The Angel of Darkness

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He closes his eyes thinking back to his childhood—back to when he used to get picked on, back to when he was weak. He isn't like the rest of his family, he is a bit weaker than the rest. Ambrose is the youngest out of three children, the eldest is Iden, she has short double braided chestnut colored hair, piercing icy blue eyes, she is the daredevil of the family. She is a lot stronger and faster than her two younger siblings. Cipher is the middle child, he has sleeked back long silver hair, he also has piercing icy blue eyes, he has a tattoo resembling a small lion paw hidden on the right side of his neck. Cipher and Iden are identical twins however Cipher is indeed a male, just like his sister he is equally as strong as her, they often get into fights to determine the winner for any disagreements they many have, the score is 0-0 and they have had 1,452 draws. Ambrose is the youngest out of the three on them, he has long straight black hair, intimidating blue eyes with a hint of purple. Being the youngest and weakest meant that he was unable to compete with the rest of his sibling's strength wise he looks towards the humans; the humans were a lot weaker than him.  


Growing up he had a soft spot for humans, feeling sorry for them, wanting to be like them and refusing to hunt them. No matter how many times his family would go out on a hunt, he would refuse to join. One days his family was going on a hunt, which he decided to tag along to in hopes of meeting a human. While his family was farther ahead in the forest than he was, he saw a human child who was lost, being the type of person, he was, he wanted to help the human. Because of his young age Ambrose was unable to transform his appearance to look like a human, while helping the young child to find her parents. After what seemed to be a long walk the child sees her father and runs up to him, the father being relieved that his daughter is safe sees Ambrose, scared of what this unknown creature was and wanting to protect his daughter, the man attacks Ambrose leaving him a scar on his right eye, because of this his childhood wasn't the best of times for him.  


You see his siblings would always let him know how weak he was, "you are nothing but a weakling" one voice says. How worthless he was, "why couldn't mom and dad kill you off? you're nothing but a waste of space" another voice continues. Ambrose would always think back to his childhood, to how bad his siblings would treat him "just a memory" he thought, as he opens his eyes he runs his finger over his scar and a smirk appears on his face, thinking back to his past he finally realizes those people were wrong, he is no longer the little weakling his siblings thought of him to be. Ambrose is the king of the Riza realm, those of the royal family who are siblings and would want to ascend to the throne would have to fight for the title. The Rizas are often mistaken as Angels, the Rizas however are a completely different race. Despite the color of their wings and halos the Rizas and Angels are different in appearance, the Rizas have slight pointed ears, horns, and icy blue eyes with a hint of violet. One major difference they have is that the Angels help the humans and the Rizas however hunt and eat the humans, because of this situation both clans have hated each other for over a hundred years, the Angels wanting to protect the humans from harm and the Rizas wanting to devour ever last human in existence.  


Ambrose looks up from the pit of Hell and sees the moon, as it peers over the clouds high in the sky and illuminates the small town, with its trees, bushes, and houses. Looking up at the night sky reminded him of a poem he once wrote as a small child: 

"As night falls upon my weary head 

the hollows of dawn approaches,  

I shall seek what I find as they run towards the night sky 

And hope for the stars to align with my eyes, 

"why" I ask the constellations 

They reply with sorrow filled tears 

As I feel what the sky itself feels 

I shall chase what I seek as it fades to light 

I shall dredge toward yonder to find solstice in the place of death,  

As the night brighten I shall fall to slumber 

As my weary eyes grow heavy with the weight of life  

I shall find peace in what I seek..." 

Focusing on the small town he starts to scan the area looking for his next victim "there!" he sees a man leaving the bar holding a bottle of some kind of alcoholic beverage, "perfect" he bares his teeth in excitement as he flies up from his throne to greet the man. Hearing a whooshing sound, the man turns to look behind him and sees the stranger, the street light flickers. Puzzled the man looks around the area inspecting the streets, trees, and buildings. Hardly any cars let alone people were passing by at this time, "hey" the man says "where'd you come from?" he continues, Ambrose points over to a nearby oak tree sat right next to the bar building, "I was just there a moment ago, did you not see me?" the man looks over at the tree then back at Ambrose with suspicion "can I help you with something?" Ambrose looks at the man with a sudden gleam in his eyes, the only kind of gleam he gets when he is getting ready to hunt his prey. Taking a step forward he sniffs the air and ask "mmm what is that interesting fragrance?", The man continues to look at Ambrose with confusion, he then looks down at the bottle in his hand "is this it?" he extends the bottle to Ambrose who is covering his nose in disgust "no, that's definitely not it", the man sniffs the air trying to figure out what the stranger in front of him is smelling "I don't smell anything" he says.  


Ambrose takes another step closer to the man, intimidated but his presence the man just stares at him, unable to move an inch. Ambrose is standing about a foot away from the man, as he continues to stare at Ambrose the man stumbles to the ground "w-w-what are you?". Ambrose allows his horns to grow out and looks at the man with hunger in his eyes, bearing his sharp teeth, that is easily able to rip apart flesh like string cheese. Seeing Ambrose's sharp teeth sent an intense chill down the man's spine, stumbling to his feet the man begins to run away. Ambrose looks at the man and laughs "yes! run away! I love hunting for my meal!" a grin emerges on his face. Feeling complete bliss Ambrose's wings sprout out from his back. 

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