For Me—what Made Bryant Mcgill Truly Royal.

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Poem on Bryant Mcgill—Internationally Acclaimed Poet, Author of World's No.1 McGill's English Dictionary of Rhyme, Celebrity Consultant & Inspirational Author

Royalty drifted most inscrutably from his ‘English Dictionary of Rhyme'; which had enchanted millions in its ebulliently rhythmic swirl—perennially captured the imagination of the globe as being the best and most inimitable of its kind,

Royalty drifted most charismatically from his ‘Benign Smile'; which made him approachable to one and all— escalated him as an instant hero of the masses as well as the most unparalleled of celebrities; alike,

Royalty drifted most enigmatically from his ‘Eternal Poems'; which magnetized every conceivable living being to bond in the spirit of love; compassion and togetherness— stirred the soul of even the ghastliest of devil to think of the divine,

Royalty drifted most bountifully from his ‘Endearing Fingers'; which unassailably intertwined with the essence of existence as it came—caressed every palpable object in vicinity with the zealous energy to unflinchingly survive,

Royalty drifted most unconquerably from his ‘Varied Charities'; which inexhaustibly strived to ameliorate every suffering on the planet—with the scepter of altruistic healing straight from the soul,

Royalty drifted most triumphantly from his ‘Magical Peace Treaty'; which timelessly breathed to unite the entire planet in a miraculous rainbow of good will and compassion—so that every human achieved true freedom its truest context,

Royalty drifted most vivaciously from his ‘Bewitching Photography'; which so astoundingly rendered color and passion to the most rustic things of life—capturing the freshness that reveled most spontaneously in the ever-proliferating countryside,

Royalty drifted most enchantingly from his ‘Countless Communities'; which majestically struck a chord with millions of Entrepreneurs/Professionals via lightening fast Internet—provided a platform for one and all to divulge the innermost realms of their conscience,

Royalty drifted most infallibly from his ‘Angelic Family'; with the divinely frolic and gestures of his daughters—enlightening many an inexplicably devastated life into a fountain of ecstatically rejuvenated breath,

Royalty drifted most symbiotically from his ‘Uninhibited Shadow'; which fearlessly taught one and all as to how a fellow living being can be helped in even the most tiniest of capacity—irrespective of the spurious differences of caste; color; religion and creed,

Royalty drifted most jubilantly from his ‘Priceless Signature'; which depicted the impeccable clarity of his undefeated ideals and thoughts; regurgitating every bit of deteriorating naked paper that it kissed,

Royalty drifted most seamlessly from his ‘Imperious Ears'; which were astoundingly sensitive to the faintest cries of his compatriots in inconsolable pain—triggered every pore of his body to selflessly rise to help and seek help—to the most ardent of his capacity,

Royalty drifted most blissfully from his ‘Ubiquitous Quotes'; which perpetuated a sky of undying inspiration in each of his readers veins—imploring them every instant to gallop forward into the road not traversed yet; and still emerge victorious,

All this and an infinite more were ofcourse true. But for me; what made ‘Bryant Mcgill' truly ‘Royal' was every beat of his unhindered heart palpitating solely for the religion of humanity—palpitating solely so that the entire world united into a singleton mass of friendship and love—far far and forever away from any idiosyncratic dimensions of hatred; color; caste; creed; money and tribe.

Submitted: April 18, 2018

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