george washington:great american hero

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the essay is about george washington and his role in building the new nation.

Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



The warwas over. Thirteen colonies, once a part of the greatest empire on earth, were now a free and independent nation. Where would the building of the new republic start?  Could it be maintained?Is unification possible?  Can the problems be overcome?

Thesewere some of the questions facing the new United States, as the Treaty of Paris of 1783 became a reality. There are many historians that feel that Americas problems actually began with the peace treaty and continue today. Benjamin Franklin, a key negioator of the French Alliance, violated a prior agreement not to negioate with the British on peace without informing the French. This would later be smoothed over but it set a precedent for behind the scenes deals that have been apart of foreign policy for many generations.

The American  Republic was new and vulnerable. The world only new kings and monarchial forms ofgovernment. The adjustment would be hard and  costly, for America, it had a doucement known as the Articles of Confederation, that got  the nation througth the war yet gradually grew in efeective and with it brought America down in the eyes of the old world. If America was too be saved it would need a new doucement that would provide structure for government that would clearly state the laws of the land. This would be taken care after a meeting of delegates from the states met in Philadelphia too hammer  out such  a doucement. The Constuition, dubbed 'The greatest doucement ever too comeoff the stroke of a pen,' by officials of the old world  came into being . It gave the new world what it needed but it still did not provide  for a leader who could unify the country.

Aftermuch debateamongst the delegates, itwas  decided that George Washington would be  the leader. There were many that wanted him to be king. Washington was approached with the idea, however he rejected it, thus the role would take  on  a new look. He would be the voiceof the people.This decision would lead to the presentation of a new offer to Washington too  become the first president of the new republic.This would require him to leave his farm, he adbandoned for almost eight years of war.The choice would be an easy one, his country needed him and he was ready to answer the call.

Washington, his wife Matha, and personal servants left Mount Vernon for NewYork, the first of two sites  where the capital would be located.  It would be moved to Washington DC and Washington would be inaugurated in two sites  a practice that no other  presidentcan or will  be able to share with him.Washington was given a heroes welcome. There were many lining the streets to see him. He was sworn in by John Jay, a key negioator in the French Alliance, who became the first Chief Justiceof theSupreme Court. This official moveby the government  gave Washington  the power tobuild the nation.  The newgovernmentwas dividedinto three branches, executive, legislative, and judicial. He would be in charge of the executive branch, while delegates  from the individual statescomposedthe legislature consisting of a house of Representatives and a Senate. The  House  of Representatives was based on populationto compose membership and the Senate consisted of two members from each state,The third branch was the judicial branch composed of the court system headed by the Supreme Court. The wheels were now in place too operate a new republican form of government that would serve the people. There  were  many problems facing the country and knowing where to start dealing with them proved too be  a big headache forWashington.

Washington established the first of manyhistorical precedentsin naming a cabinet of officers to assit him. The constiution didnt call for it but it was needed and some of the nations finest men answered the call. Thomas Jefferson, would become the Secretary of State, Edmund Randolph, the Attorney General, Alexander Hamilton, the Secretary of the Treasury and Henry Knox, The Secretary  of War. These were men that Washington knew he could count on from serving with them during the Revolutionary War. 

The building process would be effectedby the handling of the countrys issues. The first of thesewasthe establishment of the national  currency. The individual states printed their own money which created a lot of confusion when inter-state deals were discussed and individuals traveled. Alexander Hamilton developed an idea of a National Bank, which would become the forerunner to the Federal Reserve System. This enabled the country too function with one means of currency thus allowing daily commerce and inter-state activity too function at a faster pace enabling for much larger growth for the new nation.

Hamilton was a contoversial figure. There were many who thought he was pro-British. This was justified by the fact that he often spoke highly of the British. This appealed to about  half the population who favored a normalization of realations with England. It was  his rival in the cabinet Thomas Jeffersonwho causeddivision in the cabinet simply because he  wanted the new nation to honor its obligations  to France.

Asthe Secretary of StateJeffersons  job centered onforeign policy. His support of the French was out of gratitude for there help during the Revolution. He spent a considerable amount of time thereas a representative of the new republic  and  develoed an admiration for the French.. He became  involved in the problems America had internationally and sought away too deal with them. He urged Washington to fulfill the terms of the French alliance. The French were  in  a  revolution of there ownand Edmund Genet was sent  to  obtain  helpfrom America. Washington refused too provide it. He felt  the country should stay out of European affairs, simply because it needed  timeto build. He developed  a piece  of legislation that  became the Neutrality  Act  that proclaimedAmerica  neutral. Genet did notstop looking for assitance, recruiting militias from Georgiaand South Carolina. Washington was furious and demanded his  recall.

The problems with France  did not end. The Frence Alliance did not have  an end date.  It basically  was an understanding that obligated both countries too come to the aid of the other. the Neutrality Act no longer made this possible. France was able to live with American neutrality however its problems with England  grew worse.

Americas overseas trade would be seriously affected. French and English ships seized American ships on many occasions. The two nations did not want America trading with their enemy, thus America could not get goods it needed from abroad. The domestic market became more important and had too perform at a high level too keep solvent. This unstable situation would lead to the French firing on an American ship, The US  CONSTUITION, and an eventual naval war that lasted two years, eding with the Treaty of Malfountaine that ended the French Alliance, only to see a new Treaty of Commerce signed during Naploeons reign.

Ednond Randolph was a keyright hand man for Washington. He was pro-French , however his activity with the French led toan accuation that he was bribedand  thisforced his dusmissal.

Henry Knox was instrumental in settling difficulties with the Indians and the British who were harassingcitizens from  theCandian border. This paved the wayforsettlerstoo move into new landsand expand the countrys growth.

Washingtonscabinetwas very small, it fit the needsof the country. There were new positions createdby futurepresidents  to deal  with issuesthatthe  countryfaced over time.

Thelast majorheadache  for Washington  was the Indian issue. As the nation ex panded  westward, Indian resentment got worse. There was constant fighting. Thenew  nation  neededexpansion  to grow thus a decision was made to send Revolutionary War General  Anthony Wayne into  battle against Little Turtle and his Indian followers. Wayne defeated him, obtaining a treaty that would secure  contionous settlementforsettlersand expansion.

Despite theproblems,  Washington possed the love  of the  peoplehe served. He was asked too continue after  his second term ended but refused . The time  came for him too allowsomeone elsetoo shapethenewnation. He leftthe blueprint for  building the nation that future  presidents followed.  He is a true herothat all  of Americawill remember.1Informationused in the forming of this essaycamefromaBiographyof  PresidentWashingtonand the Wilikipedia  profileon  George  Washington that can be found  on  the internet..

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