He Was Our Creator

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Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018



He was the towering pinnacle of the mountain; while we were all minuscule bits of stone strewn all around the surface in tandem,

He was the spiraling flame of fire towards the sky; while we were all obsolete wisps of smoke gasping for breath in vicinity,

He was the blistering island of majestic sun; while we were all his infinite rays,

He was the entire opulence in the universe; while we were just his proprietors to judiciously dispense it,

He was the entire assemblage of sea water rising high with turbulent storms; while we were his boundless fish that sank to the bottom,

He was the mammoth boulder of scintillating diamond; while we were the glow he emanated; soon to fade in dying light,

He was the fortified and invincible wall of the fortress; while we were his half burnt and red bricks,

He was the colossal battlefield which stretched till eternity; while we were his valiant soldiers fighting to protect our country,

He was the vast desert with golden brown sands; while we were his thorny cactus; that defended his territory,

He was the countless sheep wandering around the globe; while we were the droplets of frosty milk which he yielded for survival,

He was the tree that sky rocketed beyond all limits of comprehension in the cosmos; while we were his succulent and energy imparting fruits,

He was the gargantuan beehive that inhabited every corner of this earth; while we were the rivulets of honey that oozed from his surface intermittently,

He was the solitary lotus mesmerizing all in the pond; while we were his several petals floating nimbly on the surface of transparent water,

He was the singular and biggest animal in the world; while we were many of his timid mice; which he had procreated to evolve earth,

He was the longest biscuit of sugar ever found on the planet; while we were unfathomable sweetness he produced; to titillate the atmosphere,

He was the most melodious bird flying towards unsurpassable victory; while we were all his different tunes and moods,

He was the all the heat that existed in the world; while we were all his multiple globules of sweat dribbling down in synchronized harmony,

He was the robust mass of flesh marching a billion steps at a time; while we were his conglomerate of bones which assumed different shapes; proportions and color,

And he was the first father of this Planet; the very first entity who put his foot on this earth; the first person to propagate language all around; the first individual to segregate wild mass of water and land into enchanting continents; and the deity from whom all of us molecules spawned and evolved; he was our Creator.

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