I'm Jealous

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Submitted: April 22, 2018

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Submitted: April 22, 2018




The rose you hold and the petals you kiss

Callously scream in my ears of something I miss!

I’m jealous of the caress you offer to those

 I’m jealous, to your lips they are so close!


You seem silent and I hound to listen to your heart

You push me back so that we remain ever apart!

I’m jealous of the way you behave with her

I’m jealous, to your ears I watch her slur!


The hands you grip and the arms you lean on

Remind I’d better from your life forever be gone!

I’m jealous of the proximity that you hold

I’m jealous to think that it’s all I have to endure!


We don’t whisper like lovebirds on a same pillow

Nor you narrate me the stories resting on your elbow

I’m jealous of the secrets you intone in her ears

I’m jealous, you don’t wipe my journeying tears


The black shirt that you wear on her choice

Makes me wonder if my love would ever have a voice!

I’m jealous of all your Okays and Yeses

I’m jealous, our future has no presumptions or guesses!


The touch of your fingers on her eyes is never cold

You call her your sovereigns and all your gold!

I’m jealous of the royalty and her crowns

I’m jealous, for me you have nothing but silent frowns!


You are handsome and she’s so beautiful

Love’s called selfless; my heart’s here so dutiful!

I’m jealous of the thread I’m bonding with is so thin

I’m jealous how could the sunlight be so close to your skin?


The gate to your heart is forevermore closed for me

You’ll never get out and give me a see!

I’m jealous of your bond that can never be weak

I’m jealous to see you both laugh, cheek-to-cheek!


You don’t call me so that I come and meet you

But I track your shadow and incline to pursue!

 I’m jealous of the songs that you sing in the middle of night

I’m jealous of those ears and the lips that smile so bright!


The home that you’ve built, perchance be so charming

All in all, to my heart it’s not soothing and warming!

I’m jealous I’m not the part of your family tree 

I’m jealous how could you be so happy without me?


The one who’s yours, the one you’re mad about

Makes me anxious with piercing self-doubts!

I’m jealous of the love you do to that someone else

I’m jealous, in your heart mine never rings the bell!


The rose you offered to propose her on your knees

Overspills the fragrance when you hold her the keys

I’m jealous of the thought she’ll forever be your ‘mine’

I’m jealous, I’ll never be your Darling Valentine!


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