Kris, The Young Soldier

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Kris was young and strong, he made the decision to join the army and to get some discipline, that would see him good for later life.


Kris has just turned 18, a young recruit in the army. he had already disciplined himself to be the smartest soldier in his group. The first morning they paraded on the square, for inspection and for one hour drill. His black boots were shining like a mirror; the brasses on his belt were glittering. The uniform he had on was steam-pressed. You could cut your fingers on the seams. The Sergeant Major came along, when he reached Kris, who was in the first rank, he looked at him up and down and said, ''Scruffy, tomorrow I hope it would be better.''
Kris was furious, he could feel anger boiling up inside of him, yet he kept calm, and took everything that was thrown at him. In the barrack block, his mates said to him, ''He was a bit hard on you, Kris. It could be that he doesn't like you.''
Kris said, ''I stayed up the whole night with spit and polish to get these boots immaculate. What he said to me this morning, really hurt.''
One of the soldiers said, ''Maybe he knows that you're a good soldier, and is just taking the mickey out of you. If I were you, I would go on parade with unpolished boots and see what comment you get.''
''I can't do that,'' Kris said. "I cannot lower my standard. Let him say what he like.''

The next morning, Kris stood again on parade, immaculate. There was not a fault to be found. The Sergeant Major arrived where he was. With his stick, he pointed at the seams of the trousers. ''They want to run away,'' he told Kris. ''keep them straight.''
Kris said, ''Yes Sir!''
The other soldiers knew now for sure that the Sergeant Major wasn't treating Kris in a good way. In one  week, Kris found himself on guard, three times. When he complained, they told him that there was a shortage of soldiers in the camp, and most on leave, was sick. He later found himself doing cookhouse duties. Kris still kept up his immaculate appearance on all the parades. At least, all the other soldiers like him, and that was something he was very pleased with.

More parades passed by and the Sergeant Major started praising him for his immaculate turn out. Kris was even chosen for a guard of honour to take place in a months time. That went down well. It was known now, all around the camp, how good a soldier Kris had become. Not long after, Krus met a young German girl who he fell in love with, and who bore him a son. Then, unfortunately, he was posted to Aden.

It wasn't long after Kris arrived there the British had just abandoned their garrison

The British had taken over Aden in 1839. From ever since, the troops and their families were always in danger. There were some groups such as the National Liberation Front and the Federation for the Liberation of South Yemen were busy against the British East of Suez. Kris had to take part in foot patrol in Aden. The National Liberation Front came into power around 1962, trying hard to force the British from South Yemen. The next group formed was the Federation of the Liberation of South Yemen with backing from Egypt. The British troops had to act as soldiers and policemen; stopping and seaching in the streets of Aden. Everything went well for Kris on his Aden tour. He returned after four years there, and settled himself  in his new regiment in Germany.

One day Kris went up the mountain that wasn't far away from his camp, he slipped, tumbled, and fell over into a crag. He laid there for a while. nO one knew about it, and when they did, it was too late.

The End.

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