God Please Bless Me With Sleep

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The power in my legs was gradually diminishing; the toes of my foot were chafed and red at their edges,

The chords of my throat were dreadfully hoarse; the saliva had almost dried up in my mouth,

The sockets beneath my eyes were puffed and as black as coal; with the eyeball appearing as if soaked in blood,

The fingers of my palm were leaning heavily towards the ground; unable to rise an inch despite my most resilient of attempts,

The food in my stomach had slept hours ago; and sensations of hunger had disappeared into thin oblivion,

The blood in my veins flowed slower than the lazy tortoise; my heart beat couldn't be heard even through the most intricate of machine,

The mosquitoes hovering around my ears were having a merry time; as I felt too nimble to order them to go,

The flames of fire leaping up my body were stupefied; as I didn't move the slightest; try as hard as they could to increase their fury,

The hollow of my arms had refrained to form sweat; as the perfume bottles on the mantelpiece staring longingly at me to be used,

The pile of electricity bills kept augmenting; as I had neither the capacity to read them; nor the power to shut the switches at whisker lengths from my palms,

The flesh of my body remained as limp as wax; even when poked by burning needles,
The alphabets embossed in bold fonts on the walls; appeared as if engulfed by a
pool of sea water,

The words emanating from my young and robust mouth; sounded as incoherent as the ghost's speech,

The clothes encompassing my persona fomented people to laugh; as I wasn't even aware that I had worn my pant in the area reserved for my office shirt,

The time in my watch seemed to be well past midnight; although the day had just crept up from the sky,
The lights on the street seemed dim and fading; as I inadvertently crashed my scooter against decaying heaps of garbage,

The figure of my wife appeared to be double; as I started having nightmares of handling two instead of one,

The people sitting around me had started to get tremendously bored; as I yawned thunderously each time I felt provoked to speak,

The lids of my eye incorrigibly fell down; each time I gathered a battalion of attendants to pull them up,

And before I fell on the ground never to rise again;

Submitted: April 22, 2018

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