I sowed a cluster of poignant seeds in the soil; digging a
trench conducive in depth,
Diligently watered the mud at the onset of every dawn; and in brilliant sunshine;
sprinkling the enclosure with salubrious manure,
After a few years the tree grew tall and handsome; and showered upon me
succulent fruits; free of cost.

I provided it tones of green leaf; kept a festoon of immaculate coconut in its
Obliterated it from acerbic rays of the sun; and sweltering heat; providing it  
an island of hay to sleep,
In return the rustic cow bestowed upon me gallons of frosty milk; free of cost.

I manoeuvred the canvas at astronomical heights in the sky; dexterously
plucking at its nimble string,
Violently tugging the same; when confronted with swashbuckling draughts
of breeze,
In return the kite swayed phlegmatically in the air; gave me gargantuan gratification; free of cost.

Several of my ancestors fought gruesome battles in their lives,
Audaciously massacring prevalent evil; clashing swords to drive away the obnoxious enemy,
In return they left me marathon years of perpetual bliss and freedom to live; free of cost.

I used portable water parsimoniously in winter; preserving every droplet that
I could,
Educated the society about the indispensable need to store and relinquish
In return when the tyranny of summer took its acrimonious toll; I received colossal amounts of water; free of cost.

I procured a battalion of children; playing with them for incessant
hours of the day,
Incorporating their persona with the essence of humanity; teaching them to
march straight without leaning their weight,
In return when they transited to youth; their philanthropic deeds spread far
and wide; and they bestowed upon me the pride of being their father; free of cost.

I built mammoth sanatoriums for those afflicted with disastrous pain,
Assisted the blind; crippled; and the impoverished to cross the street; doing the best I could within my affordable means,
In return I got the benevolent and unprejudiced blessings of the same; free of cost.

I lived the entire of my life intensely loving the girl of my dreams,
Devoting Herculean amount of time towards those in tribulation; unrelentingly
attempting to fulfill my earthly tasks,
In return when I relinquished life and breath; the Creator gave me a place in blissful heaven; free of cost.

Submitted: April 19, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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