Good Thoughts Need To Be Rightly Implemented.

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



For them to blossom into fields of uninhibited prosperity; as the mid-day Sun
flamboyantly shone and royally enriched dreary patches of moroseness and malice,

For them to permeate the planet with earnest feelings of nicety and humanitarian
friendship; bonding the multi - cultural fabric of existence under one roof; into the
religion of invincibly bountiful humanity,

For them to make the human kind more amicable towards each other; optimistically
endeavoring to delete the fangs of hostility and disseminate compassionate

For them to clamber the ladder of benevolent success; sow the seed of philanthropy
which would eventually grow up to flower into the fruit of a tomorrow
effusively sprinkled with love,

For them to wondrously assimilate the true potential from an eclectically varied group of individuals; who had the inimitable power to evolve their own unduplicated forms of spell-binding creativity,

For them to empower people to collectively work in their mortal capacities to bring about a renaissance in the deplorable administration; so that humans replenished the
privileges of an honestly inspired existence; alongwith their counterpart mate across
the fence; at the other side,

For them to witness the spectacularly original inventions of constructive science shape fresh dimensions of triumph; a sweetness that was unparalleled amongst mortals for the betterment of earth and its marvelously beautiful living beings,

For them to uncannily bewilder the most seasoned campaigner in his / her respective
field; with the unabashed artistry of imagination that handsomely embedded barren
canvas with truthful colors of victory,

For them to uninhibitedly carve a distinguished path in the chapter of existence;
witness it garlanded and felicitated with the highest honors of the civilian world; for its jubilant contribution to various spheres of ingenious society,

For them to eradicate grotesquely penalizing methods of anarchy; bring about the
onset of enthralling democracy where the most deservingly sincere representatives
were chosen by the spirit of unbridled camaraderie and the right to fearlessly vote,

For them to craft some of the most astonishingly unchallengeable success stories in the ordinary household chores that women execute; those anecdotes which became
mesmerizing as they were nourished with selflessness and unbiased commitment,

For them to try their charismatic best to change parental perception towards their
children; treat them as one of tomorrow's best humanitarian gift; replete with the power to fantasize correctness and unleash into stupefying artistry - rather than obnoxiously subjecting them with the unceremonious pressure of having the best study grades in school,

For them to alleviate the common man's woes due to shoddily gruesome loopholes in
the system of governance and jurisdiction - devising innovative schemes to make the
man on the street heard for the causes he passionately supports,

For them to enlighten kids in the most obsolete rural areas with the power of education; reach sacredly motivational textbooks in their poignant tender palms - which sadly held grisly haired broomsticks and dustpans; instead,

For them to compose books of poetry or prose which supported and brought to the fore a plethora of fascinating humanitarian causes - some of the titles which further went ahead to win the most coveted privilege for literature - the Nobel Prize,

For them to campaign for saving trees and thereby the majestic environment; exhorting people of all ages and religions to come forward and plant multitudes of different saplings; to convivially exist thereby - in an unfettered environment of freshness and vitality,

For them to solemnly resolve sordidly lambasting war and terrorism; initiate talks of
peace between acrimoniously fighting enemies with the balm of friendship, love,
goodwill and brotherhood,

For them to bond into threads of fortuitously mollifying matrimony - relish the
tantalizingly beautiful moments of life as they unfurled; and handsomely embrace the
fabric of joyous victory,

Your good thoughts need to be rightly implemented.

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