The distance between us

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Some will do anything to keep the one they love.

Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



"The distance...the distance is just too much."

In that moment, the warm air became frozen, a bitter slap to my bloodless cheeks. The wall beneath me was the only sturdy thing, the only thing keeping me grounded as the world around me fell into oblivion. 

I knew she was still talking, still reasoning. Still trying to leave behind every memory of us. But it couldn't happen, it wouldn't happen. 

I dragged my drowning eyes to rest on her tired, resigned ones. 'Still beautiful, even like this' I thought to myself. I began to glance over her face, her beautiful face that I knew so well. I loved every inch of it, the midnight eyes, the hair that curled softly at the delicate hands of breeze...

but I hated how those eyes filled with fear as I took the knife from my pocket. 

I hated how I had to stifle her screams for help, how sad and muffled she sounded. 

I hated the way her body sagged as her heart began to stop, as her blood painted a morbid sunset across my skin.

But I loved the way she fell to me, back to everything we shared together and everyting that mattered. 

I smiled as I held her still warm body to mine and the gun to my head. 

"No more distance between us now, no more distance baby."


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