Third Shift Nurse's Prayer

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A Third Shift Nurse's Prayer


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

3:50 AM


Third shift prayer from the lips of a Critical Care Charge Nurse

Energy to heal, smiles of hope given to disburse

All is quiet in my corner, but for some, all is not well

Souls handing on tonight to heaven or hell

Breathe…just breathe please, as you believe

We are at the throne of Dawn’s eve

Prayer hands have been busy

Cries of pains throughout the halls, sunken heart, compassionate mind is totally dizzy

I’m up, cannot close my eyes

Blood, codes, machines beeping, ill related bodies, life taken without earthly whys

Morning light, please take the calls of pain away

Give someone who cries out to you tonight, just one more day

Heal thy heart, thy body, thy mind

Give comfort to the loved ones who were sadly left behind

Dinner for me, cannot even take a bite

ER busy, short staff, Heroin overdoses, car crashes have consumed my night

Be thankful for each day

As I type on a hidden break someone cries in agony begging not to

take this day away


Goodnight all, world, just breathe and be



Submitted: April 22, 2018

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