Forever truth; unassailably enriching the fabric of this sensuously eclectic Universe; with the everlasting inferno of bounteous righteousness,

Forever selflessness; bountifully enlightening the life of every bereaved organism; embracing him in the aisles of symbiotic paradise,

Forever beauty; panoramically enveloping the trajectory of this pricelessly benign planet; with astoundingly vibrant charisma and timeless graciousness,

Forever unity; perpetuating a wave of unconquerably triumphant solidarity; amongst every caste; creed; sect and color of the; marvelously diversified society,

Forever patriotism; irrevocably driving even the most infinitesimal iota of insanely perfidious drudgery from the complexion of this; fathomlessly enchanting globe,

Forever compassion; entrenching every miserably beleaguered entity with the eternally enamoring mantra; of Omnipotent mankind,

Forever enchantment; metamorphosing even the most ethereal speck of aggrieved tyranny; into a cosmos of philanthropically resplendent happiness,

Forever innovation; with the impregnable waves of unendingly spell binding discovery; victoriously transcending over even the most ephemeral gutter of
obsoletely decaying stagnation and treacherous monotony,

Forever heavenliness; with even the most transient insinuations of venomously dastardly crime; perpetually disappearing from the periphery of this gorgeously
vivid earth,

Forever innocence; with every manipulatively prejudiced organism on this unsurpassable planet; miraculously transforming into an insuperably impeccable child; once again,

Forever illumination; the perennially undefeated rainbow of divinely peace; reigning supreme in the hearts and souls of one and all in this world; handsomely alike,

Forever goodness; with even the most parsimonious footprints of the maliciously decrepit devil; vanquishing in the mortuaries of insipidly feckless nothingness,

Forever prosperity; with every human and animal beautifully existing in a spell of egalitarian synergism; without the tiniest trace of derogatory politics; and for infinite more births yet to unfurl,
Forever camaraderie; bonding even the most acrimoniously belligerent and alien entities; in the spirit of immaculately godly friendship,

Forever freedom; with the wings of majestically ebullient uninhibitedness; wholesomely replacing every graveyard of ignominious incarceration and debasingly
depraving slavery,

Forever tranquility; with the garden of fantastically fascinating serenity; wonderfully paving its way through every iota of bedraggled bedlam on this endlessly enigmatic Universe,

Forever desire; with the penalizing coffin of forlorn loneliness extinguishing from its very non-existent roots; to make way for effulgently mischievous flirtation all day and opalescent night,

Forever rhapsody; with the clouds of astoundingly synergistic virility always ensuring; that the chapter of sacrosanct proliferation blossomed tirelessly and even beyond the end of veritable time,

And if this list of forever goodness and humanity continued till infinite infinity; then forever there will be coruscated unity; then forever there will be unshakable harmony; then forever there will be blessedly pristine paradise; then forever there will be victorious belonging; O! Yes then forever there will be Omnipresent God.

Submitted: April 18, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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