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Hello fellow writers! For a 1000 read special I have put into this book my top 5 poems that have the most reads. Enjoy!

Why, Snow?

In Canada it can get pretty cold,

So, hot chocolate, I sold.

The snow, it's all the same,

In an amount that I can't name.

I wish we'd get some sun,

But the snow has already won.

Things are getting pretty scary

Today it's not very merry.

Because Christmas has passed

And those toys didn't last

And we aren't growing any berries.


April Fools

Hooray! Hooray!

Today is the day

Today is April Fools.

I'm gonna pull a prank

And get my friend Frank.

This day totally rules!

But when I got to school

I looked like a fool,

Because I was splattered

With whipped cream.

I swore one day

That I'd make that person pay.

Then Frank said "In your dreams!"


No Way Out

Man, I've been in here for what seems like forever.

They took everything I had

Except my cloths and my hat.

I didn't know who they were and I

Couldn't tell anyway.

People with masks came

And took me as I was walking down the street.

They gagged me, stuffed me in a bag

And locked me up in this gray chamber

With an unknown source of light.

I've been looking for days,

Checking for cracks,

Looking for an air duct

But to no avail.

I searched and searched,

But there's no way out.


That Single Post

I wish I never made

That single post.

It was a big mistake

And I realize that now.

It was very rude

And I should have been punished.

But, I have a feeling that,

In the long run,

It will have a big impact

On my life.

People are giving me dirty looks

Everywhere I go.

I've had to move schools twice.

I don't know how long

Keep this up.


I See You

I see you when you hide from me

I see you, I see you.

I see you when you go to sleep

I see you, I see you.

Don't ever try to run from me.

Whenever you move, I can see

A shifty child in stained dress robes

A sneaky child with useless hopes.

Whatever you do, I will be

In the corner watching you

Watching everything you do.

I see you when you hide from me

I see you, I see you.

I see you when you go to sleep

I see you, I see you.


Submitted: April 18, 2018

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I think I've read them all before, sc33, but it was nice to see them all brought together.

Wed, April 18th, 2018 7:41pm

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