in to explore every inch of Andrews mouth, ‘Besides you’re being so obedient, I have no reason to punish you.’ he chuckled, ‘Or is that what you’re hoping for?’

Struggling to catch his breath Andrews fists clenched trying to hold his voice back during this assault on his senses. Every breath only seemed to intensify what Zach was doing to him. Zach eventually, let him go. He smiled and un-cuffed him.

‘Merry Christmas Andrew.’ he smiled giving him a gentle and tender kiss.

‘Mer…ry…Christ….mas….Zach.’ Andrew blushed, ‘I… you…..’

Zach chuckled, ‘I love you too.’ Zach kissed him, ‘Get some rest. You’re almost at your limit.’ he lay on his back and Andrew cuddled up to him resting his head on his chest and immediately fell asleep.

Zach gave a satisfied huff, ‘You’re so cute when you’re honest.’ Zach moved Andrews hair off his face, revealing his peaceful sleeping face, ‘I really tired you out huh?’ he smiled and kissed his forehead, ‘I love you.’


EXTRA: ADDED 18.09.18

After using the chloroform what did Zach do?

Zach held Andrew up, he made sure to clean off any evidence of himself off Andrew and wore gloves to put him back in his work uniform, tearing them slightly and pulling off some buttons.

He then dragged him to the open basement door. He closed his eyes and sighed, ‘I’m really sorry Andrew.’ he looked at Andrews limp body, ‘But you’re going to need some fresh bruises for this to work. Don’t worry the chloroform should serve as pain relief.’ he threw Andrew down the stairs.

Zach ran down after him, ‘Sorry about this bit too.’ he punched his face, he held his wrist and punched his forearms to simulate defensive bruising, he then tightly bound handcuffs around his wrists and pulled until they bled slightly to simulate him struggling, ‘That should do it.’

He dragged him back upstairs by the handcuffs and took him outside where he rubbed his feet into gravel, covering them in dirt and scratching them, ‘You need to look like you’ve been running.’ he did the same to his hands and knees through his trousers. He took the handcuffs off and examined the damage, ‘That should be enough.’

Zach rubbed some dirt on his face and clothes, he rubbed some dirt in his hair too. He saw blood fall out of his nose and was about to wipe it away, but thought, ‘No, it’ll be more believable this way.’ he grabbed Andrews hand to wipe it away slightly leaving traces on his face and hand, he then got a cigarette, ‘I’m so sorry Andrew, but he did this to you regularly.’ he burnt him four times.

He dragged him back inside and left him on the floor, set an alarm, four hours for his bruising to both start to show and darken. He put some more chloroform on a rag and placed over his face and counted ten breaths ensuring it was in his system.

His alarm sounded four hours later, he examined his bruising and thought, ‘Best I’m going to get I think.’ he picked Andrew up.

He put him in the passenger seat of his car, he was about to do his seat belt up when Andrew woke up, he immediately felt pain from what Zach had done to him, ‘Zach….? Why….? Why am I… so much pain?’

‘Sorry Andrew, but you needed fresh bruises.’ said Zach.

Andrew noticed he was in a car, ‘Zach? What’s happening?’ the effects of the chloroform still had a hold on him.

‘We are going to the hospital. I’m going to need you to do some acting.’ said Zach, ‘Do you understand?’

Andrew couldn’t focus on anything, ‘I want to sleep.’

‘It’s ok. Go to sleep, I’ll wake you up when we get there.’ said Zach. Andrew slumped and Zach strapped him in. He started driving and got to the hospital. Andrew was drifting in and out of consciousness.

Zach pulled up right outside and burst through the doors holding Andrew up, ‘Help! Please, help him!’ two nurses came rushing over.

‘What happened?’ asked his nurse.

‘I don’t know! I just found him like that on my way home from work.’ said Zach.

His nurse asked, ‘Do you know his name?’

‘I think it’s Andrew.’ said Zach, ‘He was muttering something like that, I don’t know! He couldn’t stay awake in the car!’

His nurse turned to the barely conscious Andrew, ‘Andrew? Is that your name? Hello? Can you hear me?’ through his dull vision he nodded. His throat was coarse from inhaling such a large amount of chloroform he mustered up a cough and some blood filled his mouth.

His body instinctively leaned forward to pour out the blood. He saw his blood spill out on the floor and fell off his chair, ‘Have….to…clean…’

His nurse stopped him, ‘It’s ok. You don’t have to do that.’

'I...have to...clean...or he' me...' he murmered.

The nurse yelled, ‘Get me a wheel chair now!’ she hurried Andrew into the chair while anther nurse tended to Zach.

‘What’s your name?’ he asked.

‘Zach.’ he replied.

‘Hi Zach, I’m Nurse Richet. Are you hurt too?’ he asked.

Zach shock his head, he watched as Andrew was taken away, ‘Will he be ok?’

‘It’s too soon to tell.’ she replied, ‘Take a seat.’

Zach shook his head, ‘I should call the police, let them know I found him. Someone is probably looking for him.’

The nurse sat him down, ‘We will take care of that. Just sit down the police will want to talk to you.’

Zach nodded, ‘Of course.’

Meanwhile, with Andrew he was trying to fight off the nurses. Unsteady and confused he hid under the bed, ‘Get away……..from me…..where’s Zach?………..I want Zach!’ every attempt made to get close to him failed, he didn’t trust any of the people in front of him.

A nurse came out and went up to Zach, 'You're Zach aren't you?' he looked up an nodded, 'Could you come through?’

‘Is something the matter?’ asked Zach.

‘He’s very distressed and won’t let us examine him. He’s asking for you.’ she explained, 'We are hoping you can clam him down so we can examine him.' Zach nodded and went in to see Andrew hiding under a bed.

He gently pushed the doctors and nurses out the way, ‘Andrew?’ Andrew looked at him.

Andrew stumbled from the chloroform and pain as he tried to run over to him, ‘Zach?’ Zach caught him, ‘Please……I don’t want to be here…..I’m scared….take me away…..’

Zach lay him on the bed, ‘I’m sorry, but you need to be seen to by a doctor. I know you’re scared, but you trust me don’t you?’ Andrew looked at him and nodded, ‘Then trust me, these people aren’t going to hurt you. I won’t let them.’ Andrew calmed and nodded.

Zach tried to walk away but Andrew grabbed his arm, ‘Please….don’t go…..’

‘Ok.’ Zach stood next to him, he thought, ‘Why is he being so clingy? I don’t get it! Is it because of the chloroform?’

Andrews family doctor came in, ‘So, it is you?’ he went over and Andrew shrunk away seeming to hide behind Zach, ‘Do you remember me? I don’t suppose you do. You were only young when we last met.’

Andrew studied his face, ‘Doctor Walker?’

He smiled, ‘Yes, that’s right.’ he looked at his bruises and scared demeanour, he put two and two together and knew almost immediately what must have happened, ‘You’ve had a hard time recently haven’t you?’ Andrew increased his grip on Zachs arm, ‘Who’s your friend?’ he smiled trying to distract him as the nurses moved closer.

‘Za….Zach….’ he replied looking at the nurses, Doctor Walker signalled for them to stay back.

‘Zach. And how did you two meet, Andrew?’ asked Doctor Walker.

Andrew had no idea how to answer that question, Zach intervened, ‘I found him on the side of the road on my way home from work.’

Doctor Walker nodded, ‘Andrew. Can I have a look at you?’ he held his hands out, ‘I promise I won’t hurt you.’

Andrew looked at Zach who nodded and he nodded at the doctor giving him his arm, the doctor immediately saw his hands were scarred and arms seriously bruised, ‘Andrew, will you allow me to sedate you so we can have a closer look at these wounds without hurting you.’

Andrew nodded and the nurse handed him a needle, ‘You’re going to feel a little prick but it’ll be over in a few seconds.’ he was sedated, he started to find it hard to keep his eyes open as he fell asleep, still holding onto the sleeve of Zachs shirt, the doctor examined him.

‘Oh Andrew.’ Doctor Walker exhaled fighting back tears, ‘He needs an x-ray. I suspect he has several broken bones.’

They put Andrew through the x-ray and left him asleep with Zach at his bedside, while they checked the results, ‘It’s obvious.’ said his doctor, ‘He has been tortured for at least eleven months. Not to mention the overwhelming evidence from before that.’ he closed his eyes and sighed, ‘Poor kid.’

The nurse went to Andrews room with bandages, she started to clean and treat his wounds, ‘This poor boy. He must have been through a lot.’ she cleaned the blood from his nose and cleaned the dirt from his face.

Zach replied, ‘Do you want some help?’

‘No, it’s alright. It’s my job after all.’ she looked at him, ‘You’re the one who found him right?’ Zach nodded, ‘Good thing you did.’ she returned to treating his wounds, ‘I heard the x-ray has revealed some pretty serious problems.’ Zach said nothing and remained emotionless, ‘Judging by these wounds he’s really been through a lot!’ Zach started to cry, ‘Are you ok?’

‘I’m fine.’ he composed himself, ‘It’s just hard to see someone like this is all!’

‘He’s in good hands I promise.’ she replied handing him a tissue, ‘We’ll look after him.’

‘Thank you.’ replied Zach. He was left with Andrew.

Andrew woke up and immediately felt heavy as the pain relief numbed his every muscle, the mixture a chloroform and sedatives made focusing very difficult. He barely mustered the power to speak but managed to call out to Zach.

‘Hey?’ he held his hand, ‘Hey, I’m here. Relax.’

Andrew saw him and smiled, ‘W….whe……..?’

‘You’re in the hospital. Do you remember what we talked about in the car?’ asked Zach. Andrew nodded, ‘Good, for now just rest ok?’

Andrew looked at Zach, ‘Pl…ease…Zach…lower the dose….’

‘What?’ asked Zach, ‘Andrew the doctor set you a specific level.’

‘Please…’s too high……I can’t….take it….’ replied Andrew. Zach lowered it and Andrew immediately felt better.

Zach chuckled, ‘Only you would feel better with less pain relief!’

Andrew smiled, ‘Th…ank you….Zach…’

‘Get some sleep.’ replied Zach, ‘You need some rest.’


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