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Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018



Parrot green buds of nimble grass existed in harmony with the soil,
sprawled with rampant ease engulfing acres of barren land,
when the rain plummeted down from the sky in plenty.

a plethora of birds sailing at high altitudes lived in harmony with the wind,
gliding like small angels with adroit strokes of their wings,
traversing thousands of kilometers with the sky, wind, and light as their savior.

the slimy bodies of fish survived in complete harmony with the sea,
swimming with their silken grace through tidal currents of choppy spray,
procreating their offspring's in salt tunnels of ocean water,
having the tumultuous capacity of toppling cruise liners,
when inhabiting the colossal form of smoke grey whales.

the rustic stature of a country dog lived in harmony with its tail,
wagging it with uninhibited passion while spotting a friend,
curling it tightly between its legs when attacked by a hostile bunch of humans.

a cluster of animated squirrel existed in perfect harmony with the tree,
traversing through hollow cavities, aided by staccato movements of their body,
munching and relishing sprouts of bountiful green foliage.

freshly extracted pails of cream lived in co-ordinated harmony with the cow,
oozing with melodious rhythm from her ripened teats,
satisfying insatiable desires of consuming unadulterated milk.

millions of humans on earth survived in harmony with Sunlight,
thoroughly dependant on the first rays of dawn to start work,
and pitch dark beams of night to fall in a sedative trance,
a blissfully refreshing, celestial sleep.

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