Good Morning Sunshine

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



Good Morning Sunshine; thank you for filtering
stringently through my dingily dilapidate window;
embedding optimistic rays of hope in my life,

Good Morning Cuckoo; thank you for waking up my gloomy
sleep with your poignantly austere sounds,

Good Morning Grass; thank you for rejuvenating my
dreary soles; as I trespassed on your voluptuous
carpet; with your magnificent sheath of dew drops
tickling my skin to unprecedented limits,

Good Morning delectable pet; thank you for clambering
up my bed; awakening me with a pleasant jolt; as you
flapped your slippery tongue over my rubicund cheeks,

Good Morning Shirt; thank you for imparting me with
compassionate warmth; as I swung you over my naked
chest the instant I broke my reverie,

Good Morning Wife; thank you for providing me your
mesmerizing shoulders to rest upon in times of the
treacherous night,

Good Morning Ducks; thank you for quacking so
boisterously; that I became oblivious to all the
loneliness and wretched depression that heavily
circumvented my life,

Good Morning Air; thank you for so celestially wafting
into my nostrils; seductively caressing my mass of
unruly hair; to transit me higher than the heavens,

Good Morning Lotus; thank you for spreading your
ingratiatingly pink petals into full bloom; inundate
my solitary life with astronomical happiness,

Good Morning Tea; thank you for profoundly
reinvigorating my diminishing breath; fomenting me to
walk briskly forward with untamed exhilaration,

Good Morning Alarm Clock; thank you for deafeningly
puncturing my eardrum; triggering me off from
invincible sleep; when all other conceivable things
had miserably floundered,

Good Morning Water; thank you for pacifying my thirst;
inevitably providing me those few sips of liquid to
quench scorched chords of my throat; the second I
detached from horrendous dreams,

Good Morning Soap; thank you for providing me tons of
enamoring foam; which metamorphosed my bedraggled
persona into one of stupendously distinguished authority,

Good Morning National Flag; thank you for fluttering
so handsomely in the atmosphere; propelling the spirit
of patriotism to escalate unsurpassably in my veins;
the second I nimbly opened my eyelids at dawn,

Good Morning Soil; thank you for impregnably holding
the foundations of my dwelling; harboring my
inconspicuous demeanor while I slept like a new born
infant in the perilous night,

Good Morning Apple; thank you for providing me that
incredulously quick bite before I eloped for office;
prepared to kick on with my schedule for the
acrimoniously monotonous day,

Good Morning Mother; thank you for silently creeping
up beside me when I was in bouts of thunderously sound
sleep; gently caressing my hair; embodying my
shivering countenance with a sweater she had specially
knitted for me in the day,

Good Morning Tree; thank you for generating appeasing
draughts of wind that diffused through my window as
the Sun crept up in the sky; making me feel that I was
indispensably alive,

Good Morning Breath; thank you for blissfully
circulating through my lungs; enveloping me with the
tenacity to divinely pass the gruesomely precarious night,

And Good Morning World; thank you for granting me the
right to harmoniously exist amongs't you; walk
shoulder to shoulder with your blessed grace; in every
aspect of exuberant life.

© Copyright 2019 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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