Hello Human

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Are you sure you're alone in the universe?

"Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the Universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying."

-Arthur C. Clarke

Hello Human?

Yes, you. Also, to the one that sits next to on the bus and that one that will walk with you for the rest of your days whether you know them or not. But what makes you human? For most, it's an easy question to answer and for others, it might boil down to a few things. When talking about being human the base description your kind commonly talk about is race and that in the end, you all consist of water, blood and bone so what's the big deal.

It's true but it's more than that; is it not? I would think compassion and understanding are more important factors. Even the most psychotic of you contain it, though only small; it still exists. You were programmed that way and although you can teach yourself to forget the pain it's never truly gone. It makes you human. If we really wanted to I could subtly explain you as a primitive bipedal mammal supposed to have evolved from apes. One that remembers, stores and transfers information in the hopes you will evolve further one day.

Yet you are sentient enough to hold your own opinions, create your own path. Form connections and find a circle to which you belong, whether it be for a long or small amount of time. But you, like many others of your kind, are prone to making mistakes. A concept classed as the human error. It makes you one of the most dangerous and unpredictable species to exist. It is also why you remain to stay at the top of the food chain. and above all else, you can control your environment, change it and make it so you can survive, because in the end; that is the game of life.

However, from the basis of a simple physics term: 'gravity', you know what goes up must come down. Much the same for the concept of life. What is born must die. You are not immortal dear human and most of you; I'm sure don't want to be. For you also know that to live forever would mean that you would no longer be human.

Human's seem to measure their lives by their experiences and in doing so, make it a habit of surrounding themselves with bright and shiny things much like one of their lesser species, birds. Seemingly too, you find yourself reading this in search of entertainment or perhaps knowledge that might grow your sense of being. Maybe you've found neither in the experience of reading so far and you might be a little unsettled at the idea that something other than you exists. Something that has been watching and observing your kind for longer than they would like to admit.

We seem to have merged quite well with your kind. Going about our daily lives just as you would, but don't get me wrong. We aren't the same in any sense of the word.

You see? It's been coming for a long time. From when you first crawled out of the dirt and created a fire to keep warm. Created homes and a family for yourself... All things you wanted to protect because that's what you think life is about.

Enslaved your own kind, created industry rotted with statistics and told them it was the only way forward.

You went on to build weapons, ones that you would use for the wrong things. Ones that destroyed lives and entire eco-systems with the push of a button.

Did you ever think there might have been other ways?

Then you created governments, corrupted with greed and prided on having full control. You made a mistake at every step of your journey. You say death is the destroyer of worlds, and yet you blame those before you for their mistakes. But it's called human error for a reason and it hasn't changed no matter what we predicted originally for you.

You just kept digging, further and further into the ground, in an attempt to evolve into better versions of yourselves. But you couldn't and you won't.

We won't let you...

Goodbye Human.

Submitted: April 18, 2018

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