God Loves All

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



As much as he loved the rich; he wholeheartedly embraced his impoverished counterparts decaying in inexplicable pain,
As much as he loved the handsomely tall; he rejoiced with his astoundingly diminutive children; wholesomely oblivious to bright light,

As much as he loved the formidably strong; he caressed all those tottering towards inevitably extinction; with poignant equanimity in his Omnipotent eyes,

As much as he loved the grandiloquent castles; he loomed his Omnipresent shadow large; on the gloomy hutments; with life tumultuously acrimonious every unleashing second,

As much as he loved the sacrosanct Christians; he wholeheartedly showered his blessings on the Hindus, Muslims, Buddhist, and virtually the most infinitesimal of tribe existing on this planet,

As much as he loved the rhapsodic oceans; he sent inclement cloud showers of rain; on the soil of the horrifically scorching deserts,

As much as he loved the impeccably fair; he hoisted all those deluged with tyrannical misery and doom; bountifully showering upon the most hideously sooty organism alive,

As much as he loved the insatiably romantic; he remained like an invincible shadow with all those heart broken; and devastated with the sword of insidious betrayal,

As much as he loved stupendously fragrant rose; he ensured that the disdainfully slithering cockroach; replenished its stomach; with the blossoming gifts of forest wilderness,

As much as he loved the sagacious saints; he blissfully commiserated with the rustically common man; being his guiding light to prosperity; on every path he tread,

As much as he loved the robustly elegant; he equally rewarded all those framework of mere skeletons; with the fruits of ravishingly beautiful existence,

As much as he loved the euphorically drifting clouds; he inhabited each quarter of chocolate brown mud; stretching fathomless kilometers beyond the trajectory
of this planet,

As much as he loved the philosophically learned; he stood like an impregnable fortress with his innocent children; as they alighted their each step in life,

As much as he loved the vivaciously flamboyant rainbow; he lend his Omnipresent arms to the birds incarcerated brutally inside their cages,

As much as he loved compassionate fireballs of heat; he imparted his Omnisciently healing touch to frozen avalanches of ice; gruesomely isolated and shivering like new born mice,

As much as he loved the hawk eyed flamingoes; he became the heart and soul of those without the tiniest iota of sight; maneuvering them towards the ultimate
of their dreams; uplifting them towards all the benevolent goodness in life,

As much as he loved the dynamically fulminating island of Sun; he was perennially present in the neglectedly oblivious realms of the ethereal horizons,

As much as he loved the surreally fantasizing; he was always there to assist his pragmatically innocuous beings; in their times of bizarre distress,

As much as he loved spawning countless new each unfurling instant; he was there comfortingly smiling by your side; as you got ready to blend with inevitable death,
O! yes; the immortally Omnipotent soul of Almighty Lord throbs in every heart; GOD LOVES ALL.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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