Half Hearted

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



When I wore a pant with only half a button; I had to abashingly clutch it with both hands; every time I rose from my seat,

When I sat under only half a tree; the pugnacious rays of the Sun unsparingly struck me from all quarters,

When I wrote only half a line; I found encompassed with overwhelming bankruptcy; as my neighbors filled in the rest of the amount; and made merry till eternity,

When I ate only half the food; my stomach initially felt nice; but cried incessantly for the remainder of the night; when struck with pangs of starvation and hunger,

When I walked in only half a shoe; I felt obnoxious pebbles tickle my feet; barbaric thorns infiltrate into my flesh every second,

When I boarded only half a plane; I found myself in my coffin soon; as it stormed ruthlessly into the ocean a few minutes after taking off,

When I read only half the advertisement; I found myself sweeping the corridors of a multinational company; which I had visited; presuming to become a senior employee,

When I saw only half the dream; I felt bereaved and deprived the entire day to follow; as I yet and fervently awaited for the princess to arrive,

When I chopped only half the tree; I initially lazed blissfully under its shade; but soon found the remaining monstrous wood; tumble down towards my skull with a creaking & thunderous noise,

When I bathed only half my body; there were people laughing at me on every corner of the street; as some part of me was as black as coal; while some was pearly white,

When I cried only half a tear; my eyes metamorphosed to swollen and black; and I found it exceedingly difficult to keep them open and sight,

When I closed only half the door; the thieves entered my dwelling merrily in the night; stole with gay abandon; what they had always dreamt of,

When I dug the foundation to only half of its depth; the building collapsed like a ball of soft cotton on the very next day; with the slightest draught of wind kissing its exteriors,

When I gave only half a punch; my adversary thought as if I was cuddling him; and wasted no time in pulverizing me to raw dust; to blend with the soil,

When I penned down only half the book; the audience burnt my effigy in volatile fury on the streets; being severely anguished at being deprived of the ending,

When I heard with only half my ear; the ferocious lion tore me apart to pieces; as I wholesomely unaware when he furtively crept from behind; and capsized me by
my collar,

When I swam using only half my arms; the perilously swirling waves of the ocean eventually drowned me to the bottom; and I was squelched to raw pulp by the ominously gliding shark,

When I quelled down only half the fire; the smoldering flames gradually gained impetus in the night; viciously charred every part of my body; including the entire forest,

When I loved only half a girl; I was never able to procreate my progeny in this world; miserably dithered to continue the chapter of existence,

And when I lived life only half hearted; I failed at every step I took; and success always seemed a mountain above; even after I had clambered the
previous one.

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