Godly Parents

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You were the ones who cared for me; sacrificed the most minutest of your belongings to see me blossom till times beyond eternity,

You were the ones who incessantly showered gifts upon me; slept many a times without inevitable morsels in your famished stomachs,

You were the ones who safeguarded me like a formidable fortress; taking the brunt of the murderously acrimonious world; directly on your shivering chests,

You were the ones who ensured that I always smiled; weeping inexplicable tears in solitude; as the deviltried to lambaste you from all sides,

You were the ones who unrelentingly encouraged me towards my goal; when the extraneous world outside fretted and turned an uncouthly deaf ear,

You were the ones who sequestered me from every ray of sweltering heat; bathing in whirlwinds of perspiration every instant; as the fireball of Sun; blazed to its most unsurpassably vicious radiance,

You were the ones who responded to even the most faintest of my cries; lived a countless sleepless nights; while I snored to blend with realms of absolute heaven,

You were the ones who instilled in me the essence of life; ensured that my impoverished soul transcended over the boundaries of paradise; even at the cost
of your precious extinction,

You were the ones who taught me how to crawl; walk; conquer every obstacle that confronted me in my way; even when the blood flowing in your veins was rapidly
evaporating over the threshold of obsolete oblivion,

You were the ones who magnanimously nurtured my every desire; saw to it that I diffused the philanthropic fragrance of mankind; even when you were besieged from
all quarters with the most devastating of disease,

You were the ones who passionately discerned the artist fulminating in my beats; even as the planet outside savagely massacred it with swords of macabre manipulation; even before it was born,

You were the ones who shared each unfurling second of my agony; listening to the innermost voices of my heart; even as the society around; was devouring you
in its horrifically greedy belly,

You were the ones who bestowed upon me a roof to live till the times I wanted; even as you coalesced with infinitesimal bits of threadbare dust outside; to pacify my list of ever augmenting demands,

You were the ones who defended me against the most diabolical of foes; selflessly beheading your scalps; to witness me sprout into an unfathomable fountain of

You were the ones who stood with me for the love of my life; spending your entire existence in dilapidated dungeons of penance; for the plethora of misdeeds I  might have unwittingly committed in my quest for the ultimate summit,

You were the ones who laughed when I laughed; cried when I cried; relinquishing your fathomless list of personal ambitions; to make me eat the fruits that I wanted,

You were the ones who followed me like an incorrigible shadow; in good times as well as bad; even though I snubbed you sometimes with cloudbursts of irascible

You were the ones who perpetually remained my friends for centuries incomprehensible; even as those closest to me stabbed me insidiously with
dagger heads of prejudice,

You were the ones who were immortal angels; having not only given me birth and your name; but harnessing each part my persona till date; with your breath; your
heart; your very own blood,

And even if I assimilated the entire wealth on this earth; it would still prove a fraction too frugal in front of your divinely countenance; instead I proudly proclaim to the entire Universe; that you would always remain; my Godly parents.

Submitted: April 22, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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