Fading Connection

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Submitted: April 18, 2018

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Submitted: April 18, 2018




Fading Connection

Peaks reached of silent affection

Now, so many nameless objections

Number one, no heart protection

Stars seem to be moving in opposite directions

Don’t know how to reach out any more

Comfort zone has somehow slithered under the door

As they say, all’s fair in love and war

Selected preference for

Not less, but more

Don’t shadow my lead

Here is where the heart truly bleeds

Real people believe

Hopes and dreams in words you can taste, you can see

You can feel

Weakened in the height of its interpretation, expressions deemed real

What you see is what the heart gets

Forgive and Forget

Hum…I think not

Key has already been twisted the master lock has been popped

They say good things comes to those who wait

Patiently anticipate

At any given rate

However, the mind is such a terrible thing to waste

Even in life’s fragile state

Suspended time is the absence to recreate

Connection to the heart

Where does the essence of transferring positive energy really start

In the eyes of the beholder

Only after eradicating life’s tentative boulder

Under the covers

Once emotions have been given to smother

In sweet poetry lines

Degradation thoughts now seizing the mind

Women hanging on to mankind by expressive designs

Traveling worldwide has taught me one thing, okay may two

Know your worth in life, your presence as you stand is not always your just due

Reaching out with heart and mind, only one felt

Is this the only way in life one must truly connect

People literally come together to share their sacred juice

Even for the ones who play fast and who are footloose

The ones who always claim to have the golden goose

If we look in the mirror, mind is still caged, by the torment of being a mental recluse

Product of society abuse

Allow your mind to relax, connect, reach out

One breath, one voice to scream and silently shout

If you prefer that route

For my creed to be, come to me, experience life together, I will even throw in a naughty please

Not asking, or begging, or going down on my knees

Wait, strike the last concept

We’re way past just met

It’s creditable when its dotingly dealt, or should I say, solely felt

Why this beautiful poem

Words given to comfort when blankets in life cannot keep you warm

When the heart is torn

Or second changes to connect have been reborn

Have no more tears to mourn

For this day, may I rejoice and be glad, and for once, toot my own horn

Is it loud enough for you to hear it, as words mentally adorn



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