The Officer

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a officer that is a bad police officer people dont know that he is a bad police officer they will know that he is a bad police officer soon.

The Officer Dlc

Frank:Lets start my story i was a kid that liked money so much and yes im from The KIller story this is just to tell my story... and tell my crimes and how it started.. lets start my story.. this happen when i was 8 years old.

*Frank sees dropped money*

Frank:Huh.. someone dropped money i should grab it 

*Frank walks up to dropped money*

*Frank grabs dropped money*


Frank: SHIT.

*Unknown walks up to Frank*

*Unknown Slaps Frank*

Frank: Don't you dare slap me! 

*Frank Kicks on Unknows leg*

Unknown: OW.

Frank: This is my money go to hell.

*Frank runs*

*story pauses* 

Frank: I was a bad chlid because of money lets skip to when i made my plan.

*story continues*

*skips to when he was 45 years old and when he made the plan*

Mark: Sir we ran into a car chase but we lost Zaky.

Frank: Its ok we can find him and arrest him soon.

Mark: Ok Sir.

*Mark opens the door and leaves*

*Frank Calls Zaky*

Zaky: We Lost Mark but we didnt kill the other guy.

Frank: its ok lets make a plan.

Zaky: ok.

Frank: you will shoot him by a sniper then police officers will bring him to a hospital we will have a bad docter that will inject him a thing that can kill him fast.

Zaky: ok good idea i will it in my what to do list.

Frank: Bye

Zaky: Bye 

*Frank ends the call*

*Story pauses*

Frank: i wasnt trying to kill Mark's wife either was zaky trying to.. we just wanted to kill mark.

*story continues*

*skips to Mark's wife getting shot by the sniper scene*

Zaky: is everything ready?

Frank: yes everything is ready.. the sniper is ready to shoot mark.

Zaky: ok 1. 2. 3. shoot him!

Sniper: ok.

*Sniper shoots mark*

*Kate comes in the way*

*Kate gets shot*

Mark: KATE!


Frank: SHIT.. we can kill his wife and make him angry he will be weak then.

Zaky: ok.

*Mark picks up Kate*

*Mark and Kate gets in the car*

*Mark Drives to hospital with kate*

At The Hospital.

*Mark and Kate goes in the hospital*

Mark: DOCTER!!!!

Dr.Eric: Bring her to the operation room.

*Dr.Eric goes in the operation room*

Frank: Inject her with the project 911.

Dr.Eric: Ok.

*Dr.Eric injects kate project 911*

*Dr.Eric leaves the operation room*

*story pauses*

Frank: As you see it was my idea killing Mark's wife but Zaky died because of me i didnt want to kill Mark but then i thought he will be weak if i kill his wife my theory was wrong now you know what happen and how was the plan going to be. i have learned one thing in life dont do anything bad for money and dont like money that much.

The End.






Submitted: April 18, 2018

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I enjoyed your story... Tom...

Sun, December 16th, 2018 3:15am

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