Dear Marnie

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Short story that I created while day dreaming enjoy!

Dear Marnie,

oh how I miss the cold winded nights as we grazed upon the lands beneath us, towering over the lost souls below, searching for our night’s “meal”. How you would say to me in times of utter madness, “calm down, look low, aim high, and you shall survive”. How you used to stare at me after my feasting was complete, wondering oh so aloud, if only to make me feel as if I was demonic in my search for strength and life and power over another. Screeching at my every move, so hollow and so frightful. Not knowing the person who you were witnessing once again take life to give life. How you cringed at the bars sight of me, flowing through the wind, carrying my last meal’s carnage at my side, constantly laughing aloud at the pure thought of my true evil. Uniquely, I had become used to this reaction and accepted my life’s fate. But always seemed to inevitably agree with your souring taste for me. As I had become a monster too so had you become my queen. Whose momentary lapses of reason kept you ultimately at caring for my ways. You knew from where i came from but still couldn’t face the facts. You saw me on my first date but still let your judgement lapse. I’d cal on you for your guidance but never hear your doubts. The temptress always leading me outward to watch and laugh. I knew from in the beginning that you held all of the power over me and all my actions, you say there always salivating. Blood lust moontime rendezvous turned into costly lies and betrayals. And the amber lit moonshine above me held court on those old nights. Our eyes would meet in public at times as darkness passes by. And I would speak out your name just to feel you fasten by, as if you were afraid of the man I had become. But how shall you have so forgotten that I’m a product of your own shun! How could you have been so daring to keep me hidden from all your beings? How could you have lived by knowing all along “the truth”? As you lived, I lived. As you die, I shall die. That was the motto that you taught me. But now as I am a changing, you don’t even show up for our meetings, out of fear. I’ve hidden amongst the nighthawks for several decades too long. And as you still shun my very existence, I gather my things to go, onward into this world alone to hunt as wolves would do. And so i say unto you, as the servant shall say to the master’s sigh: I will always be the sad product of you and your craving’s desire. I never asked for this life, and never complained or ran away from it all. I’ve always been right amongst you, scavenging on your mostly barren hunting ground. For I must have been mistaken oh so many, many generations ago when I first laid my eyes upon you, and you so too took my soul. And made me into what you so much despise deep down inside and on the outwards glance upon my very being this day. How ironic, my ole sweet Marnie, the undead soul that took my everything, but now, alas, has cast me out into the world alone. And who has seemed to have forgotten the truth that reaps her own sew. The very product of her own hatred and Anger and pain and rage has now become forgotten to her and that itself has caused me my most pain. So tomorrow, I must leave you to be alone once more in this hell I live. That hell that you have all along created but try not to dwell in. But instead you laugh, and shiver, and quiver, and cry, as you watch me turn so savagely into the devil’s own kind. And rampage and rape and murder those lesser in age than I.  But still you sit so silently and demeaningly in that old wore out perch of yours up in the sky watching so closely from up above. And you cast judgements upon me and continue to deny what my old wretched soul has grown into. The facts that will always haunt you, the bitethat never dies. The constant hunt for living and for feeling normal once again Is now becoming an “end game” to the solace and lost “life” i live. I think of you each day for if only a moment, and begin to scream inside so loudly: “this here is to you my darling Marnie!” This is my last testament and vow. Come Morning light, I will surrender to my life’s inevitable and painful end. And as the ashes begin to blow freely and carry my fallen body’s life along with it, I hope you take a moment to stop and think of me clearly, and perhaps you will even finally see the err of your ways. And realize that all along, the one that you were hating was the same one that you once along time ago did bore oh so long ago. So this falltime, when the leaves slowly but surely begin to give way to the snow flakes, look up and search for me. But I’ll have already gone. Finally free from you and your horror show of life not worth living, the life of the undead. Walking alone upon this world wondering just what my life might have been like if it had been one with a normal existence. Well, your day of reckoning is coming soon My Dear Marnie! Just like all of the others that lived once before you and all of the ones surely to come soon after your life has passed you by. Your day will come! Until then, I bid you a fond farewell and adieu. Yours always until the end, 

your masterful and ungodly creation of death and despair. May you go into that dieing light, unafraid of the consequences that may exist beyond it and held accountable for the lives that you surely ruined and destroyed along the way, just like mine. My master’s creation I am once again. Unfortunately...............

Submitted: April 18, 2018

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