God Made Me - Poem 2

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



God made the voluptuously sapphire crested nightingale; only so that it could stupendously placate all murderously frazzled nerves; with the ingratiating melody in its seductive sound,

God made the sparklingly tranquil rivers; only so that they could astoundingly appease the scorchingly famished throats of countless dreary; with their perennially mystical enthrallment,

God made the vivaciously blazing Sun; only so that it could dazzle its Omnipotent shine to even the most infinitesimally remote corners of this Universe; compassionately comfort one and all; with its marvelously majestic warmth,

God made the celestially resplendent stars; only so that they could shimmer a path of profoundly enamoring mysticism; magnanimously enlighten; the heart of the sullenly gory night,

God made torrential cloudbursts of golden rain; only so that they could tantalizingly reinvigorate acrimoniously parched granules of deadened soil; impregnate scintillating beams of life in those heading towards a morbid extinction,

God made the enigmatically slithering serpent; only so that it could stupendously stupefy the dolorously pallid ambience of the forests; with its inscrutably hissing sounds,

God made the voluptuously titillating rose; only so that it could ubiquitously disseminate its fragrance of perpetual equality to even the most obsolete cranny
of this planet; transform all those besieged with murderous monotony into an
apostle of humanitarian peace,

God made the dexterously chiseled pen; only so that it could emboss countless lines of patriotic literature; handsomely evoke a revolution of holistic togetherness; with the unassailable power of words,

God made the royally towering mountains; only so that they could amiably sequester all tyrannically bereaved in their invincibly formidable swirl; be the very first exemplaries of success perennially kissing the fathomless sky,

God made the ravishingly frothy oceans; only so that they could tantalizingly harbor all innocuously aquatic life; culminate into indispensably priceless salt for the survival of all living beings whether rich or indigent; alike,

God made the vividly boisterous butterflies; only so that they could fascinatingly flutter under profound rays of the midday Sun; mischievously philander and frolic with eternal lovebirds behind the aristocratic hills,

God made the eclectically sprouting seeds; only so that they could bountifully sprout into beautifully salubrious nutrition; become every living organism's ultimate
panacea to harmoniously survive,

God made the meticulously ticking clock; only so that it could incessantly depict the radically changing shades of ebullient time; sagaciously apprise all about the inevitably passing moments of vibrant life,

God made the fabulously euphoric shadow; only so that it could magnificently soothe the diabolical dungeons of abhorrence; with its spell bindingly silken and exotic touch,

God made the rambunctiously innocuous and piquant hen; only so that it could rhetorically lay a shimmering festoon of poignant eggs; ensure that life indefatigably lingered in the atmosphere; with its series of passionate quacks,

God made the supremely princely peacock; only so that it could dance the most gloriously charming dance on this planet; under torrential downpours of ebulliently
alluring rain,

God made the gregariously clashing clouds; only so that they could grandiloquently deluge the brutally dilapidated cracks on devastated soil; with unsurpassable tumblers of rejuvenating liquid,

God made the tirelessly buzzing and swarming bees; only so that they could continuously diffuse into a web of glitteringly golden honey; ecumenically diffuse a spell of magical sweetness to every dwelling submerged with horrifically disparaging despair,

God made the regally wide eyed owl; only so that it could prudently admonish everyone in vicinity about the most diminutive insinuation of oncoming danger; while the world snored thunderously under the wholesomely crippling blackness of the night,

And God made me; every ingredient of my impoverished heart; blood and soul; only so that I could love you and dedicate every iota of enthusiasm in my body towards writing poetry; for infinite more births yet to come.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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