From The Toothbrush Of.

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Bristles of pathetically nonchalant lacklusterness; insidiously disseminated
from the toothbrush of invidiously ghoulish boredom,

Bristles of morbidly lackadaisical remorsefulness; abhorrently diffused from
the toothbrush of desolately forlorn decay and stagnation,

Bristles of spell bindingly ravishing enchantment; bountifully emanated from
the toothbrush of unsurpassably overwhelming beauty,

Bristles of abominably despicable salaciousness; gruesomely wafted from the
toothbrush of diabolically lecherous manipulation,

Bristles of indiscriminately unending bloodshed; gorily sprouted from the
toothbrush of spuriously non-existent and uncouthly biased racialism,

Bristles of ubiquitously enamoring fascination; exotically flowered from the
toothbrush of the resplendently intoxicating and gracious night,

Bristles of unconquerably unparalleled optimism; irrefutably blazed from the
toothbrush of the Omnipotently flamboyant and golden Sun,

Bristles of insatiably supreme majesty; poignantly bloomed from the toothbrush of uninhibitedly regale and timeless benevolence,

Bristles of indefatigably fathomless ecstasy; stupendously cropped up from
the toothbrush of vibrantly tantalizing and melanging compassion,

Bristles of jubilantly sensuous wholeheartedness; incredulously sprang up from the toothbrush of philanthropically embellished and triumphantly scintillating humanity,

Bristles of intrepidly exhilarating fearlessness; sparklingly bounced from the toothbrush of irrevocably unshakable and altruistic patriotism,

Bristles of seductively enthralling and rhapsodic fantasy; ebulliently fulminated from the toothbrush of tantalizingly reinvigorating paradise,

Bristles of insanely preposterous melancholia; savagely diffused from the
toothbrush of heinously treacherous and ominously disparaging crime,

Bristles of horrendously inclement despair; coldbloodedly culminated
from the toothbrush of lugubriously slithering discontentment,
Bristles of barbarically penalizing and dreary stress; perilously oozed from the toothbrush of bizarrely besieging and satanically crippling monotony,

Bristles of disastrously impoverished and measly stink; perniciously blasted
from the toothbrush of hideously dictatorial and viciously adulterated politics,

Bristles of unbelievably debilitating and orphaned poverty; miserably dispersed from the toothbrush of ignominiously castigating and pugnacious prejudice,

Bristles of perpetually everlasting prosperity and happiness; incessantly luminated from the toothbrush of celestially ever-pervading life,

Bristles of Omnisciently sacred enlightenment; marvelously radiated from the
toothbrush of eternally unassailable and regally glorious truth,

And Bristles of immortally sacrosanct and unconquerable love; timelessly
spawned from the toothbrush of resplendently throbbing and passionately
philanthropic heart.

Submitted: April 19, 2018

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