Greedy For That Eternal Blackness

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



Greedy for that pricelessly invincible blackness that would vanquish very misery from my otherwise sinfully devastated soul; into wisps of obsolete nothingness,

Greedy for that sacredly ameliorating blackness that would metamorphose me into such an unbreakable state of calm—as unfazed as the blue skies-  even as murderous hell rained uncontrollably around,

Greedy for that magically omnipotent blackness that would annihilate every trace of disease from my inexplicably aggrieved physical form—transit me forever and ever and ever into mists of divinely rhapsody,

Greedy for that unflinchingly triumphant blackness that would forever make me one with an infinite more of my kind—that would end every ounce of sadistically commercial strife from the chapter of my sinful life,

Greedy for that unbelievably holy blackness that would eventually make me realize—that all of us who so pompously promote ourselves as ' Iconic I's 'all the time-  are just bits of nothing infront of the Almighty Lord,

Greedy for that ubiquitously majestic blackness that would perch me on the ultimate throne of humanity-where I perpetually embraced one and all irrespective of any barriers of caste; creed or the rapaciousness of time,

Greedy for that enchantingly fantastic blackness that would trigger me to fantasize beyond every realm of never-ending happiness-even in a state of morbidly limpid stillness,

Greedy for that ecstatically brilliant blackness that would make me a winner of all hearts and of all times-even as the ghastliest hell made way for the graveyards of prejudiced extinction around,

Greedy for that miraculously quiet blackness that would forever drift me from each tawdry earthly tension—into an infinite gorge where there cascaded only the  cloudbursts of untamed love,

Greedy for that unassailably blessing blackness that would kiss my brow with all the bounteousness that God's creations had to offer-without the most mercurial disruption by the blood-sucking human parasite,

Greedy for that eternally prosperous blackness that would ensure my state of perennial contentment for an infinite more years to unveil-enriching every drearily subjugated bone of mine with the power to conquer from even hell and beyond,

Greedy for that enigmatically inimitable blackness that would evoke every robotic pore of my skin to awaken in the land of the unknown-where every stranger that came confronted me; earnestly befriended me for countless a lifetime,

Greedy for that regally resplendent blackness that would reach me to the most cherished mission I dreamt all life-of being a humble slave listlessly suspended from the unshakable chariot of the Gods,

Greedy for that beauteously engulfing blackness that would help me assimilate the fragrance of all unabashed goodness from my life-so that the voice of the devil was subdued forever by the righteousness of the soul,

Greedy for that wondrously mollifying blackness that would uplift my impoverished jugglery of bones to either heaven or hell as destined-but atleast far away from the dreaded savagery of all misanthropic mankind,

Greedy for that astoundingly bestowing blackness that would liberate me of every conceivable sin of a banally monotonous lifetime-so that each new birth  commenced with my conscience dancing in the aisles of freedom,

Greedy for that altruistically enamoring blackness that would sweep me forever of my feet-into a land where the most unheard of inscrutable tales would titillate my spine till beyond the threshold of no return,

And I've not the tiniest of inhibitions in revealing that the blackness I'm talking about is that of my veritable grave-that I humbly desire to be just infront of the mosque of my Omnipresent Creator-which eternally palpitated with the oneness of every religion and living being; alike.

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