Hatching Open

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Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018



The skies hatch open into bountiful Sunshine; flamboyantly blazing through every morbidly corner of this fathomless Universe,

The waterfalls hatch open into rhapsodically tangy froth; culminating into a whirlpool of tumultuous excitement; after clashing against the royal rocks,

The eggs hatch open into mesmerizing fledglings; deluging the serene atmosphere with their indefatigable flurry of impeccable cries,

The trees hatch open into celestial fruits; the indispensably tantalizing fodder to sustain; every anecdote of mystical life,

The throat hatches open into an unfathomable myriad of sounds; an astounding armory of insinuations; dexterously maneuvering all mankind,

The valley's hatch open into incomprehensible enigma; instilling new found happiness; in the lives of insanely frustrated souls,

The gutter hatches open into fetidly smelling stench; abominably disrupting the harmony of the divine winds floating around,

The prisons hatch open into abhorrent malice; harboring overwhelming ill will and insidious hatred,

The eyes hatch open into profound streams of intricate empathy; unrelentingly seeking for the compassionate mates of their dreams,

The flesh hatches into a complete organism; incredulously functioning to God's every marvelously Omnipotent command,

The cow hatches open into sacrosanct pails of milk; tirelessly fortifying exuberant bones to decimate; the tiniest trace of evil from the complexion of this soil,
The scalp hatches open into an unsurpassable conglomerate of ravishing hair; whistling and drifting tantalizingly with the ecstatic wind,

The bees hatch open into a glorious fountain of stupendously sweet honey; pacifying the fires of condemnable crime; for everlasting times,

The pearl hatches open into a paradise of insatiable shine; enriching impoverished entities rotting around; in an entrenchment of beauty and timeless captivation,

The lips hatch open into a philanthropic smile; disseminating the essence of immortal humanity; to those quarters of this globe enveloped with ghastly grime,

The devil hatches open into lecherous devastation; sucking blood from innocuous organisms on this planet; only to be pulverized to raw ash by the Omnisciently divine,

The spider hatches open into a silvery web; transgressing majestically across its silken strands; like thunderbolts of lightening descending from scarlet sky,

The grave hatches open into despondently unfinished desires; dissatisfied souls invidiously trying to get an ominous stranglehold on mankind,

The conscience hatches open into irrefutable righteousness; overruling baseless frigidity with perpetual strokes of unconquerable honesty,

And the heart hatches opens into boundless love; exploring; discovering; embracing; diffusing its infinite forms all across this princely earth; and in the end becoming an immortal slave of its Godly rhyme.

© Copyright 2018 Nikhil Parekh. All rights reserved.

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