God Bless All

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



God bless all those with a philanthropic disposition; wholeheartedly lending their magnanimous palms; to uplift impoverished humanity,

God bless all those disseminating the essence of perpetual peace; endeavoring their very best; to metamorphose this parasitic world once again; into a blissful paradise,

God bless all those righteously marching forward; achieving their ultimate dream of symbiotically surviving; with countless more of celestial living kind,

God bless all those endowed with charismatic art in their blood; propagating its mesmerizing enthrallment to every gloomily darkened arena; of this fathomless

God bless all those with poignant innocence in their eyes; embracing the stupendous harmony in the atmosphere; with a passion to share existing perennially in their souls,

God bless all those benevolently diffusing the religion of humanity; propelling indiscriminately barbaric fanatics to blend synergistically with; egalitarian mankind,

God bless all those who unequivocally harbored the tyrannized in their times of distress; carrying the treacherously orphaned to their dwellings of compassionate comfort,

God bless all those soaring uninhibitedly without fear in their diminutive bodies; imparting Herculean strength and solidarity to urchins; devastatedly shattered in life,

God bless all those relentlessly fulfilling the duty for which they were created on this Universe; without complaining the slightest about their spuriously sanctimonious pains,

God bless all those intrepidly marching ahead in every conquest of life; resiliently transcending over the unfathomable mountain of difficulties that came their way; propagating the euphoria to live through their ingratiating smiles,

God bless all those profusely admiring the incomprehensible beauty of this Universe; igniting the candle of blooming happiness; in every household submerged with inexplicable despair,

God bless all those candidly divulging the inner most realms of their conscience; spreading the winds of irrefutably unconquerable honesty,

God bless all those dancing in unprecedented joy; treating each day of life as a whole new chapter of newness and profoundly exhilarated excitement,

God bless all those sparkling divinely in their ardor to save the earth; intransigently working all night and day; to scrap even the most inconspicuous iota of evil
forever from lecherous soil,

God bless all those surreally fantasizing in corridors of fantastic paradise; paving a path of enamoringly captivating enchantment in a land of monotonous savagery; and malice,

God bless all those tinkling in melodiously robust laughter; enlightening the complexion of the invidiously sinister night; with prolific cheer and unprecedented charm,

God bless all those ideally surviving as harbingers of humanity; proving a messiah of peace and prosperity for; the disastrously tottering and deprived,

God bless all those bonding immortally in the chords of invincible love; radiating a stream of passionate belonging in every quarter of soil they tread,

Over and above all; God bless all those existing celestially above the clouds; and affording the same to every humanitarian entity breathing on the trajectory of this gigantic globe.

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