The Adventures of Bisto Boy

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This piece is a surrealist comedy,some parts play on real life.

On this wonderful Winter day we find Bisto Boy talking to himself.He looks at the camera and says "I want a sandwich",we look back and say "jam please".He refuses to make us a jam sandwich.The electricity got a static shock and said I'm shocked.The root beer attacked me so I played Kirby's Dreamland,it made me feel better.The tigers were tigering,and I said "okay".This is a true story one day after doing stand-up I got stood up by my girlfriend.Another fact,Barbados is larger than America.I knew this girl once,I made her believe Pokemon was real,how real!I knew a guy from the Netherlands,one,two,cat.Foot brothers let's rise and take steps."Mate,your mum looks like Bananarama","Mate,you talking about my mum?","No".Everything in the Spanish and English dictionary.So back to the topic,Bisto Boy never lost a step.

Submitted: April 18, 2018

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