Half A Victory

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



It nimbly swished its tail; as the blaring horns of boundless trapped vehicles; deluged the membranes of its intricate ear,

It incorrigibly refrained to listen; payed a wholesomely deaf ear; as hordes of people hooted in thunderous cacophony all around,

It nonchalantly exonerated all appeals by pedestrians to clear the way; displayed its disgusting disapproval by a feeble flap of its earlobe,

It stood in solitary silence in the midst of the boisterous activity; preferred to gently lick its innocuous calf; rather than walking a step forward; making way for the armory of mammoth trucks blowing their horns to ultimate capacity,

It bloated pompously in conceited pride at the very thought of being the most talked about; invited tiny toddlers to adorn its back; even as their parents admonished them stringently of not doing so,

It merrily lapped at water in an obsolete monsoon pond on the pavement; as countless number of dreary passengers blurted a volley of abuse; utterly famished
and miserably trapped in their claustrophobic jeeps,

It blissfully erupted into slimy cakes of cowdung; celestially defecating its morning meal; as several denizens on the street coughed and abysmally stuttered towards inevitable smoke and suffocation,

It stupendously relished the inclement cold with its coat of impeccably white skin; while the youngsters trapped way behind in the haphazardly synchronized traffic; dreadfully envisaged the face of their angry beloved; who would terrorize their cheeks with tenacious slaps; for reaching embarrassingly late,

It fantasized for hours immemorial without fluttering an eyelid; insipidly shook its body to drive away the festoon of cheeky flies feasting on the folds of its neck; while infinite businessmen jolted right from the midst of their harmonious sleep; ordered the driver to abdicate their automobile; took to the wheel themselves and swerved violently on the tarmac to catch the evening flight in an absolute jiffy,

It playfully conversed with umpteenth others of its fraternity; whispering its tale of anguished woes; standing like a formidably impregnable fortress; in the center of the stridently clanging traffic and frugal bits of free space,

It rubbed its nose on the ground deliberately to be sympathetic for its impoverished self; while the inept police station resonated in the throes of indefatigable shrill ringing activity; as citizens resorted to the same in a last bid to reach the abnormally long looking finishing line,

It slowly gallivanted around like an immaculately mute spectator; sniffing about fruits strewn in vicinity which it supremely cherished; while the crowds on the roads kept augmenting; reaching an unprecedented zenith as the primordial minutes unveiled themselves into marathon hours,

It took a short nap granting eternal rest to its overwhelmingly overstuffed belly; while helpless plebeians shrieked and wailed in fervently mounting frustration,

It inhaled in profusely divine long breaths; while the battalion of haplessly stranded civilians staggered hopelessly for bellows of fresh and ravishing breath,

It angrily kicked at a philanthropist trying to cajole it to shift its dwelling to a safer haven; hovered its pugnacious horns for evoking some moments of frolicking mischief; even before the man could say sorry and exit,

It intransigently remained riveted to its place; although some clever farmers tried to lure it with a packed bundle of green grass and delectable leaf; thereby instilled in individuals all around that patience is indeed the persevering virtue to unparalleled success,

It awoke children in their cozy dwelling from their surreal day dreams; as they gathered around its body to admire and play with its marvelously lovely tail,

And in the end; when the thunderously deplorable sounds of horns; the relentless cursing of people; the ambience inundated with rampant mayhem; was getting a
trifle too much on its nerves to bear; the Cow still didn't shift a centimeter from the heart of the road; instead urled its legs snobbishly and sat; giving the humans
profoundly disturbed and distressed; their well deserved half a victory.

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