Greed And Selflessness

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Greed indiscriminately penalizes,
Selflessness is the ultimate panacea; for uniting all innocuously harmonious; for centuries immemorial and alike.

Greed baselessly tyrannizes,
Selflessness is an Omnipotent fabric; which irrefutably transcends you above the resplendent heavens; to be the unequivocal favorite of the divine.

Greed ruthlessly snatches,
Selflessness is the only road to everlasting prosperity; coalescing even the most salaciously treacherous with the scent of the bountifully bestowing soil.

Greed manipulatively stagnates,
Selflessness is the most priceless core of enthralling existence; enlightening unassailable beams of hope; in all those dwellings miserably impoverished;
without optimism and light.

Greed horrendously massacres,
Selflessness is an Omnisciently miraculous ointment; which heals the most bizarre wounds of the overwhelming rich and pathetically destitute; alike.

Greed uncouthly divests,
Selflessness is a enchantingly silken flower; which disseminates the true spirit of mankind; to even the most infinitesimal parts; of this fathomless globe.

Greed lethally poisons,
Selflessness is a grandiloquently mesmerizing sky; which relentlessly showers the blessings of the Almighty; upon all philanthropically benign.

Greed pulverizes beyond recognition,
Selflessness is a unendingly radiating horizon; which brilliantly sparkles all night and day; with the rainbow of unconquerable righteousness.

Greed maliciously obfuscates all truth,
Selflessness is the most Omnipresent harbinger of celestial peace; unstoppably heading towards the paradise of scintillating success.

Greed insidiously cripples,
Selflessness is a majestically flapping bird that hoists even the most devastatingly deprived; making one perpetually realize his ultimate mission in destined life.

Greed sadistically abhors,
Selflessness is the most candid reflection of every organism's inner self; the most stupendously supreme richness to be holistically alive.

Greed mockingly whips,
Selflessness is an invincible mountain of humanity; which sequesters the infirm and strong; in its compassionately synergistic belly; alike.

Greed has no beginning; no end,
Selflessness is the most unbelievably blazing road to the enamoring heavens; the most insatiably fulfilling endowment in vivacious life.

Greed rots under the grave for centuries unprecedented,
Selflessness is an eternally bequeathing fruit; which magically ensures that benevolent mercy reigns supreme; till the time there was life on this unsurpassable planet.

Greed is a morbidly decaying stone,
Selflessness is the sole pillar of solidarity that's stands patriotically amidst a world of dilapidated doom; an astronomical strength that makes every entity achieve its most sacrosanct mission in; impoverished existence.

Greed is a viciously ghastly foe,
Selflessness is like the innocuous cry of a new born infant; without the tiniest of blemish upon its supremely Godly swirl.

Greed incoherently babbles,
Selflessness is a perennially enchanting song of enamoring sagaciousness; which beautifully quells even the most thunderously satanic of squall; with its wave of egalitarian calm.

Greed is the most abominable chunk of garbage in the gutter,
Selflessness is a torrential downpour of endless charisma; unequivocally perpetuating a smile on even the most haplessly maimed faces.

Greed hopelessly annihilates,
Selflessness is the most royal blanket of incredulously euphoric happiness; disseminating the virtue of  unshakable togetherness; every time the earth was magnanimously born.

Greed strangulates you without a chance,
Selflessness is emphatically blazing Sunshine; that dazzles into fireballs of divinely light; even after veritable death.

Greed murders your stride even before you could alight a foot,
Selflessness is the most regale conqueror of all prejudiced desires; making you yearn for only the cradle of unsurpassable innocence.

Greed excoriates you into impotent ash,
Selflessness is a river of unbreakable unity; a religion which only knows to chivalrously donate the magnificence of spell binding mankind; upon one and all; bountifully alike.

Greed surreptitiously slaps,
Selflessness is an idol of unbelievable courage; a tenacity that makes you fearlessly overcome; even the most belligerently ominous impediments in pragmatic life.

Greed traumatically imprisons,
Selflessness is an evergreen leaf of Godly freedom; an impregnable will to forever follow the path of the Almighty Divine.

Greed savagely pricks you to barbarically bleed,
Selflessness is a wave of artistic aristocracy; that marvelously pacifies every iota of your ditheringly frazzled senses; with the poetry of symbiotic Creation.

Greed hands you instantaneously to the devil,
Selflessness is a blooming wand that altruistically kisses all your acerbic agonies away; propelling you to be born beautifully; a countless times yet again.

Greed plummets into the valley of worthless nothingness,
Selflessness is that heavenly milk of the mother; which ubiquitously feeds every child ruthlessly orphaned; due to diabolical strokes of time.

Greed discordantly wails all the time,
Selflessness transcends the most grandiloquently timeless treasures on this earth; to forever blend with redolently gratifying heavens.

Greed digs your grave deep at every step you tread,
Selflessness wholesomely absolves you from victimizing earthly bondage; liberating your soul to incessantly float in clouds of mystical love.

Greed knives you deep when you turn your back,
Selflessness is an invaluable window of mutually gratifying existence; being the utmost savior of one and all; across this boundless planet.

Greed penalizes you gorily even beyond death,
Selflessness is a wind which astoundingly charms; exquisitely embellishing each of your murderously malevolent veins; with the freshness of unparalleled humanity.

Greed acerbically immolates you in waves of meaningless lust,
Selflessness is the wheel of indefatigably proliferating evolution; immaculately meditating in the aisles of enamoring contentment.

Greed venomously strips you of even the most minuscule of your resources,
Selflessness is a meadow of congenial tranquility; pioneering an unconquerable camaraderie; between man and the ravishing environment.

Greed austerely metamorphoses you into a dreaded animal,
Selflessness is an entrenchment of supremely ever-pervading faith; that looms large as the only messiah; even after sky had tumultuously transposed with muddy earth.

Greed horrifically blinds you even in the most flamingly boisterous of Sunlight,
Selflessness is a magically resonating rhythm of sheer eloquence; an evening of gorgeously replenishing fulfillment.

Greed gobbles you like an inconspicuous mosquito,
Selflessness is a scepter of incomprehensible goodness; always ensuring that you traversed like an undefeated prince; all your life.

Greed diabolically stings you when you think that you've conquered the entire world,
Selflessness is the sole mantra for humanitarian success not only in this birth; but every time the Creator thought you worthy; of priceless life.

Greed acrimoniously spits on you as though you were nonchalant shit,
Selflessness is a true stalwart of handsomely rustic motherland; unendingly defending you from all viciously sordid hurdles of ominous existence.

Greed doesn't pity you the slightest even in the revered lap of your untainted mother,
Selflessness is a tree with countless rejuvenatingly amiable branches; eventually melanging  into the tree of immortal humanity.

Greed ludicrously beheads your scalp like a piece of worthless wind,
Selflessness is a jewel which scintillates even after the heart of perniciously savage midnight; illuminating every abode besieged with despicable lechery with beams of fragrant light.

Greed buries you alive without taking even the tiniest permission from your destiny,
Selflessness is the sole elixir that instills astonishing reinvigoration in your  capriciously muddled veins; irrevocably perpetuates you to spawn fascinating newness; on every lane that you interweaved through.

Greed only transpires you to sign the signature of gruesomely bellicose death,
Selflessness is  the most enchanting mist of true belonging; ebulliently uniting you with your rudiments of nostalgic birth.

Greed disparagingly distorts you beyond holistic proportions,
Selflessness is the most regale sensation that makes you bask in the glory of supremely sensuous timelessness; transforming every anguish of yours into the; fortress of the Creator divine.

Greed admonishingly dictates you worse than a baseless slave,
Selflessness is your most humble compatriot in good times and preposterously bad; majestically replenishing every empty space of your penurious survival; with the gifts of wonderfully Creation.

Greed brutally vandalizes even your lackadaisically nonchalant skeleton,
Selflessness is the most princely element of Mother Nature; profusely oozing oceans of untamed love; onto every organism who intrepidly adopted it.

Greed straddles disgusting brakes upon your fertile reservoir of imagination,
Selflessness is a redolently unfazed scent that envelopes you with unfathomable jubilation from all sides; makes you ecstatically wander through the aisles of incredulously eclectic newness.

Greed uncouthly confiscates your conscience; to hand it over to the blood sucking vampires,
Selflessness is a valley of overwhelmingly unimaginable exhilaration; an expedition which portrays to every living being; the true meaning of existence.

Greed coldbloodedly rains parasites on you; even after you were no more than a ghost sulking in the frigid atmosphere,
Selflessness is idol of Almighty Lord in his most poignantly towering forms; gloriously blessing all those with an immaculate soul; upon the trajectory of this
vast planet.

And greed abominably drills such a hole in your heart; that it was difficult to sagaciously discern you from; lackluster space,
While selflessness is the most unassailable chapter of bountifully immortal love; bonding your beats not only with your sacred beloved; but all vibrant beauty on
the planet and time.

Submitted: April 22, 2018

© Copyright 2023 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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