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Cami, was a high school senior. She was a nerdy girl, with a huge crush on the quarterback, Matt. She gets bullied for the fact that she likes him. What does she do? What happens to her, and Matt?

Submitted: April 20, 2018

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Submitted: April 20, 2018






Word Count (Excluding spaces): 464 words.


Cami walked up the trails. Around the big oak trees,over the rocks, and up the hills. When she reaches the end of the trail, she stands at the edge of a cliff.


This is a really steep cliff, She thinks as she looks down at the water below her.


The water splashed and beats against the rocks, and the cliff, creating a white foam.


Cami looks back up at the sky, and thinks about what just happened in the classroom at school.


The locker door suddenly slams shut.


“S’up, Hoe.” A husky female voice says.


Matilda Nealson stands in front of her, arms crossed over her chest.


"What do you want, Matilda?" Cami crosses her arms over her chest, and glares at Matilda.


"I want you to leave my boyfriend alone. Matt is obviously not into you, you stupid nerd." Matilda reaches out, and grabs a strand of Cami's long brown hair, and pulls a pair of scissors.


"No!" Cami yells out, but not in enough time.


Matilda yanks Cami's hair, making her yell, and cuts the long strand in half.


Then she laughs, and walks away.


Cami falls the the floor, and puts her forehead to her knees, feeling as though she is ugly.


"Cami?" A voice asks.


"Please, just go away, Matt." She says, standing up, and looking him in the eye.


"Who did this?" Matt growls, reaching out a hand to touch her hair.


"Dont touch me." She turns and runs.


She does not stop running until she gets to where she is now, the cliff.


Here she is now, looking down at the water, thinking about her death.


She steps forward, then as she sets one foot on the edge, her foot slips.


She falls, but her hand grabs onto the edge of the rock.


“AHHH!” She yells, her fingers slipping on the edge of the rock.


“Cami!” A voice yells from above.


“Matt! Help! The edge of the cliff!” She grabs for a hand hold.


Then, her head appears, and he is grabbing her arms.


He hauls her over the side of the cliff, and holds her to his chest. "What were you doing? No. What were you thinking?"


"Nothing." She shakes outta his grip. "Put me down."


He immediately puts her down. "Why did you leave? Was it because of what Matilda did?"


"Yes." She admits, sitting down, because her knees were about to give out.


He comes and sits beside her, taking her hand slowly in his. "What she did was wrong, Cami. I broke up with her because I saw it."


Cami says nothing. She just looks out at the water, losing herself in the blue waves.


"I think you are still beautiful, Cami." He grabs her by the chin and he kisses her.


© Copyright 2019 Bea Bellarke. All rights reserved.

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