God And The Devil

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



God was the colossal hive of sweet honey; while the minuscule bits of impurity in it was the gruesome devil,

God was the insurmountably ravishing eye; while the small traces of blindness in it was the ghastly devil,

God was the boundless ocean; while the adulterated bits of oil entrapped in it was the horrendous devil,

God was the fathomless river of crimson blood circulating in the body; while the disdainful infection lingering in it was the obnoxious devil,

God was the holistically glistening sweat oozing from the armpits; while the ostentatious wisps of scent spuriously emanating from it was the satanic devil,

God was the magnanimously foliated tree; while the parasites sucking its succulent juice was the nefarious devil,

God was the crystalline expanse of sapphire blue skies; while the vicious streaks of tumultuous lightening was the salacious devil,

God was the immaculate cluster of eggs splendidly sandwiched in the delectable nest; while the snake ready to gobble it surreptitiously was the barbaric devil,

God was the brilliantly tenacious light; while the envelop of perpetual darkness was the hideous devil,

God was the magnificently enchanting and redolent lotus; while the disastrously withering leaves was the heinous devil,

God was the voluptuous sheath of silken black hair; while the abhorrent globules of white dandruff loitering aimlessly within was the perilous demon,

God was the rejuvenating freshness that encompassed every tangible entity in entirety; while the sporadic bouts of laziness that invidiously crept in at times;
was the deplorable devil,

God was the impeccable body of pearly white Moon; while the transient coat of clouds that pertinently kept obscuring it was the abominable devil,

God was anecdotes of astoundingly conjuring magic; while the moment it abruptly disappeared was the pernicious devil,
God was the satiny carpet of incomprehensibly large desert sands; while the scorching pangs of thirst generated within was the ominous devil,

God was the unrelenting string of wonderfully Omnipotent thoughts; while those few instants of raunchy perception was the sinister devil,

God was astronomical fortitude and sagacious character; while the stinking tale of blatant lies was the deplorable devil,

God was all the philanthropic humanity which immortally existed; while the sanctimonious religion it was bifurcated into was the despicable devil,

God was the harmoniously pouring out blissful sleep; while the abashing abuse scattered stingily in it was the savage devil,

And God was enigmatically beautiful life palpitating turbulently every minute; while the wickedly wandering mind inching towards unprecedented disaster; was the
diabolical devil.

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