Language and Communication

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Language and Communication

Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018





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Language and Communication


The relationship between language and communication is indeed complex and related as each do contribute to one another in order to work properly yet efficiently. What is language? As we know, speech is the result of the process of thinking and expressing our thoughts by  the articulated language. The human species is the only one able to articulate sounds and words.

So  Language is a group of symbols and signs to express or converse an idea, feeling, or even a simple thought. These symbols and signs may be in a written forum or a spoken one.  All these symbols and signs are considered an individual aspect of the human behaviour and accomplishment. Language is not only the most important key of human intelligence but it is a characteristic to make us effective individuals within the language we utter and beyond. Language is composed of some complex systems: syntax, semantics, lexicon. These have developed  simultaneously with the communication and the evolution of the human society.

When and why did the language appear? The researchers can’t find an exact date of the birth of the language, but they say it’s related to the need of communication. The humans are social beings, they need to live together, to interact, to cooperate.

Most of the linguists agree with the idea that between language, communication and society there is a deep connection. Communication is the  transmission of messages from a sender to a receiver through a communication channel. Even from the beginning of our times on this planet, we felt the need to transmit emotions, ideas, information.

 Indeed, language is considered a system of ways to communicate, but the communications cannot be implemented or to be occurred without any social context. Therefore, an effectual and positive communication does require a general understanding of the people who use it within the living community and beyond. In order to perceive, recognise and understand that language or even any certain language does necessitate the full knowledge of the targeted language as well as its culture and the general understanding of the social factors ,too. 


The fine place where do we use a certain language is called society. Society does serve as the main ground and the marvellous context for the language to be used in a certain way. With language we can communicate and with no active society there would be no use or any validity of the language.

Language is genuinely and directly associated to society. All languages communicate via an active society  as language needs a place yet this place needs a road to produce an amazing chemistry that human do use and carry on, too.

Whatever the explanation for the origins of speech may be, it is clear that language has emerged as a necessity of communication that must be arising from the struggle for survival. The evolution of the language has been closely linked to the evolution of society and its development.

 It has evolved with gestures and the development of thinking, and has always been in a process of transformation. It is interesting to anticipate what is going on now when technology invades even the most hidden parts of our lives. Some researchers say the speech will disappear and the communication will be done telepathically with electronic devices (implants). Even so, words will be needed ...

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