Goddamned Are Those

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



Goddamned are those who baselessly criticize; treacherously impede the majestically burgeoning artist; like a morosely ghastly nail in each of his stride,

Goddamned are those who insanely murder; ruthlessly choose innocuously regal human flesh; as a grotesque delicacy to bizarrely tantalize their nocturnal delights,

Goddamned are those who monotonously survive; crucifying every iota of divine sensuousness in the atmosphere around; with swords of derogatorily debasing
rigidity and lunatic corruption,

Goddamned are those who indiscriminately divide; disparagingly dissecting the mantra of eternally symbiotic mankind; into sleazy caste; creed; religion
and ominously ungainly tribe,

Goddamned are those who coldbloodedly snatch; sinfully divesting mothers of their newborn children; egregiously massaging their bald scalps with the blood of the innocently dying,

Goddamned are those who lure impetuous youth into the gallows of unforgivably lurid crime; invidiously manipulating organisms like puppets; so that the scent
of decrepit high society cigarette on their carcasses never died,

Goddamned are those who satanically devastate blissful environment; devilishly decimating trees to enlighten their abodes of horrifically contagious filth and
abhorrent malice,

Goddamned are those who mercilessly slit impeccable throats; roasting Almighty Lord pricelessly sacred life; to lasciviously blend with their raunchy caverns
of vixen and nubile and wine,

Goddamned are those who formidably support the stigma of lugubrious illiteracy; fiendishly terrorizing every sagacious entity who dared to get wonderfully employed,

Goddamned are those who delinquently betray their revered mother land; barbarically selling the very womb from which they were born; to ghosts of hell and gutters
of utterly disgruntling grime,

Goddamned are those who perniciously gamble; meaninglessly waste monumental treasuries of currency on personal prejudice; while countless emaciatingly orphaned children outside had not a morsel to eat and died,

Goddamned are those who viciously adulterate; indefatigably contaminating fathomless fields of ebullient corn and life; with the venom of profanely
gratuitous politics,

Goddamned are those who salaciously imperil the growth of wildlife; implacably poaching all night and sunlit day; just to release that extra itch insanely circumlocuting their snobbish stride, '

Goddamned are those who engender asphyxiating war; disseminate insidiously preposterous bloodshed on every conceivable cranny of this gigantic planet,

Goddamned are those who acerbically lead every moment of their life to the rigidly ticking clock; brutally massacring even the most poignantly effusive of their emotions to the conventionally atrocious society,

Goddamned are those who cheat their very own conscience; pugnaciously deluging it with an unsurpassably unending gutter of deleterious corruption,

Goddamned are those who inexorably terrorize in the name of law and order; ruthlessly kill countless innocent under the macabre pretext of spuriously dwindling justice,

Goddamned are those who ridicule euphonically beautiful voice; gruesomely metamorphosing it into; an unfathomable ocean of cacophonically maniacal rioting
and slandering bloodshed,

Goddamned are those who prattle disdainfully about celestial existence; making the most quintessential agenda of their lives to lambaste triumphantly euphoric happiness,

Goddamned are those who pretentiously sob; dissolutely culminating into a cloudburst of fecklessly crocodile tears; just to evoke currency and apathy for their
decayingly obsolete and wearily wastrel life,

Goddamned are those who ambiguously change color; despairingly inflict the fabric of the harmoniously spell binding society; with the germs of castigating cowardice,

Goddamned are those who sardonically torture their own form; putting heinously regretful brakes; upon the Lord's most blessed chapter of timelessly proliferating creation,

Goddamned are those who surreptitiously plot against mankind; ghoulishly wishing to bombard each of its scintillatingly righteous fraternity; with coffin houses of uxoriously depraving slavery,
Goddamned are those who spit at the old; cold-bloodedly extricate them out of their
ostentatious homes; as infidel pieces of amorphous shit,

Goddamned are those who immutably want bad for every section of humanity; lunatically desirous of replenishing their torn pockets; with their comrade's
blood; bone and vibrant life,

Goddamned are those who pathetically squander the landscapes of gorgeously uninhibited freedom; abominably whipping the ailingly weak to scrub the
distortedly squalid floors of their; demonic retreat,

Goddamned are those who don't listen to the voices of their immortal heart; falling like uncontrollably wavering mincemeat; for every non-existent trace of lecherously evil around their souls,

Goddamned are those who iconoclastically torch their own wives; tawdrily rejoice with baselessly libidinous maidens; even as their own children begged discordantly on the sordidly imbecile streets,

Goddamned are those who blatantly lie; forlornly maneuvering their way through a mortuary of countless sins; just to save their sordidly trembling and corpulently stinking skin,

Goddamned are those who maliciously rebuke their parents; licentiously overpowering their every sparkling trace of compassion; to manifest their
hideously tainted goals in life,

Goddamned are those who uncouthly snatch the stick of the debilitatingly old; just in order to extra fortify their already glittering foundations of gold and sanctimonious silver,
Goddamned are those who lividly kick when asked for desperate help; drowning themselves in whirlpools of bombastic cigar smoke and ravenous chicken; even as
immaculate urchins were being torturously stoned to veritable death outside,

And Goddamned are those who lethally snap the wings of perpetual love; cast their vindictively demented eyes upon its exotically everlasting fabric; breathe each
inconsequential breath of their existence; to bawdily squelch vibrant life.

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