Happening Everywhere

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Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018



Intriguingly great ideas usually might happen in the bathroom; with the tranquilly expurgating experience; triggering the very best of the boundless human brain,

Exotically enigmatic mysteries usually might happen in the forests; with the unfathomably resplendent camouflage; casting a spell of unconquerable excitement upon the dolorous atmosphere,

Unbelievably handsome fantasies usually might happen on the mountaintops; with the panoramically vivacious cistern of clouds; surreally enchanting one and all
in their majestic canopy,

Tantalizingly evoking scents usually might happen in the kitchen; with the scrumptiously sizzling delicacies; enticing even the most inconspicuous bud
of the robust tongue,

Spectacularly effulgent radiations usually might happen in the garden; with the festoon of magnificently redolent roses; swaying to the unassailably princely tunes of the exotic wind,

Eternally sensuous echoes usually might happen in the gorge; with the  insurmountably mystical well of blackness; dancing in fascinatingly reverberating
claps of euphoric thunder,

Vibrantly exuberant palpitations usually might happen in the trees; with the serenely drifting leaves; whistling like a newborn child to enlighten the fabric of the insipidly withering night,

Magically enthusing mantras usually might happen in caves; with the glorious carpet of enthralling darkness; perpetuating a civilization of profound reverence till times immemorial,

Uninhibitedly tangy mischief usually might happen in the sea; with the insuperably undulating waves; fulminating into a cloudburst of unequivocally untamed exhilaration,

Uncannily ebullient brazenness usually might happen on the rocks; with the pristinely naked thunderclaps of breeze; handsomely annihilating even the most mercurial of traumatized apprehension; forever and ever and ever,

Indomitably unflinching patriotism usually might happen on the battlefield; with an irrevocable entrenchment of blistering bravery; engulfing even the most indolently useless in its insatiable swirl,

Beautifully pearly sedation usually might happen in the night; with its ubiquitously moonlit milkiness; graciously blessing every compassionate being for infinite more births yet to unveil,

Exorbitantly unlimited style usually might happen on the catwalk; with an  incomprehensible array of lascivious models; imperially portraying the most skimpiest of scintillating trends,

Unshakably timeless evolution usually might happen in the mother's womb; with her limitless rivulets of inimitable nourishment and care; invincibly harnessing even the most diminutive elements of freshly born life,

Loquaciously unrelenting garrulousness usually might happen in the beehive; with intransigent swarms of busy bees; ecstatically humming their way through cocoons of wonderful life and honey,

Impeccably celestial unison usually might happen on the meadows; with exotic hordes of symbiotically harmonious cattle; disseminating the essence of mesmerizing solidarity and peace,

Intricately scrupulous meticulousness usually might happen on the clock tower; with the robotically synchronized needles unstoppably surging forward; to tirelessly unravel the most accurate unfurling of time,

Brilliantly optimistic hope usually might happen on the Sun; with the Omnipotently dazzling rays; decimating even the most parsimoniously ethereal devil; from its very insidiously ghastly roots,

Passionately alluring flirtation usually might happen in the eyes; with the clandestinely winking eyelashes; paving open a fathomless township of surreptitious activity;
for the feckless Casanova,

But immortally Omniscient love; undefeatedly happens everywhere; with its perpetually blessing wings of compassionate godliness; caressing every humanitarianly throbbing heart on this everlasting Universe; throughout every unleashing second of gifted life; and even after the mortuaries of veritable death.

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