Procrastination poems

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Chapter 1 (v.1) - He does

Submitted: April 17, 2018

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Submitted: April 17, 2018



You weren't anything to us
But you asked to be
You found a family of two 
And decided to be number three 

You promised love and truth
Saw the greatest moments of his youth 
You showed us new things 
We made room for you

The cracks started to show
But I kissed and bandaged each one
We saw no flaws
So you called him your son

You helped with Santa 
The Easter bunny too
For two whole years 
You were the man he knew

When it was just you and I 
We made promises of love
With a ring and his permission
We got closer to a life as one 

You hid so much 
I never even knew 
I didn't know I loved a stranger
Someone you pretended was you 

I still don't know the real reason
The one that made you leave
I haven't cried since 
To be honest by the end I was relieved 

You left one night 
He still doesn't know why
He's too young to know 
But I act strong when he cries 

A love of a family shattered over night
Six months have passed 
He begs for you back 
Each time a heart breaking fight

You gambled with everything 
Sport, horses and your life
Then us your greatest treasure 
I asked, you gave no reason why 

You started to hurt me with words 
Bruises made to be hidden from view 
You pushed me till I broke 
And could take no more excuse 

A secret no one we knew 
We planned to be four 
And now it's only two 
But I will never miss you 

But he does 

© Copyright 2019 K. Alexander. All rights reserved.


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