Little Amy

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"Respected, Loving and Happy Family " is how most people portrayed Henry Hernandez Family. His wife died the day she gave birth to Amy. He is both a father and a mother to his two children named Allen and Amy.

All is change when Henry fell in love again after 5 years of being a widower and entered Nathalie in the picture.

 Little Amy


Amy is preparing a basin with half of the water and sprinkled with enough alcohol in it. She's always left alone to look out for her bedridden father with her evil stepmother. As Allen is out to school.

"Don't call me, if you only want me to help assist your useless father! Next time, call me if your father is dead!" she says through gritted teeth and pinching Amy's right ear and turned it hard that made her cringed. Her right ear turns red and swollen.

Henry is groaning like boiling water in the kettle with anger, catches Nathalie's sensitive ears and ignite her attention with much irritation. They both look at Henry, who is lying on the bed furiously looking at Nathalie.

Nathalie's fuming face march towards Henry's bed where he laid down. In a flash, Amy hurriedly runs beside her father outreaching her little arms to barricade Nathalie for hurting him.

"No mom, please don't..." She pleaded. Her face filled with tears and trembling for fear.

Nathalie didn't listen to her. She grabs her little body and throws her on the floor. She lands crumpled on the wooden floor. She painfully lifted her head to see her father. She heard how Nathalie mocks her dear father who is unable to fight himself. Unable to fight for his children who abused by the woman he thought would complete their family after many years he was a widower.

"Nathalie, enough. She's just a child" Nathalie's new boyfriend named Fred trying to stop her and showed a little concern.

Amy is like a snail crawling lamely on the floor. She tried to stand to protect her father over her evil stepmother.

Nathalie is now waving her hand in the air and ready to lose a strong slap on Henry's face but it's too late for Amy. Nathalie's hand landed vigorously like a lightening, strikingly hit on her father's face side by side. Henrys face lamented in pain and hoarseness of his voice is like a sharp pointed metal that pricks in Amy's ears that hurts her. She sobs. Henry's eyes are flashing with so much disdain over Nathalie. He regretted on the day he met Nathalie and welcome him in his house.

"Stop it! Stop it please!" Amy pleaded to brim with tears and mucus blended on her face. Kneeling down on the floor clenching on Nathalie's legs while her head is in between.

Nathalie tried to move from a strong grip by Amy and said.

" Okay, I need you to come over here to get a good view of your dear father hahaha" with an evil smile.

"Nathalie let's go" Fred tried to convince Nathalie but failed. He shook his head looking at Amy.

Amy walks lamely towards her stepmother in the side of the bed where her father could see what she is going to do with his beloved daughter.

"Come closer." Behest Nathalie with a mischievous smile.

"You want me to stop right?" Nathalie asks Amy with devilishly playing on her head.

"Kneel down and kiss my feet." She ordered Amy. Her father is trying to move but only painful sounds venting out of his mouth is all a paralyzed father could do. Tears brimming on his face leniency over his daughter and rage for Nathalie.

Like a puppet, Amy followed what Nathalie's asks for and the latter laugh evilly.

But Nathalie didn't stop there. Since Amy is small and weak, she's easily kicked on one foot and she hurled on the cement wall like a caterpillar left unconscious on the floor.

Nathalie quickly grabs the basin with water that Amy used to clean her father. She poured it onto Amy's face to get back her consciousness.

"Wake up Amy! Stop acting like that. I'm not damn as your father who easily believed in a lame acting" Kicking Amy on her side.

Finally, Amy slowly opens her eyes and blink it many times. As soon as she retrieves her sight from blurry. She hastily moves backward. Her face covered with much terror at her stepmother and scream when Nathalie throws the basin clasping in front of her.

The electric shock of fear brought Amy's body to Shriver oddly. But what Nathalie hated so much is she couldn't see any hatred or anguish in Amy's eyes but only fear. Despite the fact how bad she is to them, still, Amy remains the same. And that's how the guilt and conscience started creeping and lurking in the deepest part of her heart and tried to cover up with violence to ignore the feeling.

Amy took a glance over her father whose face is full of rage towards Nathalie. His eyes are full of pity and mercy towards Amy who is always the subject of cruelty.

Henry's only remorse was not listening to their complaints on how they were treated when he was out for work. He was blindly in love with Nathalie that failed to see her true color. Truly, there is so much more essential than outside appearance and that is the character of the person, it's too late to realizes it.

The most idiotic thing he has done was believing Nathalie more than his children. Nathalie freely showed her true color in front of him after he was stroke and bedridden. It is even more painful for a father to witness the dreadful things that Amy needs to endure when all he can do is to watch. A wave of pain imprinted across his face looking at her daughter who is currently bursting with tears. A very fragile little kid who can't even defend herself.

"Don't try to tell anyone about anything of this or else I will kill you, your brother and your dear father." Nathalie's teeth clenching, trying to lower down her voice and dreadfully warned Amy before she and Fred left the room.


One month ago...

"Daddy, I'm too excited about the surprise you wanted to announce tonight, can you tell us now?" a 5-year-old Amy impatiently asks her father.

But her father is too busy preparing foods on their table and seems like he didn't hear her. Whilst her 7-year-old brother Allen is placing a plate on the table and asked her to place a spoon and fork beside the plate.

"Daddy, I can't wait to hear your announcement. I am so excited to know now." her exigent but sweet tone voice gets her father's attention who is now done in preparing food on the table.

"Later sweetheart." her father bend down a little to level her cute daughter in the eye and put a small kiss on her forehead.

Their father gets another 2 set of plate, spoon, and fork and places it on the table. That made his kids in wonder and curiosity. Soon after placing it on the surface of the table, he instructed the kids to have a quick shower. Their visitors will come in a minute soon and joined for dinner with them.

When they are all waited in their living room, waiting for the guests to arrive when suddenly the doorbell rang. Their father is excitedly marched towards the door and swing it open. A slender, long curly hair woman and a boy come into sight. The woman is standing by the door gazing her eyes around the house with amazement sparks in her eyes as well as the boy too.

"Allen, Amy, I would like you to met Ms. Nathalie Hore and her son Toby." He introduces gleefully.

After their father introduces each other, they are all settled in the kitchen and had dinner together. Their father is fondly talking with the guests in contrast how his two children felt for the guests. The children eat silently. They obviously do not like the appearance of the two guests. They both feeling afraid of Ms. Nathalie and the boy named Toby. They can sense that the two are not getting along with them and that all the smiles are fake just to look nice. Then finally their father talks to them again and said.

"Ehem-- Allen, Amy-- Ms. Natalie and I are getting married soon, and that is my surprise. Please call her Mom from now on because starting tomorrow they will live with us while waiting for our wedding day." Their father announcement brought shock to their faces.

"I want you to respect her and treated her like how you treated me. Toby is a nice kid I'm sure you can get along together." Their father said in an authoritative manner. The two kids are just nodding their head with a heavy face.

After the dinner, Nathalie and Toby bid goodbye. She tried to give a small kiss on Amy's cheek and Allen's forehead. And finally to their father which they do not like how the kiss was in front of them.

In the kitchen, their father is washing the utensils. Allen and Amy watching their father earnestly.

"Daddy, ahmmm are you really sure that you want to marry that woman?" Allen curiously asked his father while Amy's face shows eagerness to know what could be her Dad's reaction to Allen's inquiry.

Henry spins around to face his children, wiping his hands in the towel.

"I'm sure of this and stop questioning me like I didn't know what I do. Now go upstairs and sleep, it's already late." Henry said with a firm tone.

They'd both said goodnight to their father and give them a soft kiss on his cheek and ran upstairs.

Early in the morning, Amy woke up at the sounds of vehicle screeching in the yard. She lamely marches towards the window to see who it was. She saw her stepmother and Toby unloading their suitcases while their father is helping them carrying it inside their house. Little Amy walks hastily through her brother Allen's bedroom. She shakes Allen's body who is soundly asleep. The latter begins rubbing his eyes and still sleepy looking at Amy. She told him that their stepmother and the boy are already un the house fixing their things. After hearing those words he abruptly jumps up on the bed and hold Amy's little hands and gaze each other. It's like telling her to do not worry.

"Allen, Amy, come down here!" Their father calling them enthusiastic voice deafening them. They groggily down the stairs. Seeing their stepmother fixing things in the living room. Removing the big painting of their mother hanging on the center wall of the living room and trying to replace it with her own painting.

"Please, don't take that painting away. That's our mother." Amy asks at her stepmother who is in shock for a sudden little voiced irritably echoing in her ears She gives a stern gaze at Amy. And change her composure at the time Henry appeared from the kitchen with a puzzled look at Amy and Nathalie.

"What's going on here?" Asked Henry.

"Amy is yelling at me. She is angry for taking the painting on the wall of your deceased wife." Nathalie teary eyed complain to Henry.

Henry couldn't speak right away because he couldn't believe what he hears.

"No, that's not true Daddy, I'm just shocked and asked her not to take out our mother's painting on the wall." Amy's explained.

" I just couldn't believe that a sweet looking little girl is a liar and doesn't even know how to respect the elder." She said shaking her head incredulously with misty eyes.

"Amy, say sorry to your stepmom now," Henry demanded an apology as he bends down to level her in the eye to tell her with a gentle tone of voice.

"Daddy I saw everything, Amy didn't yell at her," Allen says gesturing his finger to point Nathalie.

But Henry is very insisted.

"I'm sorry mom, I won't do that again," she said in a grumbled voice

Henry Hernandez is an engineer. He lives happily and peacefully in their comfortable abode with his loving and respectful children Allen and Amy. His wife died right after Amy was born. He never thought he could fall in love again. Not until he met Nathalie in an exclusive bar. He was mesmerized by her beauty. He never thought that he brought evil into his own house. He never thought that a happy and peaceful living could change into the worst nightmare.

Weeks have passed, Nathalie's mistreated Henry's children whenever Henry is off to work.

One day while Henry is out of town for work, All children are in the living room, playing. Allen and Toby are tossing the ball back and forth. Amy is playing with her doll. Toby tosses the ball that almost hits Amy if she didn't saw the ball coming she could be hit on her head. But the ball bounces back and hit Nathalie's favorite antique smash broken on the floor. All three are terrified. Allen marches swiftly towards Amy. They saw Nathalie's shock face looking at her fave antique shards scattered on the white tiled floor.

A flash of anger crosses Nathalie's face with questioning eyes.

"Who broke my goddamn favorite antique?" Her eyes glaring sternly towards Henry's children.

"It's Amy mommy." Toby quickly pointing at Amy.

Amy and Allen cast a gaze at Toby as Nathalie gives peevish look before settling on Amy.

"You.." she says with gritted teeth.

Allen quickly grabs Amy and drag behind him to protect from Nathalie's chide.

"She didn't mean to break it. Toby tossed the ball that almost hit my sister if she didn't avoid if she could be hit on her head." Allen tries to explain in detail with the hope the Nathalie would consider since it was unintentional.

"I - 'm sorry mom, it was unintended. But I will ask Daddy to replace it with a new one," she says in a quivering voice.

Nathalie shows a serious scowling facial expression as she strides purposefully and latch onto Amy's arms and drag her away from Allen. Nathalie pushes Allen forcibly and knocks on the tiled floor.

"Allen!" Amy scream.

"Come here! I will punish you for what you have done!" Nathalie says in gnashing teeth.

She drags Amy into the storage room. She pushes her forcefully inside.

No matter how they fought Nathalie so hard but she won. She slams the door and locks her in with no light.

"You stay there until tomorrow - no dinner, nothing at all," Nathalie yells and kicks the door before she left.

The visage of melancholy on Allen's face emerges. He sits on the floor with his back leaning on the door. He hears Amy's sob.

"Don't cry Amy, I'll be right here. I will not leave you." Allen reassured her.

"Thank you brother, but I'm not scared. Papa God is here with me. He stays in my heart to keep me brave." Amy says.

"Yeah I know Amy, but still I won't leave you." He says with a comforting tone.

The time is ticking so fast. It's almost 9 in the evening. Allen grabs some cookies and milk after washing all the utensils in the kitchen and hurriedly heads onto the storage room.

" Amy... Amy..." He calls her almost whispering.

"Amy, are you asleep?" he knocks the door gently as panicky creeps within him.

"Brother?... Allen...I'm sorry I just fell asleep. I'm hungry." She faintly says and pushes her stomach.

" I'm sorry Amy, Mommy never let me near you not unless I'm done with my chores. Here, I brought you cookies, I slide it over the floor," he says and slid the cookies wrapped in a table napkin.

"Thank you so much brother," she says cheerfully.

Right after Amy's eats all the cookies. Allen poured the milk in transparent plastic and put a straw in it and slid the straw over the door. Amy laid down with her belly on the floor and move her mouth over the straw and take a sip of milk.

They are both fell asleep on the tiled floor and looks exhausted. Allen was awakened by a gentle pat on his shoulder as he laid down the floor. He rubs and blinks his eyes to clear his vision. As soon as he recognized the man kneeling beside him - it's their father Henry. Allen jumps up with joy and hugs his father tight around his neck and cry.

"Why did you sleep here?" Henry asks with a confused look.

"B-because Amy is in the storage room. Mommy Nathalie locks her up yesterday." He says.

"Daddy? Daddy is that you?" Amy's asks in a fainted voice.

Nathalie suddenly appears with a wave of shock splashes all over her face seeing Henry unexpectedly. She thought that Henry will come back after a week.

"What's happening here?" Henry asks Nathalie with a firm gaze.

Nathalie couldn't speak right away. Her hands are shaking holding the keys. Henry quickly snatches the keys and open the door. Amy's step out from the storage room bathes with her own sweat and weary face. Henry's face washes exceedingly compassion towards Amy. He abruptly hugs her daughter and put a light pat on her back. It's like reassuring her that things are okay now. Amy sobs and happy that their Dad is back.

Henry gives a menacing look over Nathalie who is still shocked and stand still like a candle.

"I will talk to you later," he says in gnashing teeth.

He carried Amy in her bedroom. He takes her a quick shower and pulls up a pink shirt and black leggings. They both march down through the kitchen and he prepares breakfast for them. Whilst preparing, the kids tell everything that happened. Henry's face became dark in anger.

The children ask why he's back when he is supposed to be gone for a week for an out of town job. He then says that he felt a sudden heavy in his heart and that his intuition tells him he needs to come back.

Right after the children has done with their breakfast. They walk out through their bedroom. Henry instructed them not to go out until he comes back.

Henry swiftly headed into the living room where he finds Nathalie sitting tensely on a couch and jolted when she saw Henry is approaching towards her. She wears a fake smile to hide her tension.

"H-Henry honey y-your back... I thought-" before she could finish her line, a fiery quivering hand strikingly hit across her callous face that causes slight blood appears in the corner of her lower lip.

"How could you do that to Amy?! How could you abuse and maltreated my children when I supported you and give you and your son with everything you both need and want!" He yells, searching for answers that would make him understand why she did that to his daughter. But whatever reason she has still not acceptable.

"Honey it's-- it's not what you think... I just--" she's trying to explain but Henry interrupted her.

"Are you trying to explain again with all your lies and fabrications?-- do you think I didn't know all the villainy you have done to my children?-- I have observed you, I chose not to believe my children every time they complained about how you treated them because I love you-- now I saw in my own eyes how wicked you are with my children when I'm gone for work... then I guess... there is no reason for me to hold on to.... and there is no reason for you to stay." He says exasperatedly.

"Honey... Please don't do this to me." she fakely pleaded. If only she doesn't need his money... she wouldn't dare to beg. She doesn't love him anyways but only the things she could get from him and a comfortable place and a beautiful life that Henry provided her she wouldn't stick like a leech.

"I'm done with you Nathalie, Let's call off the wedding. You have an hour to pack all your things and get out of my house!!!" The waves of anger echoed in the entire house.

Nathalie smirk. Her slow smirk becomes devilishly laugh at the top of her lungs that made Henry to confused.

"Okay, Henry if that's what you want but am-- but before I go I would like you to know- and be honest to you for the first time that... that all I want from you is your money... money... money.... and all the perks that I get from you including living in this perfect house that I dream of..." she says gesturing her hands in the air.

"Do you believe when I say that I love you???-- oh, poor Henry, I don't love you... not even the slightest feeling ever because as a matter of fact... I'm in love with someone else." she laughs again psychotically that left Henry mouth agape in shock with her revelation.

"I just played you in my pal Henry. You are too idiot not to notice it-- but how can I blame you? I'm a good actress isn't I?--" she smirks looking at Henry who momentarily becomes deaf. He had difficulty in absorbing all the painful revelation he hears from Nathalie.

"When you're away, I slept with the man that I truly love. Since he can't give me anything I want is the reason why I have no other option but to chose you, instead of him." another revelation that struck Henry's heart. He's gasping his breath furiously glaring at Nathalie.

The big wave of revelation washes away Henry's strength. His body is shaking in anger. He finds it hard to breathe. He rubs his chest. He feels like all the blood runs up through his head. The last thing he knew is he was stumbled on the tiled floor and all become dark.

Nathalie rushed Henry to the nearest hospital with her son Toby. Allen and Amy are worried about their father. They left in the house. The next morning, Nathalie went home and tell Allen and Amy about their father's condition. They couldn't believe that their father suffered a strong stroke that made his whole body paralyzed.



Amy walks sluggishly towards her father. The bruise on the upper left side of her forehead is an outward sign of Nathalie's wickedness. Amy small arms wrapped around on his father's body and sob. Both of them are sobbing.

"Don't cry Daddy, I'm just okay." She lies.

"I know you are not okay Daddy but we will be okay soon. Papa God will find a way to save us here." She said with a strong faith in God as she holds her father's hand and kisses him on his forehead.

She makes a move and walks where the basin and the face towel slumped on the floor. She picks it up to continue what she just started in cleaning her father. She puts again water and alcohol in a basin.

The difficulty she's dealing with his father is not the hindrance for her to succumb. The will, determination, and love she has for father is enough strength to carry all the struggle and hardship she is facing with her brother Allen.

Using all her strength, combatting so hard to pull down her father's short to change it, is too hard for a little girl like her. A fat sweat form appears on her forehead gently falls down on her pointed nose. With her enormous forbearance, she finally made it no matter how long does it take for her. Her wide smile emerges at the moment when she successfully pulled down her father's short.

Now, the next thing to do is to change Henry's wet and stinky diaper. Amy doesn't bother the foul smell on the diaper. Her mouth doesn't even know how to stop talking to her father even though she is momentarily struggling cheerfully. She could feel that her father is trying to move his body but unfortunately unable to do so even in the slightest movement.. Tears fell down on Henry's eyes. He wanted not to be this burden to his children especially Amy, in taking care of him but failed in his case now. He thought, they are just kids and are suppose to go to school and play. But he is in a condition wherein he absolutely can't do anything. He felt useless and hopeless.

"Why are you crying, Daddy? Are you hurt?"Amy's asks. A flash of concerned and worries lace across on her face. Cupping his father's face with her little teeny hands, she gives him a soft kiss on his cheek. Henry strives to smile. He wanted to say how blessed he was for having good-hearted children like them. How thankful he was for taking good care of him. For stood by him especially in his condition which he was thankful to God for having little Amy and Allen by his side. He realized that he doesn't need somebody in his life other than his children. He regretted so much of having Nathalie into their life who only brought whirlwind in their supposed peaceful and happy living.

"I just want you to know Daddy that brother Allen and I will take care of you no matter what. We love you so much, Daddy." Her father loses a whimpering cry. She embraces him tight. And Henry closes his eyes to feel the loving hug of her daughter.

Amy is a smart and very curious kid. At 3 years old, she always looks at his father in the kitchen and asked everything on how to cook that and this-- her father was very imperturbable in answering all her query and let Amy do the stirring the rice porridge and flipping the eggs and toast bread with the gentle guidance of his father. Sometimes, they ended up playing and throwing flour all together on their faces when her father Henry was cooking a pancake for breakfast. That's how their life before Nathalie came along.

Now, Amy is in the kitchen trying to make some rice porridge for her father. She took a chair and climb up to get a casserole in the cabinet. She puts little-uncooked rice, washed it and put enough water in it. She puts the cover on the casserole and put it on top of the stove and turn it on.

She's standing on the chair in front of the stove. She looks cute and adorable with a ladle on her right hand in an akimbo pose. Little did she know that Fred is watching her from behind. She was startled upon hearing a slight coughing sound behind her. She almost fell on the floor but immediately took a balanced. Panic striking her veins looking at Fred. But she tried to look strong for her father. That's the very thing in her mind.

"Don't be scared, I won't harm you," Fred says promptly with a mischievous smile as he marches towards the fridge to get a cold can of beer.

"D--do you know how to c--cook?" He asks with disbelief. His eyes darted towards the casserole and switch to Amy who is now stirring the rice porridge that getting stickier.

"Y--yes, my father taught me." She says briefly while continuously stirring the porridge.

"Rheem, I'm-- I'm Fred by the way." reluctantly introduces himself. But Amy doesn't bother to respond. She seems like profound deaf who doesn't hear anything coz she doesn't care at all.

"Careful Amy, it's hot" the last word Fred cautiously says before leaving the kitchen.

Amy is preparing a bowl of rice porridge and put it on a tray with a glass of fresh milk and 2 pieces of banana and toasted bread. She always took breakfast with her father. When she is about to go upstairs, Nathalie blocks her way.

"You are just wasting your time and effort you little idiot. Your father is useless why bother to care for him? let him die anyway." she mock.

Amy pauses for a moment it's like she is thinking with an inquisitional look over her stepmother and manage to asks innocently.

"I wonder mom, if-if you were in the case of Dad, would you like your son or--us to ignore you and let you die because you are useless?-- those people that will care for you if you are bedridden like Dad, are worthy to be called an idiot? I--is that so, mom?" Amy says, blinking her eyes as her face embedded with curiosity and bewilderment. Innocently waiting for an answer.

Nathalie couldn't react right away. She seems like something splashes her cold water on the face. She blinks a couple of times before she could respond and tried to slap Amy on the face but Fred swiftly holds her wrist to stop her.

Amy turned around and slowly march towards his father's bedroom. Tears threaten to fall. The words she heard from her stepmom is like a rod that whisks her feeling that hurts her so badly. Emotional pain is worse than that physical pain. She's on top of the stairs and makes a way towards her father's bedroom. She stops for a moment and put down the tray on the floor and quickly wipe her tears all over her face. She took a deep breath and took back the tray and swiftly step inside with a smiling face.

"Daddy, I brought you breakfast. Let's eat Daddy. I cook this rice porridge for you hahaha you can't believe me don't you Dad? You're a good teacher Daddy and I will be the best chef someday like mom." She says Lively.

She put the tray on the table beside the bed. She took a spoonful of rice porridge and drew it a little closer on her mouth to give it a gentle blow to cool it down a little and put the spoon unto his Father's mouth. Henry is trying to open his mouth with excitement in his eyes. As soon as the mixture landed in his mouth he savored it. Blinking his eyes for a surprise. He wanted to say something but can't. His tears are about to fall in the corner of his eyes but Amy quickly catches the tears with her tiny fingers before dwindling down on his cheeks.

"It tastes good right Daddy? can I be a good chef then like mom? She says merrily. She asked questions and answer them of her own. Her dad can only nod or gently shook his head. If he agrees or not.

Then she hears a clashes sound downstairs. She hears a raging voice of her stepmom yelling at Fred. They are fighting. Nathalie caught Fred in a text message that he was flirting someone else.

" Goddammit, Nathalie! It's just a text, nothing's true about it." Fred explains with a mask of irritation.

" Oh really? make sure that it's just indeed a texts Fred because if I caught you I will kill you both!" She says with a whirl of anger plastered on her face.

"Oh yeah? then why not kill me now, huh?" Fred challenge Nathalie. He grips her neck real tight and pushes her in the kitchen sink.

Nathalie is gasping with breath. She tried to twitch Fred's hand in her neck but the more she twitching it the more his grip becomes tighter. Tears lingering in the corner of her eyes. She could see Fred's eyes are flaming with anger. She panicky look around and saw a knife laid on the side of the sink. She tried to grab it, and when she does, immediately she struck it in his side of stomach. Nathalie left shock as she saw blood in the knife she's holding and drop it on the tiled floor.

Fred loosens his grip on Nathalie's neck. He dabs his side where he was hit with a knife. Blood covered his hand. Frantically his face lashes with fury looking at her.

"S--sorry I--I didn't mean to do that.." She says nervously.

In a flash, Fred furiously slaps Nathalie across her face that's emerges drops of blood in her mouth losing one tooth and she spits it out. A sudden feeling of nausea made her feel a little lethargic.

Fred tweaks Nathalie's hair and punches her stomach trice. The pain is unbearable that curled her body as the blood spurted out on the floor from her mouth. She crashes down on the floor. Immediately, Fred, kick her many times with exasperation. The sight of the knife on the floor caught Nathalie's attention. She crawls gasping her breath.

Nathalie felt a strong hold on her hair and pull it up. She is kneeling feebly holding Fred's hands on her hair as she thinks on how she could possibly escape on Fred's hands. A glitch of idea pops up on her head. She purposely aiming his cock. Squeezes it hard to makes Fred scream out loud for twinging pain wrapped his whole being. He curled down for throes.

Nathalie swiftly crawls aiming for the knife that laid on the floor. But before she could take it, Fred grabs her left foot and forcibly dragging her away from the knife. But she quickly kicks his face and he loses his grip on Nathalie's foot. When she almost an inch to pick up the knife, all of a sudden, Fred's grab the knife and stab Nathalie twice on the stomach with all his might when he heard a clash sound grumbled on the floor.

Fred hastily turns his head where the noise coming from. He saw Amy standing unmoved in the doorway of the kitchen with horror splashes all over her face seeing spurting blood out of Nathalie's stomach.

Fred nervously gazes at Amy with a hand and white shirt covered with fresh blood and a sputtered blood on his face. He moves slowly without removing his glare towards Amy.

"A-Amy..." he exclaimed tentatively.

Amy startled, shaking her head and run fast as she can towards her father's bedroom. She slams the door nervously and immediately lock the door. She hurriedly walks through the bedside table and picks up the wireless phone.

She panicky jump up on her father's bed. Panting with breath where nervousness painted all over her. Henry's eyes glinting with so much confusion and weariness. He can sense that something's wrong happening downstairs as they've heard commotion earlier.

"Daddy... I saw mom... she was stab... F--Fred stabbed her on her stomach... and... and Fred saw me." she says nervously as she dialed a number.

"911, what's your emergency?" Says the operator.

"Hello, sir, II s-saw my stepmom was stabbed downstairs... In the kitchen. Her boyfriend stabbed her--" she stops when she hears Fred calling her name. He's outside the door.

" Calm down sweetheart " the operator tries to calm her.

"He is behind the door... calling me..." she says in a very low voice. She glances the clock in the bedside table, it's 4:30 in the afternoon. Allen and Toby will out in school at 5 p.m.

"Sweetheart, I need your location now," asks the male operator.

She gives her address and the operator says that never disconnect him as possible that the police is on her way.

The 911 operator's heard a loud thud.

Fred strives a hard kick on the door twice but failed to open.

Sweetheart is that the attacker? Are you okay? The operator wraps with concerns in his voice.

On the third try, the door swung open. Then appeared Fred on the door smiling foolishly.

Amy was jolted on the bed with an intense fear flashing in her eyes. She moves back nervously panting her breath. She wanted to hide but she can't leave her father alone. She hides the wireless phone under the pillow.

Henry's eyes are widened in aghast looking at Fred who almost covered with blood. A tense flustered all over Henry's face. The fear swiftly lurks in his entire system for the life of his daughter. But he can't do anything at all to save Amy from Fred.

Henry cast a gaze on Fred like begging to spare her daughter. But Fred smiled maniacally and move slowly without breaking his eyes towards Amy that gives terror to Henry's senses.

Fred stops in front of Amy. Move his hand and caressing her face.

Amy moves back with fear lace over her face. But Still not leaving her father to run for her life.

"Amy... Amy... Amy.." Fred's utter nastily.

Amy's right hand gently creeping under the pillow. Grab the wireless phone so tight and give quick strike aiming at Fred's head. But he cleverly avoided it.

"Please don't..." Amy pleas, panting her breath and trembling.

Like a flash, Fred maniacally carries her and landed her on a wide desk where her father used to work with papers before.

Amy struggling so hard to slink off of Fred's hands. But no matter what she does, it seems like all her punches are like nothing to him. She lost all her energy and get tired. Tired of screaming and all but no one can hear her. Her brother will out of school at 5 o'clock and will arrive past 5 in the afternoon. She took a glance at her father who looks devastated and terror in his eyes. She closed her eyes and prayed deeply to God. A strong punch on her stomach grunting her for pain and then her sight became blurry and the room started turned dark.

Fred magically undresses Amy in an instant after he gave her a hard punch over her stomach that lost her consciousness.

Fred insanely pulls his pants down and about to thrust his manhood on Amy when a sudden forceful strike of knife struck on his nape. Another stab on his neck. Blood burst out over his body and a splatter of blood over Amy's naked body who is still unconscious.

Fred turned to see who is stabbing him. Her eyes widened in surprise. It's Nathalie gasping her breath holding the knife full of blood.

Fred jump on Nathalie using all his last strength he has. They both landed on the floor. Try to snatch the knife in Nathalie's grip. But Nathalie's did another stab on Fred's one eye. The knife stuck in it. He screams out so loud. She then thrust it more deeply and turned the knife with all her last strength and pull it out that made Fred's eyeball shove out and rolls on the floor and stop in the center in front of Henry. Blood squirting from Fred's eyes as he shrieking with unbearable pain. He crashes down on his knees with a hands on his eyes and stumbled down the floor dead.

With so much blood that comes out from Nathalie's body, she can feel she couldn't make it any longer. She drops the knife, crying. She looks at Henry, whose face painted with so much terror with what he was witnessed.

Nathalie crawl towards Henry. She is hovering between life and death. When she reached near the bed.

"H--Henry... I'm--I'm sorry for---" she lifted her head to look at Henry.  Catching her breath.

"Fore--everything..." her head drops down the floor unmoved.

The siren echoing all over the place. Police went inside the house and saw all the blood scattered around. They follow the blood trail on the stairs and stop on the doorway. They saw two bodies dropped on the floor bathed with their own blood. They scan around looking for someone, then they found Amy unconscious naked body laid on the wide wooden desk. The police took a blanket to cover Amy's naked body.

In a distance, Allen and Toby nervously run towards their house, wondering why there are police mobiles and ambulances park in front of their house.

Allen and Toby gesture the men to stop carrying a covered body in a white cloth. Toby flips it slowly. It was Fred. They immediately put the cover back.

Then the second one, Allen shaking hands lift the white cover cloth on the body. As soon the face revealed, Toby's face was in shock shaking his head and hug his mother cold body and weep.

Allen's eyes caught Amy talking in one of the police in an open ambulance. He wastes no time and run towards Amy and hug her. He asks about their Dad and the police said he was in the other ambulance.

They asked the police if they could go there and the police said yes. He carries Amy towards the other ambulance where their father is.

The soonest they get there, they hug their father and glad they're both okay.


Amy was awakened from a dream. She dreams of a man wearing all white shines so brightly that hurts her eyes. His long golden hair glows brightly like a sun. They're walking on the beach near her Auntie's house where they live after the incident.

She walks barefooted on the shore. Holding the man's hand. The man stops looking at her. His eyes beaming like fire. Then he says, Amy.

"My child, your long unceasing innermost,  unselfish prayer will be granted today." He says and kneeled to level Amy's eyes with a mesmerizing smile.

Amy's eyes glinting with surprise and a mouth partly open in wonder.

"W-what do you mean?" she asks innocently.

"That your father in heaven grant your heartfelt prayer." He affirmed while holding her little hand.

"T-Thank you so much. " The over flowing of unexplainable feeling of joy that a tears runs down on her cheek.

The man wipes it dry and smile. As soon as he leaves a soft kiss on Amy's forehead is when the moment Amy was awake.

She abruptly jolted on her bed when she notices a granular of sands is on her feet and on her bed sheet.

"Is it a dream or for real" she baffled

But before she went down to see her father. She says a heartfelt prayer and rushes down to see her father.

She hurriedly turned the knob and swing open the door, she saw her father standing happily as his personal caregiver looks amuse in what she has witnessed. Amy runs towards her father, wraps her arms around her father's thighs in happiness that God healed him.

Henry picks up Amy and carries her cheerfully praising God for the miracle He endowed to him.

All family gathered in surprised and all praises to God.

Submitted: April 21, 2018

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