Heaven As Well As Hell

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Submitted: April 23, 2018

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Submitted: April 23, 2018



I was ready to bathe in a tumultuous whirlpool of tears; perpetually drowning myself in an ocean of inexplicable sorrow,
For just an inconspicuous smile of yours; a single cheer that rhapsodically
enveloped your rubicund lips.

I was ready to puncture my eyes with the most acrimoniously deadly needles; spending my boundless lifetimes in a blanket of macabre darkness,
For just a single twinkle in your enchantingly exotic eyes; the glimmer of ravishing fantasy that lingered profusely in the flutter of your mystical eyelashes.

I was ready to lie on a blistering corpse of a million raving coals; wither to infinitesimal fragments of a solitary bone,
For just a single leap of yours towards the unsurpassable cocoon of blue sky; a wave of vivacious enthusiasm radiating from each corner of your bountiful skin.

I was ready to plunge head on into a valley of incomprehensible silence; with the winds of diabolicaltrauma consuming the intricate insides of my body like fireballs of untamed despair,
For just a single whisper which emanated from the realms of your spell binding throat; pacifying all murderous catharsis which fulminated at the most
ephemeral  crack of mayhem.

I was ready to starve till times beyond eternity; rot and dwindle pathetically like a leaf without its veins; at the tiniest draught of wind,
For just a single dream that floated majestically in your mind; the glow of insurmountable celestial contentment that profoundly besieged each contour of
your divinely face.

I was ready to beg on the streets for times immemorial; lick the dust on the road till the last trace of my tongue disappeared into non-existent wisps of obsolete oblivion,
For just a single ambition of yours; the fathomless  repertoire of riches you always desired kissing the periphery of your heavenly feet.

I was ready to shun all activity in this Universe;  deaf my senses to the most enticingly jubilating sounds,
For just a single impression of your magnanimously mystifying persona; the inexorably fulfilling shadow hich encompassed your Omnipresent form.

I was ready to transgress all my life on bedsheets of smoldering thorns; invite an unending festoon of leech to suck the last drop of blood from within the
conglomerate of my veins,
For just a single droplet of your golden perspiration; the poignant volcano of untamed passion which inundated your soul.

And I was ready to die an unimaginable number of deaths; surrender myself wholeheartedly into the lap of extinction before I diffused the first cry of palpable birth,
For just a single life of yours; the torrential downpour of immortal love which  culminated from each pore of your visage; which made me feel exuberantly alive; both in heaven as well as hell

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