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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



Greatness was in the bountifully altruistic lap of mother nature; which didn't raise its voice even an infinitesimal whisper; although plucked an infinite times for its fruit and nutrient; by despicably impoverished man,

Greatness was in the wholehearted smile of the newborn child; which brought the most pricelessly inimitable cheer; to even the most morbidly deadened corpses floating fecklessly in the atmosphere,

Greatness was in the timelessly rejuvenating spray of the waterfall; which tirelessly mollified the most horrendously agitated of nerves; profoundly blended with the rays of golden sunlight,

Greatness was in the first droplet of uninhibitedly blessing rain that fell from the sky; divinely enriching every conceivable patch of ghoulishly arid mud with the elixir of vivacious life,

Greatness was in the sacredly unblemished eye; which conveyed the most exhilarating tales of an infinite lifetimes entirely in its whiteness and blackness; and the perennial beams that it emanated of Omnipotent life,

Greatness was in the unimpeachable uniform of the soldier; who sacrificed his life without the tiniest of thought or hesitation; as the very first step of the enemy alighted towards his venerated motherland,

Greatness was in the pathway that forever and ever led to the Sun of righteousness; where there shone nothing else but the Heaven of infallibly brilliant humanity,

Greatness was in the tongue which licked compassion into the most inexplicably venomous of wounds; fully aware that it could disastrously and irrevocably be an impoverished victim of the same,

Greatness was in the everlastingly redolent fantasy; which united the entire planet irrespective of caste; creed; religion or kind; into a singleton wave of unassailably fragrant oneness,

Greatness was in the unpretentious voice that always rose in favor of the oppressed; became their sole guiding ray of enlightenment; in even the most vindictively blackened and hopeless night,

Greatness was in the unparalleled exuberance of the rustic wind; which never ever let any organism on earth feel lonely; as it enchantingly whistled past their cheeks every unfurling minute,
Greatness was in the indefatigably conquering entrepreneur; who still considered the mission to be a countless shades bigger than him; whose mission to evolve newness forever continued till the time he lived,

Greatness was in the haplessly childless mother; who still blessed every symbiotically married couple on the trajectory of this fathomless planet; to procreate several amazing of their kind,

Greatness was in the truthful rivers of sweat which ran down the armpits; paying the most royal tributes to the unflinchingly fearless chapters of undying perseverance,

Greatness was in the majestically uninterrupted melody of wondrous creation; which arose from the innermost realms of the triumphantly passionate heart,

Greatness was in the multiple colors of the astoundingly eclectic rainbow; which radiated separately and profoundly in their own shades; but together spawned the beam of unparalleled hope,

Greatness was in the heart which knew only to perpetually disseminate the paradise of love; although its very own beats were salaciously betrayed by the people it befriended in its destined life,

Greatness was in the tireless nostril which kept instilling impregnable life; into every miserably stony corpse; dolorously stagnating till eternity in sinfully satanic vacuum,

And greatness was in every entity; every moment; every hour on this endlessly enthralling Universe; which forever and ever and ever; throbbed with the sky
of miraculously reincarnating simplicity.

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