God Made Me

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



God made the overwhelmingly rich; to help those disastrously begging on the dilapidated streets,

God made the exotically beautiful; to harbor those who were ruthlessly kicked at every quarter; for their abominable ugliness,

God made the brilliantly flamboyant day; to benevolently mitigate the suffering of the
treacherously horrendous night,

God made the stupendously fragrant rose; to embrace all those tangible entities dwindling towards the dungeons of stinking extinction,

God made the impeccable angel; to massacre the diabolical devil; salaciously spreading its heinousroots; into pathways of blissful society,

God made the gigantically lanky mountain; to sequester the diminutively fragile ant in its belly; shielding it from the vicious onslaught of the tumultuously stormy winds,

God made the vivaciously salty sea; to rejuvenate pathetic dreariness lingering and parasitically piercing the atmosphere,

God made the mystical ocean of shadows; to break the savage monotony of manipulatively routine life,

God made the incredulously robust complexioned; to lend their hands to those pale skeletons who seemed to have completely lost their way,

God made the audaciously lion hearted; to fortify the souls of those who shivered uncontrollably; even  before a single step towards the sky,

God made the thunderbolts of voluptuously charismatic electricity; to profoundly enlighten images melting into oblivion; like a battalion of white mice,

God made the unfathomably jovial; to rejuvenate souls creeping towards their corpse; even before they emitted the cry of fresh birth,

God made the ebulliently young; to lend a helping hand to the dreadfully old and crippling; stumbling for fresh air on the fathomless roads,

God made the majestically placid lakes; to pacify the inexplicable agonies fulminating traumatically towards the aisles of baseless nothingness,

God made the pragmatically ticking clock; to start a new chapter of existence every unfurling instant of the day; blossom into a fresh beginning; when dagger heads of despair had taken complete control,

God made the irrefutably sacrosanct mother; to make the most satanically demonish organisms feel; that they were an immaculately dressed child once again,

God made the invincibly truthful; to thoroughly decimate sordidly demented lies; before it embedded its gory roots,

God made royally sparkling life; to replace the tyranny of inevitably striking death,
And God made me; to love you immortally till the time I existed; bond with your divinely soul; in every birth you granted me a chance to live; a chance to love you again and again and again.

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