Meet Me On The Other Side

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What I have seen.

Meet Me On The Other Side


There is yet Hope for me,

A Life beyond what I have seen.

Past the gates of Heaven,

My Saviour leads me.

When my time is up,

There will be no fear for me.


On Streets of Gold I will walk.

Skies which hum with Life and Beauty.

The sound of rushing waters all around

And colours beyond belief and sight.

Family will greet and meet,

All those who have trusted and believed.


I wonder who I will meet,

Who will be there because of me?

As my thoughts pass onto the next,

I am reminded that I have a duty to respect.

When people meet me,

Do they meet you Jesus?


Have I simply been

And from that have others been able to be?

Heaven calls,

Close yet somehow far away.

Be it but a moment and I will be home,

For now I am here and I am not alone.


The forests and mountains of Heaven call out to me,

Seas whisper the Name of God,

The wind whispers Jesus' Name.

All around the Holy Spirit hovers and flies.

Races on the beaches between angelic beings

And music of all types and sound.


Rivers that flow upwards.

Stars that dance upon the ground

And music that has colour,

Colour that has sound.

No fear, no more tears,

Love that permeates all around,

So tangible that it feels like honey

And a smell that lifts the soul off of the ground.


Love leaves it's mark,

Memorials to the mile stones of so many lives,

Vineyards that are cultivated for earth,

Grapes that bear the new wine.

Heaven rejoices continously,

O what can compare to the sound.


I set my eyes on what is above,

The Beauty and the Sound.

But none compares to my Jesus,

More Beautiful than I can imagine

And for a moment I forget about the worries of tomorrow.

Here I am in the Grace of this moment.

And I am Loved.

Submitted: April 18, 2018

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