Universal Sight (Ignite The Earth)

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I wrote this, in 2017. It's part of my 9th poem set, Destiny Decided.

Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018



Particles, of, stars, infused, with, wondrous, alignments.

I've found, exciting, new, inspirations, to combat, memories, of, helplessness.

Interesting, ideas, of, ingenuity, that will, involve, complex, calculations.

Riveting, innovations, that, reveal, hidden, components, of, inventiveness.

In, a corrupted, world, like, this, there are, only, so, many, ways, life, can go.

And, those, that, feel, too, much, they are, destined, to suffer, the most.

To ignite, the Earth, with, different, hopes, that is, the reason, I, awoke, from, my, comatose.

You, shouldn't be, fearful, to show, your, love, and, you, shouldn't be, frightened, to fight, for, your, motives.

Politicians, are persistent, to utilize, fiction, to hide, the truth.

And, artists, are consistent, to apply, imagination, to spread, the truth, through universal, views.

Don't, let, anything, control, or, restrict, your, philosophy, and, don't be, afraid, to embrace, new, concepts, during, your, discoveries.

I, had, to find, my, inner, identity, before, I, found my, individual, divinity.

Placing, all, of, your, faith, in, one, belief, can be, a fatal, mistake.

As, the beauty, in, your, appearance, starts to, change, and fade, what's, going to be, left, that will, remain?

You'll always be, changing, but, parts, of, you, will always remain, the same.

The smallest, moments, in, your, life, can have, the biggest, impact.

How much, damage, are you, willing, to inflict, on, the environment, just for, satisfaction?

We should be, attempting, to do, more, uplifting, and, less, inflicting.

Artistic, and musical, expressions, are some, of, the best, examples, of, displaying, a universal, connection.

I, have to, release, this, universal, sight, to this, controlled, world, in order, to have, a reaction, from, their, distractions.

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