The century old fort had fading exteriors; although it stood fortified against the mightiest of whirlwinds and storms,
While its contemporary counterparts constructed at electric speeds appeared bombastic; but collapsed like a soft pack of cards; at the slightest tremor of
the earthquake.

The thick rooted Banyan tree seemed outlandish; with infinite dusty tendrils cascading from its body; although it bore the brunt of the cyclone open chested without budging an inch from the place it had taken birth,
While the rose embellished with glistening dew drops; looking flamboyant and
just a few days old; withered to blend with the mud at the first sign of
thunder in the sky.

The large feathered grandfather eagle appeared rustic; flapping its corrugated
wings painstakingly in the air; although it soared like a handsome prince through the ominous cover of black clouds,
While the silver streamed aircraft swished like a rocket through space; but resonated like a dying man nose-dived towards the earth; as streaks of turbulent lightening struck it unexpectedly.

The gargantuan lake looked monotonous; bereft of a single wave on its surface;
although its swollen silhouette wasn't affected the least in the peak of sweltering summer,
While the stream plummeting from the mountains looked enchanting; incessantly
producing a mesmerizing sound; but the assemblage of water shrunk to raw dust;
under sizzling rays of the dazzling Sun.

The conglomerate of fingers appeared pretty disillusioning; with the feather coated pen in their grip embodied with antique designs; although they chiseled exquisite lines of delectable literature; all throughout the night,
While the conventional computer typed lines at nerve wrecking speeds; was a symbol of profound sophistication in the new millennium; but metamorphosed all script into mumbled junk; the instant it was attacked by lethal virus.

The nuggets of glittering gold appeared indigenous; stashed well beneath in hideous dungeons; with the fangs of snake god guarding them against all evil; although when they were exposed to sun and unrelenting rain; the biscuits still retained their lustrous texture; the immortality of their shine,
While the scintillating coins of modern silver looked alluring; were used profusely in day to day interaction; but the chips developed peels of obnoxious rust on their surface; a few weeks after the monsoons.

The bicycle looked ludicrous; with spokes of skeleton steel protruding from each of its bars; although it traversed smoothly on the streets; whether it be gruesome night; or the steaming day,
While the swanky car was a stupendous delight to admire; zipped past the landscapes at roaring speeds; but halted abruptly midway; as the last droplet of petrol evaporated from its tank; leaving it stranded amidst an ambience of jungle and savage beasts.

The shades of rainbow in the cosmos appeared dull; failed to incarcerate attention at times; although they perennially appeared in the sky; after every shower of rain in sunlight,
While the blend of colors in the artists palette looked fascinating; each stroke of the brush evolving a new network of enthusing designs; but they got massacred the moment I scrubbed them vigorously with the eraser; annihilating all traces of them from this universe.

And the grizzly haired man seemed to be on the verge of extinction; infinite portions of his skin sagging towards the soil; although the experiences of life had made his foundations astronomically strong; and he displayed paramount resilience in adeptly conquering the most Herculean of task,
While the impetuous youngster looked brazenly dynamic; had blood circulating
passionately through his veins; but when it came to deciphering the enigmas of life; he buckled wholesomely under the pressure; the aftermath of which nearly
sent him on an expedition to his heavenly abode.

Submitted: April 19, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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