Hard To Crack

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No matter how hard I banged the tortoise shell; it simply refrained to split,

No matter how vehemently I struck the human tooth; it just didn't chap at its edge,

No matter from how high I threw the coconut down; it didn't display even a single scratch on its shell,

No matter how tenaciously I crushed the human skull; it simply didn't show any
signs of snapping apart,

No matter how passionately I hammered the elephant tusk; it still remained as stoical as white ice,

No matter how stubbornly I boxed the punching bag; it didn't gasp the slightest; even after infinite punches of mine,

No matter how ruthlessly I kicked the diamond ceiling; it still seemed to have  retained its perpetual shine,

No matter how many harpoons I shot at the shark; it still came back hostile and alive from beneath the waters,

No matter how much pressure I exerted on the spring; it still rebounded back with thunderbolt velocity,

No matter how viciously I thrashed then whip against the wall; it still didn't seem to have lost; even an iota of its sting,

No matter how many holes I drilled in the base of the iron ship; it simply
didn't appear to sink,

No matter how hard I tried to twist the bars of the prison; they kept standing like a fortress in front of my eyes,

No matter how resiliently I tried to control the storm waters from rising; they kept swelling up; evolving  into a flood like never before,

No matter how fervently I tried to chew sweets of steel; the entire armory of my teeth broke like frigid matchsticks; but the biscuits retained their silvery polish,

No matter how badly I pierced the dinosaurs eye; it didn't blink the slightest; shone brilliantly under the sun,
No matter how wildly I squelched the walnut in my palms; it simply didn't alter its shape the slightest,

No matter how insanely I hammered the walls of my conscience; it simply
didn't surrender its ideals,

No matter how pertinently I tried to control my dreams; they kept growing relentlessly; fantasizing about the entire universe every second,

And No matter how doggedly I tried to break my heart; it throbbed even more violently for the person it loved; cried incessantly for the girl it wanted to imprison in the vice like swirl of its romance; forever & ever & ever.

Submitted: April 23, 2018

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