Had Left Me Forever

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



The fires outside might be blazing ferociously towards the sky; charring even the most inconspicuous particle around in its tumultuously scorching swirl,
But the fire inside my blood was simply unbearable; made me inevitably collapse towards the hard ground every minute.

The temperature engulfing the atmosphere might be freezing below abysmally low limits; with ominous avalanches of snow hurtling like an augmenting balloon
down the treacherous mountain slopes,
But the temperature enveloping my bones was simply unbearable; numbing me disastrously in every single aspect of blissful life.

The thorns laden on the jungle soil might be staring acridly towards the dark blue sky; furtively awaiting innocuous feet to inadvertently trample over them; bleed and hurt,
But the thorns in my chest were simply unbearable; viciously trying to strangulate me into ghastly emptiness every second.

The voices lingering in the island of hell might be too appalling to describe; permeated the boundless expanse of cosmos with the wail of gruesomely wicked
and salacious beasts,
But the voices circulating in my mind were simply unbearable; fomented me to disdainfully stutter a billion times; on every thought I perceived; on every sentence I spoke.

The images radiating out of the morbidly shattered mirror might be horrendous depictions of the diabolical devil; ready to pounce upon and uncouthly rip through innocent mankind,
But the images that barbarically encompassed my brain were simply unbearable; drowned me into an ocean of blood; a sea of inexplicable misery; which I found
virtually impossible to swim in and save my life.

The darkness savagely embracing the day might be an unavoidable form of Gods creation; besieging the mesmerizing sights on this planet in its satanic shades of monstrous black,
But the darkness which entrenched my eyes was simply unbearable; made me lead my days worse than the most severely blind; even though I had the most incredulously brilliant and perfect sight.

The smell emanating from the perpetually dead body might be profoundly stinking; causing one to vomit out all what he had consumed in the tenure of his life,
But the smell encapsulating my rubicund skin was simply unbearable; suffocating me this very instant; when infact doctors had proclaimed me to be in perfect health; and for apparently no sin of mine.

The businessman might have suffered gargantuan losses as the economy abruptly crashed down; sadly parting with his fathomless treasury of wealth; all what he
had earned in life; within flash instants of time,
But the losses that I incurred were simply unbearable; having all the wealth of the world stored in my castle's overflowing with biscuits of gold; and yet crawling in hopeless despair on the streets; starving for tranquility more horribly than the most
impoverished of beggar.

And perhaps the man buried infinite feet beneath the earth in his coffin might be without breath; celestially smiling in the arms of the Omniscient Creator,
But the tyranny that I underwent inspite of living infinite feet above earth was simply unbearable; killing my soul every moment; piercing me like a thousand knives through my hollow heart; as the entity whom I had loved more than my life no longer existed; the person who was more important to me than anything else on this planet had left me forever.

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